A Model Cousin


I had just finished clearing out my ex-roommate’s room when I heard my cousin’s little buggy pulling into my rocky apartment complex driveway. Perfect timing.

See, her house was undergoing major renovations and they had basically gutted the entire house and it was essentially unlivable for the next couple weeks. My aunt and uncle are on the wealthier side and supposedly they’re spending up to 800k on this addition. I suppose it was then convenient then that I, Elena’s favorite cousin, lived only 90 minutes away and happened to have a room free due to me evicting my horrible last roommate.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited. I’m 22, and she’s 25, and even though I know it’s taboo, I always thought she was extremely attractive. And I was reminded of this as I looked down at her getting out of her car in the driveway from the upstairs window. The same slender blend I had always remembered – completely flat stomach, probably just under a D cup, and long, really long curly black hair. It’s no wonder at all that, of everyone in my family, she’s the one that become the model. Her most recent gig, she tells me, was an Ed Hardy billboard. She said they made her wear a shirt one size too small to make her boobs look bigger. I know she was just being playful, but her talking to me about her boobs made me feel a little naughty.

There is one memory I have of her from when we were younger – I was in middle school and she was about to graduate high school. A bunch of the cousins were playing chicken in the pool at one of our semi-weekly BBQ’s we’d have at my aunt’s house. I remember her boyfriend had her on his shoulders, and because her bikini bottom was a little loose from the heavy water, when she fell off his shoulder, they slipped off and everyone in the family, including myself, saw her butt. It was a little butt. Perfectly round handful cheeks. I only saw it for about a fraction of a second – but I think of it fondly almost every time we talk.

We hugged and said our greetings as she walked in and put all her stuff down in the living room. Over the next half hour or so I showed her to her room and where she could put all her stuff. She was gonna be staying for up to 3 or 4 months so why not get settled in? Her parents are staying with my uncle’s brother-in-law and there was no other room there, by the way. That’s why she’s here.

The one unfortunate thing about the apartment was the shared bathroom, meaning the two bedroom are connected by a bathroom. This wasn’t too much of a problem with my last male roommate, but with her, it might cause some issues.

“Now this…” I said as I opened the door to the bathroom from her room, “is the only part of this apartment I wish I could change. We share a bathroom. I’m really sorry.”

“I think we’ll be okay,” she replied.

“Just make sure you lock the door at all times. I can’t tell you how many times I walked in on Jerry because he never fucking locked it from my side.”

She chuckled.

The next couple hours were great. I helped her rearrange the room and get settled in, then we headed back downstairs for some beers and reminiscing.

I told her all about my decision to quit college. I was going for graphic design with a minor in photography but decided to bail after the software and camera they provided me with taught me everything I needed to know better than my professors.

As it always does, the conversation turned towards my cousin’s modeling career.

“So what can I expect to see you in next?” I asked.

“Um, actually, I just did a Victoria’s Secret ad.”

“Oh, really? I didn’t know you were into that.”

“Yeah, well, I was a little hesitant at first, but the photographers there make it very comfortable and that kind of modeling pays really good.”

“You don’t have a problem with people seeing you in your underwear?”

“No…not really. A photo is different than in person. Plus it’s in a magazine. Not like people are gonna see it on a billboard driving down the highway or anything. Plus, and this what I think of most, in terms of what you see it’s much different than when the family goes to the beach.”

“That’s true.”

There was a brief pause as we sipped our beers over my little kitchen counter/table.

“What about you?” she asked. “How’s your photography going? What bakırköy escort kind of stuff have you been shooting?”

“Not much, honestly. I’ve been so busy working. I kind of just photograph whatever I find outside. I haven’t shot a model in…Christ, probably a year a half almost. I’ve honestly almost stopped completely.”

“Well, that’s not so bad. Hey, now that I’m here – we can help build each other’s portfolios.”

That’s not what I expected to here, but it got my attention, for sure.

“How do you mean?” I replied.

“You can shoot me. I get more modeling pics for my portfolio and you have more time to practice shooting them. And then if they’re good you can put them in yours too.”

“Shoot you how? Like for what?”

“I dunno – anything. Whatever we can think of.”

“I never thought of that, but hey, this is why we got along.”

I liked where this was going.

Fast forward three weeks. An issue of Women’s Health arrives in my P.O. Box. I was confused, but then I remember it was for Elena. Then I thought…is this is the magazine? Does this magazine have a picture of my beautiful cousin in her underwear in it? I’ll find out later…

Later on when she came home, I heard her exclaim from the other room “Oh, it’s here!”

I paused my movie to walk into the kitchen to see Elena discovering the magazine that I left on the kitchen counter.

“So that is yours? I was like…I don’t subscribe to this.” I said.

“Yes, it’s mine! My modeling photos are in here! I asked them to send me the issue. I hope you don’t me getting some mail sent here.”

“No, not at all.”

I went and stood beside her as she flipped through the pages.

“This is the, uh, Victoria’s Secret thing?” I asked hesitantly.


“You don’t mind if I see, do you?”

“No, of course not. This is what I wanna do for a living.”

She flipped through the pages some more until she eventually came to it. It was a two-page spread featuring her and two other women standing next to each other in bra and panties with the words “LOVE YOUR BODY” in big yellow text. My cousin was wearing a lacy bra and skin colored (we’re white) almost booty shorts-like underwear. While the other two women were facing the camera, she was turned kind of to the side so I could see a lot of her side buttcheek. It looked like same firm cheek I remember from childhood.

“Oh, it came out so good!” she yelled to herself.

I just stared at it without saying anything. I had seen photos of her in bathing suits on social media, and she walked around the apartment the other day with a bathing suit top on, but something about seeing her in fancy underwear, all dolled up for the camera, making a sexy pose…I started hardening up immediately. Good thing I was wearing jeans.

“What do you think?” she asked me.

Not expecting to be asked for a comment, I was silent for moment.

“I think it looks really good.” I said eventually. “You look really good. And comfortable. I like the other models too.”

“Ooo, I love it, I love it, I love it I’m glad you like it too.”

“How much did they pay you for that, if you don’t mind me asking?”

She chuckled before she said, “$970”

My eyes widened. “Christ!”

“I know, haha. That’s how I’m paying you rent this month.”

“How much do the photographers make?”

“Fat stacks. I don’t know the exact amount but I know it pays a pretty pennie.”


A short silence.

“You should try to become one.” she casually suggested.

“Oh no, I could never be that good.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t discourage yourself.”

“I’m decent but I don’t I’ll ever think I’ll be on that level.”

“All you need is some practice. Show me what you’ve already done!”

Using her computer which was already on the counter, I accessed my Flickr page and opened up the model folder. There was only 2 sets – one of one of my exes, when she wanted to do some lingerie shots for a Suicide Girls audition (never panned out), and one of a cosplayer my roommate hooked me up with in a Street Fighter Chun-Li outfit. Personally I don’t think either are great, but maybe I’m wrong.

She opened the one of my ex in lingerie. About 11 photos. Nothing to beşiktaş escort risqué, but definitely NSFW. There was one where she had her bra strap falling down and you could see a little bit of nipple. I don’t think she knew it was my ex and I was kind of glad of it. If she did, she didn’t say anything.

My cousin browsed them slowly.

“These are great, cuz. Why are you doubting yourself?” she said confidently.

“I don’t know. Just self-esteem, I guess.”

“Why haven’t you shot anymore models? These are really good.”

“Again, I guess just self-esteem. These were for a Suicide Girls audition that never panned out and the other cosplay one was just for fun. I wanna start shooting more models but I don’t know where to start. I can’t ask more models to shoot if the photos aren’t top notch for them, ya know?”

“Well, like I said weeks ago, I’m here. You can shoot me. Go get your camera and we’ll do someright now.”

“Here? Now? Where in here?

“Up against that wall. A white backdrop always works. Terry Richardson made a whole career out that.”

There was a white wall behind my living room couch. She was right – if we just move the couch out of the way, it could be perfect.

“That works, I guess. What am I shooting you in?” I asked.

“Um, I have some new bathing suits I bought the other day that I haven’t worn yet. That work for you?” she said.

“Would be comfortable in that?”

“Of course. It’s what I do.”

“Alright. I’m not too busy. Let’s do it then.”

“Awesome. Move that couch out of the way and I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

I did just that. In a couple minutes I readied the space, dusted off my camera with fresh battery, and waited for cousin Elena. A moment later she emerged from her room wearing an all-black bikini, her hair, now straightened, almost down to her lower back.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Yup.” I replied.

I acted casual, but I couldn’t stop staring. She looked fucking amazing. And the way her tits jiggled when she walked around, just being supported by a string and some loose fabric…I was getting hard again.

“So how do you wanna do this?” I asked.

“Here: I’ll just do a variety of poses, and you can snap me whatever angles you want until you wanna move on to the next one.”

“Sounds good to me.”

She had a number of different very model-like poses. Weight shifted to one leg with the hands on the hips, slightly bent over with her back towards the wall exposing cleavage, leaning to the side with her finger in the bikini waistband, and she one where she arched her back against the wall and pushed her tits all the way forward. I was rock hard the entire shoot.

We did basically the same shots with a number of bikinis. An all-green one, a yellow-polka dot one, a blue top and red bottom, and one that had a frilly top with a flower on it. We had been shooting for about 30 minutes and having a blast, and I remained rock hard through the entire thing.

“Okay, so I have one more. It’s a little more revealing than the others we’ve done, but I trust you’ll remain professional about it.” she said as we wrapped up this current series of photos.

“Whatever you wanna do, I’m game.”

“Okay, cool. I just wanted to let you know.”

She went back into her room as she had before, but she took a little longer this time. My heart started racing, my already throbbing erection somehow getting even stiffer, wondering what she’d be wearing walking out.

After about 5 minutes, she said “Okay, ready!” as she emerged from her bedroom wearing what seemed more like an S&M outfit than a bikini. It was all black, the top your basic bikini top, except the breasts were all cut up black strips criss-crossing one another, exposing almost all of the skin on her breast except for the nipple. The bottom was the same – a series of black arches going from the vagina to to the waistline, leaving only a little black patch to cover her private area.

“That’s certainly different” I exclaimed in an effort to remain as chill as possible.

“Yeah, not the kind of thing you’d wear to family beach outing obviously, but I had some extra cash to spend on Dollskill so I figured why not?”

“Pfft, I wouldn’t even wear that to the beach regularly.” beylikdüzü escort

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Cause look, in the back you can literally see my whole ass.”

She did a 360 to show me the back. It was just a mesh cover over the entire buttocks with a polka dot pattern draped over it. Her crack was totally visible top to bottom, as were both cheeks. I think I felt a bit of pre-cum spill into my boxers.

“Haha, wow. We can actually probably do something with that. Here: stand towards the wall with your back towards me.” I said.


She did I asked and positioned herself with her ass facing me.

“Alright, with one hand pull the top of the bottoms down just a teeny bit so the top of your crack is sticking out, then look back at the camera from over your shoulder like ‘Oops!’ and with the other hand put your hand over your mouth.”


She swayed her hips a little before getting into my requested position. I can’t believe she just did it like with no questions asked. I snapped about three photos of it just to be safe.

“Nice!” I shouted when I got the photo.

“See, now you’re thinking like a photographer. You’ll be at Victoria’s Secret in no time. Here, what did if we did the same thing but in the front, kind of like this?”

She turned around. She put her hand up to her mouth and make a comically embarrassed expression again, but this time the other hand pulled one of the pieces of fabric on the top fabric away from her nipple. Her knuckles were still in the way of it, but holy shit, just that pose and the suggestion was enough to almost make me orgasm without any stimulation. I felt the blood pumping through my shaft like the charge up of a big sci-fi laser beam.

“That’s great too.” I said as I snapped away another 4 or 5 photos of that pose. Then she did one where she stood with her legs spread and put her hands behind her head with her eyes closed, than one where stood with her legs crossed, her arms squeezing her boobs together and her pointer finger in her mouth as she smiled at the camera with her head tilted downward. Talk about a golden opportunity.

“Is that good or do you want more?” she asked.

“No, I think we can stop there. I got over 100 photos from the last 45 minutes.”

“Cool! I hope they came out good. That should be a good practice for you.”

“Stay right there a minute and I’ll get my computer so we can look at them on a larger screen.”

I quickly retrieved my computer from my room and inserted my SD card. I brought it out to the kitchen where my cousin was sitting at the counter top, still in her ultra revealing bathing suit with a beer bottle.

I pulled up a chair next to her and we began cycling through the photos.

“These are all fine by I don’t think they’ll turn heads.” she said of the ones of standard poses in plain looking bikinis. “Go to the ones we just did.”

I skipped ahead to the super revealing ones. There she was again with the top of her ass crack sticking out and her tit almost exposed. Meanwhile she sat not even a foot away from in the same outfit.

“These ones are great. I’ll use these for my portfolio. If you want a bigger one too you should put those on your Flickr.”

“Yeah. I agree.”

We looked at the other photos in that outfit some more, and suddenly I thought of the downside.

“I’d love to put these on my Flickr, but won’t some people know you’re my cousin? They’ll probably think that’s creepy. Like what if your mom and dad or my mom and dad see it?” I expressed.

She took a big swig of beer and adjusted her bikini top.

“Well first of all,” she said. “I’m 25. I can do whatever I want regardless of what anybody in the family thinks. And second, it’s just photography. And it’s not like I’m sucking dick or anything. It’s art done by a professional.”

My eyes widened. I did NOT expect to hear that.

“Haha, that’s true.” I said, “Have any more ideas? This was really fun.”

“Not at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. I actually have a shoot coming up tomorrow. A local guy reached out to me and I like his portfolio.”

“Oh, really? What kind of shoot.”

“I don’t know yet – I just know by the falls down the road.”

While we’re sitting here talking, I am constantly smitten by the fact that I am sitting here in jeans and a Metallica shirt and she is sitting just a foot from me in the most revealing bikini I’d ever seen. She was, like, 80% naked. Just a thin piece of mesh fabric was between her sweet bare ass and my counter bar stool.

This was gonna be a good visit.

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