A Black Satin Thong


(for jwm)

He opened his bag and started to unpack. He hadn’t been away long so there wasn’t much. Before long he was at the bottom, only the small bits and pieces remained, then his fingertips brushed against satin. He smiled as he remembered the last time they had felt it. It was only last night, in the car before they had parted. He didn’t take it out of the bag straight away, blindly savouring the feel of the satin. He closed his eyes and smiled, in his mind his fingers found that damp material between her legs and brushed lightly over it. He could hear her moan with pleasure as she had when his fingers had rubbed over that satin and his lips had tasted hers.

He opened his eyes and lifted it out of the bag. It was as he had thought… her black satin thong! She must have slipped it in his bag before he left. Not just any satin thong, but one that he had tasted her in.

Eyes closed once more as he held them to his face, taking in her scent as it lingered. A musky odour of sex, mingled with a vague recollection of her perfume. His fingers found the gusset as easily as they had the night before and he ground the material between his fingers before placing the tip of his tongue on them. His tongue dampened the material taking him back to the memory of how wet it had been at his doing, even before his tongue had been there. He thought of that place canlı bahis that had hidden behind the black satin, and how his fingers had explored its softness. How he wanted to taste that wetness now.

By now he could feel his cock begin to swell, a mild straining against his trousers. In his minds eye he could see her, lying back inviting him, her own fingers moving beneath that thong, getting her cunt ready for him. He undid his trousers and slipped them to his ankles, and took them off. He smiled once more, as he slipped the delicate satin over his feet, then up over his thighs. He wanted his cock to be where her cunt had once been.

His erection filled the black satin thong, the material rubbed exquisitely against his balls and the swollen manhood. Without realising, he started to rub a hand idly over the thong, his fingertips grinding against cock as they had once done to pussy. The material was damp again, but this time from the seeping precum at the tip of his cock.

He slipped the thong back off, his cock in his familiar hand, and lay back on his bed. Again he smelled her scent, as his hand found its favourite rhythm. He closed his eyes and wrapped the tip of his cock in the satin, the material stretched across the red + swollen head. He was back again in the car, her smile as she moved down and looked up in that way she did. Her tongue just bahis siteleri before it found his cock. She loved to tease, to make him wait, so he stopped his hand. He could feel the tip of that tongue just touch his cock and no more.

Eyes still closed.

He flicked a finger over his right nipple, it was nice and firm. As he toyed with it he imagined it was her fingernail, then her teeth, just before she travelled back down to finish the teasing of his cock. Her soft hands wrapped around the shaft of his throbbing cock, and she looked deep into his eyes as she allowed the swollen tip to penetrate those lips. He felt her teeth scrape lightly against the sensitive skin, as her tongue slid over it. Then she pulled it out, her tongue attached to his cock by a sliver of her saliva and his precum. Her hand slowly and lightly rubbed back and forth, wanking it into her open mouth. He could feel her pull forward, and could see as she placed her mouth over her fisted hand, then one long deep thrust, right to the back of her throat. Again and again he felt her mouth envelope his stiffened member, sucking each time, pulling it into that soft wetness.

Behind his closed eyes he could see her on the back seat, that thong tight against her clit, cunt open and waiting for his cock. He could feel the tip slide over the wet nub and her soaking lips, the wet hole bahis şirketleri begging for him to enter. But not yet…

He licked his lips, and grinned as he thought of the taste of her. That swollen clit between his teeth, as her hand pushed his head to make him suck harder. He loved how she tasted, but better still he loved how wet she could get!

He quickened the movement of his hand back and forth, the tip of his cock tight against the satin as again he thought of sliding slowly inside her. He stopped, holding as he had after thrusting into her. Her long hard kiss, willing him to fuck her. Her nails on his back, urging him to move into her.

The rhythm started up again, faster this time, his hand moving in time with the thrusts. In his head he could hear her moans, louder as she worked her way to orgasm. Her velvet softness enveloped his cock, and he could hear the wet sounds as he thrust again and again.

His body started to tense. Slowing up he breathed in deeply. One more thrust and he was there. His hand took the place of her pulsing muscles, as he gripped his cock firmly and through gritted teeth shouted, “I’m coming!!”

He blew out a sharp breath as he felt his cock erupt. It spurted again and again. Just as it had emptied the night before into her wet cunt, it now emptied onto the black satin thong. He looked down and laughed quietly at the opaque liquid congealing on the thong. Looked so much better trickling from her cunt!

Smiling he thought to himself… Next time I think I’ll wear it myself instead of her, NOW that would make her smile!

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