A Jump with Molly

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Jamie was like most men and could be talked into almost anything by a pretty girl. That was never more evident than now—sitting in a small plane, looking at Molly with her beautiful, bushy brown hair sticking out under her helmet, blown in the fierce draft of the open door. Her smiling features looked excited, not frightened, and her incredible body looked ready to go, as always. In a few moments, she would jump out of this, perfectly functioning, plane, and he would follow her. Other than Molly being the most desirable creature he knew… Jamie had no idea why he was doing this.

He watched as she grinned at him from the doorway and, on the count of their instructor, threw herself out. He wanted to watch her fall, but he was next up and he had to shuffle into position while the instructor watched her initial descent.

The military-style of their training kicked in as he prepared for the unnatural action of abandoning the safety of the plane for the delicate canopy that would carry him safely to the ground. He knew exactly how to hold onto the doorway and, and what to expect as the instructor checked that he was in position and that his static line release was securely attached.

So far that day they had learned to hit the ground correctly, how to control the parachute as it descended, what to do in an emergency and how to exit the plane safely—all that was left was to test what they’d learned. When the instructor decreed them ready for their first jump, they were fitted out with overalls, safety helmets and parachutes. The Instructor joked with Jamie that he should position the parachute’s inner thigh straps tightly and carefully, lest he trap a testicle when the canopy opened. It seemed funny at the time.

Jamie watched the instructor’s eyes as he counted down to his push-off. There was no panic, the drill had been carefully explained and rehearsed to the point that his actions were pre-programmed. When he was instructed to “go” he pushed off hard, spread his arms and legs, and felt the rush of the air as he fell mind-numbingly free for the first fifty yards or so.

As soon as he was out of the door he began his count. “Thousand one, thousand two…” After four seconds he had to check that the parachute had opened correctly. “Thousand three, thousand…”

The canopy opened, it arrested his fall abruptly… and allowed the leg strap to pinch his right testicle like it was in a vise.

2,500 feet above ground, Jamie screamed.


“Man, that was awesome!” Molly rushed up to hug him as he limped painfully back to the drop zone with his bundled parachute in his arms. She’d landed several minutes before him and had already got rid of her chute and helmet.

“It was cool.” Jamie agreed with slightly less enthusiasm. His groin ached like never before. It had taken a large part of the descent to work his trapped ball out of the strap, and by the time he managed it there was very little of the fall left to enjoy.

Molly noticed his limp. “Did you hurt yourself?”

Not sure what he should admit to, Jamie opted for, “Let’s just say the instructor was right about those leg straps. That hurt.”

“Really!” Molly’s smile was playful and she threw her arm around him in consolation. “I’m sorry Jamie. I hope you still enjoyed the jump… and that you can still have children.”

Despite his injury, he felt her arm around him and knew that the day had been worth the effort. Anything for a beautiful girl.


They stopped for a casual dinner on the way home. Jamie was driving as Molly’s car was in the shop all weekend. He’d picked her up from the local train station that morning, happy to do anything for her, and happy to have her next to him.

“You feeling any better?” It was still a challenge for her to mention his injury with a straight face, so she hid her smirk behind the napkin she dabbed her mouth with.

Jamie nodded, despite the pain, he could see the funny side, and it was hard to feel bad about anything when he was this close to Molly. His ball was throbbing and causing him to frequently adjust his seating position, but a least he was able to move without the shooting pain he’d suffered earlier.

Jamie and Molly had developed a strong friendship at work when thrown together in a small project. The lunches together they enjoyed while on the project continued after they returned to their normal roles, and Jamie continued to lust after the effervescent and gorgeous Molly as their platonic friendship developed. Her hair was the feature everyone noticed first, light brown, bushy and framing her young features perfectly. Her every-ready smile would hold any male’s attention, right up until they noticed the more-than-ample chest that seemed to always have some of its cleavage showing.

It was at one of their lunch “dates” that Molly hatched the idea of the parachute jump. She’d always wanted to do one, and encouraged him to come along with her. It wasn’t something he was desperate to experience, anadolu yakası escort but Jamie agreed to do the jump with her, and spent the next few weeks wondering what he’d done.

“We can go back sometime and do another jump, if you’d like.” Her face was all sympathy now. “I’m sure you’d enjoy it more without the…”

“It’s fine Molly.” Jamie wanted off the subject of his testicles. “I had a great time, and it was a huge thrill.” And then there was that feeling that he’d do anything she wanted… “But I’m happy to tag along if you want to do another jump.”

“Cool.” Molly smiled, and the world was good, even with a bruised testicle.


When they got to the train station it was closed because weekend maintenance of the line . There was a large sign showing details of day’s reduced schedule, and they’d missed the last train by more than an hour.

“Damn.” Molly cursed as the situation sunk in. “I saw the sign this morning, but forgot all about it. I should’ve remembered and skipped dinner to get here on time.”

“I’ll drive you home if you like.” Jamie offered, despite the unwelcome prospect of a 40-minute each way drive when his home, and comfort for his balls, was only a mile away.

“No.” Molly was firm. “It’s too far. I’ll…” Her voice and face lacked an alternative.

“I can’t just leave you here.” he protested.

“Well…” Molly hesitated and Jamie thought he caught the tiniest hint of mischief in her eye. “I guess I could crash on your sofa, if you don’t mind. I can get a train in the morning.”

Jamie’s mind ran wild with possibilities, despite knowing the reality of their being “friends” meant that they were unlikely to come true. “Sure.” he answered off-handedly while his heart beat a little faster. “If that’s what you’d prefer. I do have a spare bed, so you won’t have to use the sofa.”

“That’ll work for me. I’ve put you to enough trouble already today.”


At his place, Jamie got them beers from the refrigerator, settled Molly into the lounge and set about accommodating her. He checked the covers on the spare bed, found her a t-shirt to sleep in and gathered a few miniature toiletries he’d kept from hotel stays. He wished he’d had longer to prepare, but did the best he could for her.

By the time he joined her on the sofa she was onto her second beer and grateful for his efforts. “You didn’t need to,” her puppy dog eyes looked over to him. “I’d’ve been fine with a sleeping bag and an old toothbrush.”

They had one final round of recounting their jump experience and Molly decided it was time to retire. Jamie showed her to the spare room and left her to her nighttime routine. He stayed in the lounge for an hour, TV channel-hoping, nursing his injury and fantasizing about Molly inviting him to sleep with her.

Jamie undressed in his bedroom, pulled on his sleep t-shirt and then went to the bathroom. He noticed that the light in Molly’s room was out and all was quiet beyond her door. His fantasies looked to remain unfulfilled. After cleaning his teeth and washing the exhausting day from his face, he eased off his underwear and inspected his balls for damage. Pulling his cock out of the way, he pushed his balls forward gently with his hand and looked for bruises.

Stretching his scrotum for the examination was mildly painful, but he was encouraged that there was no visible damage.

“Oh God Jamie, I’m sorry.”

Jamie’s heart leapt in his chest when he looked up to see Molly standing at the open bathroom door. He quickly removed his hands from his groin, pulled down his shirt and wondered what she’d seen.

“I’m so sorry… I was…” Molly stumbled in apology.

“It’s okay.” Jamie felt his face redden. “I was just…”

“Checking them out.” Molly’s tone lightened. “I don’t blame you. I really am sorry Jamie, I was just looking for some water. I didn’t expect…”

“It’s okay,” he reassured, swallowing his pride. “I should’ve closed the door.”

Molly shuffled off to the kitchen. Jamie heard the ice water dispenser in the refrigerator a few moments later and he tried to calm his pounding heart. He felt so stupid to be caught doubled over, inspecting his balls, but there was also a lingering excitement that Molly may have caught a glimpse of his cock.

She apologized again on her way back to the bedroom. Jamie assured her it was okay, and tried to make light of the situation. Molly’s face softened when she heard his tone change. She also felt a growing excitement, having glimpsed Jamie doing something so private. Of course when she’d spotted him, her eyes had fixed on his cock… and that was never bad.

“I er… I hope they er… feel okay.” She nodded imperceptibly at his groin.

Jamie tried to smile. “They’re fine. Maybe a little swollen, but fine.”

Molly swallowed. “Do you er… want me to take a look? I’m trained in First Aid.”

It was hard for him to tell if she ataşehir escort was joking or not, but Jamie knew the temperature just went up, a lot. Molly was smiling mischievously, and he weighed up the pros and cons of the moment. In the end he decided it was a chance he couldn’t miss.

“They trained you in taking care of balls in First Aid?” He laughed playfully at the notion, trying to dispel some of the growing tension.

Molly looked sheepish. Her experience with balls was all her own, but she was sure she could ease any pain Jamie felt. “No, but the training was all about taking care of people.”

“Well, if you think you could help.” He eased his arms away from his shirt, indicating that access was all hers if she wanted it.

Molly’s hesitation was momentary. She took three steps, smiled reassuringly to him and dropped to her knees. “Let’s see what the trouble is here…”

She pulled up his shirt with one hand and immediately felt for his balls with the other. She prodded him gently, gauging his pain threshold at various points, then she cupped both of his balls and eased them forwards.

“No bruising.” she observed matter-of-factly. “They don’t feel too swollen either… not from the accident anyway.” The playfulness in her voice was evident now.

“I think you’ll live.” She let go, stood up and smiled at the patient. “Nice package by the way… very nice.”

“Er… thanks.” Jamie was still recovering from the reality of Molly kneeling before him with his privates at her disposal.

“Have you ever weighed them?” she giggled.

Jamie was dumbstruck. “What do you mean?”

“Weighed them?” She looked at him dismissively. “You stand on the scale, check your weight, then you have someone hold your… bits. They take the weight of them, and you can see what the difference is. Then you’ll know what they weigh. I did it with an old boyfriend once. He did my boobs, and I did his…”

Jamie shook his head at the notion, and the unlikely scenario he could feel they were heading for. “And what did his weigh?”

“Not as much as yours, I’ll bet. Here, you want to try?” Her eyes were all fire as she gently took his arm and ushered him onto the scale.

Jamie looked down as the digital scale settled on his weight. Then Molly returned her hand to his balls and lifted them, along with his cock, so that their weight rested in her palm. The digital readout dropped by almost a pound.

“Yep, very nice.” Molly nodded at the result.

Jamie’s intention was to ask if he could weight her breasts, but he was overtaken by events between his legs. In her hand, his cock started to elevate noticeably, pushing up his t-shirt and demanding his and Molly’s attention.

“Ah.” Molly exclaimed, not removing her hand. “I’m sorry about that. I guess I went a bit too far?”

“No.” Jamie swallowed and tried to sound reassuring. “It’s okay. It was bound to happen. Just reacting to how nice your hand felt I guess.”

Molly let his balls fall gently back and used her hand to pull away the t-shirt, revealing Jamie’s growing erection and watching closely as it continued its journey. “That is so nice.” she purred. “Looks like it weighs a whole lot more now!”

“Mmmm.” Jamie moaned, aching for more of her touch.

She didn’t move, or take her eyes from his cock as it stood. Without any further touching it got steadily harder, the head pumped up and its color darkened. It was only moments until he was fully erect and throbbing.

“Looks like there’s almost as much pressure there as in your injured balls.” she giggled. “Mind, I think I can at least help you with that… provide you with a little relief. If you’d like me to, of course… I’ll be gentle.”

Jamie simply nodded. There was nothing he wanted more at that moment.

Molly eased the shirt over his head so it didn’t get in the way and then stood in front of him, reaching down to grasp his shaft for the first time. Jamie’s eyes closed as the relieving pleasure of her touch spread through him.

She simultaneously started stroking him gently and slipped back to her knees. Once her eyes were level with his cock she reached up with her other hand and carefully supported his balls. Her strokes were firm, long and exquisite and Jamie’s head leaned back, the pleasure rising faster than he imagined possible.

Molly could feel his balls tightening already. She knew they were full and she delighted in the firm cock at her disposal. She knew she could use it to make Jamie feel a lot better!

She loved seeing her hand slide up and down a firm cock, and this one was a good size, nice thickness and had only the slightest hint of an upwards bend in the middle—her ideal plaything. She had the urge to take Jamie in her mouth, but was enjoying the sight of his excitement so much that she decided that could wait for later. She tightened her grip on his balls slightly and started to twist her strokes as they relentlessly ümraniye escort covered the length of his shaft. “This okay?” She looked up.

Jamie could do little more than grunt, his climax was already building.

Molly’s strokes didn’t miss a beat as she ran her hand up and down his cock with a slow, firm rhythm. She knew he was desperate for release when his hips started to meet her strokes, but she kept her rhythm from quickening, knowing it would be a better release for him. She smiled as she watched her hand work him, loving the feel of his hardness and the sight of her fingers wrapped around him.

When he opened his eyes and saw Molly in the mirror, working his cock with such an intense look on her face, he knew he could not hold back any longer.

Jamie’s grunt was unmistakable, and she knew he was cumming. Her smile widened and her hand kept its relentless, perfect pace, stroking firmly as he twitched and then started to shoot white cum.

His first spurt shot over her shoulder, grazing her hair. The next three landed on her t-shirt, just where it covered her gorgeous breasts. Jamie’s head began to swim in the force of the climax and his body burned with the pleasure, all other feeling left him and his whole being became a cock shooting cum from Molly’s hand.

“Oh my.” he gasped as she started to slow her strokes and squeeze the last of his cum out of the end of his cock. “That was…”

Molly giggled and looked up at him. “I’m glad you enjoyed. It was awesome to watch, and feel. You have such a great-looking cock. And it’s good to know that the injuries haven’t stopped anything working!” she smirked.

Jamie slumped against the washbasin, still drained from the moment. He smiled at Molly, noticing the cum on her hands and t-shirt. “I guess I have to find you another shirt now.” he laughed.

Molly’s elfin smile was unmistakable now. “Not if you don’t want to.” She paused to take hold of the hem of the shirt. “I kind of thought…” she pulled it over her head, “that you might like to help me with a little release too.”

Her body was breathtaking and she didn’t seem to mind him inspecting her in detail. Every inch of her skin was smooth and curvy. Her breasts looked round, full and perfect, her big nipples jutting up with excitement. Between her legs Jamie saw a trace of trimmed pubic hair, and the unmistakable cleft of her pussy. She wiped the cum from her hand with the shirt, threw it to the floor and assumed the perfect “take me” pose.

“Of course…” she looked down at his deflated cock, “only if you think you can manage some more excitement!”

Jamie said nothing, simply took her hand and led her to his bedroom. Standing next to the bed, he kissed her deeply for the first time and allowed his hands to explore her skin. When he got to her breasts he lifted them up to feel their weight and pulled on her nipples, wondering at how great they felt in his fingers. His other hand slipped down between her legs, felt her thighs ease apart for him and he drew his fingertips up along her pussy. She was wet, swollen and ready. She urgently kissed him back and pulled on his hips to display her need.

Molly pulled him onto the bed by the cock. She eased him to lie on his back and swiveled so she was straddling him, offering her pussy to his face and could work on bringing his cock back to full hardness. She eagerly took hold of him again and slipped him into her mouth.

He gasped as he felt her tongue start to work on him and looked up at the beautiful pussy inches from his eyes. Her pussy lips looked inviting and he pushed his tongue up to begin licking her. As her juices started to run on his tongue, he felt her ease down to him, encouraging his attentions. Jamie reached up with his hands to run over the curves of her ass cheeks while he teased around her pussy lips with his tongue. It was hard to resist her deeper folds though, so he pulled her pussy open and plunged his tongue as deep as he could into her pink. When he withdrew he made a few long licks across her clit. As she moaned, he felt his cock twitch in her mouth, resuming full hardness.

Molly loved the feeling of his cock in her mouth. The only thing better was feeling him harden as she licked and sucked on him. As she gently ran her fingers around his balls she felt the head of his cock become as hard as she’d felt in the bathroom. She loved a cock that responded to her and was so obviously ready for her.

As much as he wanted to lick her to climax, Jamie wanted to feel himself inside her. He eased their bodies over, so she was on her back and with one final long lick over her clit, he kneeled up, turned to face her and straddle her. He reached out and kneaded her breasts, pausing to pull on her nipples and watching her face as it wantonly displayed pleasure at his actions.

Bringing his mouth to her breast, he sucked on her nipple and felt its hardness in the cleft of his tongue as he licked and played with it. He gently grasped it between his teeth and pulled, making her squirm with pleasure.

“God you have a wonderful body.” he breathed as he continued to massage her breasts with his hands.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” Molly reached to take hold of him again, immediately stroking the hard cock. “This feels like it would be nice, inside me.”

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