A Long Way Home Ch. 07


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The second term at Birmingham University was coming to its end. Naina was busy preparing her economy exams. She was entering into her fourth month of pregnancy and it started showing. For the time being, she could still pretend food in England was richer than in India but she wouldn’t fool her schoolmates much longer. At least, delivery was due at the end of August. She would not be too much overburdened during her exams at the end of term and she would have a month to recover in India before coming back to Birmingham for her second year at Uni. Tim had already found a nanny nearby that could take care of her baby. That was a big relief for both of them. Ritu would probably entrust her own baby to the same nanny but she still hesitated : she could also leave him or her in India to the custody of their mother or one of their aunts.

Both sisters continued to be in the top ranks of their group with occasional competition between them for the first place. Tim liked that emulation as it made them work even harder and approaching perfection.

The four of them continued their quite deep love affair together, Naina with Tim and Ritu with his brother Tom. When they had met for the first time, Naina was always wearing kameez, usually with pajamas (large pants) and Ritu had chosen more western looking clothes such as skirts, tee shirts, pulls and jeans. Tim had a fetish for sarees as he was a close friend of professor Leena, a white woman who wore usually sarees either at home, when shopping or to present her courses at University. It had been a long debate. For Naina, sarees were worn only by married Indian women. Tim replied that was preposterous as he loved to see a beautiful woman or girl in a tight saree.

Naina had made a few concessions at the beginning, wearing a saree on special occasions such as birthdays or visits from or to friends. That had been about once or twice a month. Then Tim took the habit of offering her a new saree every month. She couldn’t do less than wearing his gift for the evening. Then he increased the frequencies of their invitations : they received or visited Dan now once a month and they continued to receive their other friends. That had not been a decision from her but she had forged a new habit : she now wore her usual kameez at Uni and she changed into sarees as soon as she was back home. She had attended even a few lectures from Leena, wearing a saree. Her professor had publicly praised her elegance.

This evening, they had gone to a party with other professors. Everyone knew that they were living together. A few eyebrows had been lifted with a teacher having an affair with one of his students but when it had been quite clear that he was much more demanding from her than from his other students, it had calmed down quite fast. Some professors were ready to come to her rescue if Tim was asking too much from her.

Ritu had too much work, she was late for her rehearsal, so she couldn’t accompany them. Tom had remained with her at home. Naina had danced nearly always with Peter while Tim had to dance with Leena and several other pretty professors or wives. She was wearing a flame red saree that made her the center of attention in the room! Peter had complimented her for her elegance and he was a connoisseur of Indian clothes! Naina had been flattered and couldn’t think of a better way to redeem him but dancing with him. She was really looking as if she was flirting with him, trying hard to seduce him although it may have been the other way around. Tim had to accept it with a big smile in front of their friends but he was really jealous. Naina seldom agreed to dance in saree and she kept dancing with that old rich fart with just occasional smiles to him.

When they left, late in the evening, Tim held Naina’s door and drove back home in silence. She was somewhat exhausted, having had no opportunities to rest and her feet were pretty sore. But she was overjoyed, having had the occasion of dancing all the night with a very good and handsome dancer. The silence from Tim puzzled her. OK she hadn’t had the opportunity of dancing with him but Peter had been so attentive, cajoling her to another dance and attracting her attention when Tim was dancing with one or another particularly attractive woman. She had thought that her lover was also enjoying his evening while his frustration was slowly growing up! She finally broke the silence :

– Did you enjoy your evening, luv?

– You have the effrontery of asking me while you didn’t even favour me with a single dance!

– Oh, Tim! I beg your pardon! Peter was so. . . cozy and you looked so enthralled when you danced that waltz with Leena and then a slow dance with Margreth that I thought you didn’t need my company!

– Lass, know that I always need your company! I just don’t want to monopolize you but I would have danced all the night with you and you put me aside like a broken pot! istanbul escort You may continue to do so!

The conversation stopped there, leaving Naina in despair. That was the first time Tim was really angry with her. He had punished her once as she had skipped her homework but this time, it seemed more serious! He had been jealous all the evening and you never really know where such a strong feeling could lead you to do. Naina felt that their relation was really jeopardized there. When Tim parked the car, she tried to soothe him :

– Tim, please! I apologize. . . I just didn’t think. . .

– It’s no use, girl! I’ll sleep in the spare bedroom!

God! Tim was really angry! It was too late to hope that Tom would be still awake and help to calm down his brother. She had to tackle the problem alone :

– Tim. How can I redeem myself in your eyes? Would. . . would you want to punish me as you’ve done when I didn’t learn my lessons?

She felt a surge of interest in Tim’s eyes and stance. At least, he was listening to her. She saw along the fence something that could help : the mild weather had allowed the growth of a few branches of nettles, not the yellow dead ones, the stinging variety with white flowers although there were no flowers on it. Two weeks before, Naina had tried to uproot them, grabbing the stems in her unaware bare hands. She had relinquished them immediately and rubbed herself frenetically. There was a pair of shears and gloves in the garage. She cut a dozen of nettle stems, grabbed them with her bare hands. She clenched her teeth to block any sign of pain and handed the nettles to her lover, offering him the gloves to protect his hands.

Tim looked at her quizzically. He seemed to try to evaluate her commitment. When he saw she was ready to do anything to obtain his pardon, he seemed to relax ostensibly. He put on the gloves and took the nettles in his hand. Without a word, Naina grabbed the hem of her saree and pulled it up. Anybody could see her from the nearby houses or from a car in the street although at this late hour the risks were slim. She was wearing red panties underneath. That was a deviation from her usual attire : she was wearing less and less frequently undies as Tim didn’t like them very much, even the frilliest and sexiest ones just didn’t meet his standards. Tim threw carelessly her panties on the lawn.

Naina bent obediently grabbing her ankles with her hands, offering completely her bottom to his punishment. Tim lifted the stems and applied them with a swoosh on her bottom. Naina jumped up, clutching her inflamed bottom. Without saying a word, she bent down meekly and put back her hands around her ankles. The second stroke of the nettles hurt even more although the leaves were already heavily damaged. Tim stroke her four more times before declaring that it was over, that Naina was forgiven. Naina promised not to forget anymore to dance with her lover. She would offer him at least one dance on two or three. She was in tears but received his kisses gladly.

Naina hurried back home and darted toward the bathroom for a long soak in hot perfumed water. It would eliminate the stinging ache from the nettles and the fear of losing her boyfriend. She put on back her flame color saree and put her pride in preparing a perfect make up to meet again Tim. She wanted to be as beautiful as she could be for him.

She had just finished her and stood up when she felt a contact on her back. Lips met the nape of her neck. A thrill run through the whole length of her spine. She had recognized the intruder who had crept to her armchair without a noise : it was Tim. He loved to surprise her that way. The first time, she had screamed quite loud and Ritu and Tom had scrambled to her rescue to their mutual confusion when they discovered Naina quietly cuddled in her lover’s arms.

Without moving away from her skin, his mouth glided to her right ear and started to caress it in the most erotic way, nibbling gently her delicate earlobe. He thrust his tongue into her hole, pushing in as far as he could. She arched her back, lifting her head as high as she could to offer him as much leeway as he needed. He covered her neck with kisses from her chin down to the cleavage between her proud young breasts. He pushed his mouth lower down her cleavage, pushing away somewhat her pallu to reach her choli. Naina moaned in utter delight. She felt Tim’s cock pressing against her buttocks and she wiggled seductively her bottom to feel him better and let him know she really appreciated what he was doing to her. She pushed her breasts forward to offer them more completely to his caresses. She was purring like a cat, her eyes closed to concentrate on her delightful feelings!

Naina was now waiting impatiently for her lover’s next move. When she felt him pulling on her pallu, she could not refrain to utter a sigh of satisfaction. At last, he was moving! The richly avcılar escort embroidered pallu slid slowly to the ground. Her saree was now maintained only by the knot of her petticoat. Naina could not wait for Tim’s next move! Would he untie the knot of the thread, holding her petticoat and her saree to leave her in her undies? Would he strip her slower to enjoy for a longer time her partial nudity? She was totally his to do with her as he wanted, a living instrument for their mutual pleasure and Tim certainly knew how to play with the voluptuous zither of her body.

The young woman felt Tim’s hands pulling up the folds of her saree from under her petticoat. Tim had chosen the slow way, the most exciting slow strip tease but the most demanding for their nerves. She would love to be naked in his arms, thrown brutally onto their bed, her legs parted by an authoritative cock that would make her scream in delight. She moaned in frustration. Their mutual release would have to wait a little. The seven folds of her saree opened as he unwrapped, oh so slowly, her body from the silk. Tim threw her saree on the back of a chair. She was now in her red petticoat and her bikini choli. He stopped for a minute to admire her, his eyes sparkling with delight and lust.

Tim fumbled under her petticoat, looking for the knot. She turned toward him, her eyes locked onto his. He slowly pulled the knot. The petticoat fell down to the floor. She was smiling to him as her last large garment fell down, leaving her even more completely available to his lust filled eyes.

She had chosen, for that evening, the sheerest red panties she had. Researchers had recently published a study on the fact that men loved especially women in red dresses. Tim should then now be in a frenzy and Naina just hoped that her lover would be tireless that evening. She had never been so deeply aroused. She wanted his caresses, his mouth on her naked body, on her lips, on her neck, on her breasts, her belly, her buttocks and finally between her legs! Juices were already dripping down her legs and drenching her panties.

Tim centered his interest on her bikini choli. It was a simple bikini top and it was the only protection of her breasts. Tim unfastened slowly the hook on her back, leaving the choli hanging from her shoulders. He went to face her, pulled aside the straps on Naina’s shoulders. The top was now retained only by her breasts firmly pressed against his chest. Tim slid his hands between their bodies, cupping her breasts lovingly as he receded somewhat. Naina let her shoulders down. With a big smile, she made a step backward, leaving her choli in his hands. Her proud breasts were now in full view, pointing toward him like shells. She licked slowly her lips as she pushed her breasts forward to give them more volume. She smiled when she realized that Tim’s eyes were focused on her tits and he was licking also his own lips in anticipation.

Naina wobbled sensuously her hips and grabbed her waist band to slowly roll it downward. The tease was too hard for Tim who placed his hands above hers. She looked sideways at him impishly with a coy little smile. She was clearly daring him to do something to accelerate the stripping of her body. Blood was now roaring in Tim’s veins. He grabbed the waist band of her panties himself and pulled hard. It was fortunate the material was quite sheer as it was shredded quite easily. Tim threw it into a corner of the bedroom, drew Naina to him like a pirate would have done in ancient times when he had conquered a new ship with such a pretty passenger. He covered her mouth with his and kissed her passionately. Naina had done everything she could to draw Tim to that moment. She really enjoyed it as Tim explored her mouth with his tongue, mauling her breasts and her buttocks to force her against him. There couldn’t remain any doubt he was in love with the young woman.

There was also no doubt she was also in love with him although she was also imagining herself in the same position but in the arms of Dan, Tom or Peter. . . Maybe on another occasion, in the future. . . A devilish grin made her appear even more sensual. Tim was now focused on what he wanted to do with her. He took Naina in his arms, lifted her up as if she had no weight although she was now more than four months pregnant and her belly was already significantly swollen.

Tim lay her on the bed, throwing aside the comforter. He placed the pillow under her back to lift up her bottom. She let her lover arrange her as he liked. He started by licking her breasts which had always been so sensitive that she began to moan helplessly in minutes. She was so hot that when he moved down to lick her cunt and her clit, she screamed very loud, oblivious of anything but the inexpressible delights he was giving her in series, as usual. When she was a virgin girl, she never had dreamed that someone could elicit so much pleasure in her loins! She cummed as he was still licking şirinevler escort her clit, flooding his tongue with her love juices. He didn’t seem sated as his licking continued at the same rhythm and her moans climbed soon back to another crescendo.

Her lover made her cum three times before changing his action. Naina was then pretty disheveled, her body was covered with sweat, her lipstick was spread widely around her mouth, her mascara had dripped down, she really looked like a girl freshly raped by a horde of burly soldiers if you didn’t take into account the broad smile that brightened her face. Tim lifted her knees to his shoulders. He bent forward. Her tits were pressed hard between their chests. He fumbled to reach his cock that was as hard as a marble block, aimed it to her slit. He pushed forward until just the head entered her cunt. His eyes scanned her face until their eyes met. They became glued to one another. He smiled broadly and pushed forward, impaling her slowly, fully mastering his moves until he was embedded to the hilt into her twat.

Naina locked her ankles behind his back. When Tim started his back and fro movements, she relaxed completely, accompanying him like a rag doll and enjoying every minute of it. He was taking care not to press too hard on her swollen belly and she missed his usual wild frenzy but she knew Tim was very considerate. He would fuck her again as hard as she may wish it as soon as she had delivered her baby. She stretched her lips toward him and he increased his rhythm in response. It was so pleasurable that she screamed to express her extraordinary delight. When she climaxed in his arms, she fainted quietly, leaving him alone discreetly to enjoy her body. . .

When she regained her senses, she was alone in the bed. Tim had covered her naked body with a bed sheet and a comforter. He was presenting her a glass of water.

– Thank you, Tim! I really loved it. I felt as if I was Aishwarya Rai in the film scene I found on the net. She was fucked by her white lover in her red saree just as you did! I love you!

– Sweetie, you know that tomorrow, you’ll have your last exam for the term. I may already tell you, from what my colleagues told me you are on the way to be the major for this year if you obtain the same results for the third term!

– And Ritu?

– Always the good loving sister! Don’t fear anything : Your marks are rarely different from more than half a point, sometimes she is the first, other times, it’s you. The difference will be slight but I fear that you had better marks with Leena and professor Goodhope and they have more weight in the final mark!

– And with you?

– I didn’t want to be suspected of over-leniency. You should have had a better mark than Ritu, so I considered that your opinion was not sufficiently supported about the origin of the present economic crisis and gave you half a point lower mark than Ritu.

– Oh, it’s not fair! I helped her to prepare that subject. I surely mastered it better than her!

– I know but who can be sure that school marks are fair?

Naina laughed. She was interrupted by Ritu and Tom entering their bedroom.

– Sorry to invade your bedroom but both of you are chattering like old crows. You woke us up and seem not to be ready to get to sleep. Oh, Naina you were naked! Sorry : we are going to leave!

– No, Tom, as you are here, maybe you could take photographs of our beautiful Naina and her pretty sister.

– This late : it’s nearly 02:00 AM? I’ll take a lot of time to put on a beautiful saree!

– Why bother with it. I thought of photographs of both of you naked!

Naina and Ritu looked to one another and burst out laughing. After all, if Tim wanted to have photographs of them naked and pregnant, why not? They were twin sisters, weren’t they? Tom was their usual photographer and Tim decided all the poses they would take. There were times when they were walking in the lobby or in the bathroom, sometimes with a hand under their belly as if they were supporting it and the other hand on top of it, to center the attention to it. Tim made them take the same pose in an armchair then side to side on a sofa. Then he made them take a more classical pose, Naina delicately holding Ritu’s nipple between her thumb and fore finger while Ritu did the same to her.

This pose was far more erotic than the previous ones. When Tim made both girls touch one another their bellies, the tension increased. For the last pose, Naina surprised herself when she wished that Tim would tell them to kiss one another. Tim must have read in her mind as he asked them just to do that. He arranged them so their faces would be easily seen on the photographs. When he declared himself satisfied and Tom was ready to take the still, Naina was bold enough to push her tongue into her sister’s mouth. Ritu was too surprised to resist or protest. Tim declared the session over. He would prepare framed enlargements of that one in both their bedrooms! Naina and her sister blushed beet root but didn’t protest at all!

– May I ask you a question, Tim? Where will we spend our week for the end of term vacation?

– As if you didn’t know that we are going to Scotland to Mistress Swathri’s Demeanor school, the reformatory for wayward girls!

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