A Girl Called Sami Ch. 22


Finals were over for the spring semester, and the short break between semesters loomed large on Sami’s calendar. She needed a break; it had been a ball-busting semester since spring break.

There was the stolen scooter thing, of course, and the short version is that, police reports made, her insurance company paid her for the stolen scoot. Sami was pissed; of course, she was pissed that her scoot got stolen but it was only a ‘thing’, and could be replaced…or, not.

Her twenty-first birthday came and went and she celebrated that milestone in the way she preferred, which is to say, not at all. Her parents, and Charlene, of course, had called to wish her a happy day, but that was it, and for Sami, that was just fine.

The VB team made it to the finals at Nationals, again, and, again, came out second best, losing to the same west coast school as last year. No national championship for Sami’s resume, but damn, it sure was fun, she thought. Typically, Sami glossed over the fact that she had won the MVP title of her team, and of the conference, for the third straight year.

Sami finished the semester with the highest marks of her college career and for that, she was justifiably proud as hell.

But, for the summer, she’d take only a couple of electives, thinking to give her mind a much-needed rest. Even if she had taken the max hours, she still wouldn’t be able to graduate until the end of the fall semester, so fuck it, was her thought on the matter.

Sami and Nikki continued their lustful relationship and had even shared a couple of threesomes with a couple of young gals that were visitors to Dr. Michaels’ House of Delights on a regular basis.

Sami and Casey continued to screw each other when the mood struck which, for Casey, was more often than it was for Sami. Not that Sami didn’t enjoy Casey’s fine body and talents, but between Nikki, Casey, Jena, and the occasional horny dorm resident, Sami’s plate was overflowing with pussy.

The ‘occasional’ horny dorm resident; now that was a twist that Sami didn’t see coming.


As near as Sami could put it together, the ‘word’ in their dorm was that Sami-girl liked girls and that she probably wouldn’t mind putting out the fires that boyfriends started, but never quite satisfied, ya’ know?

Sami wasn’t sure how that rumor got started but she surely didn’t help herself any by putting out the occasional fire, now did she?

The very first time it had happened, Casey being the exception, of course, was late one Saturday night, after Sami had returned from her shift at The Grille. She had just jumped out from her shower when she heard the knock on her door.

“Just a minute,” Sami called while looking for something to put on; spying her gym shorts and tee, she threw them on quickly, the moistness from the shower causing the tee to stick to her breasts a wee bit.

“Oh, hey, Sondra, come in,” Sami said to the chick at the door, and standing aside to let Sondra enter, Sami closed the door and offered her guest something to drink.

“Oh, no, thanks Sami, but I’ve had enough to drink for the night,” Sondra replied.

“I meant Coke or water, dumb-ass,” Sami joked with Sondra, adding, “So, what’s up, girl?”

“My roomie is ‘entertaining’ at the moment…Oops; I probably shouldn’t have said that, huh?” Sondra said.

“Didn’t hear a word, so forget it, okay?” Sami said; hell, she thought, that wasn’t anything new that one of the residents was getting a little something-something with a boyfriend.

“And to make matters worse, my boyfriend and I had a fight, and well…Shit, I don’t know, Sami, it’s just been a bad fucking night for me.”

Sami stayed silent for a few minutes, after telling Sondra to sit down, and wondered just what the hell did any of that have to do with her, but, putting on her RA ‘face’, she plunged ahead.

“So, do you just want to hang out or something?” Sami asked, her eyes arched questioningly, and her eyes probing Sondra’s.

“Do you mind? I mean, if you’re ready for bed and I’m in the way, I’ll just go for a walk or something,” Sondra offered but knowing that wasn’t the reason she was here in Sami’s room at all.

Sondra had heard the hallway whispers about Sami and Casey, and about how Sami and a former roommate had gotten caught in bed, and she was intrigued. She had always been ‘curious’ about making out with another chick but she never did anything to satisfy that curiosity; no, not in her small town, that would have been disastrous.

God knew, Sondra had thought when she began looking at Sami a bit differently now, Sami surely was beautiful enough to arouse lust in anybody, man or woman. Why she thought Sami would satisfy her curiosity, she never really knew. More likely, she thought, she was hoping that Sami would want to ‘do it’ with her; or was it, do it ‘to her’, she was never quite sure.

“No, it’s too late for you to be out walking alone; stay here and we’ll watch some bahis firmaları boob tube or something,” Sami said, regretting it the moment she said it.

But that would change quickly.

Sami and Sondra were ‘hallway friendly’ but hadn’t really spent time with the other, but, Sami thought, she seemed pleasant enough. Turning on the TV, Sami threw Sondra a couple of extra throw-pillows to prop behind her back and invited her to take a seat on her bed, as she had done.

They made chit-chat as they watched the SNL rerun, both of them having seen it already, and soon, the TV was just white noise in the background to their conversation. Sondra was a second year student, majoring in marketing and, thought Sami, not unpleasant to the eye.

She was almost as tall as Sami but with a few pounds more than Sami, though nothing approaching chunky or fat; more like, soft and comfortable with fairly large boobs. Sondra’s nicest feature, thought Sami, was her smile, and her full, luscious lips.

It was about a half-hour into the conversation that Sondra finally got up the nerve to ask Sami something that she really wanted to know the answer to.

“Sami? Can I, um, ask you something of a very personal nature?” Sondra said during a lull in the conversation.

“You can ask but I can’t promise you that I’ll answer,” Sami replied truthfully but in a jesting manner.

“Have you ever had sex with a guy?” Sondra blurted out, her face flushing afterwards.

“What makes you think that I wouldn’t have?” Sami asked, but knowing the answer.

“Well, um,” Sondra stammered, “you know, there’s talk around the dorm that you like girls, and um, I was just wondering,” the crimson on her face becoming deeper.

“Wondering what? Wondering if I like girls or wondering if I had ever been with a guy?” Sami pressed.

“Both, I guess,” Sondra sheepishly admitted.

Deciding to take Sondra ‘off the hook’, Sami replied, “Yes, I’ve had sex with guys, and I do like girls; there, satisfied?” Sami saw no need to admit that she had only had sex with one guy.

“I’ve only had sex with guys, but it’s never really been very satisfying for me; do you think that it means I don’t like sex with guys?” Sondra asked, honestly wanting to know the answer, if there was one.

“Might only mean that you haven’t been with the right guy yet, Sondra; it doesn’t mean that you’re not guy-friendly,” Sami answered with a chuckle, “I mean, for me, it’s not satisfying but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be with the right guy.”

Nodding her head in understanding, Sondra pressed forth as her eyes really noticed for the first time, Sami’s nipples against the slightly damp tee shirt.

“When my boyfriend and I have sex, it’s always good for him, but though he thinks I get off, I really don’t until I get home and, you know, take care of my own needs,” Sondra admitted which caused her to flush a bit more.

“Lots of that going around, Sondra,” Sami quipped in response.

They were both silent for a while, Sondra looking down at her hands in her lap and Sami looking at her face, wondering where this was heading. Sami briefly entertained the thought that Sondra was trying to get up the nerve for something, but not really sure what.

“I’ve thought about it, you know, sex with another girl, I mean,” Sondra blurted out suddenly.

“Most girls do, honey, some just think about it though, and nothing more than that,” Sami replied.

“Did you? Did you think about it before you actually did?” was Sondra’s honest question of curiosity.

“No, I didn’t,” Sami honestly answered, “It just sort of happened one night when I was playing kissing games with a friend on a sleepover.” Sami didn’t see the need to identify the ‘friend’ as her cousin, Charlene.

“I’ve never even done that,” Sondra admitted, “You know, kissing with another girl, but I’ve thought about it,” she quickly added as if trying to build some sort of street cred with Sami.

“It’s really quite nice, kissing another girl I mean; it’s a ‘softer’ kiss than with a guy,” Sami found herself saying as if Sondra was a student.

“Really?” Sondra asked, lifting her eyes from her lap to meet Sami’s.

It was Sondra’s eyes that gave her away, her eyes that bespoke of a wanting and a desire that night. Sami then realized that Sondra wanted Sami to take her down that road not traveled by Sondra yet.

“So, is that the reason you came knocking at my door tonight?” Sami asked, “Were you hoping the rumors were true and that I would attack you and make you a lesbian or something?”

“No, no, I mean, I really didn’t want to be in the room while my roomie and her boyfriend did it,” Sondra quickly said, hoping to cover up the truth that Sami had just revealed.

The turn in their conversation had gotten Sami thinking about sex, of course, and realizing, now, that Sondra was more than a bit curious, Sami decided to see just how curious Sondra was.

“I mean, I could, you know, show you how it kaçak iddaa is to kiss another girl, if that’s what you want,” Sami now offered Sondra with a bit of seduction in her voice, “Is that what you’d like, Sondra?”

“No…I mean, yes, I guess, sort of, but what if I don’t like it?” Sondra asked with a heart that was pounding away in her chest.

“No way of knowing that until you actually do it, is there?” Sami countered while moving to sit next to Sondra on her bed, the thought now pushing hard inside of Sami’s head to have a go at this girl.

Moving her hand to Sondra’s arm, Sami lightly brushed her fingertips up and down, causing goose-bumps to appear as if by magic. Sondra did nothing to discourage Sami as she enjoyed the touches that Sami was doing, and when Sami brushed her hair from her face, she felt a warm rush in her crotch from Sami’s fingers against her cheek.

And when Sami touched her chin, turning Sondra’s head towards her, Sondra closed her eyes in anticipation of a kiss, much like she would have done with a guy.

And when she felt Sami’s lips lightly brush her own, it caused an involuntary moan to escape her mouth, not unnoticed by Sami-girl, of course.

For her part, Sami didn’t rush to tongue-kiss her visitor; she kept her kisses brief which only caused Sondra to want more, to want the kisses to be longer and hotter. Sondra, for her part, couldn’t believe how soft and wet Sami’s lips were on her own, and it was Sondra who opened her mouth as the kisses slowly became more intense, which made her insides melt with feelings she had never felt before.

Pulling her mouth from Sondra’s, Sami asked her, “How does that feel? Does that feel like you thought it would?” all the while brushing her fingertips across Sondra’s cheeks which were now flushed with want and desire.

“It really feels good,” Sondra admitted, her breathing just a bit labored, and her lips pursed for more kissing, her eyes still closed.

Moving her mouth to Sondra’s once more, Sami then slowly licked her partner’s lips with her tongue which drew a sigh and moan from Sondra. Sliding her tongue slowly between Sondra’s lips and into her mouth, Sami kissed her deeper while bringing her hand to stroke her face with butterfly touches to Sondra’s reddening, warm skin of her face.

Tentatively, hesitantly, Sondra’s arm moved to embrace Sami as their kissing became more intense and hotter in nature. She found herself melting into the cushions behind her back as Sami pressed her lips against her own.

Dropping her hand from Sondra’s cheek, she placed it very lightly onto Sondra’s breasts, lightly stroking up and down while they made slurping sounds with their mouths from the wetness of their kisses to each other.

“Mmm,” was the moan that escaped Sondra’s mouth as she let Sami-girl softly caress and fondle her breasts, the feeling so different from when her boyfriend felt her up, much softer and nicer, she thought.

Increasing her kissing with Sondra, Sami was now getting her own horniness ramped up from the feel of Sondra’s full breasts under her hands, and the warmth of Sondra’s mouth as Sami’s tongue explored.

Breaking her mouth from Sami’s, Sondra’s breathes were coming in pants from her excitement. She wanted to do this with Sami, of course, but she wasn’t prepared for just how much she would enjoy it.

“Ooh, Sami, you’re getting me hot,” Sondra admitted as she fought to regain control of her breathing.

“That’s what you wanted, isn’t it, baby?” Sami replied as she kept her hand squeezing and fondling Sondra’s breasts while she whispered that remark to Sondra.

“Yes, but I didn’t know it would feel this good,” Sondra replied as she rubbed her own hands up and down Sami’s arms.

Moving her hand from Sondra’s breasts and hardened nipples, Sami brazenly placed it high above Sondra’s knee, under the edge of her skirt, letting her fingertips move up and down Sondra’s thighs. When she leaned back in and resumed her kissing of Sondra, she felt the thighs of her visitor part slightly, almost involuntarily.

Pulling her mouth and tongue from Sondra’s mouth, Sami whispered, “Would you like me to take care of your horny-problem, baby?”

Nodding her head, Sondra could only nod her head in response, desperate now, for Sami to do whatever to her.

Sliding her hand under Sondra’s skirt, Sami quickly cupped Sondra’s wet panties under her hand, squeezing and caressing the wetness while she sucked Sondra’s tongue into her mouth.

“Mmmph,” was the only sound from Sondra now; that, and the heavy breathing of sexual arousal.

Pulling her mouth from Sondra’s, Sami began mouthing Sondra’s breasts through her blouse and bra as she squeezed and kneaded Sondra’s womanhood through her panties.

“Unbutton your blouse,” Sami said when she raised her mouth from Sondra’s breasts, and hurriedly, Sondra did exactly that, exposing her ample breast-swell to Sami’s licking and kissing.

Moving her hand from between kaçak bahis Sondra’s legs, Sami pulled one of Sondra’s bra-cups down and dropped her mouth over the large nipple and areola, sucking and licking, as she moved her hand between Sondra’s legs, once more.

Sondra was grinding and humping against Sami’s hand’s caresses, her skin feeling as if it were on fire with excitement, and her breathing heavy. She locked her arms behind Sami’s head, holding it fast to her breast as she moaned and groaned her pleasure.

Sliding Sondra’s panties to the side, Sami placed a finger at the entrance to Sondra’s love-channel, flicking it side to side to slightly part her pussy-lips while her thumb rotated with increasing speed over her wet, swollen clitoris. As Sondra’s moans became louder and louder inside of the room, Sami pushed her finger deep into Sondra’s pussy while biting, slightly, on her erect nipple.

The resulting climax damned near caused Sondra to pass out.

When her body-quakes stopped, Sondra lifted Sami’s head from her red and wet tit and kissed Sami with a hunger that she had never felt with a guy, any guy, at any time.

“Oh, damn, damn…I’ve never felt…I mean, I didn’t know…,” Sondra tried to say but could not finish, satisfied to simply kiss Sami again and again. Slowly, her breathing came under control and her heartbeats slowed to a somewhat normal rate.

Smiling, Sami pulled her head back to look at Sondra whose face had the red blush of sexual satisfaction on it, now.

“I guess you liked that?” Sami jokingly questioned; hell, she knew that Sondra loved what had just happened, she screamed didn’t she?

“Oh, Sami, yes, yes…” was all that Sondra could manage to say.

Sami lay on her bed, her back against her pillows, watching as Sondra put herself back together again and when she rose to leave Sami’s room, Sondra leaned over Sami and kissed her passionately, her hand poised over, but barely touching Sami’s erect nipples.

“Can I come and see you again, sometime, you know, to…” Sondra stumbled to say.

“Only if you’re willing to play with me in return, baby; Mama needs loving too, you know,” Sami replied.

“I promise I will,” Sondra said and meaning every word of it; she wanted to explore this new thing a hell of a lot more, of that, she was abso-fucking-lutely sure.

Sami locked her door behind Sondra, after she had left with one, final kiss to Sami’s lips before turning and walking towards the stairwell; funny thing is that Sami saw that Sondra did a quick check of the hallways to see if there were other residents up, at this late hour, but there wasn’t.

Returning to her bed, Sami stripped to her bare-assed nakedness and lying there on her bed, she pleasured herself for a deliciously long time before allowing herself to climax.

The mind-movie she played as she masturbated wasn’t of what had just occurred with Sondra, no, not at all; her masturbatory movie was of her slow seduction of Bonnie and of the many, many nights of steaming, hot loving that they had shared.

Turning to the wall and crawling under her top sheet, Sami fell asleep, her eyes moist from her tears.


Summer semester had started and Sami was enjoying the light class-load to the max. She really missed not having her scoot, now, because of the free time she now had. Oh well, she didn’t regret her decision to not replace the scoot; she had been diligent about saving her money and between waitressing and PR shoots, she had banked a good bit of coin.

Deciding to add the insurance check to her account, she calculated that she’d have enough money to buy a car, a cheap car, outright, when she graduated; her graduation present to herself, she decided.

Marcia was, once again, in Europe for the summer and though she missed the posing money, she wasn’t all that upset about it.

Casey would return to school in the fall, choosing to take the summer off.

Jena? Well, Jena was still Jena, balling who she could and not looking back.

Sami spent quite a bit of time with Nikki at the beginning of that summer; some of it school-related, most of it, not. Nikki liked younger women; Sami liked older gals, so it was win-win for the both of them. And besides, they both really enjoyed threesomes with gals even younger than Sami, though legal; at least, Sami hoped they were legal but never really thought to ask.

The other thing with Nikki was that she took Sami to various galleries around town and, through Nikki, Sami met a lot of the movers and shakers in the art scene in New Orleans.

Sami realized, quickly, that Nikki was well known throughout the City in the art circles and commanded a fair amount of respect. She also noticed the knowing, sidelong glances to Nikki as she paraded Sami around at these gallery shows and the like.

Sami was killing time late one afternoon, reading the Campus News as she did every week. She had a ‘date’ with Nikki that night, but she didn’t have to be ready for a couple of hours yet. The two of them were going to yet another gallery showing and afterwards, to a ‘very private’ showing of erotic lesbian art at the home of a friend of Nikki’s.

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