A new me


A new meI slowly walk around the mall going past the same lingerie store several time. A young sales clerk happens to notice that each time I pass the store my pace comes to an almost complete stop as I look in. After passing by after about the tenth time she finally walks out and asks if there is anything she can help me with.”Well…..I am curious…….””Curious about what?” she asks.”Well I am curious about getting myself a bra.” I answer in a voice just above a whisper.”I would love to help you” she said with a gleam in her eye.Little did I know I was in for something more than just a fitting for a bra.She led me back toward the fitting rooms, and pulled out a tape measure.”Lets see what size you are, please remove your shirt, and lift your arms.” After measuring me, she decides on the size he needs and tells me that I should get a 36A pushup.”Do you mind if I ask you a personal question sir?”After a few seconds debating with his self, I reply, “sure”.Is there a particular reason why you wanted to get yourself a bra?””I…It’s just something I have wanted to get and wear for quite some time” I answer after looking around to make sure no one else was around.”Is it just a bra that you really want to try?” she asked.”Well……not really, you see I have really been interested in learning how to dress and look like a woman”Just then she receives a call from the front counter about another employee needing some assistance with a return.”Will you excuse me for just a minute?” She asks. I need to help with a return.”No problem” I tell her.She quickly leaves and return a few minutes later, and apologizes.”Now you were saying….”” I am interesting in learning how to look like a woman” I reply.”Oh yes. then of course you are going to need to get a pair of matching panties to go with the bra. Is there a specific color you were interested in?””Well not really, maybe you could help me with that.””Of course, not a halkalı escort problem sir. Stay here and I will be right back with a few choices for you.”I wait patiently until she returns with a few bras in different colors and asks my opinion.”I I really don’t know, what do you think?” I ask.”Well it really depends” she replied.”On what?” he asked.”What kind of look you are going for.”I guess if I really wanted to be truthful, I guess I am looking to go for some kind of naughty, slutty look.” I told her shocked that I was telling her, a total stranger this.”Well I guess then the color you are looking for would be something in some shade of red.””Do you mind showing me what you have?””Not at all sir. Give me just a minute to go find a couple of options.”She returned with a matching pair that she felt would fulfill what I was looking for and showed them to me. To embarrassed to even try them on I told her that they would be fine, and went up to the register to pay for them.Unknown to me, while she was picking out the bra and panties, she had told the cashier about me.After making my purchase, the sales girl asked if there was anything else she could help me with.Seeing that I had gone this far I asked her if she would mind helping me out with completing my outfit.”Not at all Sir. Let me just clock out since it is the end of my shift, and I would be happy to help you.””The first thing I think you should do is go into the restroom and put on you new bra and panties and then throw away those silly men’s underwear. You won’t be needing them anymore.”I did as she had instructed, unable to believe that this total stranger was actually helping fulfill one of ultimate fantasies.When I came back out she took me to the nearest makeup counter, whispered in the beauticians ear.I was told to sit down and make myself comfortable.Once again I taksim escort did as I was told and sat down in the chair. I closed my eyes and let the beautician do what ever it was that she did.When she was done, I was asked to get up by the sales girl.”But can’t I see what was done and how I look?” I pleaded.”No, no, there’s no need for that right now”We walked back to her store just as the cashier was getting off work. She joined us as we continued to a store that specialized in wigs.They looked around for what felt like an eternity and finally picked out a long blonde one, tried it on me, and decided that it was perfect for the look that they felt was best for me. We left the store with me now wearing the bra, panties, and wig that I had bought and my face fully made up.Asking me if I trusted them to continue with my transformation, I shyly admitted that I was. (Secretly enjoy myself)With an evil gleam in their eyes, they escorted me to their car, and drove me to the next store, where they picked out a pair of five in black heels, very short black micro mini skirt and a white see though blouse for me to try on. And of course they were a perfect fit. I was ordered to go in the dressing room and change, while they waited outside the room.When I came out, they helped me walk back out to their car.We climb back in and start to drive around. I can hear them talking but hear what they are saying.It is starting to get late as we pull into a dark but full parking lot.We get out of the car and walk into the barley lit smoke filled building. After my eyes adjust, I notice that there several men barley dressed and the women are walking around wearing a lot of black shiny leather leading the men around by collars locked around their necks.Before I even have a chance to blink, I feel a collar being strapped around my neck.I am thus lead into the main room and up onto a stage şişli escort where my arms and legs are tied to a large cross.Suddenly, out of no where each guy is lead up onto the stage in a long line, where they are led up on to a platform where their waist is even with my mouth.Next I feel a leather strap being tied around my head making it impossible for me to move it on any direction.I am able to see the girls that brought me here standing in front of the stage, with big grins on their faces as the get ready to watch the final act of my humiliation.All of a sudden the panties that I had just so recently purchased are cut from my body leaving me exposed and open to the entire crowd.As I open my mouth to protest, I feel to metal hooks pressed into each side of my cheeks forcing me to keep it open.The first guy is led right up to where my now open mouth is, and he is directed be the one leading him to put his hardening cock into my wide open mouth. Slowly at first he start moving his hips back and forth fucking me face. Just before he erupts his pent up load down my throat, he is led away while the next guy replaces him. The first guy is led around out of sight , but not out of mind. He is led around behind me where he is forced to slowly enter my tight virgin ass. While the guy in front of me fucks me in the mouth, the other is doing the same to my slowly widening male pussy.Before either is allowed to release, the are led away only to be replaced by the next. By the time the third one is now shoving his throbbing dick down my throat, tears of shame are freely flowing down my cheeks ruining my makeup. Suddenly I am blinded by sever camera flashes lighting up the room so that I am unable to see the tube being lowered from the ceiling.As the last guy is led around to finish the violation of my now wide open sore ass, the cream from the countless loads that have come so close to either being shot down my throat pr up my ass, starts to flow from the tube that has now been lowered into my mouth, I have no choice but either swallow or drown the milky concoction. Of course I choose to swallow, realizing that when the day had started that not only would I be transformed into a woman, but a cum slut whore, and that is really what I had wanted to happen.

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