A fitting reward

A fitting rewardCarol road on the front seat next to the door as they rode home from the game. Her husband was the coach for the local basketball team and she had followed him to a game to keep books. The game had been a long hard fought battle, but their team had pulled out the victory in the end.The bus ride was going to be a long one and there were only two players who had ridden the bus home. Michael, a white k** who was about six feet tall and kinda skinny, and Robert, or Robo as he was known on the court, a black k** who stood six feet four and was very muscular.Her husband got her attention and she got up to see what he needed.”Sweetie, I do believe that Robo deserves a reward for that big win tonight.” he said with a smile.She looked to the back seat where Robo sat and bodrum escort nodded. She slowly walked her way to the back of the bus with a hint of excitement in the swing of her hips. Carol was a beautiful full figured woman who stood 5’6″. She had a big set of tits, measuring in at 34DD and a wide round ass.She slid into the seat next to Robo and rubbed his leg. It was dark on the bus and there was no reason to beat around the bush about what was on her mind. She ran her hand under his shirt and pinched his nipple. He leaned over and kissed her as his hands went to her tits. He squeezed them as she undid his pants. They broke apart long enough to get undressed. She grabbed his dick as soon as it popped out of his boxers. She swallowed his nine inch cock with practiced bodrum escort bayan grace. He slid back into the seat as she worked her mouth up and down the length of his dick. He held her by the hair as he fucked her face. She relaxed and let him enjoy himself. MIchael had noticed them on the back seat and had joined them.Although he hadn’t stepped onto the court he wasn’t going to miss a chance at fucking the coach’s wife. He slid his dick in her pussy from behind as she sucked Robo’s dick. She enjoyed being filled at both ends and in a moment they had a rhythm going.Coach flipped the lights on and they stopped. He motioned them to the front of the bus. They quickly made their way to the front seat. Michael sat down and Carol straddled his dick. She rode him escort bodrum for a few minutes while sucking Robo’s dick as he stood next to her.Michael laid in the seat and they moved to the aisle so Robo could join them. He slapped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart revealing her waiting asshole. He eased his monster dick in her ass, giving her time to get used to the intrusion. After a few timid strokes he began to pound her ass as Michael tried to keep his dick in her pussy. Michael was squeezing her tits as he sucked on her nipples. They fucked her in unison until Michael grunted and filled her with his cum. He lay there as Robo continued to pound her ass. He could feel his cum run out of her, down his balls and onto the seat under him. Robo groaned and thrust one last time as he filled her ass with cum.Robo sat down on the seat across from her and Michael. She got up and licked Michael’s cock and balls clean before turning to Robo and doing the same for him.Winning may not be everything, but it sure is worth the rewards.

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