A Mother’s Dozen Ch. 05


Johnny and Jeff were sitting in the lounge room talking as the topic of their mother came up. Cindy was upstairs swallowing a pill after having fucked her eldest son Adam for the past hour.

“You know what I really want to do her Jeff?” Johnny asked.

Jeff looked over at Johnny and shook his head.

“I want to tag team her. Gang bang. I want the three of us to make her cum and scream the most she has ever done in her life! I think that together the three of us could really do some damage!”

“Well remember how Adam told us about his first time? The thing is she was never fucked by the both of them, just each individually…I don’t know if mom is ready or willing to do something like that.” Jeff stated.

“What we can’t do is do it here and all go in the same room. It has to be somewhere where we can turn her on as much as we want, where she can make as much noise as she wants, and where she’s as far away from dad as possible.” Johnny suggested.

“Well…why don’t we go camping? Just the four of us. Dad will have no idea what’s going on. We can fuck her so hard together she’ll cum through the tent!” Jeff laughed.

“I think…that just might work bro. I think that just might work.” Johnny smiled.

Johnny and Jeff began planning where they would go camping and what they would bring. That night when Adam came home from work he was filled in on the plan and was thrilled about it. They each came to an agreement on the date and place, 3 days from now in Chandler Woodside Park, one of the most desolate parks to go camping which would be perfect for their little tryst.

As soon as Cindy came home that night in a tight-fitting top and skirt, everyone else in the house was sitting around watching the TV, including her husband. All three boys looked over and smiled as she walked in.

“Mom! Come on in, take a seat! We have something to ask you!” Johnny greeted.

Cindy looked puzzled but walked to the chair and sat, wondering what was going on.

“Well mom, me and the guys were thinking…how would you like to come camping with us? I think that we all need a little bit of fresh air and to get back down with nature!”

All three boys nodded with each other and smiled at Cindy.

Cindy looked over at Jim, who was blankly watching the TV, and then looked back.

“You mean a whole family camping trip?” Cindy asked, hoping that they would say Jim wasn’t coming.

“Nah, not dad, well he’s gotta stay home and watch the house and besides I already asked him he can’t take leave off work. It would just be you and your sons.” Johhny suggested.

“Well Johnny I think it’s a wonderful idea…is that okay with you Jim?” Cindy asked.

Jim nodded without looking away from the TV.

Cindy started to beam with excitement.

“Great! When are we going?” Cindy asked.

“Friday! Chandler Woodside Park!” Jeff shouted.

That night as Jim slept and Cindy crept into Jeff’s room, she immediately took off her blouse and locked the door, jumped on the bed and started to suck Jeff’s dick while he was still asleep.

“Jesus mom you scared me! What’s with the excitement?” Jeff asked.

Cindy moved her lips off her son’s penis and held it with her hand.

“I know exactly why you boys have organised this camping trip. I couldn’t be more excited! We are going to have the best night ever!”

Jeff nodded as Cindy moved her mouth back onto his dick. Suddenly Jeff pushed his mother off, flipped her onto the bed, yanked down her panties and shoved his dick right into her and started fucking her.

Cindy gasped as Jeff quickly pounded her in and out and dove into her vaginal walls.

“Is this…how Adam fucked you this morning mum…”

“No…he didn’t fuck me as fast…you’re like a freaking jackhammer fuck it feels so fucking good!”

Jeff continued riding his mother as fast as he could, wanting to cum. He could feel Cindy starting to shiver below him.

“If you’re shaking now…just wait till you have all 3 of us on you on Friday…you might cum through our dicks…”

Cindy groaned and covered her mouth while Jeff positioned Cindy’s legs upwards and above him so he could pound her even harder.

Cindy started to shake her legs in the air as Jeff moved even faster on her and started groaning, feeling himself starting to tighten.

Suddenly Jeff yelled and released his cum right into her, while Cindy froze. Jeff waited until he could feel it was all out and withdrew and flipped to other side of the bed.

“Just wait till Friday mom…”

The day had come, it was 10am on Friday morning and Cindy and her 3 sons had loaded everything into the boot and gotten into the car. Cindy realised that this was the first time all four of them could talk as freely as they wanted to with each other, and she wondered what topics of conversation would come up.

As Jeff pulled onto the freeway, Johnny turned to the backseat to ask his mother a question.

“You know mom, it amazes me that you have such a high sex halkalı escort drive, because most girls my age wouldn’t be willing to do half the things you do! Are you horny right now?”

Cindy smiled.

“Johnny honey, your friend I met the other day, the one in your room? Trust me, she’s got just as high a sex drive as I do…”

Jeff and Adam both looked at each other in shock and Johnny’s eyes widened.

“Wait…did you fuck her too mom?”

Cindy reached over and felt Johnny’s shorts, moving down towards his legs and pulling at his hair.

“Let’s just say…she wanted you, but she was ready to go with me and then you walked in”

Johnny watched as his mother felt his legs and stared at her hands, noticing how soft they felt.

He pushed her hand away, got up and climbed into the backseat.

“Mom, I’d really like it if you gave me a handjob right now, and let me cum all over your hands.”

Cindy smiled and pulled down Johnny’s shorts to reveal his swollen member poking through his briefs. She could see a tiny stain on his underwear.

“Do you remember the first time I felt your underwear like this?”

Johnny chuckled.

“Of course mom, that was the day my life truly began.”

Cindy pulled out Johnny’s cock and wrapped her finger around the tip and gently squeezed it.

Adam hadn’t been able to take his eyes off what he was seeing in the backseat, while Jeff kept trying to steal glances in the mirror.

Johnny started to groan as Cindy massaged his dick with her fingers. She then wrapped her hand around it and squeezed it as tightly as she could. Johnny could barely contain himself.

Cindy then motioned her hand up and down Johnny’s cock and watched as it grew fully erect. Cindy looked at her son who was closing his eyes and rocking his head back and forth. She smiled.

Cindy then started to make faster motions and Johnny opened his eyes in shock as he could feel his pre-cum starting to leak out. Johnny had never had his dick been rubbed this fast by anyone, his mother was working like a mad woman.

Johnny could suddenly feel a build and shouted at his mother to stop. Adam and Jeff both watched wondering what was going to happen.

“Put your palm at the top mom, I’m gonna cum!”

Cindy placed her palm just in time for Johnny’s cum to shoot up onto to her palm twice and for some of it to fall down onto his dick.

Cindy closed her palm so that she wouldn’t lose anymore.

Johnny started to pant and sigh but was shocked to see his mother start to spread her legs.

“I’m gonna give you boys a treat…”

Cindy pushed her legs onto the front seats and with her other hand she pulled off her panties. Adam couldn’t take his eyes off his mother’s snatch while Jeff now had to pull over because he wasn’t gonna miss this.

Johnny jumped up in excitement to look over at his mother’s pussy.

“Johnny…I haven’t taken the pill for a couple of days. This is how much you mean to me…”

Cindy then moved her hand to her pussy and slowly pushed her fingers in side. All four of them watched as Johnny’s cum slowly moved down into her pussy. Cindy then shoved the cum as far as she could.

Johnny looked at his mother in surprise and then smiled.

Jeff suddenly noticed that he had pulled over near a gas station, and now there was a man outside the car who had seen the whole incident.

Cindy noticed too and quickly put her legs back down as he tapped on the window. Adam put the window down to see what he wanted.

“Hey er guys, I couldn’t help but notice that and I thought it was amazing. I haven’t had sex for a while, you think I could take her into the toilets for a couple of minutes? I’ll pay you and you of course, lovely lady.”

Cindy looked at the man and laughed.

“I don’t do anything like this for money. I do it because I love it.”

The man smiled and called another man over, a younger one.

“Well then do you think me and my son could have a turn? I’m willing to pay but if you don’t want to then don’t worry about it. We don’t really get much of a chance out here unless we drive into the city…so how about it?”

Cindy suddenly felt excited by the thought of fucking a country man and his son off the highway at some gas station. They didn’t look like your typical country bumpkins, the man was wearing a polo shirt and seemed decent enough and had a thick build and his son looked like he was about 18 and was just wearing a singlet and shorts and smiling.

Cindy thought about what she had just done, how she had tried to impregnate herself with Johnny. She suddenly realised it was a mistake. Now was not the time. Now was the time to fuck as many people as she possibly could.

“You know what guys? You’re on. It’s about time I did something as random as this!”

The father and son’s eyes widened with shock as they looked across at Jeff and Adam who were sitting there in shock.

“Are taksim escort you sure about this mom?” Johnny asked.

“Wa-wa-wa-wa-WAIT. Did you see mom dude? You guys are fucking your mom?” The son asked.

Johnny nodded. He then got out of the car and led Cindy out.

“Just make sure you guys are careful. You gotta be safe. I’ll stand right outside, any rough housing and I’ll be right in so you better watch it!”

“Hey man, we just wanna fuck. We’ll be gentle,” the son then winked at Cindy.

Cindy, Johnny, the man and the son all walked over to the gas station toilets which were outide the entrance. The man and son opened the door and led Cindy in while Johnny closed the door and waited outside.

Cindy gulped as she suddenly started to feel a little nervous. The lighting was poor, it smelled kind of off and the floors were not clean.

“Uh…we’re gonna have to fuck standing up,” Cindy stated nervously.

The two men smiled and started removing their clothes until they were in their underwear. Cindy looked over and smiled as she saw both their erections. She wanted to do this, as weird as it sounded she wanted to be fucked by two strangers who she had just met who had no place in her life, unlike Adam’s boss’s son.

Cindy thought about what she did before when she tried to impregnate herself with Johnny’s sperm. She knew these two had to be safe because she didn’t want anything like that with these two.

The son suddenly reached over and pulled Cindy’s dress over her head so that she was standing in her bra and underwear. Both men started to grin.

“You are so hot lady!” The son said as he reached down and felt Cindy’s legs. The man then walked over and kissed Cindy on the cheek a couple of times before both their lips met for the first time. Cindy pushed her tongue in his mouth, much to his enjoyment, and started to feel his body and torso. The son was on the floor kissing Cindy’s legs and feeling her thighs.

Cindy moved her hand down to the man’s crotch while he was still kissing her and felt around his underwear, slowly moving to his cock. The son started pushing his finger through Cindy’s underwear and poking at her snatch, to which Cindy started to yelp.

The man then broke off the kiss, removed his underwear and revealed his cock to Cindy. Cindy realised it was bigger than her husband’s and all of her kids, just by a little bit. Then she got curious for the son’s dick and told him to take it off. The son jumped up and removed his underwear. The son had a similar size to that of Johnny’s.

Cindy knelt down to her knees in front of the man and wrapped her hands around his erection. The son wrapped his own hands around his and started to caress himself. The man smiled as Cindy lowered her mouth onto his dick, and looked over at his son who was smiling back.

Cindy pushed her tongue to the tip and licked his urethra at first, watching as the man closed his eyes. She then moved her mouth over it entirely as the man then pushed it back to her throat. The man and Cindy both started motions; the man pushing his dick up and down and Cindy bobbing her head up and down.

“Oh God baby doll, you don’t know how much I want this!”

Cindy looked up and smiled making gulping noises as she continued to suck him off.

Cindy then reached back and felt around for the son. The son noticed this and quickly positioned his dick so that Cindy would reach for it. The son cried out as Cindy felt it and poked at his urethra and then wrapped her fingers around it.

Cindy then began moving her hand up and down the son’s dick and listened as his breathing started to increase. After a couple of minutes of this as the man’s cock was pushing down her throat, Cindy took her mouth off and quickly rotated 180 degrees. The two men followed along as the son prepared for his cock to be sucked and the man guided Cindy’s hand to his balls.

Cindy could feel the man’s lower part of his dick pulsing as she squeezed his balls. The son pushed his dick straight into Cindy’s mouth all the way to the throat and groaned as he could feel his balls touching Cindy’s lips.

Cindy started to suck on the son’s dick faster than she did with his father’s, and she gave a much faster handjob this time. She could feel her panties starting to soak up and was dying for a dick to be in her pussy.

After another minute Cindy couldn’t take it anymore and removed her mouth off the son.

“All right I can’t take it anymore! I need to be fucked!” Cindy screamed.

The men both smiled deviously and both picked Cindy up. The son sat down onto the toilet and positioned his dick vertically while the man helped guide Cindy onto his son. Cindy slowly eased herself into the son’s arms and let him kiss her on the cheek and move down to her lips. The man then guided Cindy’s crotch onto his son’s dick.

Cindy then made the final move and pushed herself straight down his dick, losing herself in the moment and quickly falling şişli escort to the bottom.

Cindy screamed out as she could feel his dick pushing to a place she’s never felt before, further than any of the men in her family.

“Holy crap dad, she’s really wet! Oh fuck this feels amazing!”

The dad helped Cindy to move up so that she could start fucking his son and picked her up by wrapping his arms around her boobs and then letting her fall back down.

“OH FUCK!!!” Cindy shouted.

The son started to push his dick up into her and trying to move up and down while the dad kept on picking her up and letting her fall back down.

Cindy then regained herself and could feel her pussy screaming for more so she started to vibrate and move up and down on the son. The dad reached for her nipples and started to poke at and twist them which caused Cindy to start squealing.

Cindy turned around while she was fucking the son and kissed the dad on the lips and felt his tongue shoving down her throat. The son put his hands behind his head and sat there in awe as this beautiful, willing, older woman was fucking him and letting him giver her his all.

Cindy broke away from the man and went back to the son as she started kissing his nipples and moving to his neck. The son was groaning louder and Cindy’s squeals started to come back as she felt the man pushing Cindy upwards and positioning his dick into her back.

Cindy screamed as she felt the man being to penetrate her from behind as she felt her ass slowly being torn apart by the man as he pushed his way in.

The man then started to fuck Cindy hard and fast in the ass and told his son to pick up the pace, to which the son started pushing himself up and down Cindy’s pussy even faster.

Cindy looked up to the ceiling and closed her eyes and screamed out. She could feel herself close to cumming and tried to cover her mouth because she knew this would be the biggest orgasm she’s ever felt in her life.

The two men continued fucking her hard and fast as Cindy felt herself starting to leak right onto the son.


The dad looked over at his son who was watching in shock as Cindy’s juice was starting to drown his balls and move down onto the floor. The man reached over and felt the juice and licked it. Cindy was still looking to the ceiling and had completely blacked out, having stopped screaming and just shouting with no sound.

The son then told his dad he felt close as he hopped up and picked up the pace, drilling the the woman in front of him as fast as he could.

The dad then watched his son as he shut his eyes and screamed out, knowing that balls and balls of his cum were shooting right up into his condom. All Cindy could feel was the best orgasm she had ever felt.

Cindy then came back to reality and could feel the son’s dick being taken out of her. She could feel the man picking her up and turning her around. The man then picked her up and moved her to the wall behind the toilet where he threw her up on his shoulders and quickly positioned his cock into her vagina.

Cindy started to feel numb as the man began fucking her standing up and could feel his long and especially thick instrument pushing her up and down on his body. The man could feel his dick pulsing as he finally got to fuck the hot slut he just met. He could feel Cindy’s breasts rubbing against his chest to his shoulders every time he pushed in, and her nipples were harder than ever.

Cindy could feel her pussy throbbing and started screaming out for the man to go harder. The man didn’t need to be told twice as he pushed her against the wall and manoeuvred his dick so that he was fucking her harder. The man could feel his muscles tightening as he carried her.

Cindy suddenly felt the son feeling at her tits as his father slammed his dick as hard and as fast as he could into her snatch.

The man then groaned as loud as ever as he felt himself close to cumming. Cindy watched the man’s eyes roll back into his head as he screamed out and deposited his cum into the condom as high as he could. Cindy could feel the man shaking and felt his heavy breathing.

The man then lifted Cindy off of his dick and placed her on the ground as he sat down and rubbed his softening dick. The son looked over at his father and smiled and then slapped Cindy on the ass.

“Thanks for that lady. As you can tell we both haven’t done it in a while, not since mom died anyway.”

Cindy looked over in shock and realised that these two had been doing similar things to what she was doing, except with her, her husband wasn’t involved. Cindy looked puzzled.

“How did she die?” Cindy asked.

The man looked over at Cindy and then looked down.

“Cancer. Fucking cancer. That woman was the best part of both our lives and now she’s gone. I can’t ever thank her for what she did for me, for what she did for our son.”

Cindy smiled and looked over at the son who smiled back.

“I can’t thank you enough either. Thanks for letting us fuck you, it seems like you’re on a journey, just like her.”

Cindy then kissed the man on the lips and turned around and kissed the son on the lips too. She picked up her underwear and bra and put them back on, and watched as the men left the toilet to put their clothes back on.

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