A Morning at the Beach


It’s been two years since my divorce. Life as a single man has taught me the importance of being good looking. I work in the gym three times a week, ride my bikes as often as I can and I pay close attention to the food I consume. After fifty years one’s body is less forgiving for being abused. The change in my lifestyle has been good to me. My love handles shrunk and I’ve become full of energy all day long. My new lifestyle has also influenced my mind and I became more relaxed and more accepting myself as I am.

Since my divorce I did not really give enough attention to women. Perhaps, there were women who showed interest in me, but I wasn’t opened enough to notice that. I had several dates, that good friends forced upon me. Some of them ended in mutual sexual satisfaction, but nothing more than that. These episodes were short and somewhat satisfying for the time being.

At the beginning of this summer, I decided to add jogging to my workout routine. In the early morning hours, just before sunrise, I would drive to the beach south of my town, change into my swimsuit and jog along the almost deserted beach. After my jogging, I would swim in the warm sea, dry out, dress and drive to work. It was seldom that I met other people on the beach. Here and there, a lone fisherman with his fishing rod. Here and there, other joggers nodding their heads as I pass them. Here and there, some bathers, a few of which were naked, enjoying the wide, almost empty beach. At the beginning, I was quite surprised by the nude bathers. I would watch them, trying not to be too obvious. I envied their nude appearance while looking so natural, not caring that there was other clothed people close by. Also, it seemed that even the clothed people accepted their nudity as part of the beach life early in the morning. “I should try nude bathing,” I thought to myself, each time I saw a nude person on the beach.

One day, during the last August heat wave, I woke up earlier than usual. Not being able to fall asleep again, I drove to the beach. I put on my swimsuit and started walking along the beach to warm up before jogging. The sun was not out yet and the water that was wetting my feet was nice and cool. The beach was deserted and there was nobody to be seen.

While I was jogging, enjoying the wide beach, I suddenly heard running steps coming from behind. Turning my head back, I saw a woman jogging in a much quicker pace than mine. Everything would have been quite normal were she was not stark naked. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

When she got closer she said: “Sorry if I embarrassed you.”

“You sure did,” I could hardly answer, while looking at her nice and tanned body up and down.

It was clear that she was taking good care of her body. Her muscles were well toned. Full nice breasts, flat belly, that I could tell, had given birth in the past. Nice warm casual smile on her pretty face. She seemed about my age. The way she looked, it was obvious, that meeting a clothed stranger while being nude, did not embarrass her at all. She looked deep into my eyes, keeping an eye contact all the time.

“You are more than welcome to join me. That way you can continue looking at me,” She said with a beautiful warm smile.

I blushed like I haven’t blushed for ages.

“Sorry, but I usually don’t meet naked ladies out of my home,” I said, gaining some confidence back.

“Ah, I’m used to this sort of reactions from men and women. It has been years, since I started jogging in the nude on this beach. You are more than welcome to join me. You should try jogging naked. You’ll be amazed by the change in what you feel and I’ll have an equal jogging partner.”

I joined her jogging ignoring her last remark. I was fascinated by her body freedom but still had doubts on mine. She was in excellent shape and it took squeezed my energy out of me to keep her pace. We continued jogging along the beach getting further away from town. My body and hers were perspiring. The more we jogged, the more our breathing got heavier. After about an hour I signaled for her to stop.

“This is as far as I can jog. I have a long way to reach your fitness,” I said.

“It took me several years to get to my current fitness. Let’s walk to lower our pulse and then swim for a while.”

“Good idea,” I said.

We continued walking. Meanwhile I was absorbing the inner strength and self assurance of this beautiful woman. There are women, in the presence of which my dick twitches, moves bakırköy escort and even causes me to get partial hard on. Some women make me fantasize how they ride my hard on, or how I fuck them in impossible positions. She was utterly different. Her nudity aroused me sexually in a different manner. I felt hot all over my body including my cock and my heavily hung testicles. I felt a huge need to become absorbed into her. No, I did not want to ‘fuck’ her; nor to ‘tear’ her vagina with my dick; not even to make love to her in the common sense. Instead, I felt as all my body is one big phallus wanting to penetrate her and to melt inside her to become one entity with her.

“There is no one here except us,” She broke my day dreaming. “I suggest you should swim naked, so you’ll have a dry swim suit for your way back. Chafing your inner thighs won’t do you any good,” She said, looking deep into my eyes. Then she lowered them to stare at my covered crotch. “I don’t understand why people make such a big issue out of nudity,” She said while turning her back to me, walking into the water.

I felt bashful and excited at the same time. Here I have such a wonderful chance to experience beach nudity with such an intriguing woman. I felt I should not skip that one. I took off my swim suit and quickly ran into the water in a hopeless attempt to conceal my nakedness from her. When I looked up to her, I met her smiling face.

“I can sympathize with you. It was difficult for me as well to be naked in front of strangers. You won’t regret the effort you are doing to overcome being bashful with your body.” She said empathically.

“This is so strange and new to me. Give me some time to get used to being nude. You see, I don’t even know your name and I already find myself jog with you and join you for a nude swim, like there is nothing more natural than that. By the way, my name is Dani.”

“Naomi, pleased to meet you,” She said. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. I should’ve been more sensitive. Nudity feels so natural to me so I didn’t give it a second thought.”

We were enjoying the water. At first, it felt strange to feel my manhood and my balls flowing with the water without restriction. It felt so nice and tingling and my bashfulness was washed away with the water flow. Naomi was right. It did feel so natural to be naked. I looked at Naomi who was swimming back stroke. Each time she raised her arms above her head to engulf the water; her heavy breasts were following her arms movement. I was fascinated by the scenery. She suddenly seemed so sexy. Her cropped brown pubic hair was framing a swollen clit protruding between two thick labia. Her clit was pushing out into the air more prominently when her arms went back for a stroke. My dick twitched to the movement of her clit and exciting currents were radiating from my manhood through my body. I felt my dick growing to the sexy sights and the water had an increased effect on my dick as it grew bigger. There was a sexy aura surrounding her, but it was tranquil and powerful. I couldn’t stop admiring her.

“Thank you for the complement,” She said suddenly. “I like the way you stare at me.”

“You took me by surprise,” I gave her my best sexy smile.

“I don’t know how hot you are, but stares like yours do not leave a woman indifferent. Let’s go out and do some stretching.”

I followed her out of the water, impressed by her body. Not thin like a sixteen year old teen. Her skin not as smooth as a teenager’s one, her ass fuller than a girl’s, but each step showing ripeness of a grown up lioness. It was evident she was not acting for me. She was totally at her self. This exuding sexuality was flowing naturally out of her body. Young women have something to learn from her.

After a session of stretching exercises, Naomi stood in front of me staring at my body not loosing any detail.

“When did you last exercise your manhood and your balls?” She asked, concentrating her gaze at my loins.

Had the question not been asked with full seriousness and without a trace of cynicism or sarcasm, I would have buried myself right there in the sand.

“Excuse me, I have no idea what are you talking about,” I answered embarrassed and blushing from toes to ears.

“Most women and men who train in sports is neglecting to exercise their sex organs. Perhaps it is done out of shame or social taboos on dealing with sex. Like you train your body for better fitness and better beşiktaş escort functioning, you should train your sex organs to function better. I think we can be good partners for our much needed sexercises. It has been some time that I am training on my own. Would you care to join me?”

“I am terribly exited and embarrassed at the same time. I cannot say no to a woman as sexy as you are, but being so excited I don’t know how my ‘Little Thomas’ will react in due time. Right now he tends to shrink at his corner.”

“Your little Thomas is going to be crowned ‘King of the Beach’. After several sessions like that he is going to be a king and his subjects will be your balls. Thomas, you are invited to train for your coronation,” She addressed my shrunk member, laughing with all her body.

Her laughter was contagious and freed me of my embarrassment.

“Thomas will exercise in full seriousness and I can assure you, will become first in his class,” I replied.

“Let’s lie on our back, hands at the side of our bodies and breathe from deep in your belly. When you inhale, squeeze your sex muscles and when you exhale release them. Try to breathe naturally and you’ll soon feel warmth in your body and loins. I’m doing the same exercises with you. At this stage ignore me and concentrate in yourself.”

I did as I was told by Naomi. At the beginning, squeezing my perineum muscles didn’t feel natural and I had some difficulties in synchronizing my activity. After a while, I slowly got into the rhythm of breathing and squeezing my anal and sex muscles in harmony. With each inhale I felt a little heat wave rushing through my body towards my head. It became stronger and stronger, my cock and balls were getting fuller.

After a while she stopped me.

“Now let’s do similar breathing exercise but synchronize our breathing. This will help us build much higher energy levels and will be more fun for both of us. Sit up, spread your thighs and flex your knees comfortably and let me sit on between your thighs in a similar way. We will do the same exercise, but when you exhale and release your muscles, I’ll inhale and squeeze my muscles and vice versa. This way we together form an energy circle. Again, try to concentrate mainly in your self and pay attention to what you feel. If you’ll show seriousness, I promise to give you plenty of time to concentrate in me.”

“These morning events are getting out of my control,” I thought to myself.

Naomi was taking me to places I haven’t dreamed of being there and I followed her without hesitation. Usually, I’m the one in control of my life, especially in my sex life. What was so beautiful that time was that I did not feel being dominated by Naomi. It all happened because it felt good and natural.

I sat on the sand as I was told and Naomi sat between my thighs, her legs circling my lower back and ass, her arms around my shoulders. I held her lower back and kept our bodies close together, my cock resting on her lower lips. After several failures, I got into the rhythm and synchronized myself with Naomi’s rhythm.

We relaxed together and I concentrated on my breathing and squeezing my sex muscles. I could feel Naomi squeezing her sex muscles next to my cock each time she inhaled. Our breathing rhythm increased gradually and the heat waves rushing through our bodies became more prominent. Our skins became warm and moist. My cock was getting harder and harder resting between her, by now, engorged and wet labia, the tip touching her bulging clit each time I inhaled.

We acted as if we were one well tuned body. Naomi started to vocalize her exhale, signaling with her eyes for me to join her with my voice. I voiced my exhales and it gave me deeper vibrations in my loins. Somehow my cock and her vagina were united. I felt myself deep in her, the head of my cock resting at her cervix, as if waiting for her womb to open and take it deeper and deeper into her. I didn’t need to do anything and I didn’t feel Naomi made any special move that caused our bodies to become totally united. It was just happening like everything else this morning. Our eyes met. Lips touched lips. Her hardening nipples rubbed mine. Bellies rubbed together and my cock and her vagina were caressing in an everlasting bond.

Each time she inhaled and squeezed her love muscles, I felt my cock and my energy drawing into her, squeezed artfully by her trained love canal. Each time I inhaled and squeezed beylikdüzü escort my muscles, I felt her energy drawn into me through my extra swelling cock.

We were lost in time and space. I felt so relaxed and extremely excited at the same time. My cock was twitching like I was in a mini orgasm, but to my surprise, I didn’t ejaculate. I tried to relax and Naomi, sensing my building orgasm, slowed down and relaxed her vagina. After a short while we resumed our activity building our mutual excitement higher and higher. Naomi’s body started to shudder and her nipples became harder. She entered a long orgasmic trans. It was a marvelous sight and feel, looking at her and holding her body while she was like surfing an orgasmic wave and I was being her surfboard. In a short while, I felt my orgasm approaching as well and I slowed down. This time my orgasm felt much stronger and I felt the heat rushing through my body with each inhale. Again, I did not ejaculate and my orgasm lasted more than I’m used to. I noticed that I didn’t feel my usual urge to cum and ejaculate. It was a new sensation, just being there, riding orgasmic wave or close to it, being all excited and full of energy for a long time. Naomi, although deep in her orgasmic trans, was somehow very attentive to me. Whenever I was approaching my point of no return, she would slow down and relax her vagina, letting me control my orgasm. Our orgasms were not of explosive nature. They were subtle, but their long lasting effect was like being high on drugs.

After several orgasmic cycles, Naomi whispered softly into my ear: “You are welcome to ejaculate in me, but if you are ready for another experience, hold your ejaculate and save all that energy that you’ve built to yourself. Your body will be full of sexual energy for a long time.”

“After all that you gave me today, I’ll no doubt follow your advice,” I replied.

We slowly came back to ourselves, just sitting motionless, holding each other, our breathing relaxed, kissing softly, my cock still inside her but more relaxed, just sheltered by her vagina. I wasn’t tired like I was after having sex and I didn’t feel the need to doze for a while.

“Good morning Dani. I have a strange feeling you enjoyed exercising with me. I enjoyed having you for a partner. I liked the way you touched me, in and out,” Saying that she gave my cock a sudden squeeze that made me gasped. “No more for today!” She said, giving me another kiss.

“We have to go back,” I said.

Naomi slipped off my semi erect cock, sat on her knees, lowering her head towards my cock and said very earnestly: “Thomas, you were just coronated as the new king of the beach. Vive le Roi!” With that, she lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth sucking clean its full length, making me shudder again, my cock getting hard again immediately.

My cock refused to relax.

“You stirred some pleasant memories in me from the near past,” I made a false excuse. “I do not know how to thank you for the wonderful experience you gave me this morning.”

“You are not leaving me so soon. Don’t think I invest so much of my energy in a man that jogs on the beach clothed like I did in you without waiting for more. We can peak much higher together,” She said smiling warmly.

She helped me rise on my feet and we started to go back to our cars embracing each other, me holding my swim suit in one hand. At the corner of my eye I saw a sudden movement, when I looked in its direction, I saw a man’s head trying to hide behind a little sand dune.

“It seems we had an audience,” I said.

“He follows me every summer. He only looks, masturbates once in a while, but never comes close to me. It feels like we are married for a long time, being together, but keeping the distance,” Naomi raised her hand and waved in the direction of the peeping Tom.

“Weren’t you disturbed, knowing you were being watched all that time?” I was puzzled.

“I was so concentrated in our sexercising, that I was disconnected from my surroundings. Nevertheless, had I been aware of being watched, it may have given me an extra thrill.” She said sending me a wink.

Getting closer to our cars, the beach was not totally deserted anymore. We encountered some joggers that stared at us, nodding their heads for good morning. Even the few nude bathers gave us an encouraging look. The nudist beach community is enlarging.

When we reached our cars, we hugged each other holding each other ass making our loins hug as well. We kissed.

“I’ll be glad to join you again,” I said with a begging gaze in my eyes.

“See you tomorrow, same hour, here. Leave your swimsuit at home. I’ll take care of the rest,” She said and went to her car.

Driving to work has never been so pleasant.

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