A Life: A Journey Begins. Part 1


A Life: A Journey Begins. Part 1A life: A Journey Begins. This a work of fiction so any similarities to anyones real life are not intended to be. This part has limited sex so if that’s what you’re looking for you won’t find it in this part. Hi I’m Bobby. All grown up now and looking back on life to see how did get to THIS! I lay half sitting up on my bed with a laptop write this. Looking around the room I’ll start with a straight dark haired beauty laying face down asleep on the bed to the right of me. The sheet covered half a perfect little heart size ass. The only thing she had on was a old black studded collar around her neck one word printed on it “Slave” that she loved so very much. On the other side of me is another beautiful dark hair girl, the hair bit shorter and wavy. She’s was on her side facing away with a sheet pulled to her chin. Across from the bed is a couch with two very naked girls wrapped in each other arms and legs asleep there faces hidden by blue and green hair. See what I mean about thinking how I got here, even if it’s my B-Day week party. Yes that’s right B-day week. I was order by my wife to take a week off for it, but I’m the boss so I can do that. Speak or should I say write of the devil she appears. She is 5′ 4″ 115lbs 34c-26-34 at 42 years old she like she’s in her late twenties. Her hair is dyed purple ‘in honor of my birthday’, it’s my favorite color but I know she did it because she knew that I won’t be able to keep my hands off her. I’m already getting hard again just looking at her when should be worn out from all the sex in the last few days. It’s only day 4 with 5 more to go… I may die but I’ll die with a smile and what better way for a man to go. Naked as the day she was born, more beautiful than the day I met her. She had a grin on her face like a cat that just found the mouse as she closed in like stocking lioness. She rolls her hips with each step till she about ten feet away, then dropped to her hands and knees as she crawled closer her back arched with oh so perfect sexy ass is up in the air. That sexy purple haired head popped up at the end of the bed, I could see lust and love in her eyes. Up she crawled into the bed as she got between my legs her hand reaches out and grips my cook. Looking into me eyes with a big smile she say ‘someone needs attention’ before I can say a thing she take my growing rod deep in her mouth. Reaching up closing my laptop so she can watch my face as blows me. Sucking bobbing her head up and down while her tongue never stop moving up and over trying to rap around my cock. On and on she goes, keeping at for a good ten minutes while holding eye contact with me. She just teasing me as she sucks me. Soon I’m moaning trying to grab her head but she stops me only to go back to tease me again. When I’m to point where I can’t take it any more and about to just pick her up and **** her I’m so horny. She knows this so siding her tongue over and around my head, then over and around the head again and again with her tongue. I feel a like I gone to heaven then I about blow as her mouth shoots down my dick forcing it down her throat and she begins to hum. If nobody ever done this for you I highly recommend it. She giving me slow short stroke so the head of my cock never leaves the tightness of her throat while humming to whole time. Her throat is tight and hot I know I won’t last long as one her hands finds my balls and starts lightly running her nails over them just the way I love. But then being married for almost twenty years she know ALL my weak points and uses then to full effect. I say ‘oh god baby you’re going to make my cum’ cause her to redouble her efforts. I feel my balls boiling up another load from somewhere deep inside as my hips start to jerk trying to force every inch into her mouth. Feeling this she pulls back until her lips are wrapped around the head one hand on my hip to keep me forcing my cock forward and other hand rolls and scratches my balls as she suck hard and tongue moves up and over the head as she moves her head back and forth a little. then down around her tongue goes moving to the tip and as rapidly as possible darts her tongue across my hole at the tip the whole time humming. I can’t take it as feel the cum leave my balls on track up my cock it feel it’s draining my energy out of me. I can only grunt as the legs lock up I see stars as first of many thick ropes of cum shot into her mouth. She never once messed a beat as drained me drinking ever drop I don’t know how long she suck and bobbed on me because I was riding one of her “premier blowjobs” so it feel like forever. She keeps at it as I came down from cloud nine I was on about to pass out with my dick in her mouth when she stopped and started to move the laptop that some how stayed on my chest. That woke me up enough to stop her saying ‘no I need to write some more but I want your help’… Seeing her give me her look I knew meant “go on” I continue ‘I just started when you came in writing about how my life ended up here with all… this’ as waved my arms to the women around the room. ‘I feel the need to write it out, to make it feel real’ looking right into her eyes. She just holds my eyes for a time before nodding her head with a ‘ok’ she start to side up my side but she hasn’t once let go of my cock as snuggles up next to me. Turned the screen to her she reads, when she gets near wear I left off as she came in I start to write again. Soon she telling me to add this or change that, we fell deep into discussion as we write together.———When I was almost three my mother died at the age of 28 leaving me and my dad. Dad took it hard and poured himself into work but always made some time for me. He hired a live in nanny to help raise me and to be there when he went out of town for work. She was already retired for 2 years but she had been his nanny when he was small and hearing about mom she said ‘well someone needs to teach him right’ and took the job. I got along well with her. She immediately pick up I was special and set about find out how special I was. I can say now I have IQ of 157 but back then she found out I could already read, knew my abc’s, how to count, add and subtract. I was only three. you see I have a kind of photographic memory. Anything I read or hear I can play it back over and over again. Then I could read about 3 or 4 pages per minute while understand everything, now I can do 20 to 30 pages a minute. She made sure that I had more then enough to read. At age 4 I started Tai Chi classes and meet the girl that lived down the road Shelly. She was two years older than me and we played a lot for years being to only two k**s in miles. Nan also made me go to school even tho she had a teachers license because she said I needed to be a k** and play with c***dren my own age. That did not go over well. I was smarter than everyone else and I felt that way about most my of teachers too. So I didn’t make friends or really play with the others unless I had to. In the first grade I got in a fight it was a draw… Maybe. His name was Jack Witmen and we became best friends. Him taking Jujitsu is the only reason I didn’t kick his ass. I started Jujitsu classes with him soon after and did both all the trough high school. I meet my soon the be stepmother at a party for my dads work I was 9. I was told she was a friend but I knew by the dad said it I knew she was more. A few months later dad took me in his study for one of are “man talks” and told he wished to remarry. I just turned 10 and I didn’t know what to think. I just nodded my head got up and walked out of the room. Dad let me go because that’s the way I am, him knowing I had think it through. I thought about over the next few days and didn’t like the idea… But in the end he got married and I got 5 new family members. One stepmother Alice and four stepsisters Beth 9, Janett 8 and twins Bella and Renna were 5. I made it a point to show and say I didn’t want or needed anymore family, I got a two hour lecture from Nan (my nanny) she stay a few months to smooth things over because of me. It didn’t really work. I never gave in and didn’t help my oldest new stepsister Beth and I fought from the first week we meet was almost a year younger than me. She give me a “better than thou” attitude in the way she treated me, exchanged barbs at almost every meeting. I had always been to smart for my own good and was a master prankster. When Nan left I started with mercilessly pranking. Frog in their beds, harmless snake in the bathtub, those fake food cans that a fake snake fly out when opened, these put in their dresser drawers so when open them they shoot out. This caused many problems to say the least. After about three months of this and worse my dad took me up to his study for another “man talk”. My dad had always treated like was a equal. He sat at his desk and I sat in nice high back set across for him. He put a his “adult face” as I called it looking at me said “well Bobby what do you have to say for yourself?”. I put on a light smile saying ‘what do you mean by that father?’. “Don’t give me that Robert. You have been annoying and playing pranks on your sisters and mother for months this has to end”. ‘Stepmother and Stepsisters’ I say. He just stares at me. He doesn’t call me Robert unless he wants me to listen or his mad at something I’ve done. I nod my head straight face say ‘yes sir I understand but with such easy targets I don’t know how I can hold back’. I see him almost smiling understand me and open for negotiations. I had pushed it into this and prepare my case. ‘I would like to move into Nan’s place. That would get them out my sight so I won’t be tempted. Also you could give the twins my old room since it’s bigger there going to need it as they grow up and gain a guest room’. The house was large but with four girls needing rooms… My room was the biggest next to the master bedroom. A bathroom between my room and dads study on the second floor over the laundry room, another bathroom and part of kitchen left of the middle the house with kitchen, dining room, living room. To right on first floor is the master bedroom and workout room. Above is three bedrooms and one bathroom with four girls. I wanted Nan’s old place. It was what you called a “mother in laws house” or guesthouse on the other side of the pool in the backyard. And yes we’re rich, not filthy rich. My great grandfather had started a company from nothing that my father now ran. Finally after two minutes my father said “ok I might agree to that if you agree to some of my terms”. I nod my head. He continues “first you will treat mother and sisters with respect, you will come to all morning meals. Well maybe not Saturday or Sunday if want to sleep in but at least three dinners a week. If we go on a family trip your coming”. I thought that’s not half bad, I got what wanted while not having to give back much. I stood up extend my hand said ‘deal’. My father also stood take hand in a firm grip “deal” and pumped my arm twice. ‘So when can I move in?’ “When ever you wish. I’ll let your mother know” he replied. I could help it and said ‘stepmother’. He frowned at me then said “Bobby try to see them as family. Maybe not all at once but..” ‘Fine’ I said in a disinterested voice. I Moved out that night but took awhile move some stuff the garage and a year to get everything the way I wanted it. The guesthouse door leads to a living room swinging left and small dining room right then a small kitchen. A hallway in the corner of living room next to the kitchen has three doors and wraparound metal staircase. The first on right is a full bath and second room I’m making into a game room with pullout couch. The only door on the left is the master bedroom with full bathroom and walk in closet. The second floor a loft that opens up over living room. A wooden beam five inches square ran nine feet over head downstairs to front wall with one large window on each side. I hung a dartboard there. Jack and I played but you had to go get your own darts. Things really didn’t change much tho, yes I spent more time with them now because I didn’t eat with at all before. But over next few months we settled into a easy trust. Beth and I still went rounds, I know that’s why Janett doesn’t really try talk to me because of Beth give her a hard time over nice to me. I did start to like the twins. The twins were there mothers perfect little angels so Beth couldn’t bully them.Over the next few years there’s not much to talk about but maybe twins started calling me ‘big b*o’ from Renna I shorten her name to “Re” and ‘big brother’ by her twin that I call by her second name “Anna” she didn’t let anyone but Re call her that. They became “Re-Anna” one word when I call them this because I kind of think of them as one person. There always together, when speaking they switch back and fourth between them changing every three to five words without miss a word like one mind in two bodies it a little eerie sometimes and they are exact copy’s of each other. There cheerful and all smiles but Re is older by 19 minutes more out going with a toy boy personality and dress. Anna is shy but follows her big sisters lead but will dress more girly than Re does most the time. I found out that I always can tell who was Re and who was Anna. Well I haven’t miss 37 times in a row and before I went 23 times without missing. Even there mother has never got more than six in a row. I just know and really don’t know why I just do.I’m th*****n now and doing well, I still holding back from the whole family thing. Then my dad is getting back from a trip to office in New York in late January and instead coming home from the airport Alice takes him ER because he was dizzy and hard time seeing straight. The next day we all went to the hospital. My father looked in good health and seamed fine. After about ten minutes of the girls all around him. I said there were to many people for one room I’ll wait in the hall till it clears and left. But what I really wanted was answers so went to find them. Luck was with me because the nurses station was empty and only took me ten seconds to find his file. Less then a minute later I was putting it back and just turn around as a nurse came out the bathroom. So acted like I was looking for her and walk towards her saying ‘sorry to bother you but do know when the doctor be around?’ “He’s making his rounds now so be with you soon.” She said going back to the nurses station. ‘Thanks’ I replied and go back to wait by his door. I went over his file in my head, didn’t see any problems but they still some test to run. Yea I’m not a doctor but read a lot medical books so I have good understanding what the file said. I didn’t have to wait long, like 20 minutes before the girls came out. Alice says to me ‘your dad wish to speak to you. I’m taking the girls the to cafeteria for lunch. Come join us when you guys are done talking or we’ll back in hour.” I walked in and moving towards the bed when dad smiled saying “so what did you learn? Anything there not telling me?” I laugh saying ‘I guess you know why I left?’ “It might be a good cover wanting to wait the girls leave to talk to me but I know you better.” He ends with a wink. ‘No, nothing in your file show any problems but you have more tests.’ “Good, then I’ll hope it’s just stress and jet lag.” He says. We talk about nothing but he does put me in charge of the house, “The Man of the House” and all while he’s gone. that’s he’s given me a thousand times. I of course promise that will. Then the nurses come to take him for more tests so I go to find the girls. I get something to eat before taking sit with them and tell Alice that they took dad for more tests. I finished eating then went the twins to the gift-shop so Alice could go find out how long the tests were go to take. She founds us still there saying she going to take us home because dad had test most of the day and the Witmen’s are watching us tonight so she stay here with dad. I want to stay too but I was to young the hospital won’t allow it. Having Jack over is cool and his mom watching us I’m use to being best friends for years. I talk on phone to dad the next two days and he will be home by noontime time tomorrow. I him tell we’re grilling out which he said was fine. Alice came home in the morning without dad, she was a total wreak still crying I don’t know how made it here like this. Father had passed away at 4 in the morning we find out later he had a stroke, one of blood vessels in brain had a clot and he died. Back then they didn’t have all cool toys we do today, so there was no way for the doctors to tell. So he could be just fine and healthy one minute and then just dead. Soon the house was full of crying women, I went to my place Jack following. He fought a losing battle trying to cheer me up because felt like I could never feel right again. I didn’t cry to once, I was just lost. I went into automatic mode for a while, help with funeral arrangements, had my father cremated, the wake and all. Meeting with my fathers layer Mr. Shrap a month later made it all to real, I sat in his office with Alice while he went through the details of his will. I would inherit most of everything being his own c***d but Alice got lot to and girls got there college paid for. Alice knew all this having done the will with him, I got 53% of the stock so could take over the company when I got older and it is set so can’t sale it only turn it the a heir. Grandfather did it like that so the company will always stay in the family. Mom had a cabin in Colorado, house in LA, her classic Porsche, the corvette father and I restored, and The house where we live was built for my mom I got. Also a LARGE bank account. I told Mr. Shrap draw up a will for me In case I die and leave everything to twins in a trust till there 21 or have a college degree since I have not heirs. Alice didn’t look like she like the idea of making a will and told me “I don’t want you talking about dying.” ‘Well all die sometime, think of it this way you kill me off and girls get everything.’ bursa escort I said with a laugh. Well that was the Wrong thing to say, she came up off the chair and smacked me good saying “Robert! You will never say anything thing like that again.” I could see she on the verge of tears so I said ‘that was rude of me I’m sorry.’ Alice sat back down and Mr. Strap said in a neutral tone that he’ll have it for me to sign by next week. I Also got meet his accountant who handled the company accounts and was good old friend of my grandparents. I arrange all the bills of the house and everything to paid for out account he would set up and I would put money into to. A month goes by I finally decide what I’m going to do. Well I decided on the day I pour my father ashes in the same lake near the house that years ago I had helped father pour my mothers in. Alice and girls came to but I made them go home without me because wanted to stay and sit for a while. For most of the day sit lost in thought but come up with I want to do. I have get away on my own for a while and know Alice won’t let me leave like that so I’m going to run away for home. So I go about getting ready. First on Sunday when the girls leave to church I ride into town leaving my bike at Jack’s house. He doesn’t know what I’m doing but he knows when not to ask questions, so covers for me. I called a cab to come get me at the in bank town. I’ve had account there since I was three and realized the value of money. I wanted part of my allowance to go in there ever week to. I many be rich but didn’t act rich, putting most of it away every month. With Christmas, b-day, other money gifts over the years I had over 20k in the bank. I withdraw 10k and wait for the cab. When it shows up the cabbie at first his not happy to find a k** call him all the way out to the country. I asked how much was it to ride to the city a hour away with what I already owe him and told me it would be about 110 bucks. He changed his mind quickly after I handed him a 150 and told him to keep it, lets go. I had him drop me off downtown. I went to two large banks and deposit 4K each thinking they might find one but not both. Then went shopping for hiking gear if anyone asks I figure I could say it’s for when Jack and I go camping. I get what I need quick and pay out up front for a cab ride back to town. After the cab drops me off, walk across town to Jack’s and drop the gear in his garage grab my bike and go home no one the wiser. School let out and two weeks later I was gone. It had be almost five months since dad died and I was off to see if could make on my own. Not much happened on trip hitchhiking with truckers and walking for two weeks but somehow end up in Atlanta. When left I didn’t really have anywhere in mind. So thinking I should look around because I knew to disappear and I had find a big city. I hung out for a week had my b-day with myself and thinking this city might do. I ended up that night under a highway overpass and thought I was pretty well hidden laid down in concert rain runoff channel and say to myself that nobody would walk by here. Its getting dark when I see someone cutting across under the overpass and should past me by 30 feet. Their almost even with me then they turn walking my way. I know they must have seen me so raise my head to see if I need to run. It’s a dark haired girl that looks maybe to be the same age as me. She got dirty overalls and tee shirt on with a baseball cap. “Hi” she says. ‘Uh, hi’ reply back not sure if should try and leave or not. “What you doing?” She says with a smile and stops about 5 feet from me. ‘Nothing I was just leaving’ I say get up grabbing my pack and walking quickly the way she just came from with a ‘goodbye’. I must have caught her off guard walking away like that because she stands there few seconds before I can hear her turn and jog to catch up to me, I spin drop my pack and dropping in a crouch. She pulls up and say “woo there I’m not trying get ya, just wanted to talk.” ‘I got somewhere get to so goodbye’ I said back. “Oh come on. You know you have no where go. So if you’re going to walk aimlessly you can walk and talk with me. So let’s go!” And spins around once to point the way she was walking. I didn’t know what to do, I just knew she could tell I was runaway. “Please” she says in a little girls voice while hold her hands likes she’s praying. ‘Fine’ I say grabbing my pack. “Yep eee!” She let out and jumps up and down. I smile at that and she matches mine. “I’m Jamie” she say. ‘I’m Mike’ I reply. I follow her for few minutes before asking ‘how long am I following you?.’ “I’m going to my little spider hole, so depends weather you or I need anything from the store and if you’re coming in with me” she smiles but I stop making her turn to keep looking at me. ‘What do mean “spider hole”? You said walk and talk. Nothing about taking me somewhere’ I say. ” I just wanted to know if you need anything from store if not I can go to my spider hole where you go on your way. That’s if I can’t entice you to follow me into web to eat and devourer you. It’s how us homeless little girls survive. Like vampires.” She finishes smiling with a giggle. I sigh before saying ‘no I don’t need anything from a store so let’s get this over with’. As we start walking again. Jamie replies with “out at night walking in the dark with a pretty girl and I get ‘let’s get this over with’ you sound like old man telling his wife ok after she asked him for sex”. I blush at that but come back with ‘pretty girl? Where?’ While turning my head back and forth to look around holding one hand over my eyes acting like had to block the sun. She tried elbowing me which I block saying “that was rude for a little k**. Maybe you can’t see my little hideout” sticking her tongue out at me. I laugh and say ‘who said I was coming with you? I’m just out for a walk and your not any older than me’. “You’re still a pup I can tell and I’m older than I look”. I just give her a look like “yea whatever you say” on my face. “Don’t believe me? Well if you can guess my age I won’t eat you, but if you don’t you have play nice and you have to enter little web to be eaten.” She Says with another giggle. ‘Fine’ I sigh and look her up and down. She even turns around once for me smiling and says “get a good look baby.” I still thinks she looks my age. ‘Well, I don’t think much older then me. Maybe fif***n or si****n’ “fif***n or si****n what is it?” She asks. ‘Ok your si****n’ I say. “Nope your wrong. I turned sev*****n like three months ago. Guess we should have meet before then.” She says this while she wearing a big smile. I let it go thinking so she takes me to her hideout then I can just leave. As we’re walking she telling me all about what’s around, stuff about her and doesn’t see many homeless k**s her age around like me. I say ‘I’m not homeless, I’m on a journey.’ But just she keeps smiling and talking like she doesn’t hear me and could continue to talk until the time ended. She was reminding me of the twins that makes me think they would have noticed my disappearance and been looking for me for weeks. I did feel bad about that but there was nothing to do about it but go home. That was not happening yet.Soon she led off the road down a embankment to a creak we followed it to a large 6 foot drainpipe with metal bars across it. “Just through that” she said pointing up at a concert opening not quite two and half foot square. ‘Really’ I asked. Jamie just laughed and climbed up. Stopping and turns me she smiling say “it’s got to be small to be safe or anyone could get in to and get me. Take off you pack and lope a strap around your leg to drag it behind you works best” Then turns back to the hole and shooting through it. She must be talking about any adults not being able to fit in and with nothing better to do, I’ll see where this leads and followed. It wasn’t easy but after a 100 feet there was open to let water into mail pipe and she slip through easy, I went next. She waited for me and said “this way.” I Pulled a flashlight out of my backpack and followed her maybe 300feet around a bend and came to a ten foot on a side box like room with the tunnel starting again across the room. She had somehow got wood in here and built a platform just above the tunnel with only a two foot strip to the right a opening which she climbed right up through calling me up. I did and she was lighting a candle with lighter. At the back end there’s dozen 10ga. bucks with lids. Setting the candle down in the middle she says “welcome to my hideout.” We talked late into night and I found out she was a lot like the twins. She has a way of speaking fast like the twins and when she gets excited she speaks so fast it’s hard to keep up. I went to sleep thinking that it wasn’t to bad of a birthday. In next few weeks Jamie show me around town and another hideout. I continue my martial arts routine and asking me what I was doing Jamie joins me so I teach her locks and holds. I myself find that I’m fall in love with Jamie or maybe I’ve been in love with her since we meet I’m just realizing it now, it’s kinda like that. We get along great so we have a lot of fun all over town but it’s is for me to learn where not to go, food you could get for free, everything I need to survive here. Weeks turned into two months. I started making money buy doing magic tricks on the streets which I am good at. I also have 4k transfer to a bank here so I get to it. So everything was good until one day we ended up spending the night drinking with a group of homeless people. Jamie knew some of them but not all of them and I had only started drinking here lately so I passed out drunk quick. Luckily that I woke right in time to see Jamie trying push off a guy. I remember her friend saying was new in town. I see her have hard time stopping him because she fucked up and hear her say no and stop. I shake off my dizziness, it easy as my blood starts to boil and charge at him. I jump tackling him to ground off of her but ending up on the bottom. He pulls back a arm then punches in the busting my lip then again I take a hit in the eye. Everything gets perfectly clear and he is a enemy that needs to be removed. I knee him between his leg hard getting a moan and when goes to grasp it I roll him right off jumping up. All can do keep thinking his still a treat that needs to be eliminated and start kicking him hard in the face, chest, stomach, anywhere and everywhere I could getting in a good dozen kicks. Somebody try’s to grab me from behind without thought reached up grab their hand twisted and with a turn throw them right over my shoulder. Then I am back to kicking like a man possessed. “Mikey stop!” Jamie screams as her arms go around me, I stiffen but don’t fight. She telling me calm down he can’t hurt us anymore. I listen to her feeling the rage and blind hate that wanted blood drain out. I look at the bloody moaning mess and give one more kick before turning away. By now there a more people coming hearing the noise. Jamie told them what had started this and they said they run him off when he woke. Jamie and I left and slept behind a store a few blocks away. In the morning she had sobered up she thanked me and fussed over my black eye and spilt lip.A week later for the first Jamie pulled her disappear acted and for four days too, when I seen her almost everyday until now. It made me really worried that something had happened to her since I couldn’t go to the cops I had to look for her alone. Or maybe she’s mad at me that I hurt that guy that bad. I Started looking for her on second day by four I was sick with worry. I started hate myself for leaving home making the twins feel this and letting her out of my sight. Yea she’s older that me and lived the street longer but I still feel bad thinking something might of happened to her and I should had be there. But then she shows up at my favorite of her hideouts. three sheets to the wind in a new dress that hugs her little body like a rubber glove. She smells like she took a bath in rum and maybe she had since the half gallon bottle she was holding was getting empty. Told me how she meet some guys the wanted to party and were will pay so went. And for three days they made sure she got fuck up and paid but they got to fuck her. She ask me to help her change but didn’t want to because she some guy’s cum might be on her. Told me not to be a baby and she had showered what she had put on were clean before crawling in the dirt to get here. At least that what I think she said. She was really drunk and hard to understand. I give in after 10 minutes of trying to get out doing it. I point the light away so can’t see her well and have her turn round face away from me. I unzip the dress and she reached down grabbing it with both hands and try’s to pull up over her head. It’s a short dress but she was drunk and made it to her head before getting stuck. It’s a good thing I had turn away because she only had panties on or maybe bad, they where G-string! Pulling myself together I helped her get the dress off and an old tee shirt on but she doesn’t want shorts. She slept like this all the time and had gotten use to it. Then Jamie fell asleep before I could get her to bed. I wake up hours later reaching up in the dark trying find the light I had hung there. After fumbling half awake for minute before being able to find and get on. I laying on my side since I sleep like that facing Jamie. So I had turned my head up and looking at far wall to let eyes get adjusted to light. When I can see and I’m little more awake, and takes me a bit to wake. I look over and Jamie’s moved closer to me laying her side facing me too. But what holds my eyes and cause my brain to melt is she turn in sleep and with the old shirt neckline worn out it hung open to my eyes. I can see everything. Her breast aren’t big maybe a B cup but got long nipples that I can tell are hard poking out a good half inch. The shirt had rode up showing her skinny belly and to much rib was still sexy but like I saw last night when I helped her underdress. She needs to eat better and more. Her leg pulled slightly up towards her chest making her hip and ass look good. I lay there out right staring at her and all can think is how beautiful she is. My brain quits so all I do is look. Let me just say it doesn’t matter what she doing or wearing, sexual energy pours out Jamie. I didn’t even trying to look away until Jamie open eyes to look up at me “good morning”she says and seeing me stare looked down to see what I saw. That when brain went back in gear again it let me know I had morning wood and she looking at it. I tried to say something but brain had broken down again all I got out was ‘hmm’ and ‘uh’. She looks up at me she has a grin on her face and I was starting to be able to read eyes and saw mischief in them. “Get a good look?” I tried denied it but I can’t speak. “What cat got your tongue? It would have been easier to get this” she says as her hand takes hold of my morning wood. I jerk back and row away somehow getting out ‘it’s not what you think, all guys get like this in the morning. I have to pee’ turning away to sit up. “You got to look” grabbing me from behind she finishes “now I get a look”. I can only get out ‘what?’ Before she has my left arm pulled behind me and her right hand has my thumb in lock so can move. Then she makes knee walk to the edge. “so you have pee let me help” with her left arm reaches around, puts her hand in my shorts find my cock. I try to pull away ‘stop’. She twist arm as she pulls it out saying “I’m just seeing if really have pee and I should get to see you to.” She looks down over my shoulder and gives my cock a jerk “come on pee”. Somehow I do, slow at first but soon picks up. I finish quickly but she started stroking me as I stop peeing. “You pissed but someone’s still hard. I think he wants to play.” ‘Of course I’m hard with you rubbing it” I try to defend myself. She continue to stroke me saying “you say that but we both know your enjoying me playing with your big hard cock” and I am. but at a little more than six and a half inches I don’t think I’m big. I’ve jerked off but it’s never felt nearly as good as when she did it. As she works my cock talking dirty in ear I start moan and increase her speed saying ‘that’s it baby. Feels good, I going to make you cum hard, you like baby, your hard cock cumming for me.” Her hand feels so good to me there’s no holding back. With grunt I cum shooting thick white cum the two feet to wall splattering as it hits. Jamie watching over my shoulder says “ahh suck a waste. Next tell me so can suck all down.” Hearing this I moan and force one last shot out getting a giggle from her.I think where done but she stroking me so I don’t go soft. “Staying hard after cumming oh such a good dick. I think might take a likening to this juicy hard cock” Then she pulls me back by the arm to are beds and makes me sit with my legs out. Moving her hands so she can keep my arm held behind me and come around my front she lifts one of her legs over mine. I protest and try to stop her but jerks arm going “no, no, no be a good little boy sit there and don’t move”. I had little choice as her free hand gripes my hard member to rub my head on her lips of her pussy she moans and I with her. Just the lips of her pussy felt better than her hand so when she sat down taking me in till are pelvic bones meets she grinding her clit making her moan, I almost cum immediately. Putting her now free left arm around my neck and shoulder she started to moan as she rode me. When she whispered to me say “oh god you feel so dam good, FUCK! This what I’ve been waiting uh, your big hard cock messing up sluty little pussy, oh fuck!” I was moaning with her, I couldn’t help it. My dick felt like it was engulfed liquid fire and was melting. I never even dreamed anything could feel this good. She push me so I was laying down and let go of my arm freeing me but I wouldn’t stop her now and she knew it. She just smiled at me as she put her hands my chest throwing back her head with eyes closed bursa escort bayan moaning and rocking her hip as rode me. Gods what sight she was nipples as hard rock swaying in front of me. I put both my hands over her breast rubbing them. But her nipples are the prize I want so get both fore finger and thumb on em and roll them gently. She riding me faster and harder her moans getting louder. I pull her down and rap my lips onto her nipples sucking and licking. She drops head and opens eyes looking at me “that’s it suck my on tits, oh fuck yes! Ooohhh God you keep that up you’ll make cum. Fuck! You want that baby uhh, wanta make me cum on your cock. Oh god, oh god, oh god baby you feel sooooo ffuucckinngg gooood.” I’m really close and I can’t keep sucking on her nipple so let my head fall back to try bring my hips up meet her. “That’s it baby fuck me, fuck my sluty pussy and make cum on your big fat cock. Yea! Just like that, fuck meeee! Cum, oh god your going to make me ccuuummm, oh fuck, fuck, oooohhhh yeeessss I’m CCUUUMMMMIIINNG!” She scream out as I grab her ass grinding her to me and unload in her. Jerking with each blast of cum I shoot deep in her. Only after I stop cumming dose she stop moaning and shuddering on me. Clasping forward on my chest laying like a limp doll I rap her in my arms and hold her as we both come down from are orgasms. I wake up sometime later. The light is going dim with the battery dying so an hour or two. Jamie is still on top of me and I am still semi hard inside her. My brain after taking well deserved vacation starts to work again. First I’m like she just ****d me. No I could fought harder and stop it. But I want her too. I was in love with her, so I wanted her maybe not like that but I did want her so I was half willing. Thinking half willing means willing so not ****. Then I forget all that when my brain informs me, my dick still in her and I came in her. Oh shit we didn’t use a condum and what if she not on any brith control. Fuck she homeless of course she not. A million thoughts run my head but I don’t think about pulling out her once. Idiot. Lost I was thinking for 20 minutes before she moved and then it was to put her hands on the sides of my head to kiss me hard. I was my first real kiss and she attacking me. Tongue forcing it’s way into my mouth and she trying her hardest to get down my throat. Moaning in my mouth as grinds her hips to me. Soon I have a hard on again and her arms holding my head. As we make out she riding me, hips working double time and its not long before she pulls back to sit up. Her face and eyes are full lust and I think that she never looked sexier. She shaking her head moaning and talking dirty ‘fuck my wet hot pussy, that’s it fuck me like a little slut ah ah ah, fuck oh god ah uh, come on ah treat me like oh fuck your whore, oh my oh god don’t stop ah, just don’t stop uh uh, take this slut’s pussy uh and make ah ah it yours! Ohh god your” and she stops. Her whole body locks up for a second and eyes roll back in head before she starts to tremble from her pussy up through her body that ends with load moan as she falling against my chest her head resting on my shoulder. But surprisingly she doesn’t stop her hips. They keep rolling and grinding on me as she moans giving little jerks of the body. She still cumming! Hands holding two of the worlds most perfect little ass cheeks, I help her by pulling her down to meet my thrusting cock. I can feel her pussy twitching as she orgasms on my cock as ram it hard into her. I for minutes keep it up and she doesn’t stop cumming. She can only tremble and jerk against me so consumed by the pleasure she feels, whimpers, small moans and incoherent mumbling are all she get out her lips. Soon I am working up to what I know is going to be a earthshaking orgasm. Two more strokes and I hold her hips down against me as I blew hard. I beardy my face in her hair and I grunted jerking with every shot of cum. She moaned and shuttered in each time I did. It took her a few minutes to recover and stop twitching. Rolling off me to face away on her side. Her hand right reaches back until she finds my right hip before pulling on me. I put my left arm under her head bending at the elbow with my hand is on her right arm. my right arm goes across her stomach as struggles back to me. Laying on are side spooning together for a while before I say ‘Jamie?’ “Shh” she replies and try’s to pull me around her tighter. For a time the water running under us is the only thing that breaks the silence. Finally I have say something as my brain started working quite a bit ago. Reminding me that came her twice now and all I can come up with to say is ‘what happens now?’ A moment a nothing before I notice she crying. That was not what expected so tried asking her what’s wrong but doesn’t respond and is soon sobbing in tears. I can only try to calm her down and get her to talk. For 15 minutes all can get is “I’m sorry”. I keep telling her ‘it’s okay’ as I stroke her hair. I’m upset because I don’t know what did or said to make her cry and thought I was totally at fault. After a while she calms down enough I can understand her. She begins to tell she ran away home five years ago at the age of tw***e . Her dad left at 4, tired of her moms drinking. Her mom worked two jobs but only enough to pay bills and for more drinks. And the only guys that would date her were scum bags that hit her mom or her and sometimes both. The wurst were the ones that came into her bedroom after her mom had passed out, she was 8 the first time. She tried telling mom but got beat by her mom for making up lies. By age tw***eshe enough when her mom started dating again a guy that would come her room at night. For a week she stayed with the only two friends she had houses. Coming home on her birthday hoping that her mom wouldn’t be drunk and she able to have a meal with her mom and it all be better. It was not. Her mom was drunk and there nothing but reman noddles to eat. By the time she made some and finished eating. Moms boyfriend had got there and keep watching her. She said that she had locked herself in her room and months ago had gotten a old shower curtain rod. Moving her dresser in front of door with rod on the baseboard she could tighten it under second dresser drawer. By ten oh clock she can hear him trying to get in but only after 20 minutes of trying he gave up. She huddle in her bed till morning when she heard him leave before going to sleeping. When she awoke she pack a bag of clothes, pictures and stuff. Grab her best jacket she left her mom passed out drunk in front of the tv. Hitchhike to Atlanta because she had always wanted to go to aquarium there. She started selling herself the first winter to pay for a warm place to sleep, since It didn’t matter to her because was had already been dirtied years ago and learned the lay there and let man do what they want to her. Told me its was easier because they wouldn’t usually hurt you if you didn’t resist. Then started crying again as she told me I was her first friend near her age in years and knew I was a virgin. But I was the nicest boy she ever met and unlike any other male was nice her without trying to get her pants. The first week she woken before me many times and saw a tent my shorts and it made her start think what I had hidden under there. She keep thinking about it and after I saved her a fews weeks ago she was ready to **** me. So When she met some guys will pay her. She went hoping to scratch that itch and get it out of her. Because didn’t want my first time to be with a whore like her. I tried to tell her she wasn’t a whore but shot me down saying “I have men pay me to have sex with them. I’m a whore.” There not much I could think to say to counter that right then but She didn’t let me continue but did herself. Going on to say when she saw me earlier staring down her shirt and had a hard on she was taking over by all most a****listic desire and couldn’t control herself anymore. She had to have me inside her wasn’t going to take no for answer. She wanted my first to be special. With someone i loved and not like how she ****d me. What she done to me was unforgettable and knew I hated her or should. That I could have the two hideouts she had shown me and she’d leave.She pulling away from me to get up, her hands trying to remove my arms around her but I didn’t like how she decided everything herself and for me. ‘No’ I said pulling her back to me ‘your not leaving like this. Yes I wanted my first to be a little different but I am happy it was you’ she tried to interrupt me but I just keep going ‘let me finish like I let you. I don’t think of you as a whore because you do it to make money when can’t really any other way. I’ve never stolen before but now I’m a thief that steals food so I can eat. So can we talk this out’. She didn’t say anything and laid there a minute before moving to get up this time I let her. Putting on her shirt and panties she starts look for clean shorts. My hearts hurts as she gets ready without looking at me. I start to dress in silence while she going through her buckets of stuff. I quick gathered my things and start to climb down calling out ‘this is your place not mine so I’m leaving, you won’t have see me again. I’m leaving Atlanta. Take care of yourself. Goodbye’ as I finished getting down. “Wait” I heard her say she as moves closer to the edge of the platform. Looking up I can’t see her. “You don’t have to leave the city.” After a few moments she doesn’t say anything more I say ‘don’t really have a reason to stay anymore now And if I stayed you’ll see me around and feel bad. I won’t make you cry again so I’ll go. Miami is big and warm all year round I might go there’. With a ‘good luck’ I leave. I feel down as walk and then crawl out. Things were great until today. How could everything end in disaster so abruptly like this. Heart broken I started up the embankment to the road when I hear “Stop!” Turning I see Jamie standing by the tunnel looking at me upset. “Please don’t leave” she said then she looks at the ground. “Uh… I just need some time to think… So please don’t leave the city”. I just look at her with her head down waiting for my answer. ‘Fine’ I say finishing my climb up. ‘I’ll be at your other hideout for a week.’ I don’t look back as I leave.Let’s just say the week sucked. I did not know if Jamie and I would work anything out or if I’d ever see her again. My magic tricks didn’t much money and I got jumped a gang. It wasn’t my first run in with the gangs of the city and wouldn’t be the my last but it was the worst. I don’t know what I did to piss them off but when it was all said and done. I got away but not before I got cut. Bad. Making a bandage to slow the blood I made it the five miles to Jamie’s hideout but she was not there. I don’t remember how I made there and now I knew without help I couldn’t get back out and then that meant I was good as dead. Near my right shoulder on my back was a deep eight inch cut that ran downward. By now I was dizzy with blood loss. Lying there I fell in and out of congesnes for I don’t know how long.Screaming in agony I awoke to feel liquid fire across my back. Trying to arch my back against to pain I realize that someone is setting on my butt and one hand is on back pushing me back down. Before I can turn to see who it was or saying anything the fire returns in full force making me jerk and scream anew before I blacked out in pain. When I came too again I felt cold, sick and drained empty. Thinking I must be dead because you can not feel this bad and still be alive. I was surprised to open my eyes and see I was lying in her hideout. By dim candle light I could just see Jamie sitting back to wall legs stretched out and her head tilted to side asleep. She looked tried, hadn’t changed clothes in a week or her hair looked like it hasn’t seen a comb in a month but I still thought she was beautiful and lay my head down to fall asleep. I was dreaming that I was at Jack’s house playing with his dog Mandy and got a mouth full of her tongue when realized that this more than a dream because I could feel a tongue in my real mouth. As I said before it takes me a few minutes or more to wake sometimes. As begun to wake up the tongue returns but time I feel some liquid trickle in then withdrawal. I open my eyes as Jamie’s face is coming closer. Seeing me awake she stops goes to say something but a little water comes before she closes her mouth. The water since she me pulled up on my left side her right hand holding my head, her face over mine it of course landed right in my face. Trying not to choke Jamie drank down the water before laughing to say “I’m sorry”. I try to raise my right arm to wipe my face and a stabbing pain start from my shoulder light up my body in pain making me jerk. “Oh no, no no you don’t Mikey. You just lie there and don’t move. I can get you anything.” She said wiping my face with a small towel. Closing my eyes and taking a few deep breaths to help clear the pain, I looked right into her eyes seeing worry and sadness. I didn’t want her to worry and hate to see her sad so I smile and said ‘so I have you to thank for saving me?’ She just looked at me and tears started streaming down her cheeks before sobbing “I’m sorry” over and over. This time put my left arm around her. I rubbing my hand across her back saying ‘shh it’s okay, I’ll be alright. You Don’t have to cry. We got stop having these conversations while you cry’ trying to lighten the mood. I think I got a sobbing giggle but it was hard to tell. When I got her calmed down tell me what happened since I was out and how long. It had been a four days since she found me and tried to get me to go hospital but I refused. As she continues tell me that I told her to get my small first aid kit, I start to remember some of it as she talk as if I’m in a dream. She had cleaned my wound with 100 proof liquor and ripped shirt. Then I told her to use a sowing needle and super glue to close the cut. I had a fever and the wound was swollen and red. She Had to smack me awake me to ask if I have had allergies to pain killers or pinacilein before giving me some she got from a clinic she knows that helps the homeless. She had bowl and spoon but said that always choked when she tried to feed or give me something to drink. That she could only get me to take down anything was by mouth. I could tell by the way my cheeks felt I was blushing red as much as she was telling me that. Now she was crying again as tells me how worried she was and should have not let me go off by myself. She had caused me to be hurt again by not being there to take care of me. I told this wasn’t her fault and would have happened away because I had been doing what I always do. She still protested but it got her talking to me and not crying. After a long talk we settled things between us and decided to be friends again. She wouldn’t be my girlfriend and she said no kissing but if I wanted we could still have sex. I found out I didn’t have worry about her getting pregnant, she got “morning after” pills from the clinic. And what 14 year old boy would say no to that. I wanted a shower and had some money. She knew where she could get a cheap room so we went. That’s a thing that I will never get used to about being homeless, not have access to a shower and having to make do with a hoe baths most of the time. With her helping me and a bus we made it to the motel. It wasn’t a total dump. I went for the bathroom immediately have just realized that haven’t in a four days. After relieving my self and ditching my clothes I turned on the shower. I was waiting for it to warm up when heard the door open. There was Jamie as naked as I was. Her breast aren’t big but perfectly formed little and round with nipples that took up a area no bigger than a quarter but she has thick long nipples. Her ribs showed and had smooth tummy that end between her leg where a two inch gap let you see her hairless pussy. Once again my brain decided it was over worked and was going on vacation so all I got out was ‘hum… Uh… Wait, what…” She smile big at my speechlessness. I can’t read what in her eyes, maybe happiness or excitement I could not tell. “What?” She said smiling at me “I need a shower too and your still falling over hurt so I’m here to help.” Brain still gone I can not think to say anything so I just turn in climb in the shower and let the warm water cleanse me. Jamie gets in shutting the certain. Waiting and then taking my place under the water. I got to say her standing there head back water rolling over and then down her was one the sexiest sites that I have every seen. The water roamed over her to cover everything making her nipples drip and skin glisten. If I wasn’t hard before I was like steel rod now. Stepping out the spray of water she looked at me seeing me starring open mouth at her, she looks down to my hard cock and then back to my face a smile plastered on hers “you can wash me first then I’ll help you” she says turning around to face away. At this point I couldn’t say no if I wanted to. It definitely felt great washing her hair then the rest of her body as she moaned a few times. When I went to wash her pussy again she said “nope I’m done so just wait” to my disappointment as stepped under water but I guess I can forgive her since that meant I watch her again. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but watching a beautiful girl in the shower from two feet away is sexy in a primeval way. She watching me watch her, she starts giving me a show as slowly rinses all the soap off. Finishing she wiggles her finger at saying “your turn” as steps up to me smiling. Looking into my eyes as she starts soaping my hair I can see that happiness and mischief again. Soaping my front before turning me around to get my back. She’s careful around my wound but it’s still hurts some but I get clean. Unlike her, she helps me rinse off but when I’m clean her hand is still holding my hard cock “what some help with this” she says giving it a stroke. ‘Yes’ I almost hiss. ‘Get on your knees escort bursa and hold on to the wall” she replied. The shower had those metal bars in it to help getting in and out of the tub. So kneeling down I grab one in my hand I felt Jamie go under me, only to look down to see her head pop between my legs. She wasted enough time to smile before taking me in her mouth. What I didn’t know then but do now is that she’s gives the greatest blowjobs in the world and I was in for a ride. Both her hands take hold of my balls gentle rubbing and rolling them as she starts suck on me. taking me down to the back of her mouth then back to where lips are just rapped around the head her tongue snake like moving everywhere. She watches me as I can only moan and hold on to the bar. One hand leaves my balls and then She starts to moan and I look over my shoulder can see it rubbing her clit. In but a few minutes my hips start jerk on their own she’s not fazed at all but forces me deep into her mouth until I feel the head of my cock enter her throat sucking as hard as she can, she starts humming. Giving me little jerks of her head but never letting my head leave her throat with the nonstop hum is just icing on the cake. Grunting once I unload my first shot in her throat with second blast as she pulls her head back again so just the head of cock is in her mouth. She keep sucking and swallowing my cum as fast as I can pump it out bring her hand up to help get everything till the last drop. Im practically breathless as she makes it hard to come down from a orgasm when she didn’t stop milking me until I could make her. She sides right from under me to help me stand up and get out. Drying me off with a towel and then herself. Leading me to the bed and making me lay down she asks what I want to eat. She agrees to my idea of pizza, there a place near by so I give her 20 bucks. I get dressed while she gone. She returns in 40 minutes with soda and pizza. After eating I feel like sleeping it had been ruff week and a trying day if you been sliced open and might have came close to dying. Telling Jamie I was going to sleep, that she thought was a go idea and said was going to get to rest of are stuff. I laid down on the bed on my chest and was out. Awakening the next morning with Jamie next to me was good. Eating the last of the old pizza we gather are stuff to check out. I noticed Most of are things weren’t here even tho Jamie went to go get them last night. I ask her about this she said she put them where we’re going later. So asked where we’re going now then and was I told I was having my cut checked out I protested I was not going to a hospital. She promised me just to the clinic she knew. Being checked out in a ally because I won’t go in, the nurse who is in her 40’s informs me that I need go to the hospital and when I say I won’t go she just smiles and tells to keep taking the antibiotics. If I get really high fever or start getting red veins around the wound to get to a hospital or I’ll be dead in a week. Thanking her we leave. We rode the bus back across town to residential neighborhood and then walked for two blocks. Coming in from the ally thru a 6 foot fence we made way across a yard. The house is a older kind with basement mostly underground meaning it had a few widows to the outside. Jamie lead me to one that opens with flick of her knife. Climbing in I looked around but was to dark and then Jamie closed the heavy shades again so I was in complete darkness. I hear her walk away but it’s only to light a candle. Sight restored she says “welcome to Gran’s house”. Now she has talked about Gran before but only in the past tense. Asking if she’s here Jamie tells me she had died right before she meet me and that she had no family so she did not know who gets the house but she was going to use it this winter some if she could. There was enteral room with no widows downstairs that we could use and a old oil heater. If was over a month before I was better and in another month I’m almost as good as new. Now it’s December and the holidays so I’m thinking of home I decide to send a letter to the twins. I keep it simple that I’m ok and miss them. I’ll come home when I get some more time to myself and was ready. I found a college student that was going home for Christmas in New York. Paying him to mail it when he goes home. Now there are all kinds of things I could tell you about living on the streets, but most of it’s useless info that most would find boring so I won’t. Jamie and I got things back to normal and grew closer. One day I woke up after not seeing her for a day and laying next to me was Jamie staring at me. “What’s up tomcat?” She said tracing my scar with her finger. ‘Tomcat?’ I say. “Yeah, well I’m like a ally cat so that makes you like a tomcat. You know like the ones in the ally you see looking all tough and ruff with scars on their backs.” She explained. ‘Ok I’m a tomcat’ I reply with smile ‘then what’s up ally cat?’ She gives a smile that say everything is good in her world, the one that melts your heart. A month later Jamie took me to my first concert. A underground punk rock show held in old shutdown factory. She made sure I was dressed the part to. Wearing a white tee shirt with sleeves rolled up, red suspenders, blue jeans and big heavy black boots she had got from somewhere. She gave my short hair little spikes and used a can of blue hair spray to color it because I didn’t want to dye it my hair. Then left with a bag telling me to meet her in a hour a store nearby. It’s hour and a half before she gets there, not that could complain looking at her. She dye her hair bright blue and had shaved the left side of her head leaving it long on top which she had in a mohawk with her right side in five braids. Her shirt had the neck, sleeves, sides and bottom cut off. She tied it in two knots at her sides showing off her tummy and you could see her red bra. A red leather skirt that was really short and matching red leather knee high boots. Getting thereby 10 it’s still early but the bands are just started playing. so Jamie shows me around her being here a few times before. Meeting a few people she knows and she introduces me as her little bother. Dancing in the pit we get split up and my shoulder starts to hurt so I go find the beer. As I wonder through to place I stop and to talk some people. A group of three guys and a girl. They joke to me about being to young to be here since most everyone is late teens to early thirties. One of them has a joint that he nice enough to share with me. We make small talk and that’s were Jamie finds me. “So this where you been hiding.” She says as hugs me from behind. Pulling her around me I introduce her but she just smiles at them and then me. I see mischief and what in the last few months I’ve come to understand as lust in her eyes. Saying “sorry but we need him right now” she grabs me by the front waist of my jeans and starts to drag me away. That when I notice her friend Cindy from earlier behind us standing there with a shit eating grin on her face. The guys give me a ‘yea!’ ‘get em boy’ and a big hoot. The girl just laughed saying “don’t break him now girls” that started up the guys again. Jamie smile to me then looked back them licking her lips.I was lead up some stairs and down a hallway to a office that still had a desk in it. Setting me on it she rubs herself against me, that’s not fare play when she knows what this does to me. Holding my head she lick all the way up my neck to my ear and then whippers to me “I need a favor hon”. She start to run her hand over the tent showing in my pants “see I own Cindy here a favor and if your willing to help me pay it off she’ll owe me and we can stay at her place tonight.” I don’t know what to say and won’t no now either because I got out was ‘uh… Jamie… I…’ I like to think I would have told I love her and don’t want anyone else but Jamie stopped me with finger over my lips “shh, just sit back and relax.” Replacing her finger with her lips pushing her tongue in my mouth briefly before putting a condum in my open mouth getting up to give Cindy a kiss. “Enjoy” say she as turns and walks out the door closing it behind her. I thinking what the fuck, but then I was like what am I mad for? We weren’t dating and I knew she was not trying to hurt me. Just letting me have some fun. I pulled the condum out and said ‘okay Cindy what’s the deal?’ “It’s just like my pet said she owes me a big favor and I need some hard cock.” She finished by rub her hand on my crotch. ‘So I’m to be payment then?’ I say. “Oh no babe, I told her needed cock and said she might be able to help me out. I you don’t want to its okay. I hope you’ll still come over after to my place.” She sounded sincere. What would you do when a hot mid 20’s women is asking for sex. Cindy is 5’8″ 130lbs. She Italian with olive skin and dark eyes. A shaved head with just her bangs left dyed hot pink. No shirt on just a black bra that made her 36c breasts stick out more and a little checkered skirt with knee high black boots. I think I see who Jamie gets her outfits from now. Seeing me not say no or trying to get away she tries to kiss me. When I stop her, she looks at me for a moment then her eyes get really big and says “your in love with her, I mean really in love with her?” I think I do a good job of playing it off but she smiles and says “let me tell you something about Jamie, you shouldn’t get to attached.” I don’t like where she going and must show my face because next she said “oh don’t get like that. I love Jamie to death but she like a stray cat. Coming in to house and staying for a day, week, month then just gone and won’t see her for who knows how long then just like a stray showing up on your doorstep one day. That’s why I call her ‘my pet’.” I thought She was right Jamie was like that but I still loved her. Undoing my pants she say “now that’s out of the way let’s see what I’ve found here. Oh goody. A cock and just when I was getting thirsty” as pulls me out. Rubbing me she says in a little girl voice “hey mister you think you got any creamy hot milk for me?” I couldn’t help but be amused by her relentless straight forward manner in going for my dick so I replied with ‘sure but you’re going to have to work hard to get it’. With a big smile she drops to her knees between my legs sets her mouth to work on cock immediately. She good but Jamie was better. She pulled her bra down to reveal her pierced breast and started playing with them as she sucked me, so I helped her by grabbing a nipple ring. Cindy’s breast were bigger than Jamie’s but to me she still couldn’t compete, she stopping long enough to tell me to pinch her nipples hard she likes it rough. Soon I have both nipples twisting and pinching her hard, she got hands under her skirt. Moaning on my cock and making herself choke and gag. Jumping up she turns me around and gets up on the desk lying down on her back with head hanging over the edge.”Fuck my mouth” is all she says before grabbing my hips drawing to her and forcing me down her throat. She starts the choke and gag but keeps me in with her hands on hips to ramming me into her throat. She gets me moving then takes one hand off my hip to pull up her skirt reviling she has no panties on and her clit is pierced. This turns me on even more as fuck her mouth with my cock as she rubs her clit and pulls it ring. Again grabbing both her nipple rings and just her nipple and rings, I pinch and pull hard as I twist them making her moan. Soon the gagging and choking has covered her face in her own spit but she seems to like it so I don’t stop as I approach orgasm. I feel my balls clinch up as ram forward to barry my cock in her throat and let go. Filling her mouth she tries to swallow it all but chokes and some makes it pass her lips running up her cheek. Sitting up and get off the desk again she goes to her knees say “your not done yet”. Spending some time sucking me hard again. So in good time I am and she pulls out the condum putting it over her mouth she rolls down my length as I enter her month. Pulling back she say “I taught Jamie that trick” looking at me I have a surprised looked face “what she never done this for you?” I shake my head no saying ‘no condums’. She just stare at for a second before moving her to side looking behind me to say “you let him do you raw???” I turn to see Jamie’s had come back in without me noticing. She leaning back to the wall by the door, one hand in her shirt and one up her skirt, she has a glazed look in her half closed eyes that I can only read lust filling them. Standing up straight she starts a determined walk towards us. “oh no I’m first” Cindy says turning around to bends over to desk with a “fuck me hard”. Jamie just walks up reaching to take a hold of my cock and pushes me into her guiding the way. I got to say she was tight but with the condom on it does not feel nearly as good. Jamie came around and got on the desk let her lower legs at knee d**** over side and pulling her skirt up to show she had no panties on either and push her friend’s face in her pussy. Propped up on one elbow her eyes lock with mine she starts talking dirty “pound her hard, fuck this slut till she can’t walk. Come on bitch you can eat pussy better this. That’s it fuck her until she brakes, ram her face into my wet pussy”. They were both moan as worked my cock in and out of Cindy in long hard stokes and I tried my hardest to force my cock through Cindy to get into Jamie’s pussy. With a condom on I fucked her trough one orgasm not letting up as she screamed into Jamie’s pussy and came hard as I pounded away. When her knees gave out I put her on her back on the desk her knees over my arms I started slamming her again. Jamie just sat down planting her pussy firmly on Cindy’s face while she keep talking dirty only stopping to moan or take a deep breath. I just kept at fucking Cindy as I tried to work towards my own orgasm. If the condums didn’t kill the feeling I wouldn’t have hit my limit by now with these two hot women. As it was I was able to get Cindy off again as my top burst with her scream and my grunt we push Jamie into her small orgasm. First to recover was Jamie and wasted no time in getting up to pull me out of Cindy. Practically ripping the condum off to she tries to keep me hard by sucking me and playing with my balls. Which of course gets me hard again. By now Cindy’s gotten up from the desk and Jamie just pushes me down on it to mount me. With deep moan Taking me all in till the lips of her pussy squarely meet my body smashed between us. Looking into my eyes I’ve seen that look on her face before and knew she has been totally consumed by lust and desire. I knew she wouldn’t stop until she satisfied herself and my cock was the means that she was going to accomplish this with. I would just have to enjoy the ride. Not that you’ll find me complaining, Cindy was hot and sexy. I did enjoy fucking the shit out her but Jamie felt a thousand times better. Raising her hips till the tip was the only thing left in her she drops her hips down hard grinding clit to me with a moan. Starting to Work her hips up and down she moans “Ohhhh god yesss, ohhhh fuck, oh fuck yes, yes, yes, that’s it, that’s what I needed, my sluty wet pussy needed your big hard cock to full it up.” Cindy was starring at her mouth hanging open but Jamie was to far gone to notice as continued her dirty dialogue. She doesn’t slow down a bit but speeds up in the next few minutes as she works herself on me. “You like that? You like how your cock messes up my pussy, oh fuck, fuck, you want to feel my sluty pussy coming on our hard cock? You do don’t you, Don’t you, ah ah ah fuck”. I sit up taking one her nipples in my mouth to suck and bite on while helping her work herself back and fourth on me. “Oh don’t stop. Ohhhh fuck don’t you fucking dare stop, ahahah baby, oh yes baby, that’s it baby, oh god baby you feel so good, oh fuck, fuck, OHHH fuucckkk your going to make me cum, OHHH BAABBYY!” She screams out as locks up on me and her pussy grips me so hard I think she might cut it off but she does sets off my only orgasm. All I can do is try in hold on to her as waves of pleasure roll trough us. She claws at me as she moans and twitches in her own orgasm. It takes a few minutes drop back down from so high among the clouds back to earth. I don’t think Cindy moved as Jamie and I went at each other and she still had that perplexed expression on face. I really didn’t care as I held Jamie to me, I could feel Jamie’s pussy twitch on me. Jamie finally finds earth again and gets off me. Putting on clothes Cindy say something to Jamie I can’t hear and Jamie replied before asking me to wait for them at the bottom of the stairs. I don’t really want to but go known what ever they were going to talk about wouldn’t happen with me there. The wait is not long. I ask Jamie ‘what was that about?’ “Just girl talk” is all she says which I can tell is not a lie but not the full truth either. It was not the time or place to push it so let it drop. We left after watching a few more bands play and went to Cindy’s apartment she shared with a girl Sam that said she was a lesbian. I won’t go into what happened over the next week we stayed there. It could be a story in its self. I’ll just say that the three of them drained me dry and I felt they dam near killed me in the process. But after that I loss my shyness with women and it never bother me again to be in front of people naked. More months went by and I have to say I was the happiest that I’ve ever been. Jamie’s B-day comes and she wakes me up riding me. I’m half awake to hear her say “I’m pregnant”. I am dumbfounded and must look it because looking at me she laughs and say “April fools, haha got you. Yes I have the greatest birthday”. That makes me sad in a way. I kinda liked the idea of her having my c***d. Jamie starts looking for jobs and finds one wanting tables at a cafe. With only three months till my B-day the day I have to decide what I want to do and the day I’ll tell Jamie everything. Less the two months to go a I get pinched stealing some food. I try to get away but there four of them and since I didn’t want to hurt them I was caught. I refuse to tell them anything not even my name. I end up in Jail booked under John Doe.

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