A Mutual Agreement


Pete’s heart was racing. He had not felt this thrill and overwhelming enthralment of sexual excitement since early teenage exploration of his burgeoning but as then unrequited sexuality. Adrenalin was coursing through his veins, his heightened state causing his hands to shake involuntarily as they cupped the young woman’s’ buttocks through her cotton panties.

Pete was now 50 years old. Looking good and young for his age, and with a pleasant affable character he had never in his adult life gone short of female companions and sexual activity, he was a competent and adventurous lover and indulged in just about everything a consenting, and sometimes (willingly) unconsenting, man and woman could do, but one indulgence had always eluded his experience.

Pete had grown to crave this more and more as time passed and today, this evening, at this very moment he was on the cusp of realising a fantasy, a want, a need that had eaten at him for many years.

It was a sultry warm summers evening, the first hints of dusk suffusing the sky with ocherous beauty. The scent of wild flowers in the hay meadow had risen to embrace Pete’s senses as he had knelt down before the young woman as she approached him.

As she drew closer she was hitching up her skirt revealing the soft flesh of her thighs and the lacy cotton panties that covered her femininity. Pete watched in intoxicated anticipation.

She still advanced, with a languorous, voluptuous grace, until the crotch of her cotton panties touched lightly upon his upturned mouth. Pete’s trembling hands rose to cup her buttocks to pull and hold her close to him.

Although the lightest of touches, through the fresh cotton Pete could sense the delicious musk of her womanhood, separated from his mouth by only a few atoms of air and filaments of cotton. In that moment of anticipation, the moments before the realisation of a desire so long in the waiting, time seemed to stand still and Pete’s mind recalled the beginnings of his need for this experience.

Pete was back, at that moment in his childhood. A time of naivety, constant erections and no experience. He stood in transfixed bewilderment and not a little sense of revulsion at the red raw open gash of the woman’s vagina as it pushed forward from the page of the magazine he had just found under the bridge on the abandoned railway, upwards, lunging towards his face. Matted in long black hairs, it was wet and dripping.

Page after page of raw cunts like open wounds. These were no fashion models, or latter day porn stars, these were real women, wives, girlfriends, exhibitionists, sluts, most not particularly good looking, but real. Real breasts, real skin, spots, moles birth marks, stretch marks, and very real natural, wet, open cunts. To Pete, who had never seen a woman’s parts like this before it was a baptism of fire, a shocking baptism, scary, revolting but at the same time a throbbing erection revealing and betraying an innate inner fascination that compelled him to turn each page, and, then, read.

If Pete’s introduction to the engorged and ready vagina was not shocking enough, the accompanying stories were more so.

This edition of the unknown magazine; the front and back covers were missing, was devoted to the erotic enjoyment of pissing. Stories of deliberate desperation, couples peeing on each other, bursa escort peeing in inappropriate places, wetting oneself, and most shocking; drinking pee.

Every day Pete would return to find the magazine he had hidden away secretly for only he to find, and each day as he read more and more, revulsion gave way to acceptance, familiarisation and growing arousal. True understanding however was still latent in his immaturity but seeds had been sown. Seeds that would lay dormant for several years, but biding their time in Pete’s subconscious awaiting the sexual maturity that would bring true understanding.

Eventually seeds germinate, as seeds do.

Sexual experience became a reality in his life, and Pete developed a love for sex, women, the female form and the vagina that became deep rooted. Pete was an intelligent sexual guy and developed an advanced appreciation of the mind and eroticism that few girlfriends were uninhibited enough to equal but of those that were, sex was long lasting, boundary pushing and mind blowing. And yet, throughout the years no female had either been capable of understanding his desire to hold their vulva to his mouth and allow him to take their pee into himself or for some reason incapable of actually doing it. Frustration became disappointment that became acceptance that perhaps this was a fantasy that would always remain just that. A fantasy.

Years passed.

…..An hour earlier the young woman had entered the bar exactly at the time arranged. Pete was pleased if a little surprised that she had turned up in reality as prior to this they had only communicated via the web site, and he had steeled himself for it to be a case of all talk but backing out of reality. Pete was understanding and empathic enough to realise why this might be, so to see her arrive; it was certainly her, as she matched her picture accurately, was a joy.

Pete doubted that either of them would have gone for each other relationship wise, neither were unattractive, just different from what each of them would naturally go for, but this was not about relationships, it was a meeting of friends in reality to share an experience that both had craved but could not satisfy in their everyday life situation.

After several shared stories on the web site, and confessions about each other’s wants and frustrations it was serendipitous to find they lived within an hour’s drive of each other and between them they had tentatively explored the possibility of making something a reality together.

By this time of course, online they had shared some pretty wild and erotic fantasy scenarios. Even for Pete , diving straight into trying to live these out seemed too much in at the deep end, too much too soon, so he had made a simple suggestion.

‘let me buy you a couple of drinks at a country pub after work one evening, Option then to walk away as friends , or to pull over into a quiet field and you can pee in my mouth, as I want, and ill pee over your pussy and breasts as you want?’

It had been agreed, and now here they were, facing each other over a beer and delightfully getting on like a house on fire, comfortable in each other’s company. Pete knew, that after all these years of longing and waiting, his desire to drink a girls pee directly from her vagina was on the cusp of reality. Not from a long standing bursa escort bayan girlfriend, or wife, but from a complete stranger, a stranger however towards whom he felt a strange connection and odd affection.

Easy flowing chat and flirting was washed down with two beers, all that legal driving would allow yet enough to cause the tell tale aching in each of their bladders that signalled the time was upon them.

‘Ok with this?’ Pete questioned.

‘Oh yes, you bet’ she replied, and smiled wickedly. ‘Follow me; I know exactly where to pull over.’

A short distance down the country lane her car indicated left and they both pulled into the verge opposite a small gate into a delightful hay meadow. This was a quiet area and the light was just showing hints of fading as the sun started to dip below the horizon.

They walked a short distance into the field to find a discrete comfortable spot….

….Hands shaking on her buttocks, Pete steadied his mind, he wanted to be ‘in the moment’ to be focussed and appreciate every nuance of this experience. He could feel the soft warmth of her thighs against his cheeks and he gently slipped his fingers under the elastic of her panties and slipped them easily down her legs over her feet and off.

His hands now lay upon the soft fleshy cheeks of her bum and he pushed his mouth gently but firmly over her vulva. Pete could see and taste in the twilight the glistening moisture of her pussy lips, now achingly and deliciously parted over his eager mouth.

There was a deliberate voluptuousness about her and the imminent experience that was both thrilling and terrifying. The years of longing, wanting, imagining were to come to an end by the virtue grace and understanding of this remarkable and lovely young woman.

Her pee must come soon, each moment of anticipation seemed a lifetime, Pete imagined he could taste the first flow, but it was not yet come, the fleshy lips delectably twitching upon his mouth but yet he waited. Her hands fondled the back of his head, fingers running through his hair. Her back arched a little, she groaned and pee flowed into Pete’s mouth.

The hot liquid washed over Pete’s tongue, around his mouth and he swallowed. It had a dry delicious quality, she had thoughtfully drunk enough to make her pee practically clear but it’s very essence had a slight burning sensation as Pete gulped it down. Once the initial flavour had been established Pete realised with joy that it was delicious to him. He gulped against her open lips as her flow increased in both volume and force and he was hard pressed to keep up. The glorious hot fragrant pee from within this lovely woman was filling Pete’s mouth and every sense, all he was aware of was the deeply intimate sensual force from within this woman entering his mouth, filling his senses with the taste, the fragrance, the warmth, the liquid beauty of it all and his mind rejoiced in the sheer intimate eroticism of satisfying all these years of longing. He now understood what the young Pete could not. Gulp after gulp, Pete swallowed the young woman’s pee. The headiness he felt totally exhilarating, as he swallowed he was laughing inside, rejoicing in the beauty of the experience. He wanted nothing now but to take this woman’s pee both inside and out.

Still in full flow, Pete withdrew his escort bursa mouth from her vulva and allowed her pee to splash over his face and hair. Pete was now in frantic rapture within the experience and needed to feel this woman’s pee on his flesh.

Pete fell back ward and in a hurried action kicked off his trousers as her pee arced down over his shirt, stomach, and as she adjusted her stance to a squat, its jet hit Pete’s exposed cockhead, cascading down its shaft and rattling against his fraenum.

Pete realised, in absolute rapture, he had never experienced a mind and body experience like this ever, and he was orgasming without cumming, orgasms of the senses and of the mind, all his nerves attuned to the impact of her scalding pee upon his flesh.

Her peeing cunt hovered just above his cock as the flow eventually, and sadly started to diminish in force, to a trickle, a few drops and eventually to a stop. Pete let his head fall back and he realised how he was panting from sheer excited exhilaration.

As he gathered his breath and sentience, the young woman stood over him; he watched as she unbuttoned her blouse and released the clasp from her bra. Ample but shapely breasts lolling out exposed and open to the evening air.

Pete stood up, composed again and recognised his own desperation to pee. He moved toward the woman and ran the length of his erect cock between the cleavage of her breasts, taking each in his hands and pushing them together enveloping his cock in their warm softness, his cock head protruding from the top of her cleavage. Pete drew his cock backward a little and then gently pushed back up rolling his foreskin back revealing the glistening head pointing upward toward her face.

Pete closed his eyes and relaxed feeling the tell tale pressure in his cock head before the imminent gush of pee.

It hit the woman in the face with force, showering her with his clear hot liquid that she gulped at and let play over her entire face and hair. The jet from Pete’s erect cock with foreskin back was high pressure and easy to direct over her face from left to right, into her mouth and everywhere in between.

Pete pulled back a little into her cleavage and allowed his pee to well up then overflow her breasts cascading over her nipples like an erotic garden water feature. She groaned in pleasure. Pete then stood back from her a little to allow himself freedom to direct his pee over her tummy and towards his ultimate target, her pussy and clitoris.

The woman parted her labia to expose her clitoris to him, hood pulled back he moved in closer to play his hot stream directly upon it, she let out an involuntary gasp as the pleasure exploded within her. For over forty seconds the steady hard stream of pee played upon her clitoris, occasionally wandering over the exposed flesh of her inner lips and into the vaginal canal itself, filling her with warm wet sensations that were incomparable to anything she had felt before. This was every bit as good as she had hoped it would be.

Eventually Pete’s flow also diminished and the last rivulets of pee ran down her legs to puddle at her feet.

Pete and the young woman looked at each other in silence for a moment and then collapsed into each other’s arms in fits of contented happy laughter.

In spite of themselves they were just caught in the moment and made love in the grass, slowly and tenderly Pete’s cock steadily rising and falling inside her vagina, circling and pushing his pubic bone against her clitoris until they both submitted to simultaneous orgasm.

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