A Favor for My Best Friend Ch. 06


I’d tried hard not to let Stephen push the whole dress up thing, but old habits die hard. He hiked up my skirt as I lay flat in the backseat of his car and pushed into me with little resistance. I loved the way he slid inside of me, the way he caressed my body as we made love and most of all I loved his deep passionate kisses he used to punctuate each full thrust when he was deepest inside. More than anything I loved him and I think that surprised us both. I had certainly never expected to be in love with a man, and he… Stephen pulled down my bra to expose my puffy nipples. The soft but firm tissue pushed them out to the foreground. He lightly ran his finger across the teat to make them hard. “I love you.” He whispered in my ear as he finished inside of me.

Okay so Stephen was still adjusting to the loving a dude thing, but I was in bliss. So what if I was being brought back to zero get panties so long as he was here at my side.

I had made a promise to Stephen to only do what would make me happy from here on out, but making him happy was my bliss. So what if I lied about enjoying the lingerie. He was all that mattered to me.

“I better put my real clothes on, I said as I broke our kiss.” The road back home was a long one, but we were almost there.

I was both nervous and exhilarated to reveal the news to my parents. After all they had caught me being fucked by half of my friends back home, what complaints could they have about me being treated with some respect for once?

I pulled off the right outfit and donned some boxers and jeans.

“Are you nervous?” Asked Stephen.

“Not one bit.” I lied as I crawled back into the front seat, “not with you here.”

As we pulled into the driveway my parents were standing on the porch ready to greet us. They were warm and inviting.

“So this is your friend!” My mom smiled warmly and hugged Stephen.

“Stephen, yes.”

“Glad to finally meet you.” Said my father as he shook his hand.

As we sat down to dinner Stephen seemed somewhat shy at my parents illegal bahis prying words. They wanted to know all about him and his studies. More than anything they were curious about marital status.

“So Stephen, are you seeing anyone?”

Stephen choked and halted. He looked at nervously and nodded.

“Mom, dad,” I started nervously ” I probably should have warned you sooner but Stephen is my boyfriend.”

“Oh!” Said my mom midway through confused and fake happiness.

“Why should you have warned us, son? You never gave us any notice in the past.”

“Dad.” I said unhappily.

“Victor!” My mom chastised.

“What?” Asked my father defensively, “when you catch other boys fucking your son in the middle of the day you can’t be surprised when he brings one home. Well all I can say is I’m glad you’re a good one.” I was embarrassed to say the least, but my father meant well.

“Thank you sir.” Stephen stammered. I could tell it was too much for him to take, but I was happy he was well received. My parents hinted heavily that the two of us should not share a bed for the night so I kissed Stephen goodnight and went to my bed as they showed him to his.

I slept restlessly without Stephen by my side. In my dreams he was there though, holding me and kissing me. Getting excited about some new outfit he wanted me to try on just so he could pull it off piece by piece. As his warm dick rubbed against my welcoming hole I felt it start to grow, and suddenly Stephen had grown as well. His now muscular arm moved from my breast to the nape of my neck as he forced me down to get a better angle at my ass. “Take it faggot” I heard Joe’s voice as he forced his gigantic cock inside of me again. “No!” I wanted to shout! I wanted to call out for Stephen but my voice wouldn’t work. I was trapped again being Joe’s bitch. I wanted to cry even as waves of pleasure erupted from his enormous manhood.

Suddenly I awoke in a panicked sweat. I slipped something on and snuck out of my bedroom towards the room where Stephen was staying. Just then I illegal bahis siteleri heard a noise.

“Going somewhere?” Asked my father.

I was startled and didn’t know what to say. “Couldn’t sleep without his cock inside you huh?” He asked again.

“No I just… I had a bad dream and I didn’t want to sleep alone.”

“Is that why you’re in a bra and panties?”

I looked down at myself. It was true, my breasts had been lifted just so the nipples were exposed and my dick was peeking out from atop the lace edge of red panties.

“I just… Stephen likes it when I-“

“He’s not the only one who likes you in those.” My father said firmly. Ever since I saw you getting fucked like a girl in the kitchen I can’t get the thought out of my head.”

I could see now that his cock was out in his hand, swollen.

“Why don’t you give daddy a taste Franky?”

I didn’t know what to say. This wasn’t what I wanted to do, was it? I mean yes I had fantasizes about my father on occasion but that wasn’t the same thing.

Just then my father kissed me more passionately than I’d ever been kissed by him before. I could feel his cock running against mine through my panties. He was hard and thick and in spite of myself my own dick began to grow as well.

This was wrong this was so so wrong.

“That’s more like it.” He said through a smile. He began to play with my breast through my bra. “Be a good girl for daddy.” His other head caressed my hair and then forcefully pushed me down until my eyes were face to face with my father’s cock.

Shit I thought as it rubbed against my nose and cheek. “Open wide for daddy sweetheart.” I obeyed. He filled my mouth and my cocksucking instincts jumped back into play. I curled my tongue beneath his head and he moaned each time I rubbed to sensitive part of his foreskin between my thick bottom lip and his dick. I went to town like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t believe I was sucking my own father off, but I was hoping this wouldn’t lead to more.

As if he was reading my canlı bahis siteleri mind my father began to grab my ass as I sucked him. “That’s a good girl.” He encouraged me as he forced my head down to move his manhood down my throat. Skillfully I did not choke but rather let him fuck my face for a moment as he kept on hand on my neck and the other continued to fondle my butt cheeks. Suddenly I couldn’t help myself anymore and I choked on him. I came up for air and he squeezed my ass.

I began to lick his shaft again before he got any ideas but just then a finger slid beneath the fabric of my panties and found it’s way outside of my hole. He began to rub it in circles around the outer edges.

“You’re very good at that sweetheart but there’s something more daddy needs you to do for him.”

He pulled me up to kiss again and he slid his cock beneath my balls. I lay back on the chair behind me and instinctively lifted my legs to give him access. What am I doing!? I was screaming. And that’s when I felt his head rubbing around my anus just as his finger had. “That’s a good girl.” He continued, and finally I felt my father’s penis inside of me. He gracefully moved the entire thing in without much pause. And then there we were, father fully erect and inside of son. Something about how wrong it was felt so right making my mind pick up on every detail like it was the first time I’d been fucked. Then he began to move his member in and out and I gasped with each move. I wanted to moan loudly but couldn’t let Stephen or my mom hear. He began to kiss my neck as we made love. I reached down to feel his shaft moving in and out of my hole. The whole thing was so unreal I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. I could feel him stiffening as he was about to cum, he was about to pull out but I pulled him in closer with my legs. Suddenly he erupted inside of me and I could feel it trickle out around his shaft with my fingers. He collapsed on top of me and just stayed still for a moment. Then he pulled out leaving me gaping and slapped my ass. “Now go give Stephen my sloppy seconds.” I tried to clean up the best I could and nodded before disappearing into Stephen’s room. I curled up next to him and placed my arms around him. He stirred when he felt me near to him and moved to pull me in closer. He was hard as a rock.

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