A Fun Saturday Night


A Fun Saturday NightMan, what to say. So on Saturday March 30th, I lost half of my virginity. More specifically, I got a handjob. Now, if youre excepting some super erotic story or whatever, this isnt going to be it.Getting on to the story. In good ole Pensacola, Florida. Me, my friend(who I will just call Scarlet) and her other friend(who I will just call Tessa) went to the park. It was suppose to be just a regular day of goofing off. But Scarlet thought itd be funny to pour soap all over my car. I was already just tired from just playing around on at park, mainly i was light headed because they spun me on a merry go round. So while those two are doing whatever, I dont care. We eventually get ready to go to a gas station because Scarlet wanted a Gator aid. She halkalı escort said she was going to get naked in my front seat. I didnt believe she’d do it, but she did…..it was nice.I end up joking that Im just going to drive with my dick out. To my surprise, both she and her friend said “go ahead”….in which I did. So we drive back to the park. I go piss and both of them hijack my car leaving me outside. After a little of me yelling at her, she lets me back in my car, but in the backseat. So I end up pulling my pants off threatening to jerk off with them there. They end up telling me to do it. I thought they didnt think they thought I was serious. It ended with both them taking taksim escort my clothes off. So Im naked in the backseat with a hard on. Scarlet ends up telling me to start jerking off, and I did. It was nice. For a guy like me whos HORRIBLE with women. This…..this was fun. Despite them messing with me while Im jerking off by making whatever weird noise they could, but after a while, both Scarlet and Tessa started moaning and making sexual noises. Thankfully, it was enough to push me over and I came. And for not jerking off for about 2 weeks, it felt awesome. Especially knowing two people I would love to fuck are watching me. It just made it more arousing.So thats the first part, after that, they started teasing me which I didnt şişli escort mind. Immediately I got a hard on again and I started driving. Scarlet was sitting behind me and she reached over and started rubbing my body jokingly saying; “Are you relaxed PJ?” and then she moved down to me crotch and started rubbing me through my pants. I didnt see it coming. I started telling her to “Stop”, but Tessa then said; “Dont you mean dont stop?” and I couldnt do anything but embrace it. I started saying her name and told her not to stop. I ended up just pulling my dick out and she just started jerking me off. As a virgin, this the best feeling Ive ever had. It felt better than I thought it was going to. She just kept jerking me and jerking me. It was wonderful. But sadly, she had to stop as we got close to her home. I wish I could have came off of that. Even if having to drive while getting road hand is more challenging than I thought. But on the good side of this, she left me her panties she was wearing that night and gave me the ok to jerk off with them. So yea, that Saturday night. I’ll never forget it.

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