A Big Surprise, Actually Several


Author’s notes: like most of my writings this is just a fantasy. It may happen in one way or another but these events were just made up in my head. It amazes me how something someone says or suggests can tweak such a curiosity that it forms into an amazing story as soon as it is put onto paper.

The characters in the story are based on real people but they don’t know I am writing about them. One day they will but not today.

I don’t know why but I am super excited about this weekend. I am literally driving 2 hours to cuddle on the couch. I guess I do know why: the cuddling recharges my soul. It fills me back up. I also know that there will be some intense love making. This love making is not like any other I have experienced. I submit without effort. I let go of all my control from the week and just let him use me in whatever way we need. The amount of release is uncanny.

I knock and wait giddily for him to answer. Several minutes go by. I try the door knob. It is unlocked. I walk in as he is rushing to the door. We stand there just staring. Me in old denim shorts and a baggy t-shirt with my hair in a bun holding my overnight bag. Him in jeans, a button down western shirt wearing a belt, and boots with his jet gray hair slicked back.

“Um, did I not get a memo? Why are you so dressed up? I mean you look absofuckinglutely fabulous but…” I ask as I wave my hands over my attire.

“Nope, you didn’t miss anything. It is a surprise” he answers as he’s walking towards me.

He presses me against the wall and lifts me to wrap around him as he takes my mouth. My legs wrap around his waist and my arms his neck as my body relaxes and tenses in unison to the kiss. We kiss for several minutes before he pulls away and carries me to the kitchen. He lowers me back down to the floor, unbuttons my shorts, and removes them. He kneels and starts lightly licking my clit. Small. Gentle. Laps of his tongue. I put my hands on the back of his head to steady my balance and spread my legs.

“Mm, you taste so good.” He says into my pussy.

I moan and begin to climb. Slowly I feel my body starting to release. His tongue is so gentle and soft. No hurry. Just exploratory. He stops and inserts one finger. He resumes with both tongue and a come here movement with his finger. Still gentle.

I gasp and begin to slightly quake from the pleasure.

“Don’t stop!” I beg

He stops. He stands and unclasps his belt and button to his jeans. He pulls them down and bends me over the tall kitchen chairs. He glides into my already very wet pussy.

We both sigh with the entry. He’s pushes into me and I push back into him. I feel his body tense, shudder, and release. No way did he just cum without me! I’m shocked and stunned. We both stand. He fixes his clothes as I stand there with my mouth slightly open.

“What the fuck, Seth?!” I ask in complaint

“Don’t worry. It’s all part of the plan. Go into my closet there is a dress and shoes waiting for you. Take a shower and get all pretty.” He says with the most gorgeous evil grin.

I’m going to trust him. He’s never disappointed before. I open his closet and see a very short red dress. As I pull it down I notice the low cut of the neckline. It is high waisted and flared. Holy shit! I always love it when he picks out my clothes but he usually finds modest styles. He definitely has real plans tonight. I look down and see red two inch heels. At least he used sense when picking those out.

I carry both of them to the bathroom along with my overnight bag. I pull out all my makeup and toiletries and begin my shower routine. I finish the shower in record time nervous about what the night holds. There are so many options of what he could be planning. I am thinking so frantically that I can’t pin one down they are all dancing in my head. I get out and start to towel off when he walks in. He holds up a bra and panties dangling from one finger.

“Did you forget something?” he asks teasingly

“I get to wear panties?” I ask sincerely

He grins mischievously and nods his head yes. The bra and panties are red, lacey, and see through. Lord geezus, I am in a world of hurt. That much red. That much thought into what I’m wearing. His favorite color is red but I don’t think that has anything to do with the choice. I grab them from his hands and slowly start putting them on as he leans against the door frame and watches. My heart is racing with the thoughts that I know he’s having. I get the panties on and realize there is a slit in the crotch. I look up startled. He just shrugs. I proceed in putting on the bra and realize the same with it. There are 2 inch slits right at the nipples. I inhale and exhale slowly. Crash course to all my comfort zones.

I lean forward against the sink to start putting on my little bit of makeup. I normally go with less is more and tonight will be no different. It might be my only comfort zone left in tact. There is no way he picked out makeup for me. He walks eryaman otele gelen escort up behind me and starts to play with the slit in the panties.

“I am putting on eye makeup. That might not be safe.” I proclaim with agitation in my voice. I can’t mask the anxiety that I’m feeling about tonight.

“Do you need me to be nicer?” he asks sincerely

“Yes, I need some kind of hint about tonight. I’m losing my mind trying to figure it out.” I reply bluntly

I watch him put something in his pocket and walk out of the bathroom. I sigh and proceed to finish the makeup.

“Come here.” He calls from in the bedroom

I put down the hairbrush and obey. He is sitting on the edge of the bed and pats his leg. I follow his cue, walk to him, and sit. I feel my lady parts exit the slit. I roll my eyes inwardly and look at him. He wraps his arms around me and asks. “Do you trust me?”

I swallow and reply weakly “Yes”

He cocks an eye brow at me and asks again “Do you trust me?”

“Very much so.” I answer more certain this time

“Ok, we are going to sit here until you feel better and then you can go finish getting ready. Does that sound like a plan?”

By this point I have curled up into him. I lay my head on his chest and breathe. I nod my head yes. We sit there a few minutes until I feel relaxed and certain that he’s not going to have me do anything I won’t enjoy or that isn’t safe. I stand to my feet and walk to the bathroom.

I hear him say under his breath “Good girl”

I turn and grin at him. In 10 minutes I finish my hair and getting dressed. I walk into the living room. I am consciously trying to not pull at the dress. It is a nice soft cotton material and is actually very comfortable. I feel more exposed with the under garments than the dress. I know that every time I sit I’m going to pop out and my nipples are already showing through. He looks up and his face shows shock.

“Wow, baby I knew you were going to look good but damn it.” He exclaims

I smile not being able to hold back my excitement because of his approval. He grins back and pulls something out of his pocket. I look down and my smile fades. It is his pocket vibrator. He showed it to me on our first meeting but I honestly didn’t think he would ever use it without me asking.

“Bridget, come here.” He commands

I walk to him. He licks his finger and inserts it inside of me. As he is fingering me he watches me. Our eyes are locked together. My knees start going weak as I get drawn into the movements inside of me. Fuck, that feels so good. I feel myself getting wet and my muscles start to clench. He pulls his finger out and inserts the vibrator. The fullness excites me but I don’t know how well I will do when he turns it on.

His phone buzzes “Uber is here.” He says

“Uber? Why aren’t we taking your truck” I ask

“We might be drinking. Just staying prepared” he answers

We walk outside hand in hand. With the rest of the night combined with the fullness inside of me has me giddy. We climb into the small car. He scoots close to me and places his hand on my thigh.

“This should be about a 20 minute trip” the driver says.

“Perfect” Seth replies

He looks at me as he says this and winks. We get halfway up the block when his hand starts slowly gliding up my legs. He leans to my ear and says “You need to stay as quiet as possible.”

His hand travels the rest of the way up my leg and finds the slit in the panties. I look out the window to shield my facial expressions from the driver. There is no way we are going to get away with this. I close my eyes as he starts softly tweaking my clit. Back and forth. Up and down. His thumb pushes the vibrator deeper inside of me. I sigh. He shushes me.

This continues for several miles until I feel my hips start to react to his slow teasing. My brain is numb from keeping all my sounds muted. I look over at him and realize he has been watching every reaction. My eyes are glassed over from the haze of pleasure.

“Are you ready to cum? Can you be quiet?” he whispers wickedly

I hear the driver intake a breath but I’m not brave enough to look at him.

Seth brings out his phone and opens the Lovesense app. I watch him place it on the lowest setting. I inhale deeply as I prepare myself for more. He watches my face and I watch his finger on his screen.

“Now the art to this..” he whispers “Is not to move or cry out when it gets weaker or stronger.”

As he says this he moves the intensity slowly upwards. My insides clench while his fingers go back to my clit.

“Look at me baby. Let me watch you cum.” He says quietly

I turn my head and look in his eyes. I don’t know how to cum without moving or making sound. Fear is coarsing through me. My heart is racing. His fingers become more determined. His eyes plead with me to cum. His mouth is turned into his observant grin. He loves watching me as he pleases me.

“Cum now.” He orders

My eyes sincan escort close as I concentrate on his fingers and the vibration. I inhale and exhale several times. My insides shake, tighten, and convulse.

“Look at me” he says sharply

I exhale a quiet moan as my body descends.

“Fuck” I whisper as I lay my face in his shoulder.

He pets the back of my neck until my body stops quivering and turns the vibrator all the way down.

“God, that was so hot. You did very good.” He says loud enough for the driver to hear. I look up startled in the drivers direction. His eyes are grinning and shoulders tight. It is completely obvious he knows what’s going on.

We pull up in front of a private looking Italian restaurant. It is small but nice. The lights outside illuminating the night air with a romantic glow. Seth climbs out of his side and walks around to mine to open the door. I walk ahead of him as he says something to the Uber driver.

He’s laughing as he walks to me. I don’t ask. I don’t even want to know. I can feel the wetness between my legs. Anxiety and excitement mixing together make me ignore it. As we walk inside I hear several voices sing Seth’s name. We look over and there is a table full of 10 to 12 people all looking in our direction. I stop in my tracks. He holds his hand on the small of my back and urges me forward.

What the fuck is all I can keep saying in my head. We walk to the table. One by one, he introduces me to each person. After all the introductions, hand shakes, and hugs he tells me this is the Kink group that he is always talking about. Clarity dawns in my head on the reason for all the surprises.

“Is there a party after this?” I ask in his ear

He looks at me with a reassuring grin “Not tonight baby. That would be too much with everything else.”

I sigh with relief. I can’t even imagine what a party would be like. We sit down and begin conversing with everyone around us. I’m observing more than conversing. He seems so at home with these people laughing and jesting with them instantly. I lean back in my chair to enjoy my people watching. By looking at the group you would never know the kinky things that go on in their heads and privately. Some are dressed down in jeans and t-shirts and others are dressed up like Seth and I. The group is a mixture of ages from about 30 to 60. A few have discrete collars ranging from chokers to just plain necklaces but otherwise there is no evidence of their lifestyles.

Seth relaxes back into his chair after several minutes of talking. He places his hand on my knee under the table cloth. His hand starts to travel up my thigh quickly. He is in my panties before I can inhale. His thumb starts to apply pressure moving the vibrator slightly back and forth inside of me. I clear my throat as I realize someone is saying my name at the end of the table. He does not stop as I lean forward to concentrate on her words. I close my thighs tightly around his hand but he doesn’t submit. “I’m sorry, will you repeat what you said” I ask the mousy brunette

“How did you and Seth meet?” she repeats

He presses on the vibrator one more time and removes his hand before answering the question. He knows I am embarrassed over meeting for a one night stand and it sticking. I poke in a few jokes here and there to make it seem like I’m not avoiding the question. He ends with “I hooked her when I wrapped my arms around her throat and made her melt into me.”

We look at each other remembering the moment. My stomach flutters with just the memory. I lean over to him and get close to his ear. “I need to use the restroom. Do I take this thing out or leave it in?”

He almost spits his water out before answering sarcastically “Take it out darlin”

I walk to the bathroom with an air of defiance. As my phone buzzes with a text. “Put it back in after.” I read the text and giggle to myself as I feel the slight vibration start inside me. By the time I make it to the restroom the intensity is to an orgasmic level. I sigh and slump in the toilet as I slowly take it out. I am so sensitive and ready for the night to be over but at the same time ready for so much more.

I walk out of the restroom and surprise! There he is leaning against the wall. “Do you not trust me?” I ask with a flirty pout as I take his hand. He backs me into the corner, presses my body against the wall, and mumbles in my ear “I’m ready to take you home.” He pulls away and walks me back to the table.

We sit as before. I become accustomed to the teasing while having conversations. I nearly cum 3 times as I’m eating and he is playing with his phone. We finish our food and conversations. He stands shakes men’s hands and hugs women’s necks as I do the same. Several of the men hug me instead and a few women opt out of my good byes. I feel the vibration go to a very high level as he grabs my hand and walks us out of the restaurant.

I sink against the restaurant wall as soon as we get outside. elvankent escort We are shadowed by the night and darkness as he takes my mouth again. His hand goes in between my legs and removes the toy. I cum explosively as he does this. My head shoots backwards. My body tenses. I whine out a moan and hold onto him tightly. He places the toy inside of his pocket as he turns it off. “Mm, there there baby. Does that feel better?”

I can’t speak I just nod. I look up and hear his phone buzz as the same Uber car pulls up in front of the restaurant. “Isn’t that rare to get the same car twice?” I ask

“Here it’s not.” He answers

We walk to the car. He opens the door, climbs in, and let’s me get in after him. My body has finally descended from the intense orgasm as I feel my body relax and my eyes close just listening to the road noises. “Thank you for going with me tonight.” He says with true appreciation

“Of course, I really enjoyed your group of friends. ” I said. It’s not like I had much of a choice though with all the secrets. His hands start caressing me. My arms. Waist. Face. And thighs. I do not open my eyes basking in the way that he feels touching me. I do not even think about the driver until I hear Seth quietly unzip his pants and push my head to his lap.

He feels so warm and smooth inside my mouth. His cock is hard and continues to get harder as I suck and lick. He applies pressure to the back of my head as I feel his hips rock up to reach the back of my throat. I moan at the fullness. The feel of him throbbing getting longer and harder. He wraps his hands in my hair and pulls enough to make me stop moving. He continues to rock his hips slowly but not enough to make himself cum. I feel my insides turn to liquid and my pussy clenching consecutively begging for that fullness. He pulls my head back until he pops out of my mouth. “I want to ride you.” I beg

His eyes close and he smiles “Not yet babe.”

We ride in silence the rest of the way home just listening to the road noises and the sound of us all 3 breathing. We get out of the car as the driver says “I comped that trip. Have a good night.” We bust out laughing as he closes the back door to the car.

We walk inside and straight to the living room couch. I strip down to nothing except the bra and panties. He stands and stares at me. “What do you think you’re doing?” He asks

“Getting comfortable” I say innocently as I lay flat on the sectional.

With a wickedly flirtatious grin he takes off his boots and belt and lays flat on top of me. I wrap my arms and legs around him. I start kissing the side of his face and neck playfully. My body instantly starts responding to his body heat and pressure. Within seconds my breathing is unsteady and my hips are moving my clit across the seam of his jeans. “You should be completely satiated by now.” He mumbles into my neck as he’s returning the kisses and caresses.

“Mm, not quite. I want all of you.” I reply

I pull his shirt out of his jeans and run my hands up his back relishing the feel of his smooth skin. I run my fingers underneath the length of the waist of his jeans. I continue exploring him until he positions his thigh between my thighs and adds pressure. I sigh and kiss him. Our bodies move and tangle until the heat is suffocating. He props his hands up next to my head and lifts his body looking at me but not really seeing me. The fire in his eyes draw me in. I lift to kiss him again and start to unbutton his shirt. He places his hand over my clit and lightly flicks it. He repositions his body and continues to make me squirm. I put my hands inside his shirt tweaking his nipples and running my nails up and back down his torso. His body begins to move with mine.

“Take your pants off. Please.” I say

“Are you sure you want the night to be over?” he asks teasingly

However, I can tell that he wants the release as much as I do. I want to feel him completely. To lose ourselves together. I normally would want all the things but tonight I just want him.

“I need you. After today and tonight all I want is you.” I reply

He stands and undresses in front of me. I admire his body and am in awe of how uniquely beautiful he is. He bends down and begins to kiss me again. He wraps his arms underneath me and carries me to the room. After he lays me down I take off the bra and panties and wait for him to join me. He crawls in next to me and resumes his position from the couch. Our series of movement mirror to our clothed movements. I buck my hips searching for entry. Almost climbing just from the need. He joins me in the movement. We sigh and relax from the ecstasy of the initial entry. I spread my legs further to feel him deeper. Our movements in unison. Needing. Wanting. Breathing. And moving. I arch my back as I begin to climb. I wrap my arms around his shoulders clawing at his skin as it rips through my core. He bites my neck and pulls me further into him. I scream out, he thrusts and we release together. The euphoric state washing over us in waves as reality starts coming back into focus.

We lay there for several minutes just enjoying the feel of our bodies together.

“How is this possible every time?” I ask

“What’s that?” he mumbles into my skin

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