A Government Based on Compromise


The Senate office building was old. It creaked and clanged. And like all other old government buildings it had its fair share of ghost stories. While the great din created by the machines of government kept most of the “ghosts” at bay during the day, the phantoms emerged at night to make even the most-hearty soul feel uneasy. Rose O’Malley was one such soul. Sitting in the immaculately clean, impersonal, conference room late on a Friday night, she heard the specters prowling through the duct-work, in the walls, ceilings and floors. She was never one to believe in ghosts, but still, the noises unnerved her.

“He’s late,” she said under her breath. Actually she was early, but none the less, Rose hated waiting. She impatiently thumbed through her notebook, reviewed her meeting planner, and checked her email. “Why can’t they just roll over and play nice or better yet play dead?” she thought. “They lost the election and have no real power. Why do I have to waste my time negotiating for small changes to a perfectly good bill?” Rose fumed to herself.

Rosabella Briana O’Malley was born for politics. Her heroes included John and Robert Kennedy, Barak Obama, and Pope John Paul II. She caught the political bug in high school when she served as an intern for her current employer, then a member of the state’s House of Delegates. Rose was later hired on as a full time staffer when she graduated top of her class from Georgetown Law School. By that time her employer was a U.S Senator.

Physically, Rose had inherited the best features of her mother’s Italian and her father’s Irish heritages. She possessed a mane of deep red curls, porcelain skin with freckles, the curves of Sofia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida, and the eyes of color of the Irish landscape. She was fiery passionate about her ‘progressive’ roots and expended an abundant supply of energy for her causes. She had also developed a reputation as cold and all business.

She was reading through the biography of her opponent as he walked into the conference room. Beauregard Lee Hill was the new Chief of Staff for the leading Republican Senator on the Committee for Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.

Never one to be overly impressed by ones looks, Rose was never the less stricken by her adversary. Beau was tall and athletic. Looking to be in his early thirties (he was actually 40), his striking and bright blue eyes were set off by his dark hair. He held himself with an honest confidence but not with the overly polished stance and presence held by many on “The Hill. He flashed an impish and disarming smile.

“Miss O’Malley? I have heard a lot about you. How nice to finally meet you,” Beau said extending his hand.

“Uh … Yes … Nice to meet you,” Rose stammered taking Beau’s hand which was strong and a little calloused, not the typical smooth skinned hands of most male staffers. “I hear you are new to the Hill. So how do you like the seat of power?”

“This is a very different place than Carolina, Miss O’Malley. While most internet casino people are just as nice as they are at home, y’all do move at a much faster pace. I do have to ask – is working late on a Friday normal procedure in Congress? If so, I think I need to drop my gym membership,” Beau said, flashing smile.

Coming back to the real world, Rose answered “Depending on what is going on, it can be. There are times that Dominoes sets up shop in the cafeteria. I had the opportunity before this meeting to read your bio, Mr. Lee. I do not think I ever met anyone with an MBA and a Masters of Divinity.

“Business and God, what better skill to have in politics? And please call me Beau, or are first names not allowed here?”

Rose laughed, “First names are allowed – off camera and away from the press that is. It’s late Mr. … uh … Beau and I would like to get this wrapped up and I would hate for you to give up your gym membership, “Rose said, flashing What does the honorable Senator think of the bill in question?”

“I had a long chat with my employer and he does have several issues with the bill. He also hopes to wrap this up quickly and to move onto more of the country’s business. The Senator and several of his colleagues on the committee have listed their objections and have made alternative suggestions in this letter.”

Rose quietly read the letter. Beau saw her face begin to turn red. “Mr. Lee, the Senator’s proposals would gut the bill. There is no way that my employer can agree to the changes. She has worked long and hard to get the bill on the calendar to have it gutted like a dead fish.”

“With no disrespect to your honorable employer, the bill as it stands now is totally unacceptable and the Senator will vote against it. He believes he also has the votes to kill it in committee. He understand that he is in the ‘loyal opposition’ but in this case he has enough of the majority to keep the bill from seeing the light of day.”

“He’s got to be kidding if any of my Senator’s colleagues will jump ship. There is too much at stake,” Rose said in a confident, almost cocky tone.

“I beg to differ. There are a few Senators on the committee from so called purple states and will have to explain to their constituents why the federal government took over their local schools,” Beau responded looking straight into Rose’s eyes.

“So tell me why has your employer is putting up such a stink against this bill? What does he gain by opposing this bill?” Rose asked in an accusatorial manner.

“No game here, Miss O’Malley. The Senator honestly believes the bill is not needed. The states are very capable of educating children of this nation. This bill is an attempt to co-opt a right that is clearly laid out in the Constitution, that both our employers had taken an oath to defend may I remind you, to resides with the states. So Miss O’Malley the Senator and the member of his party cannot accept this bill without the changes I have presented you tonight.”

“You have to be canlı poker oyna fucking out of pathetic neo-con mind if you think I believe you oppose this bill on constitutional grounds. There have been many bills that impose changes on states educational systems,” Rose replied angrily.

In a calm soothing voice Beau said, “Miss O’Malley, you are totally out of line here. We may be from different sides of the aisle, but we can still be civil to each other.”

Rose stood and shot back impatiently, “cut the congeniality crap Mr. Lee; it’s too fucking late and I am not some young page who can be waylaid by a southern accent and smile. Your side is stalling and just saying ‘no’ because you have do have a plan of your own.”

Standing also, Beau replied “The alternative is with the states as it has always been. They may need resources but they are better off without the federal government’s help.”

“The public education system is going to hell in a hand basket and you say that the states, the ones who caused the problem, can fix the problem? Give me a fucking break!” Rose was angry and her heritage got the better of her. As she replied, she flailed her arms like an Italian street vendor. If it was not for Beau’s quick reflexes, Rose would have planted a firm backhand across his face.

Standing toe to toe, looking in to each other’s eyes with her arm in his hand, the two political hacks stood in awkward silence. Like a bill on the fast-track, one moment Rose and Beau were passionately embracing a political stance, the next they were passionately embracing each other.

In the spirit of true bipartisism, both sides agreed on the process and the outcome. And neither wanted a contracted debate, they wanted and got swift action; the action would not be filibustered, nor amended.

Both staffers were effective multitaskers. Rose and Beau efficiently removed each other’s clothes while at the same time continuing their passionate embraces. Beau’s jacket, shirt and tie went flying to the right and left while Rose’s blouse and skirt flew behind her.

Rose pulled Beau’s boxers to the floor and pushed him onto the oak conference table. She scrambled on the table and lay on top of Beau. She was laying left and he right. Grabbing his already erect cock, she engulfed his entire member, pushing it full in her mouth. She was no intern and this was no cigar, Rose knew exactly what to do. Too excited to waste time on the nicety of a leisurely blowjob, Rose bobbed up and down on Beau’s stiffness with a fervor she reserved for the most important bills.

Meanwhile, Beau’s face was nestled between Rose’s black stocking and garter belt. Pushing her thong to one side he dove into her very wet pussy. Although, always the gentleman in bed, at this time he wanted nothing more than to taste her juices. Spreading her lips, he ran his tongue up and down her wet opening. Finding Rose’s “rose bud”, he made quick circles over it, causing Rose to shudder in pleasure.

Some find heated arguments poker oyna an aphrodisiac. Rose’s and Beau’s “debate” was more than a heated debate. It pushed their lust over the breaking point. Both were also very experienced lovers and used their extensive carnal knowledge to the best of their abilities. Quickly bringing their partner to the brink, each knew how to keep them at the very edge. But, eventually the heat of the argument, the heat of their passion, their knowledge and experience got the better of them and both erupted in intense orgasms. Rose’s cries of lust were muffled by Beau’s cock as it shot a large load down her throat. Beau’s grunts of passion were absorbed by Rose’s trimmed pussy and firm thighs.

At that point most people would have voted to recess. However, these two political warriors were not most people. There was still more to do before the gavel fell on their session. So, without missing a beat, Rose hopped off the table. Beau quickly conferred and hopped down from the table. He grabbed Rose, turned her away from him, and bent her over the table. Pinning her to the table with one hand, he used the other he guided his still fully erect cock to Rose’s wet mons. His initial thrust was hard and complete. Beau quickly pulled back and once again rammed his member deep into Rose. Neither wanted to make love; the motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously to fuck and fuck wildly.

Beau grabbed Rose’s hips to steady her. He pulled Rose to him as he rapidly drove deep in to her. Rose held on to the table and bit her lip to suppress her cries of ecstasy. Beau’s hips were like a piston of a human powered engine, propelling his shaft in and out of Rose’s pussy. The heat generated was not from friction because of Rose’s natural lubrication. The heat was passion and lust. Sweat poured down Beau’s chest. Rose’s hair was matted to her head and the skin on her feline-like back glistened with sweat.

Rose erupted in an intense orgasm, causing her to contract around Beau’s cock as it continued to be pushed deep in her. A few minutes later she came again and covered her mouth to keep from shouting out as Beau continued to fuck her. Finally, as Rose experienced yet another orgasm, Beau erupted deep in her. Shaking, Rose felt each throb, each gush.

Beau withdrew and collapsed on to the floor. Rose followed suit. “I …” PANT … PANT “would like to …” PANT… PANT “to make a motion to adjourn,” Beau gasped while lying flat on his back. “I think I have had more than enough of your motions,” Rose replied breathlessly, lying across his chest.

After sometime time, the political champions recovered and looked around. Clothes were thrown asunder and their notes were scattered and intermingled, and neither Rose’s Blackberry nor Beau’s iPhone could be found.

“I think we should continue our discussion over dinner. How does Clyde’s sound? My treat?” Beau suggested as they dressed and gathered up their.

“I would like that,” Rose agreed. “But there is more work to be done on this bill. I suggest afterwards we continue our discussion somewhere more relaxed. Say, my place, over drinks?”

“I think I can agree with that proposal Miss O’Malley,” Beau said they moved back into the hallowed and still crowded halls of power.

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