A Pet’s Performance, Part III


A Pet’s Performance, Part IIIAt their home…Anna and the pet come screaming and laughing into the huge central room. Master sits in his big chair looking at the big flat screen TV that hangs from the ceiling. A black stack of electronics next to it. Sound coming from all around the room.His chair is flanked by two black leather couches. Two more back two-thirds of a circle. The TV and electronics at the far end.”I Love This Place!” Anna says as she flops onto the couch just to his right. Her shadow follows and nuzzles against her.”It is all so open and big. And you have those… rooms. And that bedroom with her bed at the foot of yours. I love it all.” she exclaims while also giggling as the pet gets a little personal licking her breast.The rooms she refers to are special purpose rooms. Playrooms of various sorts. Just a little more exotic that the sort of thing you seen much of anywhere else. Some were very frightening. She did not seem to mind.”Glad it meets with your approval. You may call her Tabitha or Tabs.” he says with a little smile.Tabitha looks up with a big grin.”You told her my name! Thank you master. I thought it would take forever…. which of course is fine cause you say so but still…… thank you sir” she fumbles a little in the middle but ends happy.The Master looks over the two. Still dressed as per his orders but things are unbuttoned and Anna appeared to have lost her bra somewhere along the way.”Strip each other. Then crawl down onto the floor and over to me. Both of you.” he says looking right at Anna.Her eyes flick wide for a second before she nods.The pet says, “Yes sir!” and looks at Anna. When the blonde girl just starts pulling at her clothes she gets a smack on the ass.”ooooouch. Hey. Oh. Sorry.” looking towards the Master, “Yes sir.”Now they strip each other. Does not take all that long.They are a nice physical contrast. Tabitha was very short and dark. Rich brown hair. Very curvy compact form. Heart shaped face. Sensual except she always had some sort of playful look on her face. Anna was a blonde with a dazzling smile. A mouth that many consider to be the mark of a singer. At 5′ 6″ she was more than a couple of inches taller than the pet. Her body trim and toned. They both climb down with no giggles. On all fours they crawl the 10 or so feet to where he sits. His hands waiting to caress each of their heads. Both cling to a leg. The pet reach up to lay her hand on his cock under the light black silk pants he wears. He puts his hand on hers long enough to tell her she could hold but nothing else for now.He looks at them both but then at Anna.”I know you know nothing about our sort of world. Even the normal kind. Tabitha has given herself to me mind, body, and soul. She loves me of course but there is more than that. I decide every single thing about her life that I wish to control. She does get to make a lot of choices but she is exactly what I wish her to be always.” he explains.The pet moves her hand very slowly. His cock responds but he chooses to ignore it.”In return I give her a world of sensations. Everything my creative and dark mind can conceive. She does not work or cook or clean. My little kitty is a pampered little bitch. She has also spent a few days in bed because I have whipped her a little too hard. And not surprisingly she has also disobeyed a few times and learned what the word punishment can mean.” he continues.Tabitha was beaming right up until he says the word ‘punishment’ at that she blushes a deep scarlet. Her hand convulsively squeezing his now mostly hard cock.”I did not plan to bring anybody back with us. The trip to the mall was just a surprise for my pet. Something new and mind blowing. But since you wanted to follow so bad lets just see how much you like this life. At least when I let you go tomorrow you will really know what you stumbled into here. Really understand the choice before you.” he concludes.”Sir you may do anything to me you wish. Is it the spell making me trust you? Cause if it’s not then I do. Completely. Not sure why. Well… the way she looks at you helps. But I just do. Anything you ask I will do and if it seems like I won’t then you have my permission to make me.” Anna speaks with a sense of anticipation.He looks down at his pet, “Light rod please.”She stands up and moves away.”Anna move into the middle of the room. On your hands and knees.” he orders in a quiet voice.The visitor grins a little as she complies. Wiggling her ass up in the air once she is down. Tabs come back into the room with a 3 foot thin white rod. She passed it to him as he walks towards the girl on the floor.”I am just canlı bahis going to test you. See how you react. If this was simple sex play I would pause a lot. Give you lots of time to breath between the shocks of pain. I am not all that interested in that. I want to know you will will handle just having your ass whipped.” he explains.When he touches the rod to her ass she does flinch a teeny bit but barely. Anna looks up and sees Tabitha first. Only a few feet away. Crouched down and watching her with a wicked little smile. Anna turns to look back at him.”When I was a little girl I got spanked a lot. Always done strictly according to proper custom. But for me there was the secret shame of getting wet because of it. The guilt I felt at the reaction of my body was terrible. I already felt bad and that was just more guilt. That was not fair. Please sir. Do it.” she says in a strong voice filled with lust.There is a hiiisssssss as the rod flies through the air. It strikes her dead center on her upthrust ass. Hard enough to send a sharp sting through her skin. Anna takes a sudden breath and shakes her head a little but otherwise does not move or waver.He expected her to start well. That is easy. So in the next few moments there are 3 rapid strikes. Going down a little each time the hiiiiiiissssssss and Thwack echo in the room. Now the rod leaves nice visible red lines. Now there is some fire in the blows.Anna does react stronger to each one but even after the last where she does flinch down with a low moan of pain she pushes her bottom back up after a shaky breath.”Deep breath now.” he instructs as he draws his arm back.One following the other he works his way from the initial line up her ass. Harder this time. The line he makes bright red. The hiiiissssss an almost constant sound for a long endless series of seconds. The sharp Thwack of the rod against her tender ass loud. For her it is one huge intake of break followed by….”oh fuccccccckkkkkkk” as she shakes her ass and hunches down as hard as she can against the floor. Fingers digging into the carpet. Ass on fire. Pain blocking everything for a moment before it starts to fade down to a deep throb.”Opps.” laughs the pet.Hiiiiisssssss…… Thwack. Deep groan from Anna.”No cursing. Nor are you to insult me in any way. Scream. Beg. Pound on the carpet like a little c***d if you must. ” he explains with a little bit of iron in his voice. “Yes sir. I am sorry sir.” Anna says but even then it is a little tough to get her ass back up.”Off the ground completely.” he says touching the underside of her shoulder with the rod. She straightens her arms and brings her head up. He touches the underside of her chin with the rod and brings it completely up.”That’s a good girl. Stay like that.” he says as he steps back.She has gotten her breathing back under control. Eyes a touch red. They go wide when the next series of blows make light lines on the backs of her well toned thighs. While not as hard as the ones that have landed on her ass the more sensitive spot makes her cry out each time. 4 times in fact.It is almost a relief when the rod hisssssssses and Thwacks against her ass again. Hard though and she cries out more, “iiiiiiieeeeeee…… damn that hurttsssssss”He chuckles, “No that stings. This hurts…”What happens next becomes a blur in her mind. Her ass is struck repeatedly. Not the straight lines on untouched flesh but blows at angles cross the red lines. Steady. Fast. Hard. Very. It builds a crescendo of pain that just hits her and sweeps her away. No time to react to on before the next lands. Her muscles just get tighter and tighter. Thrusting herself upward against her instincts.When it finally stops it takes a second for it to sink in. She hovers quivering. Every muscle tight.She screams.Hard. Long. Loud. Shaking with the effort of it. Her entire body quivering. Ass covered in dark red lines. Some down her thighs. She howls as she runs out of air. Dropping down to the ground. Hunched down as small as she can possibly be.He waits. The first time she looks up at him to see the expectant look on his face she turns away immediately. A long number of seconds later she looks back and continues to as she slowly raises herself back up. Only losing his gaze when she lifts and turns her head forward.Hiiiiiiiissssssss…….. Thwack! She shivers. Hunches just a little before coming back into place.Hiiiiiiiisssssssssssss….. Thwack! It is just a sob now. Tears falling. Head tilts forward for a moment.Hiiiiiisssssssss…… Thwack! Crying now but head up. Face red.Hiiiisssssssssssssss…… Thwack! A small scream. Her whole body shakes hard. bahis siteleri Down to the floor.There is a pause. She takes a little while this time. He waits until she is fully up.”Say make me scream master.” he says in a calm voice.The very words are like being lit on fire. She cannot believe the sensations. Her pussy is far beyond wet but that command. And the knowledge that she will follow it. That she wants to. Is like a raw pulse of pleasure. She feels one line of wetness run down her inner thigh.Her voice is a little shaky since there are still tears flowing, “Make me scream master… please.”The hiiiiissssss is a constant for a violent moment. Six Thwacks! on her already throbbing backside. One following the other very fast. Very hard. For one long moment he just beats her.The scream is earth shattering. It goes until she runs out of air and then she gasps. Body dropping down to the floor. Fingers trying to rip the carpet up. Shaking and twitching as fire runs through her.”Master please can I….” says Tabitha very softly.”Yes pet. Lick her.”The girl moves rapidly around to behind Anna. The blonde does not notice any of this and jumps harshly with a little cry when she is touched.”Shhhhhhh. It is just me. You will like this.” Tabs whispers.She bends down. Her small hands touching and spreading. When the tongue strokes across the dripping wet folds Anna lets out a huge long sigh. For a little girl Tabitha has a rather long tongue and she uses it skillfully. Gliding to swirl in the pooled wetness. Licking softly at Anna’s clit. It does not take long before the two are moving together in a slow wet grind.Anna feels like every inch of her skin is on delicious fire. There are flashes of pain from her abused booty but they just race right between her legs and she gets wetter. The other girl’s lapping tongue is just pure raw pleasure. Compared to her very limited previous experience each flick was an orgasm. Her slit pulsed. Pleasure sending shivers up her spine that burst in her brain.Moans fill the air. Loud breathing. Wet sounds. Not many minutes pass before there is a new scream.Tabitha has to hold on tight to stay with Anna as she explodes and cums. The blonde bucks and slams back into her face hard. Just grinding and smacking against her as she screams. The Master stands and watches. He walks back to his chair. Setting the rod down next to it. The girls stay close together. Anna still breathing hard and the pet holding her. She finally looks over to him and he looks at Anna and makes a little gesture. Tabitha whispers something to the other girl and helps her stand up. They walk a little unsteadily.He points and Anna goes down to her knees between his legs. He sweeps his robe aside. His shorts seem to have vanished at some point. A nice 7″ of thick cock lays on his leg.”Still so sure you want this life Anna?” he asks lifting her face with a hand under her chin.Her eyes are still red. Face still a little flushed. But she smiles. The beautiful smile spreads across her face.”Yes…. master.” she says a little hesitantly. “Then show me.”His hand pulls her down as his other brings his dick up to meet her mouth. Her lips part and her hand comes up to grip the thick shaft. With a wave his pet climbs up onto the arm of the chair. It is wide and padded but she still has to balance carefully. Spreading her legs so she is exposed to him. One of his hands coming up to stroke her wet bare pussy.Anna does not have much of any experience. But what she lacks in skill she makes up for in passion. But he still has to use his hand to adjust her a little as she bobs up and down in his lap. Pushing her hand up his shaft so it works better with her lips. Telling not to suck so hard but just to make her mouth a nice wet soft place that strokes his hardness. She listens and gets a lot better in a very short time.But he has no intention of letting her finish him off anyway. After about 10 minutes of effort on her part he reaches down to lift her up. He smiles as she tries to hold onto his cock. Even after her lips have left it her hand does not. He puts her legs on either side of his and still she holds on.”Do you like my cock little toy?””I want it. Please let me have it again. A whole life wanting. Needing. Please. Anything you want. Forever.” she squeezes his cock hard.He reaches down. Grabbing her hand and pushing it back. His hard shaft aiming at her properly as he pushes her down a little. His hand coming away as the head touches her damp lips.”Let go of it.” he orders.She whimpers but does as she is told. He pushes at her hips and she sinks downward. Gasping as she is spread open. güvenilir bahis He is not terribly surprised when she does not stop after the first couple of inches. But it does take another push and a thrust of his hips to bury his whole length into her.The look on Anna’s face is amazing. Such a pure lust. Her eyes bright. Their dark blue almost glowing in intensity. Hair wild around her face. She grabs both his shoulders and her nails sink in a little she grips so hard. Grinding against him she suddenly freezes. Feeling herself ooze wetness down his cock.”If I move I am going to cum.” she whispers.His response is to grab both of her hips. Pulling her up slowly. Then slamming her back down and fucking her hard and fast. She gasps hard and screams as she starts to cum. Her ass smacking his lap loudly. She goes beyond thinking and just lets her body move as it wants. Instinct takes over. Thrashing against him. When Tabitha reaches over to take her face in both hands and to kiss her hard it is electric. A new huge crashing wave of pleasure.She finally starts to come down. He slows and drops down eventually to a slow grind. She is purring and laying against his chest. Every little touch a new little burst of pleasure. Feeling alive in a way she never even thought possible.Tabitha moves to the floor and comes up behind them. Her hands gently lift Anna up to draw his cock out of her. It is so wet it is streaked white with her cum. Both her small hands wrap around it and she drops her mouth over it. Sucking with the skill of long practice. He cannot see her but smiles anyway. She is very well trained. Trained to be his companion and to know when she is supposed to act on her own.Anna is barely awake. Murmuring against his shoulder. He strokes her hair and her back. When he touches her ass she starts and her eyes stare at him. A touch of anger visible in them. He twitches his eyebrows and looks back at her. Her face softens. Eyes flick down for a second and then back up with a much different look in them. He smiles softly. He groans as he cum in his pet’s mouth. Jets of cum that she sucks down eagerly. Draining him and stroking him.When Tabitha appears on the arm of the couch she touches Anna’s shoulder. She has some cum visible on her mouth. She makes a little kissing motion with her lips.”Wanna?” she asks with a very wicked look on her face. Sticking out a tongue with more cum on it.Anna looks back and the look is very bit as wicked. She leans up to grab Tabs by the back of the neck. First she licks across the smaller girl’s lips. Then she kisses her. Mouths wide open and locked together hard. It is a writhing, deep, amazing kiss. When she lets the pet go there is just a hint of dazed to the dark haired girls eyes.Anna drops back down onto his chest. Listening to his breathing before looking up to his eyes seeking approval. She finds it. His eyes smile back.”So master what do we do next?” Anna asks shyly. Her hand reaching out to stroke Tabitha’s thigh.”Pet both of you clean up. Our new little toy needs some shaving. Then dress both of you up in some nice around the house outfits. I am going to order up some food so don’t take forever.””Yes master” both of them say together. Followed by giggles.”I liked that. Without the giggles. Go.” he says chuckling.They both scamper off hand in hand. vanishing down a hallway towards the pet’s rooms. She had a whole little wing to herself. Not that she was actually there much. She slept in her place at the foot of his bed or with him. But she had her fantasy room that was really a multi-room suite. “So what happens next?” Anna asks as she stands in the middle of the room.”Well if I know my master he will have you torment me for a while.” the pet says with a little laugh and a shake of her ass in Anna’s direction.”Torment?””Yeah. You know treat me like a fuck toy. Probably have you strap on a cock the size of a horse’s and fuck me with it. Or maybe paddle me. He has also just had me and a girl 69 each other for an hour or so. Live entertainment. He just watches until he wants us. I am so glad you are here.”Tabitha rushes across the run to hug and then deeply kiss Anna.”I just want you to know that you can do anything you want to me. Anything at all. Don’t even think about asking treat my body like it is yours. Master likes to touch me a lot. I am used to sitting on his lap with a finger stuck in me or just sitting on his cock while he watches TV or reads. Sometimes I lay on the arm of his chair like a cat so he can play with me as he wishes.”Anna finds herself more and more wanting to throw Tabitha down on the huge bed. But she remembers what he said.”I think we are supposed to shower pet.” Anna says in a tone with a little mom thrown in.”Yes ma’am we are. This way. I will get you clean before we get you dirty again.” she says with an impish grin.

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