A night to remember


A night to rememberFeeling down about the break up with my girl, I decided to go out to the local dance club and have a little fun. For the past two years I had stayed at home and focused all my attentions on her. She had become way to needy and controling. She was always calling me and asking where I was and who I was with. Now was time for me. The club was packed and there were lots of hot women there. I found a spot at the bar and watched the people on the dance floor. The bar had changed a lot since the last time I had been there. In those days it was cowboy’s and cowgirls having a good time. Now I saw women with women, men with men, and some obviously cross dressed men there. I found the new clientele exciting. I had always been curious about the big sexual world but had never partook in it.After about an hour, bursa escort I had knocked back a couple of beers and had started to relax. I spotted to very beautiful ladies that had been dancing together. The brunette was very tall with a sleek curvy body, great asset and nice C cup breast. The red head was good height and voluptuous. I had noticed that they were both taking turns looking in my direction in kind of a flirting manner. I felt they were out of my league so I would just smile and go back to searching the dance floor.After a little while I had lost track of the beautiful couple and was getting a good buzz going. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the tall brunette asking me if I would like to dance. I agreed and followed her to the floor. I watched her amazing mersin escort ass play undressed her short skirt and couldn’t help but get hard. After a couple of songs played a slow song came on and She pulled me to her. I asked about her girlfriend and she said her wife did not mind as she was dancing with another lady. During our small talk I asked her innocent questions and tried not to mention anything about her being a lesbian. Towards the end of the dance she asked me to join her and her wife at their table. Of course I agreed. The next hour or so passed with a lot of small talk and getting to know more about each other. Then, as always seems to happen, the subject turned to sex. As we discussed our preferences I asked when they had gotten married. They said they had been married sakarya escort for 14 years. I was surprised because there was no same sex marriages back then. That is when I got the shock of my life. The tall lady told me that this was not a same sex marriage. She was a lucky man who’s wife got turned on by him dressing up as a,women. I was floored. I had never even noticed any signs that this was a man. The hard on I had gotten on the dance floor was in no way comparable to the one I had now.My mind was racing at the thought of what could be, but I did not want to assume anything.after a couple more hours of dancing with the two of them, the wife leaned over a ruby cock and asked if I was comfortable with the idea of being with both of them. I thought Iwou,d cumin my pants right there. I told her that is was exciting me beyond what I had ever knows in the past. She grabbed my hand and told her husband it was time to leave. As we walked out, one of them on each side of me, I felt like a Virgin about to get lucky for the first time. Little did I know how true that feeling would be.TO BE CONTINUED

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