A Hard Day At Work Deserves A Hard Fuck

Female Ejaculation

A Hard Day At Work Deserves A Hard FuckJan texts me saying she’s having a bad day at the store. I tell her to come over after work, and I’ll help her unwind. She comes over wearing a white blouse, green pencil skirt, and red Valentinos. She looks stressed out.I hand her a glass of wine. One laced with an aphrodisiac. She’s telling me about her day and how awful it was. I nod and smile but don’t really give a shit. I’m just pouring more wine and waiting for the d**g to take effect. I know when the d**g starts working because she says she’s hot. She unbuttons the top button of her blouse. I tell her I’ll give her a foot massage because she’s been on her feet the whole day. She says I’m sweet.We sit on the couch, and I unstrap her Valentinos. Her feet fatih escort are moist and smell like lotion and sweat. I start rubbing her toes then her sole and heel. She moans a little. I say fuck it and start sucking on her toes. She’s surprised but doesn’t stop me. I lick her whole foot. It tastes sweet and salty. I peek up her skirt and see her red g string. It’s wet. She’s fucking horny. I grab both knees and spread her legs wide open. The delicate silk material of her panties is just covering her pussy. I tell her to play with her tits and she obeys. She unbuttons her blouse and pops her tit out of her bra and squeezes her nipple. I pull her panties to the side and gaze at her perfect pussy with arnavutköy escort tight lips and just a sliver of pubic hair. I dive in and eat her out while she plays with her tits. She cums hard and quivers.I stand up. My turn. She gets on her knees and unbuckles my pants and gasps at my huge cock. It’s rock hard. I tell her to put her hands behind her back. She obeys. I grab her hair with both hands then fuck her pretty little mouth. She gags but doesn’t resist. When I’ve had enough, she slouches back and gasps, saliva and precum dripping on her expensive blouse. I tell her to put her Valentinos back on and come into the bedroom. She obeys. I tell her to strip to just her heels. She does so bağcılar escort slowly. I tell her to turn around so I can get a nice view of her perky ass as she wiggles out of her skirt and panties. She hands me her panties. They’re soaking wet. This bitch is ready to get fucked. I bend her over the bed, and push her down against the covers. I line up the tip of my cock with her pussy and she twitches. She says to go slow because she hasn’t had sex in a while. I ignore her and ram my cock deep inside her pussy with one thrust. She squeals in pleasure. I pound the shit out of this little fuck slut’s pussy. From the back. With her Valentinos on my shoulder. With her legs wide apart and me grabbing her ankles. With her legs up by her ears. She can handle it all, and she’s enjoying every second of it. When I’ve made her cum a few times and it seems like she’s going to pass out from being fucked so hard, I get her down on her knees and bust a thick load all over her beautiful face. She closes her eyes and takes it like a champ. I then watch the cum drip down her face and onto her tits.

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