A Hot Summer With… Ch. 07


I woke up with this warm fuzzy feeling of total contentment and happiness along with a somewhat hazy feeling that I was in a dream. It took me a few minutes to realize I was awake and not dreaming. I found myself lying next to a very warm body and when I pulled the sheets down, I saw a voluptuous female body with a beautiful face, magnificent tits, sexy legs and what appeared to be a slightly pulsating shaved pussy; yes indeed, it was my beautiful sexy mom. It is so very very hard to realize that it has been only a week since I came home from college for the summer, and what a week it has been; wall to wall fucking of my mom and her twin sister. This has been an absolutely fantastic experience and totally unexpected. If on the day I left college, someone would have said to me, “Glenn you are going to have maybe the hottest sexual summer of your life, you are going to find more than one woman to have hot and wild erotic sex.” I would have laughed out loud, but it is turning out to be true.

I just laid there staring at my mom’s beautiful naked body, admiring every square inch of her; watching her breath seeing her big beautiful tits raise and fall with each breath, seeing her succulent nipples also rise and fall, remembering how much I enjoy sucking and fondling those tits and nipples, seeing how smooth her skin is, checking out her wonderful lips that feel so good when the encircle my dick, and by leaning down and getting a very close look at her shaved pussy, seeing the slit between her pussy lips that have parted so many times the last few days to receive my hard dick. To just see her lying there completely nude and knowing that she would approve of me staring at her, had me hard again as usual. I think the thing that almost overwhelms me most is knowing that she totally approves of our sex and really desires having a sexual relation with me. Having her casually invite me to her bed is awesome for me. It really turns me on when these thoughts of my sexy mom creep into my head.

We have a little agreement that who ever wakes first, he or she can perform oral sex until the other wakes and can choose what they want. Being the first this morning, I gently leaned down toward her pussy and slowly licked her cunt. She let out a little moan and wiggled her ass a bit. I then let saliva build in my mouth before I kissed her pussy, and then withdrew my lips letting the saliva drip from my mouth and collect in a little pool on her pussy. I then used the tip of my tongue to work the saliva between her pussy lips. I then licked her inner thighs pressing a little firmer on each stroke. Finally she moaned saying, “Oh honey, this is such a nice way to wake up, and I love you and what you are doing to me. I’m so happy you are such a great lover and willing to accept your mother as your lover. You are the sweetest.”

I love hearing those words and without any further to do, I buried my face in my mother’s crotch sucking her cunt lips as deep into my mouth as I could. She let out a very loud moan as pleasure sensations rippled though her body. She placed her hand on the top of my head forcing my face deep into her crotch, she then pulled her knees up to give me better access to her cunt. I just did what was natural and sucked hard on her cunt and used my tongue to probe her pussy. I then reached up and placed my hands on her ankles pushing her knees even higher causing her ass to roll up a bit. I moved my head down some so that my tongue could reach her asshole. I licked her from the beginning of her crack, across her asshole and back up to her cunt. I repeated this three or four times, each time she would moan when my tongue touched her asshole. On the fifth lick, I hesitated when I reached her asshole and using my tongue, circled her rosebud. She in turn wiggled her ass in total enjoyment.

She then asked me, “What is it you want this morning sweetie, you have me so hot I want to give you what ever it is in spades.”

I moved up to her pussy again saying, “First I want to give you an orgasm and then we’ll discuss my desires.” I lowered my face into her crotch again sucking up her soft cunt lips and then I began to probe her pussy and contacting her little clit nub. She let out a shriek when I touched her clit. I continued playing with her clit even though she was shrieking at me to take it easy. I back off some but continued licking her pussy until she suddenly stiffened and very intently forced my face into her crotch as she experienced her morning climax. I just remained there slowing licking her pussy enjoying the taste of her cum that oozed out her sweet tasting fuck hole. Once she was calm again she said, “Oh Glenn, I cannot believe what a great lover you are, I have never in my entire life had such great climaxes and have ever felt so alive. I don’t ever want this part of our life to change. Promise?”

“Yes mom, I promise you. This is also great for me too.”

“Now sweetie, what is it that I can do for you?”

“Well mom, I totally enjoy all kinds of sex with you. It is always canlı bahis hard to decide what it is I want most, you are so willing and pleasurable. Fucking you in the pussy is great whether is in the mission or doggie position, having you suck my cock is great, fucking your ass is great as is fucking your tits. So this morning I think I will choose fucking you in the ass.”

“Oh Glenn, that is so great to hear. I so like to please you and especially love it when you fuck me in the ass. This is probably totally bizarre for a mother desiring her son to fuck her, especially to fuck her in ass. It is total pleasure for me to feel your big dick slide in my ass; the sensation of your cock sliding through my asshole is awesome. The next best feeling is when you pump your sweet cum inside me. I love knowing your seeds are in me, oh baby you don’t know what a pleasure it is for me to be your lover. I just love it sweetie, just love it. And don’t forget that once you get your cock inside my ass, I love being banged really hard, the harder the better, so just ram that cock of yours in me to the max. Fuck me hard and deep, I love it.”

I raised myself up and scooted forward to give my mom a good morning kiss, a hot passionate kiss. When we released our lip lock she said, “I love it when I taste cum on your lips baby, I don’t care if it is my cum, your cum and anybody else’s cum. It is so hot to taste cum, eat pussy full of cum, suck cock and swallow cum, it’s awesome, I never before enjoy oral sex like I do with you and June. Do you think I’m terrible?”

“No mom, I think it is fantastic that you are a hot sexual woman that loves life and all it can give you.”

“Thanks sweetie, it is so good to hear you say that. Now how about getting up so I can turn over and offer my ass for you to fuck. I want my ass filled with your cum this morning baby, I want a total fill job, load me up to the hilt. You will find the jell in the top draw over there, you get it and I’ll make myself ready to receive your cock up my ass, OK?”

I didn’t say anything, just got off the bed to fetch the jell and when I returned, there in the middle of the bed was my beautiful mom on her hands and knees, her big tits handing down looking so inviting, her thighs so sexy, and of course her ass looking fantastic. I got on the bed behind her and just admired her ass for a few seconds, what a magnificent butt she has. I opened the jar of jell, used my middle finger to scoop out a big glob of jell and in one quick motion, slipped my finger into her ass. She just moaned in pleasure as I worked my finger in and out of her ass. I pushed my finger in as far as it would go putting lots of pressure on her ass, she just continued to moan pushing her ass against my hand. I removed my finger and dipped three fingers in the jell jar, but before I could place all three fingers in her, she had reached down between her legs and put her own finger in her ass.

She said, “Oh baby, it feels so good having my ass fingered, I just love feeling my own ass at times.” I just waited a few seconds until she withdrew her finger before I proceeded to insert all three fingers in her. It took a bit of time and pressure before her ass with ready to accept all three fingers, but once her sphincter muscles relaxed, I actually got four fingers in her. She moaned in total delight begging for me to get them in deeper. I knew she was ready for my cock and so rubbed some jell on my stiff rod, moved up behind my mom’s ass placing the head of my dick at the entrance of her asshole and without much effort, slipped about three inches in her. She arched her back and to my surprise, rammed her ass against my cock taking in the remaining 5 inches deep inside her.

She turned her head toward me saying, “Baby, I love you. I want you to know that nothing will ever prevent me from wanting you to fuck me in the ass; I love this more than you know. Now just be a good son, and fuck the shit out of your mom. Don’t hold back, just ram me till you dump every drop of your semen deep inside my bowls, I want you to have a fantastic cum. Fuck me baby, fuck your mom like there is no tomorrow, give me everything you got.” I was not about to turn my sexy mom down, I was hotter than a two peckered owl and I fucked her like crazy. I just kept ramming her ass over and over and over again. I had reached down around her and had a hold of her tits and was really squeezing them hard. She was screaming from probably both the ecstasy of the ass fuck and the pain from my squeezing her tits. Even after I dumped my load, I continued fucking her for at least a couple minutes. I had sweat rolling down my back and belly from all the energy exertion. Once I quit, we both just flopped down on the bed with my cock still stuffed in her ass.

It was quite a while before either one of us stirred. My mom turned her head saying, “I wish I could hold you in my arms without you having to pull your big cock out of my ass, I love the feeling of having you in me. But for now let me turn over.”

I raised bahis siteleri myself up slowly allowing my cock to gradually withdraw from my sexy mother’s hot asshole, but before I was totally out she grabbed my ass saying, “Oh not yet, don’t take yourself all the way out. Give me a few more fuck strokes sweetie.” I lowered myself down pushing my cock back into her ass even though my cock was getting soft. I then slowly fucked her some more to her total delight. Finally my cock was too soft to slide in her ass any more and I totally withdrew it. She flipped over on her back and pulled my down on top of her giving me a big passionate kiss. We ground out pelvises together as we French kissed. She had her tongue way inside my mouth as I did hers; it was a really hot passionate kiss, probably as hot as we have ever kissed. I kind of slipped to one side so that I could get access to her tits. With my hips no longer on top of hers, I raised my leg such that my thigh was against her pussy. I then wiggled my leg to tease her pussy while I fondled her tits while we continued our open mouth kissing. To my surprise, my cock was responding and as was her cunt, my leg was getting wet.

When she sensed that my cock was hard, she reached around my back pushing my ass so that I was dead between her outstretched legs. She said, “You choose the first, this time it’s my choice and I want to be fucked in the pussy. So baby, sink that cock of yours deep inside your mama’s cunt give and me another great fuck. I love you.”

She had reached down between our legs guiding my cock into her wet pussy as she kissed me again. My cock went into her cunt as my tongue went into her mouth. It was a short fuck, we both came within almost seconds, we were so hot and horny, it was almost an instantaneous climax for both of us. Shit my mom is hot, I have never before or since bedded down with such a hot, sexy, erotic woman. Her passion for fucking is almost unreal, she has become totally addicted to it, especially when it comes to fucking me.

After our second fuck, we both dozed off for a couple hours. When I woke, my mom was in the shower and I just waited until she came out. She was drying herself off as she walked into the bedroom. I lay there admiring her body, her legs are so sexy, I just love to look and feel them. When she noticed that I was awake, she faced me and used the towel to dry her back causing her tits to really wiggle. I said, “Are you trying to seduce me mom?”

She smiled saying, “Do you want to be seduced?”

“All I have to do is look at you mom, and I get the hots. You shaking your magnificent tits at me like that drives me crazy. See, my dick is hard again.”

“Oh my god it is hard again. Do you think you have any juice left?”

“I’m afraid not, if we fuck again I’ll get the blue balls and that is painful. So lets cool for at least a few hours so I can recuperate.”

“You’re right. Besides your aunt is coming over this afternoon and you should save some of your juices for her.” My eyes lit up knowing that my sexy aunt was coming over and I’d have a chance to fuck her, its been quite a few days since I’ve had the pleasure of sinking my cock in her pussy or ass.

My mom said, “Well, if we aren’t going to fuck, how about a kiss.”

“Great mom, kissing you is always hot. How about moving over her and bending over so I can kiss that hot ass of yours I fucked a few minutes ago. Then I want to kiss your pussy I fucked, then suck your tits and finally a mouth to mouth kiss.” My mom dropped her towel, walked toward the bed turning around just as she got there, bent way over offering her ass to me. She reached back spreading her buns, I leaned forward and planted a wet kiss directly on her asshole. I kept my lips there for some time really giving her ass a hot kiss. She straightened up and crawled up on the bed straddling my face with her cunt just inches above my mouth. She lowered her pelvis until my lips reached her pussy. I again gave her cunt a wet juicy kiss, using my tongue to probe her pussy. She moaned a bit as I played with her clit.

She said, “Oh baby, you are so good, I need another cum. Please eat me till I cum, I really want to cum again.” I did not want to disappoint her nor did I want to quit eating her pussy. So I continued until she had another climax and I got a good taste of her again.

As she remained straddling me face she said, “You know honey, over the last few days you have pumped a lot of seed inside your mom which has been just wonderful. It absolutely excites me when I feel you cum in my pussy, it is a more intense feeling than I have ever received from any other man cuming in me, even your dad. It must be due to you coming from my womb, and that it is you planting your seeds back in me. It is just a great feeling. I will be ovulating in a few days and so we will either have to only have oral sex, or have you use a rubber. I am not on birth control pills and a little concerned to start on them again. What do you think about that?’

“Mom, you bahis şirketleri can’t get pregnant when I fuck your ass right?”

“Your right baby.”

“So when you are ovulating, we’ll stick to oral and anal sex, OK?”

“You don’t want to use rubbers?”

“Oh I don’t mind, but are they totally safe?”

“Not really, but I did not want to prevent us from fucking as we have been.”

“Well I would like to try just oral and anal sex.”

“OK, but you will have to help me, some times I need my pussy fucked so bad, I can hardly stand it when I’m around you. You have me so hot and horny, all I can think about is having sex with you and feeling that big cock of yours in my pussy and feeling you cum inside me.”

“OK mom, I will definitely help you, I certainly don’t want to get you pregnant.”

“That is why your aunt June has not been around the last few day, she was afraid of getting pregnant. So if she comes over today, she knows she is safe and will probably be hotter than a pistol. She will want to fuck you constantly, she can be one hot slut at times.”

“Mom! How can you call your sister a slut, shame on you.”

“What? You don’t think you aunt is a slut? We are both sluts and I’m feeling sluttier all the time. Wouldn’t you call us sluts the way we have been carrying on with you? Wanting to fuck you almost every chance we can get, begging you to fuck us, wanting you to stick your cock in our ass, sucking your cock, walking around in the nude, seducing you every chance and much more.”

“Well mom, I guess if you put it that way, you and aunt June are sluts.”

“Good, because I now get turned on being a slut, I have never felt like this before, but it feels good to be loose and let my sexual desires surface and act out what I feel. I hope you don’t feel bad about me, but I like being slutty. I also like to talk dirty and be talked to in a dirty way. If you want to start calling me names when we are fucking, its OK just don’t be mean about it.”

“Are you sure about this mom?”

“Yes Glenn, I’m sure. You may call me a slut, a whore, a whore mom, a cock sucker, a cock sucking mom, a cum eater, a cum lover, a nasty slut, ummmm what else do I like?’

“Wow, this is hard to believe but I like it. I have had the temptation to use some nasty terms when I get excited as we fuck but was afraid to express my thoughts.”

“Like what Glenn?”

“Oh like this morning when I was fucking your ass. I want to say how hot your asshole felt on my cock and that I wanted to say how I felt that you were a hot fucking bitch.’

“That would have been OK, a fucking bitch is fine, a bitching slut or whore is OK.”

“Shit mom, you ARE becoming a really hot bitching slut. I love it.”

“That’s great Glenn, I want to please you while also feeling free to be me. I think this is the first time in my whole life I feel so free to be me. I just love it, and being slutty is so exciting for me. I would have never thought I would feel like this. In high school I thought the slutty gals were terrible, now I know how they felt and how liberating it is.”

There was a pregnant pause as we both mentally absorbed this latest information. I was almost mesmerized by what my mom had said and I think she was surprised at what she had said. It was probably the first time she had verbalized how she felt. Suddenly she got up and headed downstairs still in the nude. She yelled back at me if I was hungry or not; I yelled at her that I was. I then headed to my room, took a shower and jumped into some shorts and went downstairs. I found my mom wearing only an apron making some sandwiches and warming up a couple bowls of soup.

“Mom you are sexy whatever you are wearing.”

“Oh Glenn you always know what to say sweetheart. I love you. We both need some food in us to keep up our strength. At the rate we are going, we will waste away to noting. I bet I have lost a five pounds since you got home from college.”

“You think so. Come over here and let me check.”

“What the hell you going to check?”

“I don’t know, I just thought I would check all of you, your ass, tits, tummy, legs, pussy!”

“Well, I certainly have not lost any mass in my pussy, it has probably increased in mass. My ass and tummy have hopefully lost some weight and maybe my tits a little. However I don’t want to lose any tit mass, I want them to get bigger like my sisters.”

“OK, let me check them out.” My mom just smiled saying later. She served our lunch and we sat down across from each other.

My mom said, “You know Glenn, you were never allowed to come to the table as a child without wearing a shirt.”

“Well mom, I think we should change the rules and make it a requirement that we both come to the table shirtless. What do you think of that?”

“Well, I don’t know that that is such a good rule.” She said with a twinkle in her eye. There she sat with only an apron on just barely covering her tits.

“Come on mom, let’s feel alive and just do it.” She smiled and untied the apron pulling it over her head and folding down the front onto her lap. Now they were both shirtless. Glenn was delighted sitting across from his nude mom with her big tits.

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