A Date With My Neighbor Boy


A Date With My Neighbor BoydeleteddeletedThis happened to me when I was 19. I am 21 now. I always had a huge crush on my neighbor. His name is Abhinav. He is a tall guy with a fit personality, not a completely toned body but yeah he does have a muscular body. He has a beard and is of height 6 feet. The most attractive is his eyes.Enough of his description. So one fine day I was watching porn in my room while my parents went out. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I quickly controlled myself as I was fingering. I was about to cum. I opened the door and Abhinav was standing in front of me.He wanted to borrow something. But before he could ask for it he was staring at my thighs I looked down and I was shocked that my shorts were completely drenched. I immediately looked at him and he just walked away apologizing. I just stood there like an idiot completely embarrassed.I went to my room. I sent him a text asking what happened as if nothing happened. He replied were you watching porn. I said yes I was watching porn. I asked him does he watch it too(of course everyone does). He said yes and the chat went horny.He confessed he had a crush on me. He also added that he had never seen such beautiful thighs in his life. I was so happy and horny as my crush was flirting with me. By the way, what he said was true. My sizes are 27-29-30 and I kind of look like Avneet Kaur but with dusky skin tone.I was feeling horny too so I admitted I had a crush too. We had a little chat about the incidents where I tried to confess my feelings for him. So the next day we planned on a date as it was a weekend. I planned on seducing him as much as possible.So I wore tight denim and a black t-shirt with no bra to cover my tits. I wore a hoodie. I went to the theater where we were to meet. He was buying some snacks for us and he smiled at me. I waved at him and kadıköy escort hugged him.His perfume made me feel those romantic vibes. We went to the theater and the movie started. As soon as the movie started I was looking at him and the conversation startedAbhinav: You are looking gorgeous, Keerthy!Me: Thank you!I liked his attention.Abhinav: Do you really have a crush on me?Me: (blushing) Of course I do.I looked into his eyes.Abhinav: (feeling awkward) So what do we do next?Me: I don’t know Abhi anything is fine with me.I was eating ice cream and he just grabbed it from my hand. I thought he would eat mine as he didn’t buy one for himself. He just ran the ice cream on my cheeks onto the lips and was smiling looking at me. I was surprised but smiled back. i grabbed a tissue and was rubbing it off.He caught my hand, pulled that tissue away and came closer to my cheek and kissed it. He started licking my cheek. I tried to push him away but he grabbed my navel and pulled me towards him. I could not resist him I started kissing him tooThen slowly he started kissing my lips. We started kissing intensely. He licked my neck and face slowly. He pulled my lower lip with his lips and unzipped my hoodie and started pressing my boobs. He was surprised I was not wearing a bra.He broke the kiss and asked me, “Shall we have sex here?” I said, “No not here let’s go home.” So we started going back to his friend’s house which was empty at that moment On the way, I was feeling so horny and weird. I even grabbed his dick through his pants.He asked me to wait until we get into the house. As soon as we entered his room he grabbed me threw the hoodie away and like a****ls were falling on each other. He pushed me to a wall and placed his hands inside my shirt. üsküdar escort He started massaging my nipplesI was biting my lips. I placed my legs around him. He lifted me and we kissed each other’s lips for a while. Then I broke the kiss and went down. I unzipped his pants and he was spanking my ass. His slap was hard even though I was wearing denim.So he removed his dick out. It was a 7 inch dick and it was beautiful. I examined it for a while as it was the first time. He guided me on how to suck it. First I started kissing the dick head and I was massaging his balls with another hand. He was licking my fingers while I was sucking his dick.Then he said I am about to cum and he came with a load in my mouth. It dripped all around on the floor. It choked me for a while but it was yummy Then he removed my pant and lifted me to the bedroom. he was spanking me while moving into the room.He removed my panty and started kissing my pussy. He inserted two fingers into my pussy I felt like my soul slipped away from my body. I was moaning loudly. He increased the speed. He was massaging my left nipple while fingering me.I couldn’t control myself so I said, “Baby please give me your dick.” But he still fingered me until I came and then his dick was erect again. Our bodies were red and hot. My boobs were on fire as he was tapping my nipples with his dick. It was painful but the pleasure dominated the pain.I was massaging his dick with my boobs. He was feeling so good. His dick got hotter and hotter. Then he slept on the bed and I sat on him kissing his neck while my hair is on his face. He was rubbing my pussy while I kissed his chest and lips intensely. Then I asked him to penetrate his rod into my pussy.I guided his dick into my pussy and we started having fun in the cowgirl position. As soon tuzla escort as the thrusts started the blood was oozing out onto the bed. I was so horny and the pleasure was intense. He was very strong and those thrusts gained speed eventually.I was moaning hard. He got up and hugged me while I crossed my legs around him but the thrusts didn’t stop. I was suffocating and kind of choking as the speed of thrusts increased. But I wanted more and more of his dick. He told me he is about to cum.I wanted his cum inside my pussy but I was conscious enough not to do that. So I asked him to cum inside my mouth again. He stood up on the bed and pushed his dick into my throat. He caught all my hair made it into a pony and started pushing his dick deep inside shouting like a monster. He came inside me.This time the load was so good and drenched my thirst completely. But his dick was still erect, I fell onto the bed licking the drops of cum on the bed. He lifted my hip a little bit and pushed his dick into my pussy. We started having sex in the doggy style.It was better than the cowgirl position but my backbone was hurting so badly. He put his hand on my back and was pushing me towards the bed. This further increased my pain and pleasure. I was moaning like a cat as the size of his dick was increasing.He came inside my pussy this time but the load was a little less. He didn’t last long enough too. But the feeling was the best feeling I had until then. He fell on me tired we were drenched with sweat and my pussy with his cum. He did not take his dick out for a few minutes as we were enjoying the moments.Then we slept there for a while. I woke up after an hour and looked at myself in the mirror My neck and boobs were full of his bite marks and my ass was red and his handprints were visible. I woke him up kissed him on his forehead.I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up. He did the same and we both got dressed up and cleaned the room together. Suddenly I was feeling like a new girl. It was a fresh feeling which I never had. We went back home and we often had sex.I need to write a lot of stories as I had sex a lot of times. Hope you liked my story. I will be writing more soon.

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