A Cabin in the Woods Ch. 02


Special thanks to my editor

All characters are over 18+


Dorothy’s hand ran along her brother’s chest, as she lay naked curled up beside him. Three times he had fucked her filling his house with the smell of sex—three times he had made her scream out like a sex starved slut. Yet that didn’t matter anymore, not when she had the man she first fell in love with in her arms. Her eyes glanced down at the tent that always greeted her little brother every morning when they were younger. She didn’t know what was going to happen to them now, however, she wasn’t about to leave him, not now. Not after everything she had told him last night. She knew her brother would be in a deep sleep after the blissful, exhausting fuckfest they had several hours earlier. Dorothy listened to her brother’s slight snoring as that tent held her enthralled.

Sucking on her lower lip as she slowly eased off the covers that hid his hard cock. There it stood so proudly, the very first rod that took her virginity so long ago, the one man that could never be replaced. As much as she wanted to swallow that hard tool, there was a more suitable place where Dorothy wanted that cock to rest. Slowly, swinging her right leg over her sleeping brother’s body, so not to wake him from his slumber, she looked lovingly down at his face. She couldn’t believe how much of a fool she was, for ever letting him go. No, matter how long it took Dorothy was willing to show him, how much he meant to her. Licking her hand before reaching down between her legs and moistening her pink lips.

Reaching back behind her, gripping William’s cock, knowing that every morning this was how she was going to wake him. She didn’t know how their life was going to go, she didn’t need to work, her trust fund had grown quite well since she had married Jack. How that man was going to rue the day he thought to screw with her. However, that rotund man was a thing of her past as she maneuvered William’s cock towards her entrance, sighing in contentment as she sank down on her brother’s hard cock. Her hips rocked slowly as she glided along that hard tool. Smirking as William moaned in his sleep as she gradually increased her pace and placed a finger over his lips to shush him, so not to wake her sleeping daughter.

“Hush William or you’ll wake Alice,” Dorothy whispered as William slowly came to. She knew Alice was going to get her own ride, given how she stared at her in jealousy while William fucked her last night. Yet that didn’t mean she wanted to share him at least not yet; not when they were just getting to know each once again. “Just enjoy how your big sister is taking care of you,” Dorothy moaned softly, as her womb began to quiver. “Oh William!” she moaned from around her cupped hand. “God, you always know how to make me cum so easily!” Dorothy said trying to keep her voice below a whisper.

William reached up placing his hand behind her neck bringing his sister to his lips. With what he was about to do Dorothy was going to need something to keep her lips entertained. How William savored her as his hands cupped his sister’s ass. Dorothy squealed in joy as William pumped his cock into her rapidly.

“Yes, William, make me cum little brother,” Dorothy moaned around his mouth as he hammered his cock into her mound. “Give me that hot seed, soil my womb in that salty treat,” she begged for release. Her hips slammed down to the hilt of his dagger as it erupted within her canal. “I love you William, I love how this cock fits so perfectly in me,” Dorothy said placing a light kiss on his lips as she rode his deflating member. “Now, come take a shower with me, and I’ll treat you to some more of this hot pussy,” she said smiling hungrily.

Alice leaned against the sink applying her glistening lip gloss, looking into her eyes smirking at how her brown eyes were speckled with bits of green in them. Her father had amber eyes, so she wondered if her uncle was her true father, given how she was the only kid with brown-green eyes. Her brother had amber eyes like their father. Alice pondered if that was why she didn’t take after her father – she had too much of her uncle’s rebellious streak in her. However, those musings would have to wait; something else held her enthralled. Straightening out the straps of her halter top before cupping her 32B size breasts, a little annoyed that her mother’s were a C-cup. Though, it allowed her not to worry about bras if she didn’t wish to wear them (like she didn’t have one on at that moment.)

While she allowed them to think she didn’t hear them while they were in the shower, she knew she was finally going to have that cock of his, that she barely had a taste of yesterday. Alice had started to seduce her uncle two days ago when her mother thought to dump her on him. She remembered how the first taste of his cock was so sweet as she sucked him off, while he sat passed out in his weed induced slumber. halkalı escort Although she didn’t get her prize since her mother’s surprising arrival had ended her quest to taste her uncle’s cum; however, she did get that seed she had sought the day after as her mother ate her out as she watched that cock of his fuck her mother. How her mind was filled with euphoria as William shoved his cock into her mouth letting that hot cum erupt within it.

So she let them have their time together before she would make her move. Whilst she and her mother had been at odds with one another for a long time, Alice could see something change within her mother since they came to stay at William’s place. While her mother was cold to her before this all started, in truth she had brought it on herself, smacking her cheeks knowing this was a new start for her and her mother. She just didn’t think that having an incestuous affair with her uncle would or could bring this all about. Looking down at her mini skirt she had worn on the first day of her arrival and taking a light spin smiling when her bare ass filled the mirror.

Her uncle or father… Alice stopped wondering if she should just call him dad from now on. Seeing the way her mother acted around him, Alice knew her mother wasn’t going to leave him. Not after she had learned of the incestuous affair they had with one another when they were younger. A sneaky smile graced her lips wondering how he was going to act, as she nodded to herself in the mirror. This was it, she was finally going to be fucked, and fucked hard given what she had seen last night. Spraying herself lightly in a cloud of perfume she wanted William to see her as a woman, and not the moody teenager he had meet two days ago. Alice wanted, no, needed him to treat her like a woman that the boys she had sex with before never could. Opening the bathroom door and arching an eyebrow as Alice saw her mother pacing the living room as she spoke rapidly on the phone.

“Yes, Steven, enact the article seven clause of the prenup,” Dorothy growled into the phone after the third time she had to repeat herself to her lawyer. “I don’t care if Jack will be stranded in Europe! He should have thought about that before he ran off with his whore and cashed in our plane tickets!” Dorothy yelled into the phone. “If Adam wants to come home fine, I’ll pay for his plane ticket; if not well he’s an adult he can stay in Europe if he likes.”

“Mom, is everything alright?” Alice asked as she stepped out of the hallway.

“Hold on Steven,” Dorothy said, before putting her phone on mute. “Everything is fine sweetheart,” she said smiling warmly at her daughter, “I’m just having a little disagreement with the family lawyer is all.”

“Ah okay, I’ll just get out of your hair while you take care of that business,” Alice said, as her cheeks heated thinking back to how her mother’s tongue felt exploring her cunt. “Where’s uncle?”

“William, said something about the barn,” Dorothy said pointing out the window, winking at her daughter knowing full well what she was going to do.

“Thanks Mom!” Alice said placing a kiss on her mother’s cheek. Sucking in a breath as Dorothy’s hand rested over her naked mound. “Mom!” Alice squeaked as Dorothy inserted her middle finger into her canal.

“Don’t distract your uncle too much,” Dorothy said wondering if she should tell her daughter the truth. The truth that for nineteen years the man she called father wasn’t her real dad and that there was more to the story of when William walked in on their swinger party.

“Okay,” Alice stammered as her mother pulled out her finger brushing along her clitoris as she did.

“Good,” Dorothy said smiling devilishly, as she sucked her finger clean. “You still there Steven?” she asked blowing her daughter a kiss as the screen door opened.

Alice walked tentatively towards the barn when she heard some strange noises emanating from within the structure. Peeking around the open doorway as William stood over his work bench that rose just slightly below his hips. His scrub plane cut at the rough fibers of the hewn board, as the course chips clogged the plane’s mouth. Biting her lip as she watched his muscles move beneath his shirt as he used a small chisel to clear out the blockage, Alice felt her womanhood grow moist as she watched her uncle blow softly into the mouth of the plane. How she wanted those lips of his on her honey pot, sucking gently on her throbbing clit that tormented her while she listened to him fucking her mother in the shower.

“Hey daddy!” Alice said surprising William causing him to jump dropping his scrub plane onto his work bench. The look on his face as he turned towards her was one of fear, pride and a slew of other emotions she couldn’t place in those green eyes of his. “So what are you doing?” Alice asked as she entered the barn placing her hands behind her back şişli escort innocently.

“Umm…” William stuttered trying to get his mind to work. “Nothing really just roughing out the wood while it’s still green before I set it aside to dry.”

“So what are all of these?” Alice asked looking around his barn at his assorted array of planes, chisels, rasps, his mallet and froe that rested on the stump William used to split the logs. “Daddy, what are these?” Alice asked bending over at that her waist knowing how her skirt would ride up flashing William her naked mound.

“That’s a mallet and a froe,” William said taking a dry swallow as his eyes couldn’t look away from those puffy pink lips of hers. Starting to feel his member growing down his leg, his Adams apple bobbed in his throat as his niece, or should he call her daughter now, wiggled her hips a bit. He knew she was his; Dorothy had called him a few days after her period never came. William knew she always used protection during those parties, so when it was confirmed that she was indeed pregnant, Dorothy thought it would be best that Alice thought Jack was her father. He and Dorothy couldn’t come right out and say he had gotten her pregnant at one of her swinger parties. William knew that wouldn’t sit well with his parents, or with Sally whom he had just started dating. So when Alice was born he tried to be around as much as he could to appear as the loving uncle, yet in his mind he just wanted to see his baby girl. However, that was until the altercation with his parents – that forced him out.

“So once it’s dried, what are you planning to make, Dad?” Alice asked over her shoulder, smirking at his uneasiness of the word.

“Don’t know yet,” William said eyeing the black walnut plank. Wondering if she knew the truth about her heritage, or was she just teasing him? “Mr. Conner wants me to make him an end table for his wife for their anniversary here in the next month. Yet what walnut I have is too green to work with.”

“Why’s that?” Alice asked as her hand ran along his ass as she walked passed him.

“Well…” William said clearing his throat, “If you work the wood while it’s still fresh and place each piece together then when it dries the joints will loosen. So that’s why I only rough it out while it’s green so what shrinkage occurs will be stripped away when I shape it into the size I need.”

“Yes, shrinkage is a bad thing,” Alice whispered into his ear as she stood on the tips of her toes. Watching as goose bumps raced across his skin as she blew softly into his ear, as she rubbed the hard bulge that protruded out before him. “We certainly wouldn’t want that, now would we daddy?” Alice asked smiling coyly, as she walked away her fingertips skimming along the surface of the workbench, as she walked around the table. Watching him while she shook her ass for him as she meandered around his barn until she came upon the radio that hung suspended by a bungee cord along the beam off of two of the inner posts. Her tongue stuck out of the corner of her mouth as she scanned the stations. Scowling when she was only met with country stations, until Alice came upon an alternative station. Her eyes lit up when Coldplay’s ‘Something like this’ came on. Slipping out of her shoes as her hips began to sway, rolling her pelvis as her hands kept the beat on her thighs. While she had stopped taking her ballet classes years ago that didn’t mean she had forgotten her training.

William stood in awe as he watched his daughter twirl around the barn. He caught that tantalizing smile of hers as her skirt rose flashing him her naked ass and her triangle patch of pubic hair. Her fingers raised and lowered her halter top coming centimeters away from the bottoms of her breasts as she sashayed in front of him, slowly rolling her belly before him, showing William just how well she could move. Her right hand ruffled her hair, as her left index finger ran down the bridge of her nose then down to her lush lips. Biting her nail as hips shook, rolled, and swayed side to side, rolling her stomach all for him before sucking gently on her finger. Those sultry eyes of hers looked at him hungrily as they roamed down his body. William knew he should stop this, yet his mind refused to function.

“Daddy,” Alice said slipping in front of him hopping onto the table. Her legs wrapped around his waist closing the distance between them, making that covered bulge of his rub against her swollen mound. “You wouldn’t want to leave your little girl out would you?” Alice asked rocking her hips against his hard rod soaking his jeans in her womanly scent as her moist lips glided along it. “You’ll let me have what Mom had won’t you?” she asked drawing his gaze downward to her perky breasts, knowing how her hard nipples were cutting against the soft fabric. Her left hand ran up his hard chest, while her right sarıyer escort unbuckled his belt, snapping the button that held his jeans taut. “You’ll make me feel like a woman won’t you daddy?” Alice asked lustfully. Her tantalizing lips were only inches away from his, as her hand slowly lowered the brass zipper; smiling coyly as they fell to the barn floor, Alice stroked his cock through the cotton fabric of his underwear.

‘Fuck! I’m so going to hell for this’, William thought, yet he couldn’t fight it any longer. Alice weaved her fingers through his hair as their tongues rolled, twisted, teased each others, all the while running that hard tool of his along her hot mound, taunting him with her wet sex.

“Daddy, will you taste me like you did Mom, please?” Alice asked with pleading eyes as she stared lovingly into to those radiant green eyes. Alice held her breath as she watched William sink to his knees. Her chest heaved in anticipation as he began to kiss along her inner thigh. Pulling her skirt up so she could watch as her father neared her mound. She could already feel her juices leaking out filling William’s nose in her arousal. Her fingers trembled as she worked loose the buttons that held her skirt taut. Biting her lip as a primal moan rumbled in her throat as her father’s hot breath flowed over her moist lips. Pushing her skirt off to the side, “Daddy, look at me,” Alice said as those green eyes peered up at her. She smiled triumphantly as the hem of her shirt rose revealing her youthful breasts to him.

“Will you suck on these too?” Alice asked as she squeezed her breasts lightly causing radiating warm to surge down into her womb. Alice screamed out as her father’s tongue parted her lips. All the boys she had ever been with were more interested in sticking their cocks into to her tight cunt. Not taking the time to get her properly aroused enough so it wouldn’t hurt when they started to thrust into her. However, unlike those foolish boys, her father lavished her cunt gently allowing his tongue to explore every inch of her womanhood. Her eyes flew wide as William rolled his tongue within her canal. Her diaphragm convulsed, her lungs tried to draw in the much needed air as that hot tongue explored her moist channel. “Ah, fuck yes Daddy!” Alice howled tossing back her head as she came on William’s tongue. Something strange happened, something that had never occurred to her before – Alice felt something squirt out of her, striking William just below his left eye coating his cheek in her fluid.

“Well…” William said wiping his face, “Seems you inherited that from your mother,” he said smirking amusingly whilst kissing up his daughter’s stomach as he pushed down his boxer-briefs. Alice breathed heavily as she looked hungrily down at her father as his lips captured her left nipple. Grinding her mound against his cock as it pressed against her sex.

“Fuck me,” Alice growled low into William’s ear. Her body trembled as his engorged head ran through her saturated lips. Her mouth was frozen in a silent moan as William inched his cock into her mound. “F…k, yes give it to me Daddy!” Alice cried out when her mind finally caught up to her vocal cords. Her insides melted as his hips pumped his rod deep into her, her folds wrapped around his shaft squeezing that tool with all her might. While she liked the slow thrust allowing her sex to mesmerize every inch, every vein of his cock, what she really wanted was to be fucked like he had performed on her mother. “Harder! Fuck me harder Daddy! I can take it,” Alice said sucking in a breath as William hammered her into the table. Alice reached back bracing herself, while her left hand gripped his right shoulder as his balls slapped against her ass.

“Fuck… Alice, you’re so tight!” William grunted as his rough callous hands gripped her hips, his thumb rolled across her clit smirking at her as she held onto him.

“Cum… make me cum, please!” Alice begged as she held onto his neck. Feeling her slickness coating his cock as William showed no signs of slowing. It had taken three guys that ran a train on her to make her cum, while it only took a matter of minutes to get themselves off, leaving her rather unsatisfied while the last two had they’re way with her. Alice’s eyes went wide as William placed his hands beneath her ass, lifting her off the workbench, locking her ankles together so she wouldn’t slip as her father held her, while he sent his cock surging upward into her hot, dripping sex. “Oh god! Oh god!” Alice screamed out; her mind slowly went blank as her womb detonated. Her body going limp in his arms as William brought her down hard on his tool. Alice couldn’t breathe, her head bobbed around as if it wasn’t attached to her body, as that steel rod was relentless in its precision. Her tongue rolled side to side as her womb began to meltdown. One orgasm was a rarity for her, yet her father threatened to bring her over the cusp of another, more glorious, explosive one.

“Oh, god Daddy! You’re fucking me so good, my tight pussy can’t take any more,” Alice said before her folds clamped down on the steel rod that filled her womanhood. Her hot juices flooded out around William’s cock creating a small puddle on the barn floor.

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