A Breath of Forever Ch. 3


As Rebecca showered she wondered about Jim. What would she tell him? Would she bother to tell him? Does this mean she was a lesbian now because Stacy turns her on so much or is it purely a sexual feeling…but aren’t all lesbian women in it for the sexual pleasure.

Rebecca had no idea what to think about this situation. All she knew was she came so hard with Stacy between her legs and wondered how she’d be able to control herself tonight at this get together.

While Rebecca showered Jim was at the strip club watching two woman dance erotically wondering if Rebecca and Stacy would ever go as far to let him watch them have sex. He smiled at the thought and moved his chair closer while the other guys jeered him on.

Back at the apartment guests were arriving and Rebecca was in her long, flowing, white skirt and a white crop top under a white sweater. She adored the virginal look and wondered if Stacy would approve of her look. The food all laid on the kitchen table which made Rebecca smile thinking of herself coming all over Stacy this afternoon.

As she stood there dazing off she felt a hand touch and caress her tri?cep. Rebecca turned and saw Stacy standing there.

“Reminiscing?” Stacy smiled and offered an apple pie. “You said not to worry about anything, but I couldn’t come empty handed. Besides, if no one eats it I’m sure we can find something to do with it later.” güvenilir bahis Rebecca smiled and noticed that Stacy had been wearing a black skirt with a matching suit type jacket.

“I love that outfit.”

“Well there’s nothing on underneath which I thought you’d love more.” Rebecca smiled as she felt her cunt begin to heat up.

“The thought just makes me all warm inside.” Stacy smiled as she followed Rebecca into the kitchen. Rebecca started making room for the pie when her two friends, Mary and Cassie, walked into the area looking at what food there was to nibble on while carrying on their conversation.

“Ben wants me to be more open.” Mary says as she grabs a piece of cheddar cheese. Cassie nodded and said,

“I know what you mean. Last week Mike and I had sex on the kitchen table while the kids slept in their rooms. I was scared shitless that they were going to walk in on us, but Mike wanted to experience it.” Rebecca looked at Stacy and smiled.

“Becca, didn’t you want to show me something in your bedroom.”

“Yeah. Thank goodness you reminded me.” Rebecca walked into the bedroom with Stacy following closely behind. When they got into the bedroom Stacy kissed Rebecca and then turned to lock the bedroom door.

Rebecca was already undressing and Stacy smiled and joined her. Both of their cunts were throbbing and Rebecca grabbed Stacy’s head and pulled türkçe bahis her face to hers. Stacy’s hand ventured down to Rebecca’s smooth pussy and felt the silken lips.

“We shouldn’t be doing this I have guests out there.” Rebecca mumbled as they kissed and Stacy pulled away.

“We can stop if you want to. I have a little something I bought after I left here anyway. I’d really love you to be the first to use it on.” Stacy kissed Rebecca a little longer and then climbed off of Rebecca giving her pussy a little lick. “Just wanted a taste to tide me over.” Rebecca dressed wanting to come so badly.

“Can I please masturbate? I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait.”

“Wait for it, Becca. It’ll be worth it.”

Stacy left first and then Rebecca followed. Once they left the room Stacy went and started talking with Cassie and Mary around the table. Rebecca went to the opposite side of the room to talk to a few more friends about how things are going for them. The first half of the night they stayed on opposite sides of the room.

They kept glancing at one another time and again, but never letting any cats out of the bag. When everyone was ready to sit back and finally put on the latest Mel Gibson movie Rebecca disappeared into the bathroom and Stacy followed.

“I’m dripping like a faucet, Stacy. In another two hours there’s going to be a puddle.” Stacy smiled.

“You’ll güvenilir bahis siteleri be fine. What about Jim? He won’t get mad that we’re having all this fun without him. Will he?”

“He might, but who’s going to tell?” Stacy smiled and said,

“True, but he’s a man. Maybe I should leave you all hot and bothered for him to come home to.”

“Jim would love that, but I don’t know if I can wait.”

“How about I wait until Jim comes home and you can call me…” The bathroom door opened and Cassie was in the doorway.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know it was occupied.”

“That’s ok, Cass. Come on in. Stacy has to leave and needed to talk to me in private.” Stacy looked at Rebecca as they walked out of the bathroom.

“I’m going to go home. I’ll see you later.”

As Stacy exited the apartment she said her goodbyes and waved back to Rebecca. Rebecca picked the movie up and popped it into the VCR. The entire time they watched the movie Rebecca had a glass of wine after another. By the time the movie ended she had drank 2 bottles of wine and was hornier than ever and hoping Jim would hurry home.

Everyone left and Rebecca went to get Jim’s lesbian porn films. She hiked her skirt up and grabbed her vibrator. It was then that there was a knock at her door. She slid the vibe in contracting her muscles so it wouldn’t slide out. Once opening the door to see Stacy she smiles and steps aside as Stacy walks in with a black bag.

After the front door is locked Rebecca and Stacy stumble to the couch. Stacy instructs Rebecca to move to the edge of the couch and lift her skirt….Wait for part 4….

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