A Hard Day Ch. 01


What a day!

My wife, Linda, and I had fought all the way to the airport this evening. She was pissed that I had to go on yet another business trip. She was particularly pissed this time because I was going to Miami for a conference and couldn’t take her with me. After she dropped me at the airport I found out that my flight was delayed. When I finally did leave Edmonton it was going to be too late to make my connection out of Dallas. Yup, this trip was starting off just great!

Once I arrived at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport I gathered up my luggage and went to the airline’s information booth to find out when I would be able to leave again for Miami. Not until morning was the answer. Great! The airline apologised and offered to get me a room at the nearest hotel. I had never heard of the hotel chain before and in the back of mind was thinking “the way today is going, I bet it’s a real flea bag of a hotel”.

I wasn’t entirely wrong. The hotel looked like it hadn’t had a fresh coat of paint in about 20 years. The neon sign was missing letters and the grass around the empty outdoor swimming pool was in need of a cut in the worst way.

As the cabby dropped me at the front door of the hotel, I had half a mind to flag him back down and tell him to take me back to the airport. Too late, he screeched his tires and swerved off into the night.

“Well, here goes nothing,” I muttered to myself and made my way towards the lobby.

I gave the clerk the airline voucher for the room, got my key and headed for the elevator. After pushing the button for the elevator and patiently waiting for about 2 minutes, I finally saw the sign that said “Out of Order”.

“That fucking figures,” I cursed as I headed for the stairway and up the seven flights to my room.

I stuck the key in the lock for room 707 and slowly pushed the door open, fully expecting the worst. To my surprise, it was actually a pretty nice room. I tossed my luggage on one of the two queen beds and flopped myself down on the other. I grabbed the remote for the TV and turned it on. I flipped through the list of pay per view movies. Nothing really there that I wanted to watch or hadn’t already seen. “I wonder if there is any good porn on here”, I thought. Hotel room porn is usually censored to the point that all you ever see is women’s breasts and men’s asses. “What the fuck”, I said and switched on a movie called “Dallas Does Debbie”. To my surprise it wasn’t edited at all. “What do you know,” I said to myself. “Things are looking up”.

I fixed myself a drink from the mini-bar, took off my jacket and loosened my tie. On the TV Debbie was giving Dallas a dick washing with her mouth. I felt a stirring in my shorts. “Man, I could go for a good blow job”, I thought. Linda so rarely gives me head at home and whenever she does; it’s like she’s just going through the motions. This girl on TV though, she knew how to give head and she looked like canlı bahis she was really enjoying it.

I set my drink down on the nightstand. I unzipped my trousers and let them fall to the floor. I removed my tie and undid my shirt. My cock was now hardening by the second and was causing quite the tent to form in my boxers. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I walked over to the mirror and stripped away my shorts. My cock bounced out and then stood straight out at full attention. I reached down and gave it a few tugs. “Mmmm…well at least I can have a good wank before I call it a night,” I said.

Just then there was loud moaning from the TV. I didn’t realise the volume was up so high on the TV. Debbie was now on all fours and Dallas was pounding her from behind. She was screaming in pleasure. “Oh God! Oh yes,” she moaned! I began to stroke my cock in rhythm with the couple on the TV. I paused only to rub the pre-cum from the tip and spread it over the shaft, and then it was back to fist fucking along with the TV. I was really getting into it. I was building up to the point where I was ready to cum. “I’d better get a towel,” I thought. I went to the washroom, grabbed a towel and started to walk back to the bedroom. That’s when I noticed that the curtains in the room were wide open.

“Shit,” I swore! I ran over to the window and reached to close the drapes.

“No! Don’t stop,” I heard a female voice yell from across the courtyard.

I covered my cock with the towel and I peered out through the darkness. I could just make out the shadow of a woman sitting on the patio of the room right across from mine.

“I was really enjoying your show,” the woman said. “You were making me so hot.”

Straining to see her through the darkness, I opened the door to my patio deck and stepped out, partially shielding my nakedness with one of the curtains. She stood up and waved at me. I could see that she was topless and wearing a pair of shorts.

“I’ve never watched a guy masturbate before,” she said in a whispered voice. “You’ve got a nice cock.”

“Th-th-thanks,” I stammered back. “How long have you been watching me?”

“Right from when you switched on the movie,” she answered. “I think it’s kind of funny that we we’re both watching the same thing.”

Behind her I could see that her TV was on too and Debbie was now on top of Dallas and riding him hard and fast. My cock, which had gone limp from the shock of being caught, started to stir again.

“That is kind of funny,” I said, regaining some of my composure. “Are you alone over there?”

“Yes,” she replied. “Why don’t we watch the rest of the movie together in my room?”

“I’m in room 757, if you’re up for it,” she giggled.

“Sure,” I said kind of nervously. “I’ll be right over.”

I switched off my TV, pulled on my boxers and my pants and grabbed my shirt from the bed. I started out the door thinking to myself, bahis siteleri “what have I got myself into now”. My heart was racing as I walked down the hallway, around the corner and over the pedway to the other wing of the hotel. I found room 757, took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

The door swung open almost as soon as my knuckles hit the wood. In front of me stood a cute, petite woman with straight dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She had put a bikini top on and was wearing a pair of daisy duke shorts.

“Hello there. I’m Nancy,” she smiled.

“Uh hi, I’m Bob,” I replied kind of sheepishly.

“No need to be shy with me Bob,” Nancy answered back. “Can I get you a drink?”

“Sure. A rye and coke would be great,” I replied.

“Rye? You must be Canadian. Whisky okay,” she asked?

I nodded my reply.

Nancy walked over to her mini bar and bent over to open the door. I studied her frame. She was short, about 5 foot 1. Nancy’s breasts were large for her body size. I was guessing about a 38DD. She was curvy with great looking, tanned legs and a nice, round, plump ass. As she bent over, her shorts crawled up her ass and gave me a great view of her cheeks. I felt my cock pulse.

“Like what you see,” Nancy asked, catching me off guard as she stood up? “It’s not nice to stare,” she laughed and handed me my drink.

“Look who’s talking,” I answered.

We both had a giggle and sipped our drinks nervously. On the TV, Dallas was now on top of Debbie and was tit fucking her. My cock started to stir some more.

I really wasn’t sure what I was doing here in this room with this woman. I had never cheated on Linda and wasn’t sure that I would be able to hold myself back if Nancy decided that she wanted me right here and now. My mind was racing and my palms were sweaty. I was trying to think of something clever to say when Nancy broke the ice and made the first move.

“So are you going to continue with the show,” she winked at me?

I played dumb.

“What do you mean,” I asked?

“I was hoping to get to see that cock up close and personal,” she replied in a sexy, hushed voice.

“Gee, I don’t know,” I stammered. “I’m a married man.”

“I’m married too, Sugar,” she answered, showing me her wedding ring. “Have you ever cheated, Bob?”

“Never,” I replied. “You?”

“No,” came the reply. “But who says we have to cheat. You were just about to take matters into your own hands and I was doing the same over here. We’re just two lonely, horny travellers with urges,” Nancy smiled at me.

“I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you take that bed over there and I’ll just lay back on this bed over here,” she continued. “You take out that cock and show it to me and I’ll show you my hot, wet pussy. How does that sound?”

“That sounds okay to me,” I replied making my way to the bed.

I flopped down on the bed and undid the buttons on my shirt bahis şirketleri slowly. Nancy was on the other bed and was reaching around to untie her bikini top. She was watching me intensely. Her look was so sexy. My nervousness was beginning to fade. Between the hot sex on the TV and the way Nancy was looking at me, I knew I wasn’t going to have any trouble performing.

I undid the last button on my shirt and then reached for the button on my pants. I popped it open and then began to slide the zipper down. I wiggled out of my pants and pulled them off. I glanced over at Nancy as she removed her bikini top and her beautiful round breasts bounced free. My cock stiffened in my boxers at the sight of her tits. I ran a hand down inside my shorts and began to play with myself while I stared at Nancy’s globes. Nancy licked her fingers and then ran the saliva over her nipples. She pinched and tweaked her nipples until they were standing at full attention. All the while she watched me as I tugged and played with my cock.

“It’s time for those shorts to come off Bob,” she whispered.

I obliged by lifting my hips off the bed and sliding my shorts off.

“Mmmm, that is a nice cock,” Nancy moaned.

She started to rub herself through her shorts as she continued to watch me. I ran my fingers over the head of my cock and rubbed the juicy pre-cum down my shaft. I was oozing wetness and it made a sloshing sound as I slowly stroked the shaft. I was afraid to stroke any faster for fear I might cum too soon.

I glanced back at the TV to try to distract myself. Debbie had gone back to sucking Dallas and was begging him to cum while she fingered herself. Some distraction! I almost started to cum myself when suddenly Nancy stood up from her bed and pulled her daisy dukes off. She was just a foot or so away from my face and I could smell her sex. She slowly ran her fingers down over her stomach and then through her nicely trimmed pubes to her perfect pink lips. I moaned as I watched her slide a finger up inside her vagina and then spread the wetness over her clit. I got lost watching Nancy as she stood beside me and stroked her clit to the same rhythm as I was stroking my cock.

We were both moaning. Dallas and Debbie were moaning on TV. Nancy began to rub her clit harder and faster. I began to stroke my cock faster. I could sense we were all going to cum together.

“I’m cumming,” said Dallas!

“Ooh yes baby,” moaned Debbie!

“Oh God…yessssssss,” screamed Nancy!

From deep inside me came a low moan as I shot a huge, thick load of cum high into the air. I continued to shoot for longer than I ever remember cumming before. High arcs spewed out from me, some of it landing on Nancy’s tits as she was now leaning over me holding onto the headboard for support as she came in wave after wave of pure pleasure.

As Nancy’s orgasms began to subside she sat herself down next to me on the bed. Her hair tickled my chest and I could feel her breath on my shoulder. “Thank you,” she whispered as she turned off the TV and snuggled into me.

“No. Thank you,” I said, embracing her.

Within minutes we were both asleep.

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