A holiday of firsts


A holiday of firstsNot long after the events mentioned in the previous story, my sweety and I found ourselves heading into Germany for a well-deserved, and more importantly, nice and private vacation near the beach. The idea of having that small brown canvas love nest to ourselves for slightly over three weeks was almost unfathomable. Next to already being a couple of permanently horny adolescents, the prospect of having the other to ourselves for almost a month had kicked things into high gear to say the least. Hardly being able to keep our hands off each other was one thing, but as we sat at her parents breakfast table the morning we left, I felt Annette’s foot slowly making its way up my thigh. I quickly glanced up at her, sitting across the table from me, her short, almost platinum blonde hair still in disarray. She was pulling off a delightfully innocent look, even raising an eyebrow as she inquisitively asked “Hmm, what’s up?”, whilst under the table she had started slowly kneading my cock and balls with her toes. She briefly looked at me with her sky blue eyes, a subtle smile playing at the corners of her mouth as she noticed I was quickly developing a raging hard-on. “I’m gonna finish packing” she said, as she retracted her foot and got up from the table, leaving me to figure out how to get up from the table with a simply unconcealable boner. After I’d made it out of there uncaught, I found her in her room, perched over her suitcase. Sneaking up behind her I slid my hands up her T-shirt, finding out to my delight that she wasn’t wearing anything else underneath it. I cupped her breasts, slowly running her nipples between my middle and index finger as I kissed her neck and asked “Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s rude to get up when people are still eating? Especially after doing that to them?” She giggled, breaking my grip as she turned around. “I’ll make it up to you.” she said, as she ran her hand through my hair, closed her eyes and pulled me into a long kiss.A few hours of travel later, at the end of the afternoon, we had everything squared away at the camp site and decided to catch the last few rays of sun at the beach. Annette was lying besides me, dressed in her tight black lycra swimsuit, which I didn’t mind one bit because somehow those had always been a bigger turn on than even the smallest bikini. My hand was resting on her warm stomach as I was desperately trying to focus on a book. “I’m cold.” she proclaimed, as she rolled over and tucked her leg up over mine, pressing her venus hard up against my thigh and running a hand over my chest. Despite the warm summer, the beach was practically deserted at this time of the day. “We’ll head back soon”, I said, as the sudden bout of intimacy got the best of me and I ran my hand down her back, following the contours of her small firm ass down to her pussy. She responded by sliding her hands down my pants and wrapping her fingers around my cock as I started massaging her clit from behind. Starting to pendik escort breathe heavily, she slowly ran her hand up and down my now hard cock, speeding up as my fingers found their way under the crotch of her swimsuit. Fingering her from behind I could feel her getting ever wetter against the palm of my hand. She moaned shortly and sharply as she regained herself and started stroking my hard cock even faster. The slow rhythmic movement of her hips betrayed she was on the verge of orgasm. Running my finger along her clit as fast as I could, I could feel a massive orgasm building. She came, moaning and shivering, at exactly the same time I shot my load. “Hmmmmm…” she sighed, “let’s get out of here.”Only a few minutes later I was lying on my back in our small tent, looking up at the sight of Annette sitting with her legs on either side of me in all her gorgeous nakedness. As she moved slightly, I felt the light stubble of her pussy through the rapidly growing slick wet spot she was leaving on my belly. I sat up straight and slowly kissed my way down from her neck to her warm, perfect breasts. Her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. After running my tongue around her areola and savoring the delicious smoothness, I started rhythmically sucking her nipple into my mouth as my hands wandered over her back. She pushed me back down into my pillow, kissing me hard and vigorously. I reached up and ran my hands up the backside of her legs, finally cupping my hands around her taut ass. She swung her leg off me as she turned around and grabbed hold of my dick, bending over and giving me a perfect view of her tight pink pussy as she bent in closer and took my cock her in mouth. She twirled her tongue as she started moving her head up and down in pace with her hand. She must have been able to almost feel the shiver running down my spine as she started to up the pace vigorously. The feeling of my cock in her welcoming warm mouth and the taunting look of her pussy were driving me crazy. I swung my head around her leg, pulling them apart as I locked her in a 69 position. The silvery wetness of her now spread pussy was so enticing I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her down into my face, directly seeking out her clit with my tongue. We’d never done a 69 before and this was the first time I had gotten such a good and close up look of her soaking wet but pristine hole. Just looking really wasn’t an option either and I started making my way down from her clit. She stopped and tensed up slightly as she felt me circle her vagina with the tip of my tongue. I took my time though, waiting for her to give me the smallest hint to stop. She didn’t, instead she only reached back to grab my hand and inhaled sharply as I slowly eased my tongue inside her, enjoying both her deliciously sweet taste and this whole new strange, but madly exiting level of intimacy. A noticeable tension seemed to have filled the air. Annette turned around and pulled me into a kiss that neither of us escort pendik dared to break as I slowly lowered her down onto to the bed. She must have sensed I felt like I should say something but she just nodded her head and kissed me again, after which she rested her head back and closed her eyes. I slowly caressed the insides of her thighs, easing her legs open a small bit at a time. I started kissing her thigh, working my way higher and higher, past her belly, past her breasts. Right as I planted a very light kiss on the corner of her mouth, I could feel my erect cock reaching the apex of her thighs and I reached down to guide myself into her passage. She stirred a little bit as I eased forward very slowly and finally began to feel myself slide inside her for the very first time. She inhaled sharply and winced, I stopped moving and kissed her until she opened her eyes and whispered “it’s ok…it’s ok”. Even despite of any tension, she was still dripping wet. She trembingly inhaled deeply and slowly one more time as I slid all the way inside of her tight, wet, warm pussy.Starting slowly, I pulled out just a fraction and moved my hips forward again, a little more with every thrust. I felt her begin to relax a little bit and soon she even started moaning as I moved my rock hard cock in and out of her. As soon as it began to sink in what had just happened I started to become much more aware of how insanely tight she was, gazing down at her beautiful body before me I felt a fierce orgasm building. I desperately tried to slow down but I must have slid inside of her just a little deeper than I did before. I felt her tense up as she made a sound that was a half giggle half moan. There was no stopping it anymore, I quickly pressed my head between her breasts as I braced and shot four jets of hot cum inside her. I lay down beside her as she took me in a naked entwined embrace that only ended hours after we stopped panting. A few more ever increasingly magical nights went by this way. One morning, we just had to venture out for supplies, strolling leisurely through the nearest village. I had my arm around Annette and she had her hand stuck down my back pocket as we made our way into some random supermarket, tossing things into our cart as we meandered through the store. She was dawdling i front of some shelves of personal care items. I thought nothing of it and just enjoyed the feeling of having her near me on that day and not having a care in the world, already looking forward to our return to the privacy of our own campsite. My eye was caught by the plastic bottles of Durex play lubricant they sold and for a second there I drifted back to a few weeks earlier, the sight of her slim well formed behind, the feeling of slowly sinking my finger into her tight pink asshole. “What are you thinking about?” Annette asked me, snapping me out my daydream, a roguish smile playing at the corner of her lips. “You”. I tell her. “What about me?” She asked in reply, as she added “And pendik escort bayan be honest…”. I didn’t reply, in stead I just took one of the plastic bottles of lubricant from the shelf and placed it in our cart. “Took you long enough.” she whispered into my ear before she kissed me on the cheek. I let her walk out of in front of me. Feasting my eyes on her slender body, her shoulder length platinum blonde hair and her stellar ass, d****d in a light summer skirt. Strangely enough, I didn’t see the outline of her panties. There weren’t an awful lot of reasons why that could be. My adolescent hornyness momentarily got the best of me as I stood behind her at the cash register, slipping my hand up her thigh and under her skirt. Running my finger along her slit very lightly before retracting my hand again, making sure nobody was any the wiser. An endless amount of time later we were back at the camp site. After having taken a long and relaxing shower she wasn’t wearing much now besides a faded t-shirt and black cotton panties, lying belly down on her bed and reading a book as I lay next to her. I softly started kneading her shoulders, making damn sure her faded t-shirt slid up a tad with every motion, exposing those black panties more and more. She rolled over and sat up, pulling her t-shirt over her head. As we kissed, I felt her pull my boxers down. Before long she sat on her knees next to me and took my now hard cock in her mouth, moving her mouth up and down very slowly. I caressed her pussy for a while through those black panties, leaving them on her as long as I could muster. She’d stopped sucking me off, in stead she was running her hand up and down my cock, adding a liberal amount of lube, incidentally also making the hand job a lot more exciting. I took it from her and pulled her cheeks apart. I spread a little lube on two fingers and started massaging it in around her tight and immaculate asshole, making ever smaller and smaller circles so eventually I was dipping the tip of my index finger into her at every pass. Finally I slowly pushed my finger in all the way in, savoring the familiar but exciting feeling. She moaned lightly with pleasure as she let me explore her. First with one finger, then with two, her pink asshole glistening with lube by now. She turned around and got up from her knees, facing me and swinging one leg over me. She grabbed my cock and I felt her push it up against her asshole, as she slowly started to lower herself, increasing the pressure more and more. I felt her virgin asshole slowly begin to stretch as she forced herself lower and lower onto my cock. She tilted her head back and exhaled as I felt my cock slide into her, the tight squeeze of her sphincter starting at the head of my cock but getting steadily lower until there was nothing left. She moaned loudly as she began to get up again, getting on all fours and allowing me to get behind her. My well lubed cock went in with a lot less effort this time. Her sharp moans became ever louder as I started to up the pace, making sure I pulled out far enough every time to feel the head of my cock slip through her tight ass again and again. Loving the feeling for every second until I came inside her.

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