A Family that Plays Together


“Oh fuck me baby. I’m fucking cumming.”

“I’m about to cum too.”

“Cum with me, in my pussy. Make me pregnant with our child.”

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming now.” when Julie, my mother said, ‘pregnant with our child’ is all it took to get me to cum right then.

“Oh yes baby, I feel your hot cum filling my pussy up. Don’t stop filling my pussy up. I want all of your cum in my pussy, fuck.”

That was a little over eighteen and one half years ago, before my mother and I ended up with a beautiful little girl.

My daughter/sister is a splitting image of our mother, when she was just a teenager. My mother/wife and daughter, Marcie, have the same strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, but Marcie is on the slender tall side, which is what I am, where mother is slender but short.

Marcie is as tall as her mother, that is five feet five inches tall, and I’m right at the six feet mark.

While Julie was carrying Marcie, her tits started getting larger, and after Marcie was born, Julie’s tits had gone from a size B cup, to a D cup, and when Marcie was sixeen years old, I had to take her to get new bras, and the cup size was a C then.

Let me back up here for a bit—-

Back before I was born, my mother had met a guy from another school and they dated for a little while, then when he got her pregnant, he up and left her alone, never to return again. When that all happened, she was in her last year of school, towards the end of the school year.

When mother’s dad found out about her being pregnant with the guy’s baby, he kicked my mother out of the house, and when he did that, grandma up and left him, and stayed with mother and me, till she died two years before mother, and I, went to bed together that started the family we have now.

Mother went out on dates with a few men, but she would not have sex with them, because she was afraid of them just wanting to do just that, and then be gone, and her maybe pregnant again, with no help to take care of the kid. When the guy’s started getting a little too pushy, she would dump them, so there were a lot of guys, which never got a second date with her.

I had gotten a part time job that paid fairly, but being part time I couldn’t help much, and mother wouldn’t let me give her more than a forth, of what I made each week . Once a month, I would take mother out on a dinner date, but it wasn’t at a big fancy restaurant, but some small privately owned diner, or a drive-in diner.

Mother and I talked to each other anytime at home, and when we would go out on the nights I would pay, I got her to talk more sometimes, but we still talked about everything and anything no matter what. It was on one of these dinner dates that mother started talking, about wishing she could have found the right man to marry, and have another child with, but she never found that right man. I buttered her up with how beautiful she was, and that I would love to marry her so we could have a child together, but it did take some time to convince her, as to how beautiful she is. It took me three months to convince her, that she is beautiful, and on my eighteenth birth day, which was the third month, things happened that brought us to making a baby together.

Where we are at now—-

Marcie came in the office door with one shopping bag in her hand, “I’m home dad.”

I could tell in her voice that something was wrong and as I turned towards her, “Hay babe. Want to talk about what is wrong?”

“As you all ways say, it might help, so I guess I would like to.” as she stepped on over to my desk and turned to lean against it, to face me better, “What is wrong with me, as a person?”

“What?” as I sat back in my chair and turn toward her more.

The whole time Marcie leaned against my desk in front of me, I was able to see the bottom side of her tits, with the cut off T-shirt she is wearing, and the skirt she has on barely covered her butt, and leaning against the desk, I could see the bottom side of her butt cheek on the one side, from my angle.

“While I was at the mall with my two friends shopping, we ran across my boyfriend Jason, and he was with another girl kissing her and all, like they are lovers, like him and I all ways did when we went out on dates. I managed to get him alone and asked him what the deal is, and he told me that she will have sex with him, where as I want to wait for the right man for me. Is anything wrong with me wanting to wait, for the right man for me, before having sex?”

“No, there is nothing wrong about that at all.” with a hard on from looking at Marcie.

“Well anyway, we are no longer a couple. He even tried telling me that I need to be a better person, or I will never find ‘the right man to have sex with’. Now what is wrong with me as a person?”

“Nothing is wrong with you as person babe. The one that needs to become a better person is Jason. If he cannot accept the fact that you want to wait for the right man to have sex with, then he is the biggest jerk around, as well as a few others I’m sure.” Then I held halkalı escort my arms out to her to come closer to me, which Marcie moved from the desk to my lap, and sat down side ways on one thigh, and put one of her legs across my other thigh, which gave me a view of her bald pussy.

Marcie then put her arms around my neck, “Dad I think you are telling me this just to make me feel better.”

“Yes I guess I am, but it is the truth, and you do not let anyone tell you any different. You are growing in to a very beautiful woman and just sitting here looking at you now, you make every young man and old men have a hard-on, just by looking at you.”

“Is that why you have one down there now?” pointing down between us.

“Yes it is.”

“Are you sure that it is because of me?” rubbing her leg against me.

“Yes it is because of you babe.”

“When you and mother first started having sex with each other, did you make her horny to where she wanted you, the way you wanted her.”

“She said she had some thoughts about me that she shouldn’t have as a mother, but when I started telling her how beautiful she was, and doing things for her that most boys hated to do for their mothers, I was doing them willingly, which it got her to thinking that maybe, she should let it happen and hope for the best. “

“Do you know how she feels about what all happened after the first time, you two went to bed together?”

“She tells me that she wishes she had said something to me back when she first started thinking about having sex with me, or let me have my way with her back when I first started giving her all the hints by telling her how beautiful she was, and wishing the law would let us do what we wanted to do with another family member that we love so very much and all, so that she wouldn’t have had such a hard time delaying the end result, that was bound to happen like it did do, by the time it was all said and done.”

“You know she pretty much tells me the same thing too, but I wanted to hear your side of it.”

“Does she tell it better than I did?”

“Mm, maybe a little bit better. Did you know she saw you masturbating once, which is what made her start thinking about having sex with you?”

“She didn’t tell me till after we made love the first time.”

“So you didn’t know she saw you doing that, till she told you about it?”

“No I didn’t know till she told me that she had.”

“Had you seen her watching you like she did, would you have just kept stroking it, or would you have stopped?”

“I was hoping she would catch me, so I would have kept stroking it, and I would have invited her in to join me, or to help me out with it somehow.”

“Wow that is pretty hot. I asked mother what she would have done had you invited her in to help you out, and she told me she wasn’t real sure what she would have done had you done that. As it was, you were saying her name which is what lead her toward your room, and she just ended up watching because she was really horny after seeing your dick, but with you being her son, she would not go in for anything, but after that she couldn’t keep her mind off of your big cock, and masturbated to the visions of your dick, going in and out of her pussy.”

“I remember her telling me something like that too.”

“Dad if you don’t mind, I guess I’ll go and get out of these clothes and relax some before supper.”

“When your mother gets home, we may have some news about the resort she heard about down south.”

“I hope so. Then I will not have to look at that thing I was seeing. Really I’m glad we didn’t date for very long myself now that I know what a jerk he is.”

“That is the best way to look at it. Sounds like mother’s car pulling in.”

“Then I’ll just take my clothes off here, rather than go to my room to stip.”

“Might as well.” just as Marcie pulled her cutoff T-shirt up and off.

I stepped out of the office as Julie stepped through the door from the garage and then took off her shoes.

Julie had on a pull over blouse with a deep V neck that showed good bit of cleavage. No sleeves in it. You could just make out the bra she had on under the blouse. The skirt she had on stopped right at mid-thigh and buttoned up the front, with a split up the side, half the length of the skirt.

“You want something to drink dear?”

“I think an ice tea sounds good right now.”

“Yes I agree, it is what I had when I got home.” as I stepped into the kitchen.

As I was getting an ice tea for Julie, and refilling my glass, Marcie stepped into the kitchen and went to the fridge, and got her a soda pop.

“I see someone is relaxing some today.”

“I am now that I had a talk with dad, after returning from the mall.”

“Is there anything I need to know about the talk you and your dad talked about?”

“No not really. We just talked about boys being jerks and how they don’t deserve to have a good looking girl like taksim escort me, to just use for their pleasure alone.”

“Now you’re talking babe.” taking the glass of ice tea I was handing her, “Thank you babe.”

“You are very welcome.”

“Now how about the three of us sit down and have a little meeting right here at the table?”

“Okay sounds good to me.”

“Yes. I do hope that it is about moving from here.”

“As soon as we are all seated, you will find out what it is about.”

After the two ladies in my life were seated, I then took my chair between them at the dining table.

“Okay I will start off with a question for Marcie.” looking across the table at Marcie.


“Do you still want to do what you asked me about the other day?”

“Yes I do.”

“Okay, before or after the move?”

“Before the move if it is possible.”

“Yes it is possible. You have what three weeks left of school which gives us four weeks before we load up and move out. All we will really need is the clothes we have on and three extras of everything, for those rare times we will need them to go see the sights that are in another town or city, or for when we take a vacation. “

“Oh man I cannot wait to get out of here.”

“Now what are you two talking about Marcie wanting to do, before we do move?”

“Marcie, when do you want to tell Dan?”

“I guess now is the time since we are all here.” Marcie then stood up and stepped over toward me, “You need to slide your chair back some, so that I have room here. Please.”

I slid my chair back to give Marcie room to get in front of me, “How is this sweetheart?”

“Yes that should be enough room.” as she stepped over in front of me then she kneeled down in front of me then looked up at Julie, “Mother should I tell him what I’m doing, or just do it?”

“That is your choice.” which I had a feeling she was going to have me take her cherry.

Marcie then unfastened my pants, then unzipped the pants, then tugged my pants down, which I lifted my butt up off the chair seat for her to get my pants down. Marcie had done this while looking up at me, until she started tugging on my pants to get them down off of me.

As Marcie got my pants down and off of me and tossed them to the side on the floor, I noticed that Julie had pulled her blouse off and laid it on the table in front of herself, and as she stood up she took her skirt off, and laid it with the blouse on the table.

Since all I had on was my pants, I was now nude as the day I was born, and the same way with Julie when she got her skirt off, and Marcie was already nude from taking her clothes off before Julie got home.

As soon as Marcie got my pants off, my hard dick stood up like a pole, “Oh yea that is the cock I love looking at every day that dad has his pants off around here.”

“I know I do the same thing as well as when he is using it in me.”

“To hear you two grunting and moaning every day and night, I know you love it when he puts it in you mother. That is why I want to have it in me, to feel that same full feeling you have told me about, so many times now.”

“I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean for you to feel left out like that, but he is so good and feels so good, I can’t help it.”

“You feel real good to Julie, and yes I’m sorry too, but mother feels so good, I can’t help it either.”

“Don’t be sorry. That is what helped me make this decision about it.” then Marcie took a hold of my dick after looking at it the whole time, from when she got my pants off of me.

As soon as Marcie had her small hand wrapped around my dick the best that she could, it felt really good even thou her hand wouldn’t go all the way around it. Marcie then put her other hand around my dick, “It is so big around I can’t get my hand wrapped all the way around it, I have to have both of my hands to wrap my hands around it. Are you sure mother, that it will fit?”

“Yes it will fit when you get hot enough and wet enough. How do you think I get it me?”

“I’ve never seen you or him put it in you. I’ve all ways seen it after, it was in you all ready.”

“When that time comes I will help you the best that I can, and I’m sure Dan will too.”

“Yes I will.”

“When did you figure out what Marcie wants babe?”

“As soon as she asked you about telling me, or ‘just doing it’.”

“I figured as much.”

“Now Marcie, are you sure I am the man you want to have sex with?”

“Yes more than any boy out there I want you. I love you and you love me and you are the only man I know, that I can trust and love, for the rest of my life. Plus you have been here since I was born so I know, you will be here with us for the rest of our lives.”

“She sounds to be in love with you as much as you were with me and me with you, and I know that you are as much in love with her as you are with me too. Now did any of that make since to you babe.”

“Yes it does. Before she gets my dick in her tight şişli escort pussy, as I know it will be if she is anything like you sexy, you need to help her out to get her pussy wet and hot and ready to beg, to have a dick deep in her.”

“Do you know what to do with his cock now that you are kneeled down there?”

“Not really. I know that licking it must be a part of it listening to you two talk over the years and some sucking on it must play into it too. That is really all I know about it.”

“Start out by licking from his balls down here all the way up to the head here. Then do that again on another side and keep doing that till you’ve done that at least three times or until you have gone all the way around it, and on the last time you up to the head here, lick around the head here, then just suck it into your mouth as far as you can, and suck on it while using your tongue to rub around on it while your sucking it.”

Marcie then leaned over and started from my balls licking up toward the head as Julie had told her to do, and when she made it to the head of my dick, “Did I do that right so far?”

“Yes you did fine for the first time.”

“Here let me show you baby.” Julie then leaned over my leg and gave my dick a few licks from base to head, and as she did that she moved around and got next to Marcie and licked from my balls up to the head, “Now you try it.”

Marcie then licked from my balls to the head and then repeated the same thing on another side, and when she got to the head that second time, “Did I do that better?”

“Yes you did baby, now do it again.”

Marcie then gave my dick another lick from my balls up to the head, and as she licked up the shaft of my dick, “When you get to the head, lick around the head one or two times, then suck his dick into your mouth as far as you can baby.”

Marcie did just as Julie had told her to do. She got to the head she lightly licked around the head a couple of times then sucked my dick into her mouth, which maybe an inch past the mushroom head, which is when I felt the back of her mouth and she gagged a little bit before she backed off some, and she was using her tongue as she was told to do the whole time.

“Try bobbing your head up and down on it and do the same with your hand at the same time.” as she wrapped her hand around Marcie’s hand.

When Julie wrapped her hand around Marcie’s hand, I felt just a little more pressure in the wrapped hand of Marcie’s, “Here baby, let me have some of that big cock for a moment.”

Marcie pulled off of my dick and when she did, Julie kept her hand wrapped around my dick over Marcie’s hand stoking it, then as their hands made a downward stoke, Julie sucked my dick into her mouth and took about half of the shaft in too.

I felt the head of my dick go down into Julie’s throat which she was good at from the first time she gave me a blowjob, but she just seemed to get better at it over the years to where I almost blew my load, the second time Julie sucked my dick into her throat.

Julie bobbed up and down just a few times, then when she gave my dick one last suck down her throat, and pulled off of my dick with a pop, “Now do the best that you can like I did baby.”

Marcie then sucked my dick back into her mouth and took about the same as she did before Julie sucked my dick down her throat those few times, and again she gagged some when the head of my dick hit the back of her mouth.

“Take your time to get where you can swallow his dick down to get him in your throat. This handsome man’s cock is big, and it takes some doing to be able to suck it down your throat like I can.”

“You are doing a good job for a first timer baby. You are making it feel real good to me.” I didn’t tell her that she is not as good as Julie for the fact she was making it feel good.

Marcie then went to moaning and pulled off of my dick again and laid her head next to my cock, and just held onto my dick.

Just before Marcie went to moaning and took my dick out of her mouth, I saw Julie move her other hand down behind Marcie, and when Marcie went to moaning, I knew then what Julie was doing, “Raise your butt up baby, and try to suck Dan’s cock like you were doing.”

Marcie did as she was told by raising her butt up and sticking it out behind her, and while she got into position Julie moved around behind Marcie, and then she put her head behind Marcie’s ass, and then Marcie really went to moaning, with my dick still in her mouth.

“How does that pussy of Marcie’s taste sexy?”

“Oh babe you are really going to like it, so how about I just let you taste it for yourself.”

“Baby stand up and place one foot here, and put the other leg over my shoulder here. You may want to help balance her sexy.”

As Marcie stood up I slid off the chair letting the chair slid back some more again, then helped her get into position, then I got under her and started licking Marcie’s pussy without touching her clit just yet, and the juices that was flowing in her pussy was sweet with barely any salty taste, and looking up toward her tits, I saw that Julie was bent over sucking on her tits and playing with her other tit with one hand, while her other hand was around on Marcie’s back side.

“Oh fuck that feels so good dad. Mom keep sucking my tits, it feels so good. Make me cum. I am about to cum. I need to cum.”

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