A Matter of Betrayal Ch. 11



It was good the hotel was only a few miles away because by the time they arrived there Colin’s cock was so hard he could have driven nails with it. After he managed to get his pants zipped up, he had to walk behind Aileen again as they entered the hotel. “Do you want me to give you my purse to hold in front of that thing?” Aileen asked gleefully.

Colin scowled. “That would be a great way to hide my embarrassment of an erection, walking around with a woman’s purse in front of my crotch!” He said. Aileen broke out laughing, she was positively giddy.

Colin succeeded in making it to the front desk and checking in. Once he had the keycard in his hand he guided a very buoyant Aileen to their room. She was giggling all the way. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were drunk, but it’s been over three hours since we had any wine,” Colin said.

“I’m high on life baby,” Aileen replied. “I’ve never felt so free, without a worry on my mind. I feel like I’m floating.”

When they made it inside the room, Aileen pushed Colin up against the back of the door and started covering his face with kisses. “Oh Colin, you’ve given me the most wonderful night of my entire life! I love you so much!” She said.

Colin tried to respond saying he loved her too but his mouth and especially his tongue was engaged at the moment. He kissed Aileen deeply freeing the fire of passion he held for her, letting it consume him. They took their coats of and tossed them on a chair. Colin then wrapped his arms around Aileen’s voluptuous form and continued kissing her moving her over to the bed.

Colin’s hands roamed all over her body and when they settled on her ass he gave it a squeeze which caused Aileen to moan longingly into his mouth. “I’m so hot for you baby!” she said as their lips separated. “My body is burning for your touch!”

Aileen struggled with his tie; once she had the knot loosened she slipped it off his head. She then tugged on his jacket, Colin let his hands fall to his sides so she could slip it off and let it drop to the floor. Colin’s hands went back to wandering over her body; he grasped hold of her gown and tugged upwards and Aileen raised her arms so he could pull it over her head.

Colin draped the gown over another chair, when he turned back to look at Aileen it felt like his heart had stopped at the sight of her. No matter how many times he had seen her body now, it never failed to have this effect on him. She was wearing turquoise panties that matched her dress, and a strapless bra that her bosom was straining to burst out of. She had on white stockings and black high heels. Colin couldn’t conceive of any woman being more beautiful than her. She had a smoldering look in her jade eyes but more than that she had a look that said she was for him and only him. That no other man would see that look seemed to define Colin’s existence. She belonged to him and he belonged to her and that was all that mattered.

Aileen sat on the bed and took her shoes off. Then she slowly and sexily rolled one stocking down her leg and did the same with the other. Colin kicked off his shoes then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants letting them fall to the floor. His socks were next to join his piles of clothes on the floor followed by his shirt once he unbuttoned it. He was careful when he removed his watch. He took it off and gently laid it on a table.

Dressed only in a white tee shirt and boxers he tackled his mother and they fell into the large bed. Aileen looked like a goddess with her alabaster skin and crimson hair spread out around her head as she lay flat on the bed. Colin’s lips went to her neck and his hand went to her breasts. Her bra had a clasp in front which he undid and her boobs spilled out.

Her nipples were all ready stiff and had to be sticking an inch out from her areolas. He massaged both tits for a time, kneading the soft round mounds; Aileen hummed with satisfaction as he touched her. He lightly stroked the sides of her tits then gave ample attention to her turgid nipples. His lips moved down to her right tit and he took the nipple into his mouth. His tongue circled around the areola for a few laps and then began to move in circles around the nipple making it move back and forth and side to side. Aileen’s humming became louder. His hand was on her other tit, his fingers brushed over the nipple a few times then he began to manipulate it more forcefully. He rubbed and squeezed her nipple while sucking on the other one.

“Yes! Ohhhhh Yes!” Aileen exclaimed. “Oh God, I’m on fire! Squeeze them! Squeeze them harder! Bite them!” Colin squeezed harder with his fingers and lightly bit down with his teeth and pulled slightly. “Oh God! Oh Colin! Yes!” Aileen cried out.

Colin moved his mouth from one nipple to the other causing a string of saliva to stretch between her breasts. His hand moved down her body to rub her stomach, he moved his hand down further, past her bellybutton; he could feel güvenilir bahis the heat emanating from her pussy. His hand slipped under her panties and into the steamy heat. His felt the narrow strip of pubic hair that was all she had left after she had decided to start shaving. He loved the feeling of smoothness as his fingers ran over her cunt. She was soaking wet down there and her panties were saturated with her juices.

Colin propped himself up to sitting position so he could take off her panties; Aileen let out a whine when he pulled his mouth away from her breast. He slid the fingers of both hands beneath the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down. Aileen lifted her hips so he could slide them off. His hands slid underneath his mother so he could squeeze her divine ass as he examined her nearly bald mound appreciating its features. Aileen spread her legs giving him the best view of her mouthwatering pussy. Her facial features exhibited excitement as he beheld the beauty and eroticism her body has to offer. Colin’s cock was straining to be free from his boxers.

Colin took his index finger and rubbed it up and down her slit. “You’re magnificent,” he said.

“Mmmmmm,” Aileen murmured. He slipped his finger inside her dripping hole then pulled it out; he stroked her pussy spreading around her juices. His finger slid back inside her then out again as he began finger fucking her. Aileen purred as she pushed her hips forward humping his finger. His middle finger joined the action inside her pussy and her fluids were outflowing. “Oh God! Oh yes my love! Please! More!” Aileen moaned humping his fingers harder. Her clit was fully emerged from its hood.

Colin found the bit of wrinkled tissue on the roof of her pussy and stroked his fingers along it back and forth. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum! Oh Colin you’re gonna make me cum!” Aileen shouted. His fingers continued to stroke the tissue and followed it out of her hole and circled around her urethra. He stuck his fingers back inside her pussy feeling its walls contracting around them while his mother spasmed. “OH GOD! I’M CUMMMMINGGGG!” Aileen cried as juices squirted out from her orgasming cunt.

When her pussy unclenched Colin resumed moving his fingers in and out of her, when he felt her spasms die down he pulled his dripping wet fingers out and slid them up her pussy to her clitoris. As soon as he touched it Aileen squealed, “OH GOD! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” Her body wriggled frenziedly on the bed and her pussy squirted out an even more forceful amount of juice.

By this point Colin’s cock was so hard and had so much pressure pulsing through it, it felt like his entire organ was going to blast off his body. He tore off his tee shirt and boxers and climbed on top of his incredibly soft and sensual mother. He mashed his lips to hers in an urgent kiss then said in an intense whisper, “I need to fuck you now!”

“Then fuck me baby!” Aileen replied. “Put your cock in me! Come home to mommy my sweet love!” She grabbed his cock as it leaked precum and rubbed it over her pussy. Every sensation was magnified tenfold and the feeling of his engorged cock running over her slick and puffy pussy lips made Colin feel he might lose it right then, he strived to hold on.

She lined his cock up with her hole and guided him in. “Now baby! Give it all to me!” He loved the feeling of her tight pussy walls around his cock. She was so slick with lubrication that, with one long thrust, Colin easily slid into her all the way. “Ohhhhhhh,” Aileen moaned as their pubic bones came together. “Oh baby, you feel so good inside me! You make me feel so full!”

“I’m not gonna last long,” Colin panted. He’d been ready to pop since intermission at the musical.

“I know sweetie, I know. I want to feel you cum in me! Cum hard for me honey, fill my pussy with your cream!” Aileen encouraged. Colin started pumping in and out. His breathing was all ready erratic, he knew he was only going to last a few strokes. He pulled nearly all the way out then thrust back in as deep as he could until he felt the tip of his cock make contact with her uterus. Colin lost it. His balls constricted and he felt cum surge through his cock.

“UNGHHHHHHH!” Colin grunted as he exploded inside her. Hot jets of cum burst out of his cock one after another coating her womb for seemingly time on end.

“Oh Colin, it feels sooooo good…” Aileen purred. “So good to be filled by my true love…”

After his cock gave a final twitch and Aileen’s grasping pussy could coax out no more cum, Colin slipped his mouth over hers and their tongues cavorted. He rolled her over so she was on top and hugged her as close to his body as he could. “I am so in love with you,” he whispered into her ear.

“You make me feel so wanted, so needed, all the good things in my life have come from having you,” Aileen said softly into his shoulder. “I love you so much!”

“I’ll always need you, always,” Colin said as he ran a hand lovingly through türkçe bahis her hair. He kissed her again and began rubbing her back; he traced her spinal column with his fingers. Soon his hands found themselves on her ass. As he rubbed and massaged her soft flesh Aileen started moving her groin back and forth over his.

Colin started to feel himself becoming aroused once more. He pulled Aileen up until she was straddling his chest. “Turn around,” he told her.

“Why?” Aileen asked.

“It’s your turn to cum. I want to taste your pussy,” Colin said.

“But baby, you just came in me,” Aileen said.

“So what? It’s my cum, it’s not like I haven’t tasted it in your mouth a hundred times by now,” Colin said. “We are part of each other, there’s no experience I don’t want to share with you. I want to eat your pussy out while it’s wet and sloppy from our lovemaking.” He felt a shiver run through her body.

“Okay baby, anything you want,” Aileen said in a husky voice as she ran a hand softly over his cheek. “But you’re not the only one that’s going to get to play.” She turned herself around and Colin got an eyeful of her contoured feminine back and shapely ass.

Aileen scooted back; her thighs were slick with their combined fluids running down from her pussy. Colin fondled her ass as her mound got closer to his face. When she reached his chin she lifted her ass up and placed her pussy over his mouth; drops of their love secretions dripped down on his face. She lowered her crotch onto his mouth; he licked her wet slit and could taste the sweetness of her honey mixed with the tanginess of his cum. He continued to lick her slit sliding his tongue around her labia, the smooth outer lips and the puffy inner lips.

While Colin was lavishing oral attention to his lover’s pussy, he felt Aileen lean over and grasp his cock with her hands. He jerked when he felt her hands moving up and down on his shaft. He had returned to semi-erectness before, now he was completely hard again as she administered stroke after stroke on his slippery cock. Colin returned his attention to his mother’s sodden pussy. He licked around her urethra and then his tongue found her hole; it was awash with pussy juice and cum.

Colin felt Aileen take his cock in her mouth, he gasped and consequentially drew in a copious amount of cum and juice which he had to quickly swallow to avoid choking. The feeling of being in his mother’s sultry mouth was sensational, especially when he pictured her rose red lips sliding along his shaft. She had taken the head and a good part of the shaft into her mouth and was switching from twirling her tongue around the head to sucking on it like she was a Hoover. Her hand was grasped around the remaining part of his shaft and she was sliding it up and down sometimes moving down to fondle his balls.

Colin repeatedly licked from her cunt hole all the way up her slit. There was a good amount of saliva now mixed in with the other fluids. Aileen licked his cock up and down on all sides and each time she made it to the tip she would take the head into her mouth and give it a little suck. On one trip down his shaft she kept going and started licking his balls and eventually taking them into her mouth and sucking on them. He was in ecstasy.

The hotel room was filled with the sounds of lips smacking, slurping, grunting, and moaning as the two lovers sixty-nined. Colin sucked on her pussy lips and then her hole. He sucked out gobs of his own cum mixed with Aileen’s nectar. He swallowed everything he got, he didn’t care, he knew his mother was turned on by the amount of her own juices she was drenching his face with and how enthusiastically she was licking and sucking his balls and cock.

Colin propelled his tongue deep into his mother’s cunt. He could feel she was getting close to an orgasm. He let his tongue roll around inside her catching plentiful amounts of their fluids. He made sure to give a little extra attention to that special spot on her cunt wall. He brought his hand up to her pussy and made sure to get his fingers good and wet. Her clit was standing out proudly. He slid his index finger over it and Aileen bucked as she orgasmed and a deluge of juice cascaded from her pussy, he slurped it up. “MMMMMMM!” she moaned with her mouth full of cock. He circled his finger around her clit and over it once more and she spasmed wildly into another orgasm.

Aileen had to release Colin’s cock from her mouth as she orgasmed. “Oh God! OH GOD!!!” She screamed.

Colin removed his hand from her clit and replaced it with his tongue. He swirled his tongue around the nubbin and sucked on it gently, as he was doing this his hand worked its way between her ass cheeks and his fingers played with the rosebud opening. He slipped a slick finger slightly into the tight opening. “OH MY GOD!!! OH COLIN!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Aileen howled. She was writhing out of control and her wet, sloppy pussy was sliding all over his face. It was all Colin could do to keep güvenilir bahis siteleri his tongue on her clit as another outpour of her juices showered down on his face and chest.

“Oh God Colin, no more! No more! I’m gonna pass out.” Aileen said wearily. Colin laid his head back on the pillow and let his mother have a chance to come down from her intense orgasms. Her body went limp on top of him except for an occasional shiver. She was breathing heavy; Colin felt her warm breath on his still rock solid cock that was right by her head. He caressed her butt cheeks as she regained some of her strength.

After a few minutes passed, Aileen turned herself around so she was face to face with Colin. “Oh baby! You are the most magnificent lover in the world,” she said as she began to kiss him. She kissed him deeply sucking his tongue into her mouth. Colin put his arms around her to hold her. She kissed him all over his face and even began licking him, slurping up their combined cum that was on his face. “You get me so turned on!”

“You do the same for me!” Colin said.

Aileen smiled and began rubbing her body against Colin’s. Their sweat and other lubrication between them made them slippery and almost frictionless. Her breasts rubbed back and forth over his torso. He could feel her distended nipples brush over his chest, her stomach moving down over his cock than back up again. “Does that feel good baby?” Aileen asked lasciviously.

“Yesssssss,” Colin hissed.

Aileen moved down Colin’s body until his cock was amidst her pillowy breasts. She pushed her tits together squeezing his cock and moved up and down, his erection slid between her mounds of flesh. “How about this? Do you like this?” She asked.

“Oh fuck yes!” Colin said.

Aileen then took one of her hard nipples and started swirling it around the head of his cock. “And this?” She asked.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Was all Colin could get out.

Aileen moved back up Colin’s body and straddled his hips. She grasped his cock and rubbed it all over her pussy, and then she put it at the entrance. He felt the head push past the ring of her opening. Slowly Aileen lowered herself down on his pole, enveloping him inside her. “And this?” She said in a voice breathy with arousal. “Mmmmmm! You like this don’t you?”

“Oh God yes!” Colin exclaimed. He was home again, the only place he wanted to be; inside the hot wet pussy of his beautiful mother. The feeling of her tight pussy wrapped around his cock transported him. Joined together with his true love his heart sang at being complete.

“Hmmmmm, I like this too,” Aileen purred as she moved herself up sliding her pussy almost to the tip of his cock then gently lowered herself back down taking him all the way back inside her again. “I love this. I love the feeling of you inside me Colin; my baby’s big cock filling me up. I feel you so deep in me. I love you so much honey and I love riding your wonderful cock!” As she was talking her hips began moving up and down; his shaft sliding in and out of her.

“I love you too,” Colin said. “I love being with you.”

“I want to fuck you,” Aileen said. “I want to fuck my baby, ride his cock, and feel him pulsate inside me. I want to feel you cum inside me again. I want to feel my baby cum!”

“Yes!” Colin exclaimed, his blood boiling. “Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

“I love you so much, you make me feel so good,” Aileen said and then she began to moan as she rode his cock in an ever increasing rhythm. Colin reached up and took hold of her jiggling breasts and caressed them as his mother’s pussy slipped up and down on his cock.

“Tell me it will be like this forever; tell me it will always feel this way!” Aileen said.

“It will be like this forever! I will love you forever I promise! It will always be this way with us!” Colin said between moans of pleasure. “Our bond is eternal! We are husband and wife in our hearts!”

“Ohhhhhhh Colin!” Aileen moaned as her hips flowed over his cock. “I believe you baby! You make me believe. I never knew I could feel this much love! My son, my husband, I am your woman. You have all of me for eternity.”

Colin sat up with Aileen in his lap, their genitals still connected, and took hold of her in a tight hug. “You have all of me, you’ve always had,” he said into her ear. Aileen grabbed onto Colin just as fiercely wrapping her arms around him. Sitting together in bed connected and as close to each other as possible, the couple continued their lovemaking. Aileen moved her hips and Colin thrust his forward to meet her forward movements. Their pubic bones continually slammed into and rubbed against each other; Aileen’s turgid clit was getting constant stimulation from the contact.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Aileen droned as Colin’s cock glided in and out of her. His pelvis grinded against hers again and Aileen went off into orgasm. “OHHHHHHHHHH!” she crowed and her pussy contracted around Colin’s penis. Colin held onto her as she spasmed out then resumed thrusting deep inside her.

Aileen was over stimulated and before long she was ready to explode again. “Oh God! Oh baby! You’re making me cum againnnnnnn! OHHHHHHHHHH!” she exclaimed as she writhed in Colin’s arms.

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