A Happy Birthday


My name is Taylor, 36 years old, single, run a bar and grill under the guise of a ice cream parlor and bakery. Have my own home but spend just as much time at my moms place helping her around the place as she is disabled. I am the youngest of what would be 4 siblings though we lost my brother when I was 18 years old and he was only 24. Been tough on the entire family but we made it. I have 2 sisters who are twins and the deceased brother, one of my sisters had a daughter who turned 1 the day we laid our brother to rest, we had always been close, she was almost always at me and my moms house up until she was 6 and getting into school, she would come up on occasion but as she got older she spent more time at home with friends and doing things with school, spending a couple weeks at our home to do some hunting for deer and being quite successful at it thanks to my mother.

She came up to my house when she was 12 to hunt but never got her hunters safety class done so she never got to come hunt my moms place while she was 13. So I never got to see her for a full year, at 14 though finally got to see her again and was absolutely dumbfounded when I saw her again, to say she had grown up was an understatement. She was blossoming into a beautiful young woman and it came on very quickly. Not long after that I finally opened my own business and moved into my own place, little more than a year passed and I found myself sitting at home for the weekend having shutdown my business for the month to remodel it. I receive a phone call and hear my niece on the other end breathing heavy. Making a joke I say. “Going for a run and decide to call me during it?”

I was close but what was meant to be a joke turns serious. “Dad is going to the hospital and mom is at work, I need somebody to take me to the hospital.”

Her dad was a drug user, most the time he was tolerable, other times I couldn’t stand to be around him, but it was her dad and she loved him and he loved her. So I did what any good uncle would and made the long 2 hour drive to her home and picked her up and took her to the hospital. As we arrive to find out about him we learn he is being sent to a better hospital as they aren’t equipped to treat him, following the helicopter we eventually reach the new hospital and discover his organs are shutting down. We give my sister a call to tell her what is going on and not too long later we hear the unfortunate news.

Her dad is pronounced dead as a result of a prescription drug overdose, my niece is hit hard and for good reason. halkalı escort We all decide the once a year visit just won’t cut it, we spend time together at least once a month and eventually my niece introduces me to her best friend, a blond haired green eyed beauty. The girl is barely older than my niece, my niece being 16 at the time her friend having just turned 18. She keeps after me for a while knowing my attraction to her until I finally give in and we start dating when she is 19. All three of us hang out often at the friends house, mostly listening to music. One day I receive a phone call from my niece, her name is Anna, who excitedly says.

“Uncle Taylor, I am 18 today, will you come down and hang out with me and Tasha?” Who would I be to say no to that, I consider it to be a rite of passage, so I hop in my Concorde and make my way down to hang out with them.

I drive up the long driveway and meet her up at her home, it is a 2 story log home with a full finished basement. As I come to a stop she comes running out of the house, it is a saturday and all her sisters and her brother are out and about doing their own thing and her mom is working yet again so she can’t wait to get out. She slides into the car and buckles up looking over at me with a smile.

“I got 200 bucks on me right now and I earned my inheritance from my dad today.”

Having forgotten about the inheritance it dawns on me, she can do some serious spending. It also dons on me that the money he left would be quite substantial as he spent little of the money he inherited. We start rolling back down the driveway and suddenly I feel a slight tug on my pants and even more suddenly have my cock yanked out. Still soft she shoves it in her mouth and sucks on it with a purpose. My thoughts going all over the place with her actions but the main one is fuck it just go with it. I reposition and let it swell in her mouth, her eyes getting bigger with it, she pulls it out of her mouth and just stares at it.

“I didn’t know it would be that thick.”

she licks her lips and sticks it back in and slowly slides it in not knowing how deep she can go with it, she gets about halfway down and gags a bit. It only stands about 6 inches long but it is just as thick as it is long. She works it hard and fast making me come just after we exit her quarter mile long driveway. She swallows it down and neatly puts it away and zips my pants up for me.

“You happy now?” She smirks. “I taksim escort have wanted to do that for so long now and know you have wanted it too.”

I smile at her and put my arm around her for a hug and kiss her forehead. She smiles at the affection and leans her seat back.

“Tasha and I have more planned for you when we get to her place.”

We drive for a few miles and she says. “Turn here.” Pointing to a 2 tracker running through a treeline. “May take a while to get through here but should give us some time to recover and be ready for more fun.”

As we drive through the woods Anna who is wearing a blouse and blue jeans unbuttons her pants and pulls them down some with her panties, revealing a pussy that is not shaved or trimmed but has little hair naturally. She smiles and says.

“Never had an actual vibrator but could always stimulate myself.” She suddenly sets her phone on her clit and grabs mine. “4 second vibration.” She says with a giggle.

She opens my phone and starts texting herself rapidly, very quickly she starts breathing heavily. She texts herself 8 more times and pulls her phone away rubbing her clit in circles. She pulls out a towel of sorts that is folded multiple times and slides it under herself making herself cum into it. She breathes heavily after coming. She regains her breath just as we arrive at the house and looks at me with a devious glint in her eye.

“This is gonna be exciting, never had a threesome before.”

We park and she pulls her pants and panties up and walks straight into the house with me behind her. Watching the sway of her hips gets me going again. As we get into the kitchen Tasha is standing there naked, Anna wastes no time and walks over to her and starts fingering her, I walk up to Anna and fully undress her then take off all my clothes as well.

My cock stands at attention for them as I step to the side of them while they finger each other. Both kneel down never stopping their fingers, both licking the shaft up and down. They begin alternating their movements one sucks on the head while the other sucks on the sack. All spots getting attention on both sides multiple times, they keep going until they cum from each others fingers.

We all head into the living room and Anna pushes me down on the couch while Tasha grabs a harness that appears home made. Anna grabs an 18 inch double dildo and walks over to Tasha. She slides the dildo up inside her hole and through a couple loops locking it in with some 8 inches şişli escort still sticking out. Anna then bends over sideways right in front of me then raises her leg some and sets her foot on my knee so I can see her pussy spread open. Tasha gets behind her and rubs the dildo against her pussy before plunging it in deep with a squish from the wetness.

Her juices drip as she is fucked roughly from behind, it truly was a sight to behold. It was not my first time having sex, not by a long shot but it was the first time having a threesome. Anna reaches over to my cock and starts stroking it slowly twisting her wrist as she slides up and down.

“Lets see how much you can stretch.” I say to her as I pull the dildo out of her pussy with a pop. She sighs. “Taylor I wasn’t done yet.” Tasha says to me but I just give her a smirk.

“You will continue in a few seconds, just trust me.” I bring Anna towards me and make her straddle me facing away as I slide my cock into her sopping wet pussy. Positioning her and motion Tasha over, I reposition my cock inside of Anna and pull the dildo towards her pussy, Anna winces as the head of the dildo pushes inside. I move around a bit more to help her fit both of us inside.

When the tension lets off we start sliding in and out in a rhythm causing her head to spin, Tasha smiles and starts sucking on Anna’s nipples as she grinds against her pussy getting in all of the dildo she can. Anna can’t help but moan creaming up from the pure eroticism of it all.

Suddenly Tasha pulls out with a pop and drops down, taking her tongue she slowly licks up my sack then the length of my cock tonguing Anna’s swollen clit and then shoves her tongue inside the hole sucking up the juices being produced from the event. My cock pulsates inside of her as I feel myself nearing the end.

“I will be filling you up soon hun if we keep this up.” As she hears these words I feel her clench her pussy around my cock. She says. “I want you all the way in when you cum.”

Tasha giggles. “I am ready to clean up.” We reposition again with me over top of her with her ass in the air. Tasha starts rubbing Anna’s clit as I pound her pussy causing her ass to jiggle with every thrust. Several more thrusts in my cock unloads deep inside her pussy pulsating in waves. I keep my cock in there for several seconds after I cum before slowly pulling out.

No sooner as I am out Tasha is there happily slurping up my cum from Anna’s pussy which takes place for several minutes before they finally stop out of exhaustion. Donning our clothes once again we sit there in the living room trying to decide to go from here. We all know another threesome would be fun but you only turn an adult once. We look at each other all cuddled up on the couch. Round 2 will come up later but we have a bday to celebrate with others.

To be Continued…

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