A Large Woman Changed My Life


Some men get hot and flustered for thin girls. Size zero. Boyish, no-chest stick insects. Not me. When I’m walking down the street, eyeing up the passing women, I am scanning for something altogether different. Big, curvy, large ladies. There, coming from my left, a teenager in a too-small top, exposing her big stomach and large, full breasts. Or to the right, the mother with a pram, too much fat on her bottom – some would say – bending over to pick something up. Her creamy cleavage spilling out of her low-cut blouse. And I wonder what she would look like topless, in my bed.

It has taken me years to admit it; but I can’t deny it any more. Big girls make me horny. Once, I used to laugh at the idea of clubs where thin men would go to meet plump women. Now, I want to try them out. In a bar or nightclub, I scan for larger girls. Watching porno films, I fast-forward past the conventional, skinny women. I stop the remote control at the big, curvaceous, natural girls and press play.

I’m not a psychotherapist but it doesn’t take a genius to work out where this all began; Amanda. A big girl. My first fuck. And, quite possibly, the best. To think that we only spent one night together and then…nothing. I didn’t return her phone calls. I never saw her again. And that was 10 years ago. Slightly more, even. Back then, a callow 19-year old, I didn’t want to be seen in public with a woman who weighed, I’m guessing, half as much as me again. At that age, appearance is everything. Instead, I am forced to think back to that night, when I first met my sexual muse. Sure, since then we’ve stripped for each other and done it all again, a hundred times; but only in my imagination.

I was visiting a friend in Bath, the historic city in England’s westcountry. She, Tina, lived in a house of female students, seven of them. We were going to go out for the evening. I wasn’t particularly excited that I was going out with a big bunch of girls; after all, these were student days when I was surrounded by women, drink and opportunities. Not that I had taken the latter. Bizarrely, in retrospect, I wanted to save my virginity for that special one. Sure, I’d played around in bed with girls and girlfriends. But I hadn’t gone the whole way with anyone. At 19, that was probably a little late. You might say. I turned up at the house, was shown inside, met Tina’s friends and settled down with a can of lager to shoot the breeze. We were in a pretty ordinary living room, standard for student-land. One of Tina’s housemates had brought her sister, Amanda, who was a good few years older. She was an academic, working in tropical medicine, living in Wimbledon, a London suburb. She was about 25, which – at the time – seemed old. Funny how your perceptions change with time. As it was, I barely noticed her. She had long dark brown hair, and was a big, round girl. Curves in all the right places, but she was…no doubt about it…fat. Instead, I turned my attentions to the other girls. Most had boyfriends but were chatting away happily with me, enjoying the banter and the lager.

One of the flatmates, Rebecca, teased me: “You must feel like a stud, heading out on the town with eight girls,” she joked. As it was, Rebecca was a little blonde with an enormous boyfriend. Clearly she wasn’t interested in me.

At one point I had a small argument with Amanda, can’t remember what about…may have been politics, or science, or nothing. But it didn’t endear me any more to her. Funny to think that four hours later…we would be….I would be…emptying my cock into her. Life can be like that, sometimes.

The time came to go out on the town. We went to a few pubs and bars, were joined by other friends – male and female – until there was quite a big crowd. Soon it was approaching midnight and we were trooping down into a dark basement nightclub in the centre of Bath.

A real dive, it was. Five pounds to get in at the door. Inside, dank corridors and three dance floors, people already swaying to the music. I bought a round of pints. Someone else bought some shots. We all danced, chatted, met some random people. At some point in the night, now a little drunker than before – but not ridiculously so – I found myself chatting to Amanda. Her back was against the wall. In my merry state, and in the dark, she seemed much more attractive than before. Pretty, I thought to myself. And she was fun as well. We were chatting away, about this and that. My eyes strayed down to her top. I hadn’t noticed how low-cut it was, showing off the generous swell of pale, creamy flesh – contrasting against the istanbul escort black material of her blouse. I wondered what she was hiding under there. There was a whiff of perfume around her neck and shoulders.

Sometimes she would lean in to whisper in my ear, and she laughed at my jokes. It seemed only natural when she leaned in, moved her mouth slowly towards mine, and began to kiss me. She had initiated it and I was only too willing. Soon my hands were in her long, dark hair and my tongue moved urgently against hers. Her hands were on my back and I slid mine down to her waist and behind. She must have felt my hardness as I pressed up against her. It may have been 5 minutes, or 25, that we were standing like that. I’ll always remember what she said next: “I can’t wait to see you naked,” she whispered, nuzzling against my ear and neck. I didn’t need asking twice. Next thing I knew, we were heading out of the club – leaving all the others behind – and were out in the fresh breeze, amid the street lights and dark night sky of Bath. And then were were in the back of a taxi, kissing once again, running my hand against her leg. She was wearing a small, black miniskirt. Her hand, meanwhile, was pressing firmly against my jeans, between my legs. Against my cock. Even then, she was taking charge. As the car pulled up in the quiet residential street, it was Amanda who paid the driver. And who unlocked the door with keys borrowed from her little sister. Inside, she didn’t stop to fix a drink. Instead, she led me through to the living room, silent and dark. There were no spare bedrooms in the cramped house. So this was where we were going to stay for the night. Amanda’s heavy curves swayed as she walked in front of me. She flicked a switch on the corner-lamp, which threw shadows across the room. I could see our silhouettes moving on the wall behind us as she turned around and started to kiss me again. We were alone, at last, and there was no need to hold back. She murmured as I kissed her neck, her ear, her mouth and her cheeks. Her hand was between my legs once more. I helped to lift her blouse above her head, and she discarded it on the floor. Off came my jacket and shirt. “I hope you like what you see,” she said, standing there in just her mini-skirt and bra.

Yes, I thought to myself, I like it. Very much. I don’t know if she was e-cup, or f-cup, or what. Either way, she was in proud possession of the biggest pair of breasts I had ever seen up close. Sure, she was heavy around the waist, and her stomach spilled over her skirt. But encased in that black bra was….I wanted to get closer to them, and reached behind her back to unclip it. Her hand was still between my legs as she stood there, watching me, stroking me. I pulled the straps over her shoulders, and peeled the material down from her magnificent chest. And there they stood, like two watermelons, creamy-white in that dark, gloomy room. Her nipples were big, like two enormous coins, dark brown and – as i lowered my head to suck on them – increasingly hard. Some people would call Amanda plump. I would call her incredible, beautiful, feminine. Each pendulous tit was almost the size of my head, I realised, as I ran my hands and tongue all over them. A started to breath more volubly and i felt her fingers unzipping my flies, reaching into my jeans, and extracting my swollen tool. For a while we stood there, me sucking on those enormous orbs as she started to wank me off. I was licking all over her creamy white flesh, sucking greedily on her hardened teats as she rubbed and caressed my dick.

“Do you have any condoms?” she asked, almost breathless. I told her no, I was a virgin, deliberately so, and that we could have lots of fun without having full sex. She seemed to agree, and got down in front of me, on her knees, and began to lick me. Amanda ran her tongue over the purple head of my cock, down its veiny length and up again. Her mouth felt hot and wet as she slurped on my length. She lifted up her heavy tits, forcing her cleavage together, and pushed it against my cock. Still licking the end, she began to move her globes up and down my length. Remember; I was hugely inexperienced. I’d never even had a tit-wank before. It felt so good as my cock was enfolded in her big, heavy cleavage, which became wetter from my pre-cum and from her saliva on my bell-end. I warned her that I was about to erupt, and she stopped what she was doing.

“My turn,” she said, releasing me and lying back on the avcılar escort floor next to me. Even on her back, her breasts still looked enormous and full.

I didn’t need asking twice, and got down between her legs, helping her pull off her miniskirt. She spread her thighs wide, allowing me to lick her thighs and up towards her black, frilly knickers. I ran my tongue along the edge of her panties, teasing her. Already I could smell her thick, feminine musk, hard to describe but making me ever more aroused. I kissed her through the dark material, breathing softly against her pussy and gently licking the cloth. Then I peeled the material of her knickers to one side, allowing my tongue access to her big, wet lips. “Yes, yes,” she whispered as I probed even further, pushing my tongue up into her pussy. Together, we pulled the knickers down, over her big white thighs, until she was totally naked. She had a large, dark bush of pubic hair, from which stood out her thick pink labia. “Oh God, James, lick me more,” she panted, as I moved my face up against her twat and began to lick and suck her. She was getting wetter by the second. I felt her hands on my blond hair, pushing me further into her, and I kept up my tongue on her. WIth one corner of my eye I could see Amanda playing with her own tits, stroking her nipples to keep them hard. I had gone down on women before – I was not totally inexperienced – and made sure I gave her really good head.

We could hear voices in anothe room, as some of the other girls came back from the club. But the noise soon faded.

I was meanwhile licking Amanda’s clit, which stood out hard amid her thick bush. To help her out, I started to stroke her hole with one finger, and then two, before pushing them deep into her. When they were swallowed up I added another, so that I was pumping her with three fingers…my tongue still on her little nub. I had never made a woman cum before, and it was almost a surprise to me when she started to buck up against my mouth and fingers, groaning with pleasure. She froze, gripping my head against her cunt, as she orgasmed into my face.

Amanda’s face was red and sweaty as she sat up from the floor, and ordered me to lie down on the carpet. My cock was still swollen with excitement as I lay on my back, looking up at this lovely big woman. I watched, almost impassively, as she clambered over me until her face was over my groin and her bottom was descending towards my head. “Have you ever done a 69 before?” she asked, not waiting for an answer. Even as she spoke, her pussy was heading towards my mouth. “I think you might like it.”

Seconds later, her hairy lips were back over my mouth and I was sucking and licking her again…but this time, she was fellating me as well. Washing my dick with her mouth, stroking it with her hand, sucking away. Her pussy tasted more creamy than before, from her orgasm, I supposed, and her lips were wet and slippery with excitement. I opened her up deeply to lick all over. At times it wasn’t so easy to breathe, with those thick heavy thighs clamped over my head and my mouth and nose covered with pussy. But it was so exciting for me, feeling that sucking motion on my erection at the same time. And then Amanda took me by surprise. She reached back with her hands, to hold her buttocks open, and shifted her big arse….so that my tongue slipped towards her other hole.

“That’s it,” she encouraged me. “Just keep licking.” Part of me felt slightly disgusted, or at least unsure. But mostly, I was just pure excited. I did what she said. And kept licking. Around her little arsehole, in quick circles, then across in tiny strokes, and then..I plunged my tongue right into her. She tasted warm and earthy. And, judging by the noises she was making, she liked being rimmed as much as I liked rimming her. At the same time, she was moving her mouth down my cock to my balls…in slow strokes. I realised what she was doing. She wanted to give me the same gift! I adjusted my position, moving my bottom so that it was closer to her mouth. And when I felt her tongue edging into my bum-hole…my God it felt good. I had never experienced anything like this before. Mutual rimming. So nasty, and yet so pleasurable. As she slipped her tongue in and around my arse, jabbing it into my passage, she stroked my cock. This went on for a heavenly time. I would have happily done this mutual rimming for hours, but Amanda had other ideas.

She sat up again, still straddling me, but turned around, so that she was facing me. Her brown hair was streaming şirinevler escort down her shoulders, and her face looked hot and flushed. Her massive, pale tits hung like strange fruit in front of her. She was sat on my thighs, looking down at me, toying with my cock with her hand. “I know you don’t want to fuck me but you might enjoy it,” she said.

“Really, I do want to, but you know I’m not ready, yet,” I replied.

Amanda was still wanking me, slowly. I could hear her slow, heavy breathing in that near-silent room.

She edged forward, so her dark hairy triangle was judging my erection.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I replied. “I mean, no, I’m not ready not yet.”

Amanda was not someone to take no for an answer, because the next thing I knew, she was holding her flaps open with one hand, gripping my cock with the other, and easing herself on to me.

I felt the end of my cock nudging the humid entrance to her pussy. I tried to summon the self-discipline to stop. And it was no good. Down she slid, until her wet pussy was impaled on my throbbing cock.

“You can still say no,” said Amanda.

Clearly, this was not a realistic option, as she started to move herself up and down on me in gentle circles. I had never felt a pussy around my dick before, and the unusual sensation was incredible. Truth be told, I lasted about 30 seconds. I warned Amanda that I was about to cum, and then spasmed, firing jets of cum into her.

I expected her to roll off, or something. To get cleaned up, perhaps. But as I felt the warm liquid seeping out on to my pubes, she just stayed put. She took my hands and placed them on those large breasts, and remained sat on my wilting cock as I fondled her flesh. But as I did so, amazingly, I felt myself stirring down below. A minute, two minutes. And I was hard again. Amanda smiled as she felt me stiffening inside her pussy, and began to move again on top of me. This time, we were destined to go for a much longer ride. I still could hardly believe that three hours ago I didn’t know Amanda – or even like her particularly – and now here I was, in ecstacy, as she moved up and down on my pole.

Did I regret losing my virginity to a near-stranger? No. Frankly. Not at all.

She leant down to kiss me, our tongues mingling together. “I knew you would enjoy it,” she told me.

I liked Amanda’s big curves, and the way that I felt pinioned to the carpet by her weight as she fucked me. I loved the sight of my cock as it disappeared into her dark bush and then, as she lifted off again, reappeared. And I loved the sight of those boobs, as they swung above me. The harder Amanda fucked me, the faster those tits swung.

Had any of the other girls entered the living room…what would they have seen? My slim, 10-stone frame, on my back, a horny 15-stone woman pumping me from above. A look of ecstacy on both of our faces.

After a while, Amanda had had enough of that position. She got up and put her arms on the sofa, her knees on the carpet below. “Now I want you to fuck me from behind,” she ordered me. I tried to push my cock into her from behind, but I was awkward, so she reached back to hold her cunt open, allowing me to ease myself back in. I liked this position a lot. I liked the way that Amanda groaned as I pushed my meat in and out, and I liked my newfound sense of control as I started to set the pace of our fucking. Sometimes I would pump her hard, then, worried about cumming too soon, I would slow down to a more easy pace. A couple of times I pulled out, to stop cumming.

On those occasions I got on my knees behind Amanda and licked her pussy again…and of course her anus. Her vagina seemed more open than before, I guessed from the pumping I had been giving her. And when I’d got my breath back, I sunk my dick back into her, doggie-style.

I don’t know what time it was, it was late, late, late, when I reached my crescendo. I gripped Amanda’s hair and her big arse as I started to drill harder and harder. The build-up was incredible. We were both quite loud, panting and urging each other on, “Yes,” she would tell me, “harder, fuck me, fuck me,” and I was telling her how great she was, how tight her big pussy felt. And then that was it. The big O. When I came, it was in jets of white spunk, deep into her womb. Amanda actually screamed. I was quite taken aback by the volume of her cries as she had another, clearly even better, orgasm.

Later that night, I came again. On her breasts. I’ll never forget that erotic sight of my white emission, as it trickled down her enormous cleavage.

That was my night with Amanda. Abridged, of course. The memories will never be as good as the real thing.

We agreed to see each other again. We even spoke, once, on the phone. But fool that I was, I have never seen her again since. Sometimes we have to pay for the folly of our youth and this time I have – with considerable regret.

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