A few days at uncle Mike’s


A few days at uncle Mike’sMy dad took me to visit my uncle while my mom was at the hospital having my sister. I didn’t want to be there, hoping I could stay at my house. I didn’t know much about uncle Mike, other than he was my dad’s brother. Mom and dad didn’t talk about him too much. Mike met us at the door, and he told me to put my things anywhere. Dad said he should be back in a couple of days. Mike said, no problem. I’ll treat him as if he was my own. Dad gave Mike that dad look, then left. Mike said, I was going to take a swim, do you want to come. I said, I didn’t bring my swimsuit. With a grin Mike said, we’re in the country. You can swim without it. Mike handed me a towel and said, just follow the path down to the lake. I was nervous. I’ve never been naked in front of anyone before. After a couple of minutes I figured what the hell. I stripped down, wrapped the towel around me and went outside. The whole area was covered with trees. I went bahis firmaları down the path for a few yards when the lake came into view. There was a boat launch and a pier leading out into the water. Standing on the dock I could see Mike. He was swimming back from the other side of the lake. Standing on the dock he said, you coming in or not. Nervously I took a deep breath and dropped my towel and jumped in. After splashing around for a while, Mike said let’s race. We swam to the other side, then back. Making to the dock, I held onto the side Catching my breath. Mike came over and said you’re a good swimmer. I started to relax and soon forget we were nude. He swam out a little, and asked if I wanted to dive off his shoulders. I said sure. He squatted down and I climbed on his back. He held my hands as I stood up. Then he launched himself up and let me go. We did this for a while. Reaching out as I came up to him, he pulled me in front of him. kaçak iddaa Out of habit, I wrapped my legs around his waist. He gave me a hug and said I’m glad you’re having fun. Letting his neck go, I laid back and floated. I felt his hands on my butt. As we moved around, it seemed like the water was moving his arms. He’d move my butt cheeks out a little then back again. Once it felt like his hand slipped and one of his fingers poked me on my butt hole. I jumped, and Mike asked, what happened. I said something touched my butt. Spinning us around he said, like this and poked my butt hole again. I giggled and said yes. Leaving his finger on my hole he asked, does that tickle. Giggling, I said yes it does. Wiggling his finger he said, what about this. Lowering my head I said, it kinda feels good. Like reached under my neck with his other hand and pulled me up, and held me to his chest. After a couple minutes of his finger wiggling around on my butt, kaçak bahis I started breathing quicker. He said, why don’t you bring your legs up and push your butt out. Not thinking I did what he said. My butt cheeks spread wider I felt his finger push against my hole a little. I felt my dick started to get stiff. I was so embarrassed. I said, I’m sorry. Please don’t tell anyone. Mike hugged me and said, dont worry about it. He looked down into my eyes and said, it’s natural. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I felt something strange going on around my butt hole. It felt like something wet going in my butt. Mike walked to where the water was shallower. As I hung on to him, he said I’m going to jump just relax. When he jumped up and landed I felt something go in my butt. We didn’t move for a couple of minutes. It felt weird with his finger in me but after a minute it didn’t hurt. Mike asked, how does that feel. I said, it was weird at first but now it feels good. He hugged me and said, just relax. He started moving his finger in me a little bit at a time. My dick was so hard it hurt. As he moved in and out slowly, Mike said we’ll take care of it when we get inside.

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