A Certain Smile Ch. 02


I wrestled Katie onto her back, made some kind of silly “I’m happy” noise and made for her lips. I hovered above her face a second and saw wonder in the beauty of her eyes. I then moved close and suckled each lip individually, running my tongue underneath. The faint taste of cum was wonderful from her mouth!

“Damn, that was nice,” I had to say aloud. “Wanna… just lie here some more while I recover a little?”

“Yeah,” she said, “we can just lie here for a while and hug.”

We did just that for a long time, and we talked. She apologized for being too straight-laced in high school. As we talked, my hand worked its way from the small of her back and underneath that infernal t-shirt. I caressed her back and shoulders and began a slow journey to her bottom. Here, I rubbed, and farther down I rubbed. I skipped my palm and fingertips over the bright white orbs and the valley between them. And I traced a line along the valley and pressed inward toward at the end of the line. There was no need to probe for wetness. It was there on the surface. I removed the finger almost right away, my getting things out of order.

“It’s OK,” she whispered. “That felt really nice.”

And we kissed again.

“Let’s get this shirt off you, huh? And… would you like me to cover up?”

My sweet Katie didn’t speak. She raised herself and then she raised her arms. Excellent. I sat up and made it a slow unveiling. I knew one nipple would taste of me and I was eager to suckle it. Both breasts came into view at the same time. Then her underarms. Once I saw them, things went into slow motion. I kept raising the shirt but i brought my face toward the nearer underarm and inhaled audibly. It was wonderful! Her deodorant was certainly there but also there was that sweetness with an edge of muskiness or maybe soft acridness, a smell that’s not unlike what’s left behind in a scented panty. I tickled her there with the tip of my nose and drew in all I could gather. My dick wouldn’t be soft long. I wanted to lick her there but didn’t want to lose my sense of taste to the bits of aluminum-God-knows-what that would be there. Once the shirt’s neckband cleared her head, Katie finished the removal but kept the arm up.

“Remember downstairs when I mentioned I knew someone like you?” she said.

Her soaking wet panties came back into mind.

“Yeah,” I said in a way that Eeyore might.

“Ditto. But… well, not now.”

Katie lowered her arm and began a slow visual survey of my body. Though not hard, I was damn close to being that way. Once she was back at my eyes, she carried a new smile, one I’d never seen. On any other girl it would mean nothing short of fucking will do. Then there came the most wicked smile ever to grace a bedroom.

“Have I mentioned I get kind of wet?”

Not a lot was said after that.

In almost gymnastic form, Katie’s moved the towel under her bottom and stretched out on her back. I got my side and laid my head on her shoulder. For untold minutes, I simply caressed her. She brought her lips to mine, and when I couldn’t stand it anymore I rose to my hands and knees and went straight to her nipples, tasting a little saltiness from the first. I brought them into my mouth and tongue-flicked and suckled in noisy fashion. I pushed her arms over her head and stole sniffs and light kisses from her beautiful, almost perfectly smooth underarms. Her moans were as frequent from these as from the nipple play.

And they were pretty nice nipples when aroused! She fondled one as I kissed the other. I watched her knead it and rub light circles over it with the tip of her thumb. I mimicked the demonstration, first with fingers and then with lips and tongue-tip. And she let me know it was good. I repeated and varied the motions for each nipple, and then licked a line down to her tummy. I could never resist deep “inny” bellybuttons, and hers I licked and lightly prodded with a pinky.

I looked up for permission or encouragement — or maybe just to gauge her excitement — and saw that her head was turned to one side, her nose almost touching the underarm that I had so enjoyed. She saw me looking. And she parted her legs for me.

I was still over her belly when she did it, and I could absolutely, positively hear the wetness. It was the sound of a lingering kiss Ah, and then I smelled it. I could see only the wispy pubic hair and the tip of her clit. I kissed her midway between bellybutton and mound, the first of a three-kiss journey to her pussy. It was rich and magnetic and my mouth actually watered. I caressed the insides of her thighs and moved the hand up and around the short pubic hair, not touching where I most wanted to be. I heard Katie moan softly, and it was the cue I was waiting for. About midway down the open labial smile, I rubbed two fingers, first on one side and then the other. Her legs open father for me and I slid a single finger inside the wet opening and curled upward inside her in search of the ridge of her g-spot. I withdrew and put two fingers inside and menderes escort let my thumb come to rest atop her clit.

Katie sucked in a liter of air as I circled around her tiny penis with the thumb. So hard it was! I slowly removed the fingers from inside her and brought the wetness to the beautiful erection. I sized it between thumb and fingers, making something of a pussy for what was the near-equal of the tip of my pinky. Moans became cries. Still lying beside her, I kissed the curl of pubic hair and drew in a big, big breath.

“You don’t have to,” she whispered, petting the back of my neck. I stayed where I was and whispered back.

“Wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

I moved into position between her legs and looked up at her while pushing each thigh a few inches farther apart. We shared a great moment in each other’s eyes and then I looked down. The majesty was dumbfounding. The clit, a grand helmeted pole, was just the beginning. Her pussy was fully open for me and glistening without need of anyone’s saliva. I dived in.

I found myself swallowing every few seconds, and I thanked God for my long nose. It massaged the clit while my tongue darted around her opening. She was sopping wet and I couldn’t get enough of the taste. I lapped her pussy like a damn dog even. I’ve no idea how long I stayed there. It could have been as little as 60-seconds. She lost herself in moans and cries and that’s when the real flavor came! My nose was running circles around her clit when she squirted right into my open mouth. Never had I gotten this much!

“Oh my God,” I said after swallowing the first mouthful. There were lesser but continuing gushes that appeared as boy cum but had a taste all its own. Girl cum is the freshest, purest-tasting thing there is, and there was a lot of it. She continued to writhe as I sucked the river’s source in what unexpectedly became the best oral sex I’d ever known. And she was loving it too! Her finger joined the party at the end. The gushing ended and she lay back, still breathing hard and quick. She reached down and rubbed my head tenderly. I laid several kisses atop her pussy and along the insides of her thighs. Wet thighs. I crawled up her body and laid my head on her chest.

“That was the best time I ever had doing that,” I whispered. “I don’t want to be tacky but you taste really, really good.” And I looked up for a response.

Her open mouth formed a smile.

“I’ve always been embarrassed about how wet I get, especially at the end.”

“Don’t be,” I said. “Don’t be. I loved it. It’s wonderful”

I straddled my Katie’s hips and brought the tip of my nose to the tip of hers. I figured there was no way she’d be turned off by her own smells and I was right. Nor was she turned off by her own flavors. Quite the contrary. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips to hers. I tasted her anew. I tasted me. She rolled me onto my back and crawled aboard. She was one happy, quivering girl!

I had questions but they could wait. What she said shed at least some light on the high school dating. With a “problem” like hers, making out in clothes is an actual problem. Hard to keep things from mom, I guessed. And seat wetting. When a couple years later I finally first saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I thought of Katie when Janet sang of the seat wetting problem. Poor Brad.

We cuddled a long while. I closed my legs and wriggled some to align our pubic mounds. Her breathing returned to normal. I stroked her back and sides. My cock began to rise again, and as it inflated it came to rest against her warm pussy. She opened her legs just a little to let it channel nicely, something like a hotdog in a bun.

“I’m apparently enjoying this a lot,” I said. “It’s fine to just lie here, really”

I absolutely meant it. My cock grew harder and was now pointing straight up and pressing along the length of her pussy. More blood flowed into it and harder it pressed against her there. Warm, wet. Until that second, I had been happy with where we had been. Hell, we could leave a couple things for next time, I thought.

“Maybe,” she said, lifting her head and almost grinning, “Maybe we can just rub it on the outside.”

She rose from my chest, putting even more backward pressure on my cock — making me grimace and her jump a little in reaction to my curious facial expression and perhaps how the extra pressure was making her feel. But whatever it was, she rose enough to let my cock begin to pivot. And the head lodged squarely — roundly — into her opening! The head was almost home. What we shared next was the most memorable mutual eye gaze I was ever to know. It’s unbelievable the amount information they can bring. With this one, she told me she was a virgin but I could be the first, and I told her that’d be just fine but we don’t have to do it right that second. And we actually undocked and the head slid up between the oil-rich petals but it stopped quite suddenly. We both looked down. Yeah, was escort menderes caught by her clit. I reached down and grabbed hold of my shaft and I massaged its head with that wondrous appendage of hers. She took the cock from my hand and guided it in her own patterns. She pushed against it harder than I did. And I felt how stiff it was! She had a cock of her own, this woman of wonder, and her excitement was growing slowly and steadily. I HAD to be inside her! I couldn’t reach my pants. The pocket. It carried three condoms.

“It’s prominent, isn’t it?” she said.

“That’s one word for it.”

She let my cock come to rest against my body, and she knee-walked closer, settling atop it. I could see just the almost purple head. And then she began a slow forward and back slide. I pinned my elbows at my sides and raised my wrists in seeking her hands. She accepted them as bridles and then rose up to a proper riding position. Much better, she agreed with the eyes. And she rode me! It felt almost as though we were doing it. Her breasts were alive as they swung and bounced. I summoned one with an open mouth and she delivered the other. Mmm.

“I do have something… in my pocket over there,” I whispered to her.

We locked eyes again. She was pondering it all.

“Just… don’t finish inside, OK?” she said.

And she rose a little in her squat and guided my cock back to where it had been lodged once before. Again, we took full notice of the moment. This was it. She let her weight fall and the head dipped inside and met a glorious curtain, a tightness that didn’t seem possible considering the surroundings. It squeezed even the underside of my cock but in I went and more roomy it became inside. I’m really inside her, I thought to myself, and it was the nicest place I had ever been. With me deep inside her, she moved laterally a little and I felt the end of my cock switch sides in there. She rose and fell again, cried out my name, and commenced to fuck my balls off. All I did was arch my pelvis; she did everything else, going from pump to grind and wriggle and back to pump. Never as good as this, I thought. I had to speak.

“I can’t last a lot longer, sorry. This is the best it’s ever been for me and I’m… getting close to getting close.”

I rolled us over, staying planted, and I explored where I wanted. She enjoyed the change too. I didn’t have many strokes left in me. We locked eyes yet again and then I rammed her as hard as I could. And I did it again and again and pulled out quickly and shot a stream of cum that hit her in the throat. I humped her mound and clit and came some more and I felt her shaking underneath me. I stayed over the massive clit and fucked it with my cock’s flank as long as I could. She gasped twice and screamed. It was a very loud scream and I knew I was missing a treat down there. Still, a new warmth surrounded my cock. Her cries subsided and I collapsed onto her cum-covered self. No motion, no talk. She hugged my shoulders. I heard her sniff a little. I raised my head and saw tears coming from her eyes. No one was ever more beautiful than her at that moment. I moved beside her and elbow-propped my head.

“There are no actual words for that,” I said. She grabbed my neck and kissed me a big one.

What had been streaks and puddles on her tummy had become smears on both of us. She folded a pillow, a wet one I think, to prop her head higher. She surveyed her body and the wetness I contributed. She ran a finger through a sloppy smear and enjoyed its slipperiness. She brought the fingers to her face. She inhaled softly, paused, and brought the fingers to her mouth.

She sucked the fingers and made a point of swallowing. I gathered more for her and slathered it along her lips. And she licked her lips and then I kissed them. I reached for the wetness of her pussy and slid two fingers in as far as they would go, and these glistening fingers I sucked myself. There was no doubt I had cum inside her after all. My face may have given the realization away for she asked, “What is it?”.

“Just a little taste of me in there,” I said to her. “Not much.”

“Boys!” she exclaimed playfully. “At least now I know how it happens.”

And that’s when the smile began beaming from her once again. Oh my, I thought. We hugged and kissed, and I managed to avoid asking the obvious question.

At some point we fell asleep, but before dozing I pondered the sequence of realizations and suspicions, of comments, and of what had happened that was between only our eyes. One thing was certain and another was looking likely.

Chapter 3

“Good morrrrrrrning,” is what I heard. On my back, apparently, I waited for a second alarm. It’s was “How are ya?”

“I’m good,” I said, opening my eyes to… an angel. She wore a fluffy white robe, loosely tied, and her hair was golden in the morning sun. The face was a brand new one. It faced me straighter than it ever had. Something else was pretty straight and there was just a sheet above it. menderes escort bayan

“That happens in the morning no matter what’s going on,” I said as sweetly as I could. “Although I am happy to see you.”

The angel laughed.

She sat down beside me and pulled down the sheet as might a magician.

“I used to be afraid of these things,” she said. “Last night… was my first time… and the way it went I may be pregnant right now.”

Right, she was, but the confirmation of being her first was all I cared to process — and being her second too, and as soon as possible.

“I won’t desert you,” I said. “We’ll find out in time. For now, well, I do have… protection.”

With that, she pried her eyes from my cock, identified the pants in the pile, and within maybe 20 seconds she was riding me again.

Katie enjoyed being on top. Or maybe I liked being underneath. Both are true, I guess. But we finished doggy-style and she really, really liked that. I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass and the pretty pink anus. I spread her cheeks as I pumped. And I hit a new place inside her, she said. And I loved being able to cum inside her, if into a too-small reservoir tip, to enjoy every possible second in her pussy. And I felt her come. Her pussy grabbed a tighter hold on my cock. I felt the warm flow drip down my thighs. She was gushing again, and damn, I wanted a taste of it. But i just couldn’t pull out of her. Such a long time coming, I wanted to stay there all night.

I massaged her slippery bottom and pulled the cheeks apart. Just beautiful. I slid a finger toward her swirling second opening and dipped just the tip inside and let her muscle push it out. I felt my cock deflating and receding on its own. I rubbed the new target goodbye and pulled out of her with a plop.

I left the condom in place, plopped on my back, and guided her toward me. Both of us perhaps self-conscious about our morning breath, we didn’t kiss even once to that point. She decided it was her job to remove the condom. She rolled it most of the way down, tugged it off, and held it up to the considerable sunlight.

“Damn,” she said.

And “Damn” is what I thought when she squeezed the contents onto my nipples and licked and sucked me there until it was gone. I really like this girl. That’s what I was thinking about then.

We showered together, and in washing her thoroughly from my knees, I got an even closer look at her anus. I rubbed some soap over to it and lingered. So pretty it was. I aimed her cheeks toward the water and watched the soap wash away. Soon, I thought.

We went out for a huge breakfast and spent a couple hours just talking in the park downtown. Kathleen was just back from her night away when we arrived at the apartment.

In a none-too-friendly tone, Kathleen asked, “You going to church today?”

“We go together sometimes,” my new lover said to me. Turning away, she aimed the next comment at her roommate.

“Not today, though.”

What I saw next on the roommate’s face was jealousy writ large, but the expression morphed into something like acceptance.

My Katie stayed sweet and calm. “We’ll talk later” was all she said to her roommate.

“But you,” she said turning to me, “Let’s talk more now, OK?”

It’s likely she saw the light bulb over my head. Pieces did come together quickly.

We sat in my car for a few minutes and she told me some of her story. The roommate dated back to freshman year in college. They started going to church together when others recovered from hangovers. They became very close. Neither dated.

“It’s funny how quickly our periods aligned,” and after that sentence she launched into her confessional.

“That’s what got us talking about sex — not having sex — that big night midway through freshman year. I told her of my problem with wetness and my girl-penis. I mean, I couldn’t talk about it with my mom. I was happy to have a non-party girl as a roommate and confidant, and so I told her everything: not making out because of the embarrassment potential and too many years hearing my mother… say things, and then, of course, there’s that wetness thing again. I looked over to Kathleen and she was the very picture of concern. We hugged and she patted me on the back. And pulling away, we just caught each other’s eye somehow, and we kissed. It was a pretty quick one but it was different than other kisses we girls do. And we kissed again, and this one was exhilarating, I tell ya! I hate to say this but that night we did almost everything two girls can do. And, uh, she had the same reaction to my bonuses that you did, bless your heart. So anyway, she and I stayed roommates the next year. And we were lovers the whole time. Huge secret. My mom would have died. Hers too. But going into junior year was different. We had sex the first night back together but that was it. It was a weird year all around. So senior year we got other places and new roommates but still saw each other at church. We got to be almost friends again, and that’s when she asked if I wanted to be her roommate while I figured out the post-college thing. And then like two idiots, we slept together the first night. It set the wrong tone. It’s possible I’m supposed to be with a woman in this life. But it’s not her. And it’s possible I’m not”

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