A Master’s True Touch Story By sr19114me


A Master’s True Touch Story By sr19114meYou are sitting alone in a stranger’s motel room. Naked as instructed. You can’t decide whether you are more turned on or terrified. Just as you reach the conclusion that you are reaching your limit on both counts, you hear a key in the door.We met at the grocery store that afternoon. You were attracted to the calm sense of control that seemed to surround me. You made eye contact with me only to receive a cold appraising glance and a look of complete dismissal before I moved on to another aisle. You could not understand why this would cause such a twitching sensation in your crotch.You arranged to bump into me on the next aisle. “You seem to be having a great deal of difficulty there miss.” I was staring at you in that same appraising way.”Yes sir…” You catch yourself. You are now feeling confused. You have never in your adult life addressed a man, a total stranger, as sir. Yet it seemed so natural here. As you thought this you became aware of your lubrication beginning so seep down the inside of your thighs. That was another silly thing for you to do. Wearing such a short skirt and no panties. It was almost as if you set out today to test your limits.”Well, were you planning on apologizing or are you just going to stand there with your mouth open?” my voice seemed to reach you from far away.In a complete panic, you suddenly realized how ridiculous you must look. “I…uh…I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened to make me do that.”I saved you from more verbal floundering. “You deliberately steered your basket into mine. I think you wanted to meet me for some reason. Right?””Yes sir, that’s about right.” Again canlı bahis with the sir? You become aware that your nipples are painfully erect and rubbing against the inside of your loose blouse. There is just enough contact between the supple fabric and the tips of your nipples to make you aware that you are shaking slightly. This tiny bit of friction makes your nipples want to get even harder.You stood there shaking silently. You were torn between anger at yourself, and raw lust as I took out a business card, wrote something on the back of it. Placing it on your purse along with what was obviously a hotel key. Having done so, I wordlessly turned and left you standing in the grocery store with our forgotten baskets of groceries.That was this afternoon. Right now, you shudder once as the door swings open and I step in.”Well, look who we have here.” I close the door behind me. “I wondered if you were whore enough to willingly go to a stranger’s room and wait to get a fucking.”As I undress, I continue. “I sure hope you like it rough because that’s what you are going to get today.” I put my right hand on your head, twining my fingers in your hair, I gently guide you down to your knees in front of me.”You have 1 minute to show me just how badly you want my cock.”With that, you lave my knob with your tongue before taking it inside your mouth. As you suck my warm cock, you reach up with your right hand and start massaging and pulling on my balls. When your minute is up, I pull you to your feet.I guide you over to the vanity. “I want you to look me in the eye while I fuck your leaking twat.” I force you face down over the vanity, then putting my left hand bahis siteleri between your shoulder blades to keep you from rising, I pull back on your hair so your head comes up and we are face to face via the mirror.”Reach back here and dip out some honey for me.” I growl as the tip of my erection dances back and forth between the cheeks of your wantonly splayed ass leaving a wet spot everywhere it touches.You reach back and slip a finger into your twat. Bringing it out, you hold it up so I can see how wet you are. I take the finger into my mouth and suck until there is no trace left of your heady nectar.I release you and drop to my knees behind you to use both hands to pull your cheeks apart so I can examine your most private treasures. Rising to my feet again, I run the edge of my hand back and forth in your slot spreading your ample juices liberally.I take my cock in hand and use the tip of it to scrub back and forth between your lips. grinding my leaking cock head against your throbbing clit. Running slow circles around the mouth of your velvet glove. Pausing on each trip between your love tunnel and clit to do a quick lap of my slick cock knob around the mouth of your urethra.While I’m scrubbing back and forth in your gash, I’m using the fingernails of my other hand to lightly scratch all around the delicate rosette that is winking at me from just above your snatch. Staying outside the perimeter, I tease and scratch the entire area between your cheeks.Just when I sense you are about to cum, I plunge my rock hard cock deeply inside your drooling pussy. At the same time I switch to gently squeezing and softly tugging on your nipples while I fuck güvenilir bahis you like a jack rabbit.When we have both been drained of sexual energy, I raise myself off your back and withdraw my still firm manhood.Taking you by the wrist, I pull you away from the counter and lead you to the bed. I seat you right on the edge of the bed before throwing you back on the bed and putting your ankles up on my shoulders. Here we start all over again as I fuck you deep and hard. Each out stroke brings the head of my dick just outside the wet grasp of you inner lips before plunging back in until you feel it at your cervix. This stroke prevents your body adjusting fully to my girth.Your lips are forced apart anew on each stroke.As you approach your peak, I reach up and placed a flat palm wet with your spending over each of your nipples. I alternate between pressing your breasts flat with my palms and holding them up until the only contact the very tips of your nipples. As slick as my palms are, the sensations of them doing flat circles across your nipples is driving you crazy.You sense my completion is near, so you reach down and madly frig your clit while your fingertips can feel my cock sawing in and out of your channel. When you at last climax, you black out from the sensation.Becoming gradually aware of outside noises, you open your eyes and see the door to the room is ajar. Rising up, you realize you are still naked. Your body is sticky with our juices. Your hair is matted from where I had wiped the cum off my cock before leaving the room. You know you must get out of here. Your husband is at home waiting for you to get home with the groceries. You need a shower before you leave the room because you look and smell like a whore.But first, your fingers slip between your lips and you are off on a personal adventure while your mind replays the events of the day…………….

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