A New Start Ch. 02


The sound of running water wakes Nancy. She stretches under her satin sheets and lies there for a few minutes , thinking of the scene she saw the night before. Watching her new roommate fuck herself with the huge dildo while moaning her name really turned her on.

She starts to get her nerve up once more. Maybe Shirley needs her back rubbed. She walks to the bathroom door and, knocks. She becomes nervous and curses herself. Damn it Nancy, she thinks. Just like a schoolgirl!

As she opens the door a wave of steam greets her and she spies the outline of Shirley’s perfect figure through the shower curtain. Had she been rubbing her pussy?

“Hey,“ she says playfully. “Save some of the hot water babe!“

She leaves.

Nancy ‘s thoughts are only on Shirley as she lies on the couch, flipping through the channels. She had become so uncomfortable that she had stripped completely as she lies under the thick blanket.. Shirley wouldn’t know. Flip. Flip. Nothing but boring television. If only she could fuck….

“Done babe.”

Shirley’s playful voice startles her and she turns to the doorway. Her jaw drops as she looks at the beauty before her. A towel. All Shirley is wearing is a thick white towel wrapped around her perfect body. Her nipples look so uncomfortable that she wants to release them.

She tries to casually turn back to the TV. Time for small talk.

“OK, thanks.“

Shirley turns to leave. “See you later.“

:They talk for a few minutes about Shirley’s schedule and as they do Nancy tries to discretely massage her swollen cunt. Every time she would glance at the hard nipples before her, a spasm would erupt down her spine. Gina NEVER made her feel like this and that sex was always awesome.

Shirley says good bye and heads back illegal bahis to her room. Knowing she needs relief, Nancy gets up and dashes to her room, locks the door, and collapses on her bed. She rubs her pussy, brings her big nipples up to her mouth and plays with herself until a huge orgasm overcomes her and she falls asleep.

When she wakes up it is three o’clock and she is still horny. She peeks outside. Shirley is not home. Good. All gloves are off. Gina will be here later but she cannot wait. She wants Shirley to herself first. So, she showers and slips into a very small pink teddy with crotchless panties. She grabs a couple of candles and heads for Shirley’s room. Lighting them, she lies under the soft covers and waits.

Shirley’s thoughts are on over drive as she drives home. The encounter with Toni was fantastic. The feel of her breasts, even through clothes, was awesome. The kisses were rough yet soft. Having the woman’s hand on her pussy was electric. Toni will have to wait until later. Nancy will be mine first.

As she drives up she notices Nancy’s car in the driveway. Good, she thinks.

She opens the door and doesn’t hear any sound. Maybe she is asleep. She tiptoes to her room and opens the door. The sight of the candles takes her by surprise and the sight of her roommate in her bed, smiling at her makes her grin and then she does the most unpredictable thing of all. She falls to the floor, laughing.

Nancy looks at her. Did she do something wrong? Shirley walks over to her bed , still giggling, and stares at her face. “No, gorgeous. I’m not laughing at you. All night and morning long I have been tearing myself up because I didn’t think you would be interested and here I find you, like a Christmas present.” Nancy feels relived. “I know the feeling, illegal bahis siteleri babe. I have been acting like a damn schoolgirl, too.“

They look at each other and can see the lust in each others eyes. Shirley leans forward and they kiss. Unlike most first kisses, that are tender, this is rough.. Shirley drops her bag and wraps her hands around Nancy’s neck. As their tongues explore each other’s mouths her hands travel down Nancy’s back. That action makes Nancy shiver so Shirley continues.

Nancy breaks the kiss and pants. “Oh yes, babe..“

The feel of the soft fabric excites Shirley but she wants flesh and starts to untie the teddy..

Nancy sits back as the Shirley pulls the teddy over her head and sits with her big tits and huge nipples pointing to Shirley. Shirley looks almost timid so she decides to help. She slowly takes Shirley’s head and pulls her down to her breasts. “Just lick them, babe.“

Shirley is overwhelmed as she is drawn down to the hot flesh. She begins to run her tongue all over the tit and every time she comes close to the hard nipple, Nancy would moan. She plays like this for several minutes until Nancy decides to speed things up.

“Suck my nipple, bitch! “ The whisper is very urgent but Shirley obeys. She takes the tit in her mouth and sucks. She bits on the nipple and Nancy moans. She switches to the other one.

“Don’t want the other one to miss on the fun,“ she chuckles as she looks into the blue eyes of her new lover.

Nancy smiles. “That’s right, babe!“

She shoves Shirley’s head down onto the other nipple and as it is being sucked, she reaches to rub her hands through Shirley’s hair.

Shirley rises and lets Nancy unbutton her shirt. With the last button undone, Nancy takes the shirt off her canlı bahis siteleri and throws it onto the floor and they embrace. The feel of Nancy’s hard nipples against her naked flesh excites her and she moans. Nancy grins and rises above her. She then lowers her head and begins to lick Shirley’s small nipples.

“Damn!“ Shirley’s scream is loud and it causes Nancy to become rougher. “Yes, my little bitch! Do you like that?“

“Uh-Huh….“ moans Shirley as she begins to unzip her jeans. Shirley stops her and proceeds to unzip the jeans and pull them down. The wet shaven pussy glistens in the light. “No panties, “ asks Nancy and Shirley smiles. “You have been a bad girl, haven’t you.“

“Oh yes, Nancy, very bad!“

“Well, I’ll teach you bitch!“

Nancy dives in between Shirley’s ;legs and begins to lick the sweet pussy before her.

“Oh, God, YES!“

Shirley runs her hands down to Nancy’s head and holds the face there.

“Lick my cunt…. YES!“

Nancy licks, touches, and bites until Shirley has a very powerful orgasm.

Nancy smiles and is surprised to find Shirley has the strength to sit up and push her down. Shirley then looks at the hot pussy lips poking through the panties openings. She timidly licks at it and loves the taste. She runs her tongue over the lips and Nancy moans.

“Bite them, bitch!“

Shirley obeys and takes them into her mouth and bites. Nancy moans. She then takes her fingers and pushes them into Nancy.

“YES!“ Nancy moans. “Fuck my cunt with your fingers, bitch!”

Shirley obeys and continues until Nancy comes . Shirley smiles and so does Nancy . She crawls up to Nancy and they kiss as they get under the covers together. Shirley finds that she loves the taste of herself so she licks off her juices from Nancy’s face. She starts to get excited once more but begins to drift off as Nancy plays with her hair.

Soon Nancy drifts off too and the couple sleep peacefully, dreaming of each other until they are awakened by a knock at the door.

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