A Connoisseur’s Feast Ch. 02


By now, their sassy admonitions had become boring and obnoxious. “You’d better not come to our campus to suck cock Uncle Blonde. The campus jocks there don’t like cocksuckers anywhere close to them. They kick the ass of anybody they suspect who is queer about other guys.”

“That’s right, Uncle Blonde! Short skinny guys have been put in the hospital just for being suspected of being queer. Turns out most o’ them were just underdeveloped nerds.”

“Fuck the both of you”, I retorted. “Your simple-minded campus hardly sounds like an objective bastion of tolerance, academic or otherwise. Anyone who pays tuition money to such a Neanderthalic institution is pissing it away.”

It was not my idea to be traveling cross-country with my cognitively challenged nephews. My meddling older sister imposed her inconvenient arrangements and now I was compelled to make a return visit to my aunt and uncle’s western ranch in the company of her like-minded, nosy, dim-witted student offspring. It seems the slackers lacked the industriousness to seek out summer jobs. When my plans for a two week sojourn to consult with my uncle about his ranching business became common knowledge in my family, my sister thought it would be constructive to have her boys tag along and “sit-in” to maybe learn something. The only thing I could think would be constructive, would be to gag them for the whole trip and insist they collect the horse manure for the fertilizer market. The older dolt, Todd was in his first year at graduate school as an MBA candidate. The younger, Jeb was a business major about to enter his junior year. They both attended a public sponsored university in a state that neighbored my Appalachian home. They both could care less about the curriculum and sought their major study because “that’s where the bucks are.” They carped on endlessly about professional and college sports statistics, although neither was sufficiently coordinated enough to even consider an athletic career on any level. I feared their presence at the ranch was going to crimp my opportunity for intense sexual reunion with my “buff” cowboy interest. At least I had to share little in the driving, as my sister’s spacious van served as the comfortable mode of transportation.

Occasionally the brothers’ behavior together on the drive surprised me and suggested a deeper fraternal bond than I might otherwise have suspected. When we traveled off the interstate to find a lunch spot, we passed a majestic log A-frame atop a wooded hill. They sat almost intimately close together, “cheek-to-cheek” as it were, to inspect the attractive home more carefully. When something else caught their eye at the side of the road that met their approval, they would often grasp and grope each other about the arms and shoulders in their enthusiasm. Until then, I had never thought our family especially “touchy feely”.


Upon our arrival at the ranch, sure enough, they behaved obnoxiously about everything, always underfoot of everything that both the ranch hands and I needed to accomplish “Can’t you do something to carouse these ignorant assholes out o’ here, Blonde?”, one of them inquired with irritation.

“I will see if I can’t get my uncle to put them on shoveling horse shit detail”, I replied in wry frustration. Would that that were true. Instead, they were a drag in my efforts to revise the ranch’s computer management. They asked incessantly stupid questions and cracked dim-witted jokes in response to my resentful explanations. Speaking of resentment, I could read it on the face of my newly reunited interested man. Rather than encounter his dirty looks, I would rather see his expression of sensual overload as I fervently sucked on his irresistible cock.

“Why did you bring their sorry stupid asses out here with you?” The tone of his voice matched his facial body language. I explained the quandary I had been placed in. After all, they were just as much family members to my aunt and uncle as I. Bob and I somehow managed to arrange a short meeting alone in one of the stables late in the day, as my nephews had expressed a desire to watch some inane action/comedy “rerun” on cable. His mood changed as I daringly and confidently reached down and stroked the inside of his upper thigh, the object of my long yearnings instantly plumping and bulging against the tight fabric of Bob’s old fashioned close fitting jeans. He stretched his well defined taut limbs and torso to facilitate my studious unfastening of his stainless fly buttons. My impatient probing fingers felt the heat emanate to those sturdy trousers from the thick manly treasure that so hungrily anticipated an enthralling exposure. The pungent saucy aroma of his powerful excitement exhaled deeply from the opening flaps of the concealing garment, dizzily intensifying my own ardor for passionate contact. Reaching in and just feeling the velvety heated surface of the long prize I was about to grasp and bahis firmaları pry out in to the open, I heard a shuffle at the barn door.

The noisy latch heralded a swinging door. “Uncle Blonde, if you’re in there, dinner’s ready and you know how Aunt Faith hates it when people are late at the dinner table.” My younger nephew’s nasal monotone couldn’t have been more unwelcome

“Predictable timing from that brain dead asshole”, I whispered. My partner in impending intimacy didn’t respond. In obvious disgust, he hurriedly buttoned up and prepared to leave.

During the next day, unnoticed by others, I managed to talk Bob into another attempt at a barnyard tryst. That night, I actually had his splendid succulent salami and his profuse pendulous balls withdrawn and aching for my purposeful intentions. My fingers were quivering with the joy at having this unequalled phallic profusion in my possessive grasp, once again. Zealously eager for a taste, I leaned forward for decisive contact with my salivating tongue and lips. Once again, our urges were thwarted by the noise of the squeaking hinges of the opening barn door. “Shit!!” Bob whispered in frustration to our scuttle to hide ourselves in an empty stall.

My entering nephews, so engrossed in their own inane babble, did not detect the rush to conceal ourselves. “Jeez, those ‘Baywatch’ chicks get me so horny and hard.”

“Yeah!”, responded Todd. “I always feel like I am going to bust a nut and cream my shorts right on the spot.”

“Well thanks for sharing the fantasy, Bro’. We can always pretend that one o’ them is working our puds.” Jeb swung around seemingly in search of something. “That hay pile looks comfortable.” The two sauntered to the edge of a small haystack situated just across from the stall where we hid. To our astonishment, in plain view of both of us through cracks in the stall gate, we could observe them unfastening and pull down their baggy shorts to reveal their slick ended hard cocks. They both sported roughly 7″ of cut meat. Todd’s had a relatively small dark red dickhead, but a vein bulging healthy girthed shaft. Jeb, by contrast, had a slender slightly curved shaft, but a blooming mushroom-like purple head. They both had a mature mat of dark brown man tuft wisping from the region of their organs, Todd eliciting a spare patch from his slightly low hung discernable nut sac.

Bob and I were stuck in a spell of silent hypnosis, entranced by imagining what might be their next motions. They kicked away their shorts and leaned into a sitting position on the stack.

“Hoo-hoo!”, chanted Jeb. “Wouldn’t it feel great if they came down on us on this stuff?” Todd was now manipulating his thick tool with three fingers and a thumb. As both started to pick up the pace of self-coitus. One must have issued a signal missed by my companion and I in surreptitious concealment. They suddenly switched off and the hands that were studiously stroking now reached over and grasped the manipulated dongs of each other. Stroking each other in gratuitous sex play, they both let loose moans of gratification in the sharply intensifying pleasure of the moment. The two reddening meats swelling even harder to the incessant pumping, they both seemed transfixed, as if the urgent motions of their fists and arms were somehow detached from the rest of them. Little muffled yells sounded from both their slightly gaping mouths as their bursting cocks reached the eruption point. We caught the scent of their seed as first one and shortly after, the other, spurted little squirts of their loads of jizz. I was determined to jolt the little pricks with a bad fright by revealing myself before the hand jobbers’ final orgasmic spasms ended their handiwork. I punched the stall door open and practically lunged at them.

“Uncle Blonde!”, one of them yelped with an almost guilt-ridden look of terror on their red faces. Sure enough, as they both leapt to their feet, they could not conceal their still bobbing seed-seeping cocks while crouching down to pull up their shorts.

“Well look what we got, here”, I crowed triumphantly. “Wouldn’t the heroic jocks of your campus be interested in watching just what went on here. What do they think of brothers who fiddle each other?”

“It ‘s not what you think”, the younger one sheepishly piped up. “Besides why were you here with one of Uncle Raymond’s hands?”

“Nothing you aren’t already aware of, you perverted little hypocrite. Far be it for you two to be up front about what it is that turns you on.”

Bob soaked in this whole incident with obvious amusement. “Now don’t be so hard on your kin, Blonde.” He spoke with a sly “shit eating” grin the whole time. “That was a real nice show they put on. Looks like they might enjoy some fun times with us.”

Now Todd spoke up. “Fuck you! In your dreams, faggot”. His look of consternation, hostile as it was, was not convincing.

Bob feigned alarm and concern with a comical expression. kaçak iddaa “Oh, I wouldn’t be so ‘put out’ if I were you. I’m sure your Uncle knows a few buddies of you guys who might find your brotherly attentions real interesting. Of course, no one would need to know how it is you two get along so well, provided you get along with us just the way we want you to for the remainder of your stay here in the ‘wild wild west’. By now, Bob was beaming again and flashed me a wink at the conclusion of his proposition.

Of course, I caught the gist of his conversation. “Hmm, . . I remember Gregg Monsanto, the captain of the school track team lives right down the street from you guys.” I confirmed with confidence. The two “jerk-offs” were squirming with discomfort. We had them right where we wanted them and they were ripe for the plucking. “He doesn’t have to know anything about it if, for starters, you suck Bob’s dick, here and now, Jeb. Wait ’til you see the size of his awesome banana.”

Pretending not be worried, he tries to fend me off. “You’re bluffing, Uncle Blonde.”

I stand right up to him and look him straight in the eye, inches from his face. “Do you really want to take that chance, you obnoxious twerp. I know your school’s web-site. I know how to access the undergraduates’ profiles and e-mail addresses. Make me do that and make my day.”

For a minute, we just stood there. Finally, Jeb sheepishly nodding in Bob’s direction, asked, “well isn’t he going to pull it out?”

“Fuck no!!!”, I whined. “You do that. On your hands and knees, buddy. And, when he shoots, you swallow.” Bob leaned against the stall gate with his ever-present grin. He spread his legs open and thrust his hips out slightly in an exaggerated stance, letting out a low-pitched forced chuckle. His generous bulge was conspicuous to all and for the first time, I realized I was going to be envious of my nephew. The look of disgust on his face intensified as, on his knees, he realized he was going to have to struggle with Levi buttons to release the focused object of his coercion. The scent of Bob’s sex hit my nostrils as Jeb reached in the open fly to procure from concealment the ultimate manifestation of male desirability. My envy increased continuously almost to the point of maddening jealousy as almost all 8.5″ of the sweetly smoking sumptuous sausage was unleashed from binding concealment on proud display to all present company, gently handled and in the careful grasp of my not so disinterested younger nephew. His eyes widened to the circumference of silver dollars. His older brother standing next to me, let out a muffled gasp upon complete exposure. The expression on his face revealed a pique of apparent undistracted fascination.

In an instant, Jeb was upon him. Lips and tongue were embracing the well-sculpted elongated glans with a kiss of intent oral attentions. Evidently, strong suction and flailing tongue were working their way down the ruggedly veined shaft in what at first appeared an effort to fulfill a task quickly and get it over with. My nephews did not appreciate the experience of an old cocksucker they had in their uncle. Through personal experience and watching other masters over the years, I know when an oral server is being seduced by the throbbing and twitching organ he has given himself to. I could see the subtle ways he started to work the succulent meat in his mouth; the way he would artfully shift the cock from one place in oral location to another, pressing it now against one cheek, shift it now back to the entry of his throat, loving firm caresses by the tongue deep in the underside of his shaft to all around his pliant head. His mouth became a hungering sieve for the elegant pulsing flesh that livened so appreciatively to all the warm wet complex applications.

“I believe your skills run in the family, Blonde.” Bob was whispering loudly as he soothed himself in the delicious delirium focused on his pillar of pleasure. “I am going to squirt a hot load for this sucker to feed on. . . . . Any second, now!” True to form, Bob’s legs quivered, the veins of his neck stuck out, and he grinned a toothy wince as sultry orgasmic spasms flinched his body. I knelt down almost intimately next to my suckling nephew to take note of the movements of his neck and jaw. True to form, I was convinced he was feeding and swallowing his captive’s love offering as it spewed from the flinching fleshy faucet within his gripping mouth.

“You done your uncle proud.” I patted Jeb patronizingly on the shoulder as Bob was packing up and buttoning up. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Todd watched every careful detail of Bob’s ensuing flaccidity and the way he coiled his snake-like private back into careful privation.

“We both could see you liked it a lot, you pervert.”

“Fuck you Todd”, Jeb protested. “You seem to enjoy yourself when you suck my dick.”

A look of surprised outrage crossed Todd’s face. “Shut the fuck up, you kaçak bahis big-mouthed twerp. Just wait ’til the next time your horny ass wants my cock reaming you up there. I am going to shove something up it so you will never be able shit again, let alone get fucked.”

Bob and I stepped in as the two nearly came to aggressive blows. “Cool down boys.” Bob sounded genuinely conciliatory. “Judging from your confessions, there is no reason on God’s green earth that any of us should be fightin’ with the other. God damn, but we can get together and enjoy some fun and good times. Your Uncle Raymond wants me to take two horses to a distant trail. We can make a camping trip of it.”

This was the first I had heard of this. I later learned that my uncle had two skittish horses that were gentle with humans but intimidated by the other stallions. He had learned from experience that the best solution to such a problem was to have the steeds in question treated to a change in scenery.

Bob’s general disposition improved notably for the next two days before we set off.

He would beam whenever he saw me. He especially had reason to when the next evening I was finally able to savor his tantalizing tool to a tempestuous triumph of climactic release, relishing every drop of his salty spunk, without the potential for irksome interruption. He would wink and smile whenever he encountered either of my nephews. They on the other hand would avoid looking either of us in the eye. In fact, they seemed to deliberately avoid us. I was now able to pursue my tasks on behalf of my uncle unperturbed and in peace.


“Hooeee, we’re going to have us some ggooooooddd times!” Bob whelped as he drove my uncle’s station wagon with the horse trailer in the back. My nephews just skulked in the back. “Now don’t be like that. You can always lie and tell your ‘college boy’ friends you hooked up with some sweet cow girls on your trip west, . . . . provided you comply with your uncle’s and my fun time activities. After all, sounds to me like you two have your own real ‘close and personal’ fraternity. You’d just be adding a couple new ‘brothers’ for a while.” He winked at me with his ever-present grin. “Did you guys know how much your Uncle Blonde loves my cock. It’s a struggle for him to keep his hands off my member, hard or soft. . . . Yep, it was your uncle who taught me about the fun guys can have with each other. Now, I’m always looking for like-minded boys, like you two. . . . Oh! I almost forgot to tell you, Blonde. I found that swimming hole I’d promised you. That’s why we’re driving further out to a state preserve and not the national forest. They have better horse trails there, anyway. I’ve decided the first thing we are going to do is unload at a discreet camping spot and lead the horses straight to the swimming spot.” He nudged me before he continued. “There’s no need for swim trunks since there is hardly anybody there on weekdays, anyway.” He quickly turned his head to the back seat. “You boys got respectable builds. I’m sure you could care less if strangers come up on you naked.”

As usual there was no response from the morose twosome, just a low moan from one of them.

“When your Uncle Blonde pulls down his pants, he’ll be sportin’ a leaking boner. That’s how happy he’ll be to see me naked again.” He let out his familiar silly giggle and playfully punched me on the shoulder. I just smiled and said nothing. Of course, he was right. I was already achingly hard in the car just thinking about our nude frolic.

“This I’ve got to see:. . . . Uncle Blonde naked with a boner!” Jeb spoke with that sassy tone.

Bob silenced him again. “Hell, you little nerd, before this trip is over, we’ll be looking at hardly nothing but each others hard cocks.” He shot him a menacing grimace via the rear view mirror. “Don’t you think I won’t inspect yours real careful. . . And that won’t be the only naked thing you got I ‘ll inspect real close.” All the vehicle passengers were quiet for the remainder of the drive.

In another gorgeous park, our campsite was discreet and well shaded. We unpacked and helped Bob unload the gentle horses and stirrup them only to lead them, not bothering with the saddles. We would not bother to pitch camp until after we set out on our first trails. The first trail was narrow and bordered by tall spruces. I was surprised when we reached a beach that turned out to be an inset cove of a much larger lake. Bob had brought corralling rope with him to secure the horses with trees, but leave them enough leeway at water’s edge. He then sat down on the sand and started to remove his boots. He stopped to see the three of us just watching him. “What’s the matter with your family? Are you easterners that bashful? Do I have to say it? Strip!! Get naked!! We can’t enjoy the swimming if we all don’t get bare assed.” We did as we were told. I realized my nephews had well toned legs, but I did not realize what good definition they had in their hairless chests and abs until they took their shirts off. When I peeled away my briefs to free my hard cock, it was not just on Bob’s account that I had been so stimulated.

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