A Family Closeness


The Cook family were very close and none of us were ever really alone, my mom and dad worked very hard to make sure that we really didn’t want for much. We had our sports and school and they were always around for us.

As we grew older we all changed as we all do, and our younger sister moved away, and I moved away briefly, long enough to have two lovely daughters, but then my world fell apart and I moved back near my parents again.

My mom was always very reserved and while she enjoyed a laugh as much as most moms, she always seemed, well you know, quieter. This all changed when our grandmother became very ill and was moved from another part of the State to live with my parents.

My dad was working long hours to help to provide the additional medicines and other items that she needed as mom had to give up her job to look after her mom. When our grandmother was very ill and expected to pass away, other members of the family came to see her. They included two uncles and an aunt.

One uncle who was the oldest son, stayed for several days and as a result of the confined areas around the bathrooms and bedrooms I got a flash of his cock several times, not really knowing if they were accidental or deliberate. Every time it happened I felt the area between my legs, long deprived of a good cock go suddenly wet and my whole body felt warm and tingly and I felt so good all the rest of the day.

About the same time I managed to obtain a council house and moved in with my daughters, which relieved the pressure at my parents house and allowed my aunt to also come down to assist in the last few days of my grandmother’s life.

My aunt was much younger than mom about five years or so and while they were similar in build, size and looks the only real difference was that mom had short mousy blonde hair and my aunts hair was long and blonde. It was interesting that both were very much natural blondes, having seen both naked on a number of occasions.

My uncle returned to his job and my aunt stayed a couple of days and then returned to her job. Of course mom was happy for the break they gave her, but several days later our grandmother passed away. My uncles, wives and my aunt and her husband – her third came for the funeral and stayed for a couple of days.

My uncle – the eldest and his wife – a really “ugly bitch” – sorry there is no other description which fits, stayed at my house sleeping on a fold up bed in the lounge. The wife was the bitch from hell and I then understood why mom and dad and my aunt had previously discussed her as only wanting his money.

Several night’s after the funeral, my daughters were asleep and I heard the noises from the lounge, my uncle was obviously trying to get some sex, and his wife was just as determined that he wouldn’t. In the end I heard him slam the bathroom door, I slipped out of bed and gently tapped on the door of the bathroom, the door to the lounge was shut also and I received no answer, I opened the door and entered, he was sitting on the edge of the bath and had his right hand around a lovely cock. It was eight or so inches in length and about two inches round, it was esenyurt escort also throbbing with a deep purple coloured helmet of a circumcised cock. He looked up as though he was expecting his wife and had a look of anguish on his face when he realised it was me!

He endeavoured to hide his cock, I shook my head and moving closer took his head in my arms and enfolded him to my breast. Now, I am not amply endowed, 34C is my bra size and I am only five two in my bare feet, but weigh a lot more than I need to since my last daughters birth. He at first pulled away and then slumped against me.

I held him for a while and then stepped back, he looked at me and I at him, his cock had shrunk and tears streaked his face. I smiled and handed him a face towel he grinned and then looked at me then his gaze travelled down my body. I had on a nightdress, thin and short due the hot weather, but covered. He glanced at his cock and then stood. He towered over me at nearly six foot but slowly he reached out and held me to him. Turning me around he aimed me at the door and gently slapped my behind pushing me at the same time towards the door.

I stood at the door and turned, he waved his hand in a ‘go’ motion and turned to the toilet his cock in hand again and I heard the splash of his piss. I stood and watched as he finished, we left the bathroom together, he kissed my neck gently, turned me at the bedroom door and another gentle smack on the bum sent me through the door.

The next day his wife announced that they were going home tomorrow, he shook his head and said, “No! I can’t do that tomorrow, I need to be here for a couple of more days to help.”

He glanced at me and began to play with the girls as they pulled his hand to rough and tumble on the bed in the lounge with them.

The following day, his wife and my aunt’s husband departed for home, leaving my aunt and my uncle behind. My dad arrived home that day also after being away for a couple of days.

That night we all met at mom’s house for a family discussion and left reasonably late, both my daughters asleep, my uncle carried one and I the other. No one seemed to mention that he was still staying at my house while his wife had gone I had assumed that my aunt would come to my house and he would stay with dad and mom.

When the girls were tucked up we had a nightcap and talked about family matters, I raised the issue of his wife.

“Why is she like that, she could have stayed for another couple of days!”

He sighed, looked at me and said, “Well I think you are old enough to know some of the family secrets, anyway, at least I think so, my Sis, your mom, probably wouldn’t think so, so let’s just keep it between ourselves for now. OK?”

I made another cup and we moved to the lounge room, sitting together on the lounge. He began to tell me things about the family I had no idea existed, in fact I couldn’t believe some of it, until times and dates and other things suddenly began to fall into place.

He talked about his wife first explaining that she had a lover and that they were going on a cruise in about avrupa yakası escort a week or so and him not being home meant that his wife and her lover could have high jinks before they went, he also explained that she had made several cruise trips and on one of them she had sex with about thirty different men.

She wasn’t a nympho, just wanted as many men as she could get, mom and my aunt also watched over dad and my aunts husband whenever his wife was around, even though my dad had no interest in her and my aunts husband couldn’t stand her, they still watched.

“But, she wouldn’t let you have sex the other night, yet when you clearly needed a release after the days before that.”

“Yes,” he said, “but that sex with me on that night was just not in her ‘diary’.”

I shook my head, I didn’t understand, he smiled and also was silent.

We moved to the kitchen made another drink and then moved to my bedroom, we didn’t discuss it neither did he do anything to indicate anything. It just happened, he undressed me gently, kissing my erect nipples and gently holding me to him before he stepped back to undress. I watched standing at the end of the bed at his muscular body, that of a gardener came into view, I had seen him before in swimming trunks and with flashes of his cock, only erect that night before, but never before like this.

His cock was standing out from his body, erect and throbbing 7 inches and for the first time I had time to look more carefully at it. The body of this throbbing beautiful cock was very dark almost black.

He saw my direction of sight and smiled gripped his cock and raised the head to look towards me. I moved into the embrace of his arms taking the cock into my hands, feeling the life and warmth of it as I enfolded it and his arms enfolded me. His face sought mine and we kissed, attentively at first then more deeply until I was lost and his arms dropped lower and gathered me up as he carried me to the bed.

His cock was still gripped in my right hand and I was not going to let it get away, I laid back still holding on as he turned his cock pointed directly at my face and he bent himself to allow his face to cover my by now dripping pussy.

My uncle’s tongue slid over my pussy finding all the spots which gave me tingling feelings, need and want surged through me as his tongue entered the slit of my lips. I gathered the handful of cock and slid my lips over the head, feeling the reaction in his body at the same time as his tongue slid inside my pussy. The surge of an orgasm was sudden, heavy and delicious. I came hard, the first male made orgasm since before my daughter was born. His surge of cum was like a train charging into a tunnel, his cock swelled the head rose even stiffer and I felt the globe of cum surge out of his balls.

“Ooooohhhh!” he groaned. “Honey, I’m cumming can’t stop it, OooooooHhhhhhh.”

The amount of cum was huge, I could never contain it in my mouth, a large percentage surged down my throat, choking at first then sliding deeper, but the remaining load of anadolu yakası escort cum dribbled from my mouth, slid down my neck and covered my hands, breasts and face.

His cumming had also triggered another massive orgasm for me, I shook as his cum drained from his cock, but amazingly his cock stayed stiff and hard. I slowed down from my orgasm as he slid around and kissed my lips, still covered in his cum. He smiled at me as he positioned himself above my leaking pussy. I looked him in the eye as I felt that lovely large head slid across my pussy lips, and then it was at the entrance, covered in my juices and as he gently pushed the head and then the whole throbbing body slid inside me.

He lay there and allowed my pussy to adjust to his size; I kissed his neck and whispered to him. “Oh, it is so hard and I can feel it throbbing, it is so lovely.”

He kissed me again and we just lay there, his wonderful cock, throbbing and embedded almost fully inside me, I glanced down and could see about 2 inches that he hadn’t yet inserted. I explored his body, gently gripping his arms and running my hands over his back, then as our urgency increased down his back to his hips and dragged him down as he pushed home fully. I felt so full, never before had I been so filled, his kisses began to increase and his hands took a hold of my breasts. My nipples were standing up stiffly and reacting to his ministrations and then our bodies took over, he sighed and fucked me.

My whole body shook with the thrusts he was delivering to my pussy, each one was a full six inches in depth, almost out then a full surge deep inside me. His ability to thrust, and fill, and also to give me what I wanted, needed and took were amazing. I shuddered through three more orgasms, before I instinctively felt his balls grip upward, his cock swell at the head and grip against the walls of my inner pussy.

My uncle shuddered as he thrust, his cock buried deep, his cock head I could feel pushing through the entrance of my womb. I shuddered also as I felt the surge then the hot, splash of his cum. I orgasmed again, both of us at the top of the orgasm tree. We both came down slowly, him supporting himself so as not to lay his full weight on me and I with my legs wrapped around his lower back trying to pull myself off the bed to imbed his cock deeper into my cunt.

We must have slept; next thing I remember is a throbbing cock again sliding inside my cunt, hot and deep, with me on my side and the cock entering me from behind. I jammed my cunt backwards to take the cock deeper and he sighed.

“Good Morning, Lovely thing, Hope that this is a nice way of waking you up?” He whispered as he nibbled at my right ear.

“Mmmmmmm… MMMMM… mmmmmmm.” Was my only answer! We then proceeded to fuck one another again to the limit of almost exhaustion. His cock seemed inexhaustible, never seeming to shrink even after several surges of hot cum. All of which went straight into my womb. Weeeee at least he didn’t believe in wasting any.

We slept again and arose to shower, he emerged to go the lounge room and entered the bed, as I heard the girls stirring, I whispered to them that Uncle was in bed and they needed to go and wake him, knowing that they would then tell Nan later in the day that he was asleep and they had woken him in the bed in the lounge.

This is exactly what they did! Later that day we sat and talked again, he refused to discuss his wife any further, but talked about his sister, my aunt. But that’s another story.

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