A New Chapter Begins

Angela White

We are very much in love. My wife and I have been married for over 30 years and I could not imagine my life without her. Our friends and family probably think that we are fucking like rabbits because of our frequent PDA’s.

Behind closed doors, however, our sex life had always been just adequate. We never were adventurous and fell into routines. The kinkiest thing we would do was when my wife would occasionally reward me with a finger in my ass while I was on top of her. We did not prioritize sex in any way. There were complicated reasons for that dealing with my wife’s childhood sexual trauma and my desire not to put any pressure on her.

I still grew resentful at being reneged on about 50% of the time when she initiated and rejected even more when I initiated. I no longer anticipated sex and I started to shut down my responses to her assuming that no matter how she was flirting with me we would not be having sex.

In our last ten years, we have been empty nesters with our son off to college but somehow our sex life fell off a cliff. We would average less than once a month with a year in there where we had sex only 4 times. To add insult to injury, I am now in my 50’s and erections are less reliable than they have ever been. It is completely devastating when you can’t take advantage of a rare opportunity because of mind over matter.

My wife made a conscious effort to bring sex back into our lives. It was very difficult to uncouple my resentment and the way I had turned off my response to her. I did not feel quite secure and we had more than our share of failed attempts but there were attempts. We would spend naked time together and cuddle but I knew my wife was trying her best and now I was the one failing her.

She curled up against me during one of those sessions and we had a long talk. We agreed that we needed some help so we decided to see a sex therapist together. We found Dr. Stern on the internet. She advertised a “hands on” and “intimate” approach to therapy. She was board certified and had glowing reviews saying how she had “changed my life” and “opened me up to new things.” Dr. Stern agreed to work with us. She wanted to meet with us individually first before she met bakırköy escort with us as a couple.

My wife made her appointment first and Dr. Stern worked with her for 2 hours. She would not tell me how it went or what they discussed and I understood. We held each other until we fell asleep on the couch. When we woke the next morning she smiled and told me that she can see a bit through the fog that she did not even know was there before.

About a week later, I had my appointment. I was greeted by Dr, Stern who was a tall severe blond woman. She informed me that she would not share the details of our session with my wife and the same would be true with the details of my wife’s session. We talked for approximately 20 minutes about my feelings of resentment, desire not to pressure my wife and my deep frustration at my inability to respond now that my wife was reaching out. She let me know that she thought she could help but would need to understand our interactions a bit better and scheduled a couples session for the following week.

Dr. Stern discussed with us the underlying issues. My wife had to work on taking back her sexuality from the trauma in her past. I had to learn to be more confident for the sake of our relationship.

We started an exercise were would visualise a sexual encounter with our eyes closed, calling out to each other as we progressed. At first it was really awkward and we were both too inhibited to get very far. Dr. Stern gave us homework to practice with each other. One of those practice sessions lead to us getting so hot and bothered that we stripped down and tried to see it through. I was disappointed when my dick let me down again.

When we went to our next appointment Dr. Stern greeted us at the door. She let us know that we were her last appointment of the day and we could spend as much time on the exercise as we needed if we were making progress.

Dr. Stern seemed different that evening. She was wearing more makeup than I had seen her wear before. She wore a low cut blouse that exposed her cleavage. She had on a tight pencil skirt and high heeled boots that disappeared under the hemline of her skirt. She smiled at us beşiktaş escort in a way that suggested a predator eyeing a meal.

We sat at opposite ends of the couch as we had when we first did the exercise. We meditated for a few minutes before Dr. Stern lead us into our visualisations. We closed our eyes and began our scenario. I could hear Dr. Stern’s heals as she walked towards us. She whispered that blindfolds would help us to relax into the exercise. With my eyes still closed I could feel as the blindfold was secured to my face.

We continued to call out to each other as our visions unfolded. I had her laying on her belly as I straddled her in my scenario.

I could hear some movement and rustling as we proceeded. I felt the couch shift and then I felt Dr. Stern pulling me up. She undressed me and whispered in my ear to keep going.

She directed me back to the couch where I could feel that my wife was positioned as I had described and was completely naked. I continued to call out to her as I positioned myself on top of her. My erection was working with me for once and I began to cautiously advance towards her entrance. Her pussy was wetter than it had been in several years. I could smell her thick scent in the air. Dr. Stern whispered in my ear again forcefully; “well, what are you waiting for?”

I tentatively and gently entered her. My wife droned “come on baby, fuck me.” I could feel the integrity of my erection faltering. I was still hard but on the edge of collapse. Her pussy felt so good but my mind was racing with doubt. I thrusted without conviction fearing that it was all about to fall apart again.

I heard it before I felt it. The sound of a flat object striking the flesh of my ass. The pain was sharp and startling. Dr. Stern said, in an aggressive but low key tone, “Is that how she wants you to fuck her?” The paddle fell again even harder. I stopped thinking about my failing erection and began to thrust steadily into my wife. The paddle fell again on the other cheek as Dr. Stern shouted “FUCK HER,” …”HARDER!” The paddle fell over and over again as I tried to keep up with its pace.

I felt my cock begin to twitch as Dr. Stern beylikdüzü escort shouted “Oh no you don’t, she is not satisfied with that pathetic display.” She reached for my balls and pulled sharply on them while squeezing with enormous pressure. I let out a yelp of pain but the twitch had subsided.

Dr. Stern continued to pull on my balls with her left hand as the paddle resumed falling alternatively on each cheek. I began to fuck with the rhythm of the paddle again as my wife moaned.

The paddling stopped as I heard Dr. Stern walk away from the couch. I continued my thrusting as I heard more rustling in the background. I felt a bare hand on my ass now as the paddling was replaced with a full on spanking. As her hand fell, she would grab a handful of cheek. I felt a wetness and a slippery sensation as her hands found the crack of my ass. Before I knew it a finger had slipped into my asshole.

“Don’t you dare come, she is not finished!” Dr. Stern said. “I am going to show you how to fuck your wife, and I’m going to do it with your dick.” A second and third finger were stuffed in my ass and then removed letting a brief rush of air into me. I then felt the tip of an intruding object invading my asshole. After a few thrusts, it popped in filling me. Dr. Stern grabbed my hips and started to pound my ass in earnest with her strapon. Each thrust forcing my cock deep inside my wife. Dr. Stern was running the fuck now and I was just a tool.

My wife began to moan loudly and breathe very quickly. I could feel the heat building up inside her, her moans becoming sporadic. After a few more thrusts, she began shaking uncontrollably. She screamed as she came for the first time from intercourse in our entire marriage.

I pulled out of my wife and Dr. Stern bent me over the armrest of the couch and continued to fuck me. I began to feel something deep inside my belly. I did not know what was going on until suddenly my body convulsed and I let out a scream of my own. There was no ejaculation but my body rode this orgasm for what seemed like minutes.

We continued to see Dr. Stern for a few more sessions as we explored power exchange as a way for my wife to address her trauma. If she were calling the shots and running the fuck, she might be able to overcome the feelings of violation. On my side, it would relieve some of the pressure that was clouding my mind and allow me the confidence to focus on our pleasure. I also learned a great deal about the role of prostate in sexual pleasure.

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