A Loan with Extras


It was just like any other Wednesday afternoon. However, on this particularly Wednesday, I had taken the afternoon off work for an appointment at the bank. I had my heart set on that big holiday, but with the credit squeeze and a bad rate on the Euro I was struggling to make things add up. Therefore I decided to take out a small loan, just to ease the load. Anyway, I was a few minutes early at the bank and was asked by the guy in the foyer to wait on a sofa, before I was called. It was quite late in the day and the bank was fairly quiet. It was drizzling outside, but I had just about managed to dodge the spots. At least the snow had gone, but everyone still seemed a bit gloomy. I could do with a lift and securing my loan would be good. Then I thought maybe afterwards I would go to Stabucks and treat myself to a big chunk of cake.

I had begun to day dream, when a member of the bank staff came to me and asked me to go up one flight of stairs to the first room on the left. I thanked her and followed these directions. After a brief knock, I opened the door. I stopped in my tracks but tried to not make my reaction too obvious. The girl behind the desk offered her hand. She introduced herself as Kira. My mind was thinking “wow, wow and wow!” She really was a little hottie. I guess she was 18, maybe 19 years old with elbow-length brown hair, a cute little nose and just the most amazing Bambi-brown eyes. She was just stunning. Her hair had that slightly tussled look, as if she had combed it in a bit of a hurry. She said something about the weather or something, I’m not sure; maybe but my soul was lost in her eyes for a moment.

She offered me a seat and resumed her own. I don’t know if I was making myself really obvious, but all the time I was looking her over as she spoke. She was wearing bahis firmaları a light brown trouser suit and a white blouse. I tried my best to be good and she went on to explain about their rates and what loans were available and what sort of payment terms they had. She had a naughty glint in her eyes as she spoke, I thought and she had this thing about brushing her hair over her shoulders occasionally, which made her look just even hotter. The thing is, she wasn’t really a hot babe as such, but had a sort of reserved manner, and was just so, so pretty and petite. She couldn’t have been more than 5 feet 3 inches. I asked her a few questions, although I had been completely bamboozled by her and couldn’t really put a coherent sentence together. Anyway after a while we settled on a loan plan and she got up and went to a filing cabinet. As she bent to open the bottom drawer I looked at her bottom, naturally. It was just perfect. On the same petite scale as the rest of her, but just so pert and peachy. I averted my gaze swiftly as she turned round, but by now I was beginning to get turned on. I really tried to think of something else, but now I was looking into her eyes again and I’m sure another button on her blouse had popped open. She gave me a couple of papers to sign, but it was no good. I was frazzled. I was as hard as rock down there and I knew any minute, I would have to get up to leave. I could smell her perfume now too and that wasn’t helping one bit.

‘OK Mr Andrews, I’m glad we could sort you out.’

“Oh don’t say that!” I thought. I was going to have to get up, but I couldn’t.

‘Is everything OK?’ She asked.

‘Yes, well – no, a bit of cramp.’

‘Oh dear, I’ve done a bit of first aid, maybe I can just…’

She came round to where I was sitting and looked down.

‘Maybe kaçak iddaa if, oh… oh. Oooh Mr Andrews!’

I’m reasonably big and well it was obvious. I tried to say something, as I felt so awkward and embarrassed.

‘I’m sorry, I’m just…well you’re just so!’

‘Oh, well don’t worry, I’m flattered.’

‘I know, but I’m awful, I should be able to control myself, but you’re just so lovely. I’ll take a deep breath and I’ll go.’

‘No, you don’t have to go, not yet.’

This took me by surprise.

‘What are you saying?’

‘The thing is, I’m stuck in this office all day, I don’t have a boyfriend, but I just want to let my hair down sometimes, do you know what I mean?’

‘Well yes, but…’

‘Hang on…’

She sat on the edge of the desk and leaned over to the phone. She tapped in three numbers and spoke to a colleague.

‘Oh yes, hi Peggy. I’m going to be a bit longer than I thought with this client, maybe 20 minutes OK?’

There was a brief reply I guess and she put the phone down and to my astonishment got up and locked the door catch to the office.

‘We’re OK for a bit Mr Andrews.’

‘Gosh Kira. Are you sure?’

‘Fill your boots. I feel like being really naughty.’

‘Are you sure no one is going to disturb us?’

‘I’m sure.’

Then she began to unzip her trousers. I was now trembling a little, but felt so horny. I really wanted to fuck her more than I can say. She turned round and eased her trousers down until they were round her ankles. Her bottom was suddenly level with my face. She had skimpy, silky white knickers on. She stepped back until my nose brushed her panties. I thought for a second, my cock now raging to bursting point. A second’s thought was all I needed. I pulled her panties down and buried kaçak bahis my face between her cheeks. They were beautifully hot. I rubbed my nose all over her lovely little ass and licked the crack up and down. She knew what I wanted though and she bent over, leaning on one of the filing cabinets and my tongue found her pussy. It was oh so hot and dripping wet. I really made a pig of myself, lapping up all her honey and delving my tongue as deep as I could, until I could feel the really velvety part of her vagina. After a few minutes of her moaning and squirming I stood up and unfastened my trousers, which had somehow stood up to the tension on them from my straining penis.

She looked round at me with those big brown eyes and I found her pussy and gave her everything in one go.

She let out a long, loud squeal.

‘Shhhh.’ I was scared we would be rumbled, I was dreading her being noisy, but it was too late for that.

‘Sorry.’ She said.

I grabbed her hips and I fucked her good and proper. I really let her have a no nonsense pussy pounding that afternoon. She held her mouth over her hand and did her best to stifle her screams of pleasure. I knew she really wanted to let go.

She was so tight; she was so good. I could feel her pussy pulsating as I thrusted in to her. That lovely bottom quivered as I pumped my rod into her pussy until I knew I was going to blow.

Her whole body was now convulsing as I could feel me reach the point of no return.

I pulled out and emptied my load over her gorgeous ass. I had to groan and held back a bit, but it was one absolutely awesome, massive orgasm. I can’t remember cumming so much as I did. The spunk was dripping off her bottom and on to the office floor. We both got our breaths back and I gave her a smoochy little kiss before we dressed and I left the bank a very happy man. I could easily fall in love with a girl like that, but she’s quite a lot younger than me and I’ll remember my loan with extras for a long time to come.

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