A First Meeting


The girl in this story is 18, a senior in high school. The guy is in his 20s.


I am so excited. Me and Greg have been talking for months online and were finally going to see each other. We had first contacted each other on my old twitter account, which I had abandoned a long time ago. We have been getting to know each other over the past few months and finally decided to meet up when he told me that he would be coming to Atlanta for a conference.

I’m actually really nervous too though. I’ve never actually fucked a guy that’s over 4 years older than me. He is much more mature than any 18 year old boy I had met, even the dozens of 20 year olds that I had communicated with. It’s actually really hot, the way he could respect me, making me feel like a princess, but also make me feel like such a whore.

He told me he would be coming over at around 4 pm. Currently it is 12 pm. I’m at the mall getting some stuff for our meeting. I haven’t bought new lingerie in a while, and I think that this is a good excuse to buy some new stuff. I shift through the seemingly endless rack of panties and bustiers, corsets and babydolls. I finally decide on something, try it on, and check out. I head home, feeling more nervous than ever.

As soon as I get home, I go upstairs to get ready. I go into my bathroom and do my makeup. I go for a subtle smokey eye with dark eyeliner and jet black mascara. I finish up my face makeup, applying my foundation and blush. Once I finish, I check the time. 2:14 pm. I sigh and check my phone.

A few emails, a bunch of snapchats and a text message from Greg, delivered 10 minutes ago. “Hey, can’t wait for tonight”.

I smile and respond, “Me neither, super excited!”. I ignore my other notifications and messages and continue to prepare myself.

I look around my room. It was perfect. Fresh white sheets, the blinds and curtains closed, a little nightlight in the corner so that it doesn’t become completely dark. I decided not to lay out all my toys, because I honestly didn’t want anything inside me but him. But they were in a drawer close by just in case.

I didn’t know what I was going to do with my hair. My go to was straightened, since curls never lasted especially when it’s being pulled and messed with. We haven’t had sex before and he’s never seen me in person, so neither of us could really have an opinion on what to look like. My hair has some waves, which I fix in about 30 minutes. I then decide to start getting dressed.

I walk over to the Victoria’s Secret bag and pull out my lingerie. I really like it, when I tried it on it looked perfect, the top pushing my tits up and the tight fabric around my torso makes my waist look super small. The panties match the top, black and olive green lace. I take off my t shirt, jeans, sports bra and my boring panties, excited to replace them with my flattering new editions. I easily slip on the top, pulling it down to rest on my hipbones, and adjusting myself on the top. I pull on the panties, then look at myself in the mirror. I nod in approval.

I don’t think that just wearing my lingerie is enough fun for me, I have to be wearing something over it. I want to look sexy and turn him on, but I also want to tease him. Gotta be mysterious. I go into my closet and look at my dresses. I don’t wanna be super fancy but I at least want to look put together. I stand looking istanbul escort at dresses for what feels like hours. Finally, I choose a fitted dress, plain black with short sleeves. Shouldn’t be too hard to get off, still covers me but also shows off my curves. I opt for no shoes, they wouldn’t be on for long at all. None of my clothes will be. That thought’s making me wet with desire.

I look at the clock again. 3:45 pm. Just a little bit longer. I can’t wait. I take a few deep breaths, barely able to contain myself. I approach my mirror again, looking over myself, making sure I look nothing less than perfect. I see my nipples peeking out of my dress, the warmth and wetness has grown between my legs. I can’t help it, just the thought of that big hard…

The doorbell rings. My eyes widen, standing still for a moment, then rushing out of my bedroom. I stop outside the door, the hallway visible from the front door. The doorbell rings again. I step out into the hallway and walk down the stairs. Finally reaching the door, I open it.

My heart drops. I blush bright red, my eyes wide. He was so fucking gorgeous. Even in his plain t-shirt and basketball shorts. He laughs a little. I can’t ignore the huge bulge in his pants. I try to say something, but choke on my own words. A few moments pass until he breaks the silence.

“Can I come in?” he asks, obviously amused by my behavior. I nod and laugh nervously, moving to the side to let him come in. He deliberately pushes his body against mine to come in. I whimper. He tries to lessen my anxiety by making small talk for what seems like a thousand years. The anticipation and tension is obvious and it lingers, frustrating me beyond comprehension. I’m no longer nervous. I’m hungry. For him. No. I’m starving.

He must be able to tell that I’m starting to feel a little impatient and also a little more comfortable, because he gets quiet and looks my body up and down. He licks his lips, causing me to gasp. My fists clench, trying to contain myself. I bite my lip, hard and growl. Obviously the look on my face flips his switch and he grabs me and slams me against the door.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this babygirl,” he says, leaning down to kiss me. He stops, inches away from my lips. I try to lean in, but he pulls away. I groan. He smiles and moves to whisper in my ear. “I’m in control”. I shudder, feeling him bite my ear. He pulls away again, looks at me, and finally kisses me. His lips are so soft, moving in perfect harmony with mine. I put my hands around his neck, his kiss becoming aggressive. He bites my lip, making my cunt become even wetter. It starts to drip down my leg.

His hands move down my body as he violates my mouth with his tongue. I lift my leg a little to wrap around his when his hand reaches my stomach. I want it so fucking bad. My body’s begging for it, and he can tell. I’m practically whining and pushing myself onto him. His hand avoided my pussy and goes to my thigh. I groan and pout. He quiets me by shoving his finger in my mouth. I suck on it eagerly. “Good girl,” he says. He rubs the inside of my thigh, teasing me beyond my capabilities. Testing my limits, my self control. I can’t take it. I just can’t.

“Please,” I moan, trying to grab his arm and make it do what I want. He immediately grabs my wrists and slams them avcılar escort up over my head.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” he asks.

“Please touch me,” I beg, speaking up.

“Touch what?” he asks, raising his eyebrow.

“My pussy daddy, please touch my pussy its so wet for you please please please,” I beg loudly.

He moves his hand onto it, rubbing it. “Is this what you want you little whore?” he asks, watching me gasp and moan. He rubs my clit. “You’re such a slut aren’t you. Look at you, you’re soaking wet. Such a cunt, moaning and begging daddy to please her,” he says, making me go absolutely insane.

He abruptly stops. I look at him angrily. He lets go of my wrists and walks backwards. “Show me your room whore. I wanna get in those soaking panties,” he says.

“Yes please sir,” I say submissively. I bite my lip, leading him up the stairs and into my room. He slaps my ass a few times on the way up, obviously able to see up my dress.

We reach my room. I open the door and walk in, letting him follow me. He looks around for a moment, grabbing my ass. I lean into him, rubbing my ass against his erection. It’s so big. He pulls my dress over my body, and moans at the sight of my barely covered ass. He whirls me around after slapping my ass a few times. He curses when he sees my tits. He plants a kiss on the top of the right one, then steps back to admire me. I look at his cock, seeing it throb a little. My turn to tease. I turn around and walk over to the bed, bending over on it and then crawling to the middle of it on my hands and knees. I stick my ass high up in the air, and look back at him, moaning a little.

“You’re gonna get it you whore,” he says, watching me. I motion him to come over, flipping onto my back and spreading my legs wide. He walks over and takes off his shoes, crawling on top of me. I wrap my legs around him as he kisses my neck and grinds against me. He kisses down to my tits, sliding the straps off my shoulders and pulling it down so my hard nipples are exposed. “Fuck yes,” he says, before taking one of my nipples in his mouth. I shriek in pleasure. He pinches and rubs one while caressing the other with his tongue. My back arches and I spread my legs wider as an invitation.

He obviously gets the message, sucking both my nipples and then kissing down to my stomach, then my thighs. He slides off my panties and licks my clit a little. I gasp, my body jolting. He then sucks on my clit, making me go insane. I pull on his hair while he eats my pussy. He then shoves two of his fingers inside me, moving them in and out slowly. He starts to go faster while going to town on my clit. I start to shriek and cry, my orgasm approaching. His fingers are moving so fast inside me, making me ache for his cock. I cum hard, shaking and screaming, my juice flowing onto his tongue. I let out a deep breath, gasping for air.

He licks it all up, then moves off the bed and stands. He watches me struggle to breath. He takes off his shorts and his underwear, revealing his long cock. He jerks it for a bit while I recover. I finally look up, and gasp. I moan and bite my lip. It looks so much bigger in person. Wow. I don’t care if I just came, I need that big cock in me. I spread my legs a little farther and reach down to touch my clit, staring at him touching himself.

“Please fuck me with şirinevler escort ur big cock,” I moan. “Please slam me as hard as you can until you cum inside my tight little pussy. I wanna feel you fill me up daddy please!”

“My little whore wants daddy’s big cock?” he asks. I nod eagerly. “I think I want my whore to let me fuck a different hole first. She has to earn my cock in her pussy.”

I scramble to the end of the bed and slide onto the floor, rising up to my knees. He smiles, stepping towards me. His cock just inches away from my face, I take it in my hand and lick the head. I swirl my tongue around it and let it enter my mouth. I suck, going deeper each time. He moans, placing his hand on the back of my head. He pushes me farther down on his cock, making me work hard not to gag. He releases me, then slams his cock even deeper down my throat.

He starts to violently fuck my face, thrusting in and out of me. It hurts me bad, but it makes me so wet. He gets faster, slamming deeper and deeper. I feel him throb. I open my throat anticipating his load. He starts to groan, pushing his cock as far down my throat as possible. He releases me and jerks off until he cums all over my face. I lick it up and swallow it, enjoying his sweet reward. I sit back against the bed.

All of the sudden, he grabs me from beneath my shoulders and lifts me up. His cock was getting hard again, and we both know what we want. He throws me onto the bed. I shriek in excitement. He flips me over onto my stomach. I rise to my hands and knees, spreading my legs and sticking my ass in the air. He slaps his cock against my ass, making my pussy drip. “Such a wet whore,” he teases, running a finger up and down my pussy. I push towards him.

“Please daddy please fuck this little whore’s pussy!” I beg loudly. Finally, I feel the head of his cock rub against my entrance. I groan. He slowly slides it in, my wetness making it smooth and easy.

“God you’re fucking tight,” he groans, pushing deeper into me. I cry out as he starts to go in and out of me. His strong hands grab my hips and guide his cock. He slaps my ass forcefully as I push back into his thrusts. I gasp for air as he invades me.

He flips me onto my side and continues to fuck me hard. I look back at him helplessly and moan yes please. He grabs my hair and pulls on it, then shoves the side of my face into the covers, using it to balance himself so he can thrust even harder inside me. He groans dirty insults, calling me a filthy cumslut, making my orgasm approach rapidly. I beg for his cum, pleading for his sweet juice inside my body again.

He turns me so I’m on my back, spreading my legs and leaning over me. I giggle, but am immediately silenced by his hand around my throat and his cock being thrust into me. He fucks me as hard as he can, demanding me to rub my clit. He slaps my tits with his free hand, grabbing and pinching them. “Fuck!” he yells, as we both feel our orgasms come on. I feel him throb inside me. When I feel his warm juice inside me, I immediately start to cum. The sounds of both of our moans and screams collide. He fills me up with his cum, the pulling out and wiping some of it onto his finger and has me lick it off.

He falls to lay next to me, and we lay in silence for a few minutes. He takes my hand, kissing it, and wrapping his arms around me so he can spoon me. I instantly relax and curl into him.

After about 30 minutes of cuddling and talking, we both decide we are hungry. We get up and Greg puts his pants on and his shoes, and I grab leggings and a shirt, slipping them on. He hugs me and holds me in his arms, kissing my forehead. What a perfect night. I just can’t wait until tomorrow.

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