A party at my boss’ house


A party at my boss’ houseA party at my boss’ houseOne Friday evening we had been invited to a barbecue at my boss’ house. Late afternoon, after sharing a warm shower; Ana threw herself on the bed, spread her lovely legs wide open and begged to me to fuck her…I just dived on top of her lovely little wide open body. It was the best fuck we had for years. One hour later, when we couldn’t do it anymore. I crawled off the bed and begged Ana to shave her pussy. I loved the way her sweet mound looked freshly shaved…Later that night, when we arrived at the party it was well underway. As we entered the main lounge my sweet Anita drew a lot of admiring glances. She had chosen a black short dress with tall stiletto heels, which made her long legs look incredible hot… Her back was naked and she had a front cleavage that barely could contain her nice soft boobs…I formally introduced Ana to my boss and his wife Suzanne.That bitch was quite a stunner herself. She was dressed in a mini toga. She had been bending over, talking to someone sitting in an armchair and I could see that she wasn’t wearing underwear. Her perfect shaved cunt and ass were visible to everybody there.Across the hall in the main room, there was slow dance music and dimmed lighting. I took my sweet wife in there for a dance. As we slowly danced around with several other couples, I managed, accidentally, to raise Ana’s skirt and reveal her naked muğla escort lovely little bottom. This was soon noticed and several of the guys were taking a keen interest. Ana then told me that someone had tried to insert a finger into her pussy but couldn’t quite manage it as we danced away. Word must have spread because suddenly there where several guys without their wives just standing around the room watching us. I left Ana sitting on a couch. When I returned with some drinks, she was being entertained by several of the guys. They were all laughing and joking and I noticed that her legs where slightly apart and her pussy lips could be seen. I handed her the drink and sat in an armchair opposite. I noticed the guy sitting next to her having a sly squeeze of a breast.The guy on the other side of my wife was reaching occasionally across her to get some snacks that were on a side table. As he reached across her with his right arm, his left hand would slide between Ana’s legs and feel her shaved pussy. She smiled over at me and winked. The guy touching her pussy got his hand down between her legs and inserted a finger into her cunt. Then Ana lay her head back on the couch and closed her eyes. I could notice the passion in her face as wave after wave of pleasure went through her body. Another other guy sitting next to her suddenly started to suck on her nipple. A third eskişehir escort guy standing behind Ana, placed his hand over her mouth to keep her screams of pleasure muffled. When she came back to her senses and looked over at me, I indicated to her to dance and so off we went away.After dancing some pieces, I just stood in the corner and watched in the dim lighting as Ana changed partners several times. Each guy giving her a good groping, feeling her bottom and sliding their hands under short dress and playing with her, by now, soaking wet pussy. Suddenly one of my bosses from the office approached me. He was Armand, a single guy, well built, very kind and polite.”Would you mind if I asked your wife to come upstairs…?” He asked me. “I don’t mind you trying but what could say our boss if he finds out this…?”“Do not worry; our boss always has a room ready for these matters…”Then we both could see that Ana had stopped dancing and was being brought to a climax by a young guy from the office. He was vigorously fingering Anita’s clit and stifling her moans with a hard kiss. “I think that she is ready.” Armand said as he made his way over to them. The next thing was that the three of them where heading for the stairs, followed by another guy. I let them have ten minutes start then set off upstairs to find them. At last I found the right room. As I entered I could gaziantep escort hear Ana screaming in climax as thrusting a huge cock into her little sweet body.The man between her spread legs was my own boss, Mr. Lassitter…Armand was next to get on top of Ana, his dick went into her cunt easy as she was so full of semen. He fucked my wife real hard, with no mercy.There were another six guys in the room, some I knew and others were strangers to me. I felt a brutal hard on as I watched my sweet Ana getting fucked by these guys. Then I felt a warm hand take hold of my cock. It was Suzanne, the boss’s wife. She whispered something in my ear and suddenly I closed my eyes, feeling Suzanne’s tongue around my hard dick. That bitch slowly sucked my cock until I just exploded into her mouth. I was so excited that I grabbed her head and rammed my cock right down the back of her throat. Then I opened my eyes to see that my boss was standing close to me, as his wife was still on her knees licking the last drops of semen from my dick.”She’s the best cock sucker that I have ever met, that’s why I married her.” My boss told me, laughing. Suzanne rose to her feet and wiping the cum from her lips with her fingers, she kissed me goodbye…Meanwhile Ana was having the time of her life as more and more men were coming in to the bedroom waiting their turn to fuck her. She was just insatiable. The more men who used her, the more she wanted. Armand approached to me. He said our boss was satisfied with Ana’s performance and he wanted to see both of us on Monday, at his office.“May be he will set your slut wife into the swinging list…” He laughed.I asked what that was about a “swinging list”.Armand just laughed again…

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