A Little Taste Pt. 01


This story involves incest among the members of this family. If incest stories offend you, please do not read this story.


Hi. My name is Mary-Anne. I am, as of this writing, 41 years old. The events that I am writing about occurred over the last 2 years of my life. These events profoundly change me as a person. They made me look deep into who I am and made me come to grips with the values that make me the person that I am today.

Let me describe myself, for my appearance played and plays an essential part in my story. I am a Caucasian female. I stand 5′ 8″ tall and weigh 135 lbs. (my BMI is 20.5 which is considered normal for a female). My weight naturally never really varies. I do not need to exercise extensively or diet to maintain my figure. I am sensible in my eating habits and conscious about doing sensible moderate activities that keep my body tone. My body does have curves (36″ C breast, 34″ waist, and 36″ firm and prominent rear end (the type of ass that is in vogue in today’s society). The only drawback to my figure is that I have the type of breast that, without a bra, naturally sage almost straight down (this is not associated with childbearing since I have never been pregnant). That is a turn off for some males while others accept it because my breasts are full and round.

Prior to meeting and marrying my husband Arthur, I had an active social life. I regularly dated. I am considered an attractive female and having an outgoing personality. I never had trouble attracting male suitors. My body’s figure is one of those that look good in any style of clothing. But my only problem was undressing in front of a new suitor and his seeing my breast (which perfectly fills out my bra) drop straight down when I remove my bra. I got a variety of reactions to that.

Over those 39 years of my life (pre-Arthur) I had received at least 4 offers of marriage. I refused them all because they were not “Mr. Right”.

Two years ago, I went along to a concert, one of my girlfriends back out of going to the concert with me at the last minute. I had a choice of either of the two seats we had purchased to sit in. I chose the one on the right. That decision lead to life changing events that I am relating to you in this story.

Just before the concert started, a man sat in the chair next to me on my right side. He too was unaccompanied for the concert. I later learned that his date for the concert (a woman that he was trying to establish a relationship with) decided not to accompany him since she was breaking up with him. He had time to return the ticket he had bought for her, while keeping the seat that was next to the one, I had chosen to sit in. As the performance progressed, this man initiated a conversation with me about the concert. Eventually he asked me to share a drink with him during one of the breaks in the concert. That is how I meet my “Mr. Right”, Arthur. Over the next several months our relationship slowly grew from being fellow concert lovers to us being “lovers and more”.

Arthur is a tall well-built man, standing 6′ 2″ and weighs 210 lbs. He is a widower with twin sons, who at that time were a month from their 18 birthday and in the later part of their senior year in high school. Arthur was 45 when we meet.

Arthur started out being an attentive and sensitive date, to becoming an intense physical lover who totally overwhelmed me with a sense of my body being totally possessed by him. That is what I had been searching for all my life, a man to whom I could completely surrender myself to. I do not mean that I became subservient to him. No, I kept and keep my sense of who I am and exercise control over my fate within the confines of a married life. We are married and share in all the response of a married life. But when it comes to our relationship, emotionally and sexually, I am his! My body (mouth, breast, ass, and my pussy) is his.

Arthur was the perfect gentleman as our relationship progressed from being fellow concert lovers, to the initial phase of dating, to serious dating. He opened doors, pulled back chairs (actions he has continued to do to even this day). He did not initiate any physical contact that was not appropriate for the situation that we were currently in at that time. I had to be the one that started the initial phases of imitate physical contact. But once I did, Arthur took it from there progressively increasing our intimate contact. He, all along, made sure that the contact, as it increased in frequency, included more of the intimate parts of me, was welcome by me whether in private or in public settings. I longed for his touch.

About two and half months into our dating, came that fateful day. We were at the beach and I wore a rather risqué two-piece bikini swimsuit which was supposed to relay the message that I was ready for sex with him. After he had set up our stuff on the blanket and indicated that I should sit down, I took off my bathing suit coverup and revealed my bikini sarıyer escort clad body to him, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from me. He came over and sat next to me. He sensually started touching different parts of my exposed body. This sent me into sensory overload, as I sat there letting him feel me up.

Even with all this touching, we did have a normal day at the beach which included swimming, eating lunch and sunbathing. As the day was ending and the beach crowd had thin out significantly, Arthur pulled me into any embrace with my back to his chest. He started foundling the exposed parts of my breast. I could feel him getting excited as that part of him that I was longing to be inside of me, was pressing against the small of my lower back. He then caught me off guard when he reached into the cup of the bra and removed my right breast from the bra. As he let my breast fall from his hand, so he could look at it, it drooped straight down! I turned my head to face him, so I could judge his reaction to my breast drooping. I was stunned to see a look of pure desire on his face as he enjoyed the site of my full rounded drooping breast.

I reinserted my breast into my bra and said to him, “Arthur, take me somewhere, so I can make love to you”.

Arthur immediately put on his shirt and pants. As he gathered up our beach stuff, I moved to put on my bathing suit coverup. Arthur grabbed that coverup and put it with the beach stuff. He had me walk back to the car in just my bikini. I was feeling exposed but loved how he was taking control me in this situation.

Within ten minutes I was standing naked before a clothed Arthur in a hotel room. That made me feel like Arthur was taking the first steps of claiming ownership of my body.

He took his time examining my whole body. He touched and caressed every part of me. But after a few minutes his attention was focused mainly on my droopy breasts. He cupped them in his hands. He pulled them up, down, and sideways before attacking them with his mouth. He spent an inordinate amount of time sucking on my nipples. It was as if he was trying draw milk out of them.

Eventually he moved his face down my body until he was staring at my neatly close-trimmed pussy, which was leaking a significant amount of juice down my legs. Before he started eating me out, he commented, “Normally I prefer a clean shaving pussy. But the way yours is trimmed is just lovely. Please keep it that way.”

10 minutes later I laid on the bed with my legs spread out as wide as possible offering myself to Arthur, I watched a naked Arthur move between my legs and penetrate me with his wonderful perfectly size penis. At that instant, I became his.

We continued dating, getting more intimated with each outing. Six months into our seeing each other, Arthur for the first time, invited me to his home for an evening meal. The real purpose of the invitation was for me to meet his sons, Joseph (Joe) and William (Bill).

I wore a dress that Arthur had purchased for just for this occasion. He had me try on several full lengths loose fitting one-piece dresses with built in bras. The dress he finally decided on allowed my breast to sag halfway down. The dress was accessorized with a beautiful pair of sandals for my feet.

After an especially warm welcome from Arthur as I entered his home, he called out to his sons to come into the living room to meet me. I was still standing as they came into the room. Upon seeing me, they both had a stun look on their faces which puzzled me.

We had a wonderful dinner. But throughout dinner the boys were constantly looking at me. After dinner we all went into the living room where we spent time talking which allowed the boys and me to get acquainted. I was sitting on a couch next to Arthur and the boys sat across from us in chairs that faced the couch.

During this time, Arthur had his arm around my shoulder with the hand of that arm resting on the outside of my breast. Initially that hand was subtly rubbing my breast. As the conversation continued the rubbing became less subtle.

Initially I was surprised by what Arthur was doing to my breast. I did not object or try to carefully remove his hand in order not to cause any type of scene. However, as time went along my internal objection subsided due to the pleasure Arthur actions eliciting within me from my breast to that spot between my legs.

After about half an hour of conversation, Arthur stood and reaching his hand out to me lifted me to my feet. The boys also stood. They came up and extended their hands out to shake mine as they both stated how nice it was to meet me. While this was going on, Arthur’s hand was firmly attached to my rear end.

After the boys had retired to their rooms, Arthur and I watched a very good movie on his TV. During the movie, Arthur pulled the hem of my dress up to above my waist. Pulling the panties slightly esenyurt escort aside, he inserted some of his fingers inside of my pussy. Using them, to stroke the insides of my pussy, he kept me on the verge of reaching a climax until just before the end of the picture. As the picture ended, his fingers went to my g-spot and brought me to a massive orgasm. I could not help but loudly moaned throughout that orgasm. I was somewhat embarrassed since I was sure the boys had heard me cum.

Arthur held me in his arms until I had completely recovered. At that point it was time for me to leave. Arthur walked me to the front door. He reached under my dress and he proceeded to slide my panties down my legs to my feet. I stepped out of them and handed them to Arthur. Arthur, as he fondled my breast gave me a wonderful good night kiss. He walked me to my car and watch as I drove off. That was a wonderful evening.

Arthur called me the next day. He enthusiastically told me how good of an impression his sons had of me. I was very pleased to hear that for I was starting to believe that I wanted to have a permanent relationship with Arthur. I knew that without bonding with his sons that it would be very difficult to form that type of relationship with Arthur.

About 3 months later, being that it was the beginning of an unseasonal hot spring, Arthur invited me to join him and his sons for an afternoon of swimming in his large swimming pool, followed by a barbecue lunch. Being a woman who enjoys water sports, I happily accepted. I was glad to have a chance to get better acquainted with his sons and what better way to do that than with some type of sports activity.

I decided that I needed a new bathing suit for this event. I wanted to get a one-piece suit that was attractive but not luring. It took me over an hour of trying on different suits until I found the right one. It was blue in color, and modest in the amount of skin it showed. Knowing that Arthur likes my breast hanging, the bra portion of the suit (which tied together in the back of my neck) held my boobs about midway up with a modest amount of cleavage showing. The bottom portion of the suit completely covered my rear end but was tight enough to emphasize the firmness of my ass. The front was a little darning without being raunchy. It did require me to trim back the hair down there somewhat. It was just the perfect suit for this “family affair”.

I arrived at Arthur’s home at 11:00am. It was already a hot day. As I entered the house, Arthur (who was already dress in pool attire) gave me a wonderful kiss accompanied his fondling both of my breast (he definitely is a boob man). He told me that the boys were already in the pool and showed me to the guest room where I could change my clothes. He said to join them as soon as I was ready to come out to the pool.

After changing into my new bathing suit, I walked outside to find all three of them in the pool playing around splashing each other with the pool water. Upon seeing me standing near the pool, Arthur splashed me with some water and said for me to jump into the pool. I jumped in getting completely wet in the process.

Arthur suddenly picked me up on his shoulders and challenged Bill and Joe to a game of tug of war. Bill put Joe on his shoulders and they then came at Arthur and me. Joe grabbed my arm and tried to pull me into the water. Being an ex-high school athlete, my competitive instinct came alive and I started pulling back. It was too late, and I fell into the water. Arthur quickly picked me up and we went at the boys. This continued for at least ten minutes. At that point, Bill and Joe tried a new tactic and got behind Arthur and I. Joe reached out for my shoulder and his hand got caught up with the tie in the back of my neck. At that point, he lost his balance on Bill shoulders and as he fell into the pool his hand pulled the tie loose which caused the front to the suit to fall exposing me from the waist up. I let go of Arthur and fell into the water. As I came up from the water and before I could find the ties and pull the suit back up, I saw Arthur and the boys starring at my breasts. I was in a daze wondering why Arthur was just standing there not coming to my rescue.

Finally, coming to my senses, I got the ties in my hands and retied the tie behind my neck. I moved to climb out of the water. The two boys immediately came to my sides and help me out of the pool. Arthur had preceded me out of the pool and was reaching for my hand to help to assist me. Arthur led me to one of the pool chairs and sat me in it. Joe came over and apologized for pulling on my suit causing it to untie. Collecting myself, I accepted his apology and told him not to worry it, that accident happens and to forget about it.

We forgot about the incident and proceeded to have a wonderful afternoon together. Arthur had arranged a delightful lunch which we all shared.

It was strange in how the boys reacted avrupa yakası escort to me for the rest of the afternoon. They saw to my ever need, bringing me food, drink, towels, or whatever I needed. They did it with a reverence that they had never shown me before. I was delighted but perplexed as to their sudden change of attitude toward me.

Arthur acted even more like his normal self, as if nothing had happened. Whenever he looked at me, there was a special glow in eyes.

About five in the afternoon, I decided it was time for me to leave. After changing my clothes, Arthur and the boys walked me to my car. At the car after saying goodbye to the boys, Arthur holding me by my shoulders gave me a most affection kiss. As we separated from the kiss, Arthur hands left my shoulders and stroked both of my breasts. He then helped me into my car. As I drove away, I looked back and saw this longing look on the faces of the boys.

I had a lot to think about as I lay in bed that night. Arthur is obsessed with my breast. That in and of itself is a good thing but is he getting out of hand fondling them in front of his boys. How do I feel about that? I like that he loves them (considering how they sag). I want his sons to know that he has strong feelings for me but is his doing that in front of them conveying the right message to them? What about the way the boys looked at my breast in the pool and how they started treating me with such care after my exposure, I was confused!

I needed to talk to Arthur but was it too early to have that kind of conversation? If I restrict the talk to just about the appropriateness of his fondling me in front of his boys, I believed that would be ok.

A week later, Arthur asked me out for dinner and a movie.

The restaurant that we went to was a very nice place that served American cuisine. The food and service were good. We sat next to each other. I had on a long dress that fitted in the style that Arthur preferred, with slightly sagging boobs.

During dinner, Arthur reached under the table and pulled the hem of my dress up until it laid in my lap. His hand then went to my upper thigh where it alternated between that position and higher where it stroked my pussy lips. This I enjoyed. He kept me on the edge during the entire time we were in the restaurant.

I want to point out, I am not a prude, I enjoy being sexually physical in private and in public (PDA). My only concern was doing so in front of his teenage boys.

Since Arthur activities tonight broaden into new areas (a welcome addition I might add), I thought that during the ride home I would explore my concerns with Arthur about his fondling me in front of his boys.

“Arthur, I want you to know that I love it when you play with my body, especially my breast. You may have guessed that I always have had a concern that the men that I was interested may not like how my breasts sag. You have loved them from the first moment you saw them. That, among other reasons, is why I have given my body to you to do as you please. But I do have one concern that I think needs addressing. I have been wondering whether it is appropriate for you to fondle my breast in front of your teenage boys.”

Arthur turned from looking forward as he drove to momentarily look me directly in the eyes. He turned back toward the road and stated, “Mary-Anne, I hear what you are saying. I wish to discuss your concern but let’s discuss this issue when we get to your home. This is not a simple issue and I want to give it and you my full attention when we discuss this issue.”

We drove the rest of the way home in silence. I was not expecting that type of response from Arthur. Had I touched upon a nerve that might ruin this promising relationship?

At my house, after having settled into the living room with a glass of wine for the both of us, Arthur told me the following about my concern of his fondling me in front of his boys.

“Mary-Anne, there is no short answer to your concern. Therefore, let me tell you the following, something that I had hope to revel to you later in our very promising relationship.

As you know, I am a widower, my wife having died two years ago. I and my boys had a very special relationship with my wife, a relationship that began with the birth of our twin sons.

Initially my wife was not going to breast feed the boys. She had beautiful full firm breast and was worried about her breast losing their firmness. I finally convinced her to do so for the good of the twin’s health. Well her worst fears came true; her breast lost their firmness and fully sagged.

However, a fortunate thing occurred while she was breast feeding. She developed a powerful connection between herself and our sons due to the breast feeding. This connection was so strong she didn’t even care about her breast sagging. My love for her intensified because of this and I fell in love with her sagging breasts.

When the boys were around one years old, we discussed her transitioning to bottle feeding and to stop the breasts feeding. After much discussion we came to a compromise, they would start bottle feeding mixed in with the breast feeding. As time went along, they did transitions to the bottle and solid food but at least twice a day, they still breast feed.

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