A Promise is a Promise


Author’s Note: This story has elements of group sex, lesbian sex, mature sex, light bondage, a large cock, big tits and a loving relationship. If these things offend you, no need to read any further. If you enjoy these things then read on! A special thanks to Martin, Traci, Michelle, and Rose who inspired this story.

** ** **

Martin sat in the dark of his bedroom and stared out the window into the night. His modest home where he and his wife June had raised their 3 children was quiet now. He could hear June breathing softly in her sleep. The dog rustled and snorted in his sleep but Martin was still awake.

He was nearing retirement and the accounting of his retirement capital wasn’t looking too good. Though he had worked consistently and hard through his 40+ years of employment, the money just did not seem to stick to his savings account. Having just past his 60th birthday, with the kids all gone, Martin was feeling glum. A clinical psychologist might even suggest that he was suffering from a mild form of depression and suggest one of several medications that might perk him up.

Despite his depression, Martin was glad that he was physically fit. The years had been good to him and the boys had always kept him busy supporting their athletic endeavors. He could still curl his arm and see muscles in his bicep, triceps and across his chest. He tensed his muscles in the light of the moon as it shown through the window.

“Martin? Are you coming to bed?” June asked.

He had just fucked her. He used to make love to her but now, he just fucks her. It is pleasant enough and enjoyable but a bit one sided.

“Just a minute, I’m thinking …” his voice trailed off.

A few years earlier, Martin had found out that June was faking orgasms. Worse yet, she had told her best friend Helen and that was how Martin had found out. He overheard the entire conversation. His wife was faking orgasms. Martin had listened as she confided in Helen that she had lost interest in sex but did not want to disappoint Martin. She often faked her orgasm. How often? She didn’t know but clearly it was the vast majority of the time they had sex. Between her expectation that their sex life would wane throughout their 50’s and Martin’s knowledge of the faked orgasms, their sex life went down hill from those well intentioned lies.

Martin sighed as he remembered how he had been determined to confront June and then chickened out at the last minute. Instead, their love making receded and the fucking maintained. Where, in years previous, they were all over each other 5 times a week, now they had dispassionate sex twice a month. June had noticed the decline and wondered where their sex life had gone but assumed that it was just the way it was meant to be.

Martin looked out the second floor window again and. Two young lovers walked by stopping to kiss. The man grabbed the girl’s ass and lifted her up into his arms. Martin’s loins stirred and he felt his manhood grow even though he had just shot a load into his wife 20 minutes previous. He smiled and thought to himself “You ain’t dead yet!”

He looked back to June and watched her ample bosom rise and fall in her sleep filled breathing. Pulling back the covers from his naked wife, he admired her thick nipples and her large areolas. June’s breasts had always been her best attribute. After nursing their third child for 13 months, she considered having a breast reduction. Martin gently explained that they just didn’t have that kind of cash in the bank and the health insurance certainly wasn’t going to pay for it. Martin cupped her right breast and her nipple instinctively hardened and thickened. June had always had killer nipples. She refused to go anywhere without a thick bra to hide her nipples. It had only taken one time as a teenager for her to go without a bra. Her breasts were the desire of every guy and the envy of every girl as her nipples poked out. In their more adventurous days, Martin thought it would be fun to measure just how far they poked out. June did not find this fun or funny and refused him when he came forward with his ruler.

Looking at him with skepticism, she said “Look mister, you can measure me if I can measure you!”

She had expected him to be embarrassed but he wasn’t and gladly dropped his pants. He measured 9 and ¾ inches long. It was a very big dick but since June had never seen any other dicks, she didn’t know how good she had it. Martin had smiled as he measured her left and then her right nipple. His tongue licked his lips and announced “a bit more than 1 inch, dear”. To that she said “So what” and marched off. She continued to be embarrassed about her breasts and her nipples and refused to wear any of the lingerie that he bought for her.

He fell asleep stroking her breast and holding her in his arms.

** ** **

A promise was a promise and Sandy was holding her father to his promise. A seven day Western Caribbean cruise for Sandy and her best friend Kay on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ biggest boat casino şirketleri was hers if she could pull off straight As in her spring and summer semesters. The spring semester grades were delivered in June and were all A’s. The summer grades were in and Sandy couldn’t contain herself as she opened the envelope. She started screaming as she looked down the page and her father’s eyes looked heavenward as he became resigned to the fact that a promise was a promise. It wasn’t the money as he had plenty of that. It was the principle that he had to bribe his daughter to do well in school.

Sandy grabbed her cell and called Kay immediately. They had been friends for ever or at least since they were in first grade. While Sandy toiled at Penn State, Kay worked at Joe Jones Bar-B-Que waiting tables. Kay attended the local community college during the day as it was the best she could afford. Sandy bounded up the wide hardwood steps to her room and dove on the bed as the call connected.

“Hi! I’ve been thinking of you!” answered Kay.

“You have? That’s soooo cool because I was thinking of you too!”

“What about?”

“I got my grades today! Allllll AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs! We’re going on a cruise! You and me!!”

“I don’t believe it! Wow! Are you sure that your father is going to do this?”

“A promise is a promise, Kay and he is good for it. Don’t you worry your pretty little head!!”

Everything was already picked out; the cruise line, the cabin, and the excursions. As Sandy said, the only thing left to do was to go shopping for some “cruise clothing”.

** ** **

June came in the door with a stack of envelops from the post box. She quickly flipped through them throwing most in the trash. The rest she tossed on the small kitchen table where Martin sat reading the newspaper. It was a typical Saturday morning. Martin looked up at his wife. He eyed her conservative outfit and imagined the buttons on her high-collared shirt dissolving in front of his eyes. He mentally pushed her shirt apart revealing her large breasts held up by a lace demi bra that gently squeezed her breasts together creating a 7 inch long cleavage. His mind had her tilting her shoulders forward seductively and sliding out of the bra, her heavy breasts hanging down, her nipples hardening before his eyes. Martin felt his cock thicken at the thought of those big tits and big areolas and especially, those long and thick nipples. His eyes blinked. That was the image that he wanted. June standing there with her shirt open and a sensual and sexy demi bra tossed to the side while her big breasts hung down tipped by long and thick brown nipples. He decided that if she were standing there like that and were to cross her arms in front of her, her breasts would hang over her arms. What a sight that would be. His cock was now a heavy bulge in his pants.

June had turned around and Martin appraised her ass. Certainly her ass was big but not wide. For a woman with such a formidable chest as June’s, her ass was not quite proportional. June brought over a cup of coffee to the table and awoke Martin from his daydreaming.

“What were you staring at, honey?” She asked sweetly.

“Oh ummm your beautiful curves mesmerized me, June”.

June blushed at the comment and then realized that she had kept an envelop that she should have thrown away. The outside was bright yellow and with red letters it stated: YOU MAY HAVE WON A SUPER PRIZE!”

She smiled at the term “may” and knew well that it was much more likely that she “may not” have won a super prize.

Martin had come fully out of his daydream “Why do you insist on wasting your time with those things?”

“Some I fill out and some I don’t. You know I like yellow so this one I’ll look at. Besides it is probably nothing but I like the suspense”

“I’ll BET it is nothing.”

“No” she smiled, “I’ll bet it’s nothing, you bet it is something. What do you want to bet?”

Martin chuckled. “Ok, if you won something more than $10, you’ll sit on my lap and show me your breasts”

“Martin! How dare you!” she blushed again.

“Come on, you know that it is nothing. So, what do you want if it is nothing and it better be small as it is the most likely outcome!”

She giggled. “I’d really like to go out for an ice cream tonight. So, if it is nothing, let’s go to Friendly’s and get a hot fudge sundae.”

Martin pretended to think it over and then laughed and nodded ascent.

June ripped open the envelop and her jaw dropped.

“What?” asked Martin.

He got silence back.

“What??” he asked more strenuously as her green eyes scanned the page.

“We ummm won a cruise to the Western Caribbean”

“You’re not serious. You’re just teasing me!”

“I am serious, look!”

Martin read over her shoulder. Indeed, they had won a fully paid trip on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ biggest ship. They had to respond in 3 days to take advantage of the airfare. Martin read the fine print and though he was skeptical, he could casino firmaları find no “gotchas” within the document.

He sat down on the couch. “Hey! I won the bet! Come here sexy!”

June’s heart was beating out of her chest with excitement. She had never dreamed that they would go on a cruise. “You’re not really going to hold me to that silly bet, are you?”

Martin smiled “A promise is a promise and a bet is a promise to make good”

June straddled Martin’s thighs on the couch and slowly unbuttoned her top buttons. Martin worked from the bottom up and they met in the middle. He sighed as he awaited his prize.

Martin was gravely disappointed when June pulled apart her shirt revealing a bra that could possibly be used as a bullet proof Kevlar vest! There was nothing to see. Then, June was kind enough to reach behind her and unclasp the bra and lift the front. Her tits popped free and Martin grabbed a handful of each tit and rubbed June’s nipples and smiled like a kid in a candy store. They extended and Martin lifted the heavy tit to his mouth and sucked in her nipple. He followed suite with the other and enjoyed every second.

June stroked his face and stopped him with her hand. “Enough, honey, I have things to do today!”

Martin’s disappointment was written all over his face. The kid in the candy store was just told that he’d have to buy candy on some other day.

“Honey, that bra seems awful big, is it the right size?”

“Of course it is. It fits fine”

“Well, ummm what size is it?”

“You are so silly. Why do you care? I’m a 40F and I really should have gotten that breast reduction surgery.” June climbed off his lap and within seconds, her bra and shirt was returned to their previous place.

** ** **

Sandy picked up Kay and drove to the mall. Kay Sandy was vivacious, outgoing and gregarious while Kay tended to be quiet and unassuming. Their first stop was at Hecht’s department store. Sandy picked out several outfits to try on while Kay had only one. As they tried them on, Sandy noticed two boys leering at them from the round racks near the dressing room. Guiding Kay, she picked out several cruise wear outfits and marched to the cashier.

Kay followed but sputtered “What are you doing? I can’t afford those clothes!”

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll try them on at your house where we can get some peace and return those that you don’t want.”

Kay nodded and followed Sandy out the door in a whirlwind.

On the way back to Kay’s house, Sandy complained bitterly about the boys spying on them. “Ever since I broke up with Todd Jackson, boys have been hitting on me and driving me crazy. I’m tire of boys … I want a man. I want someone experienced”

The wind blew back Sandy’s soft blond hair as Kay nodded in agreement.

After Sandy had pulled into Kay’s driveway, Kay looked at her best friend. “What happened between you and Todd?”

It was a direct question of the kind that Sandy didn’t like. Kay was her best friend but she still struggled with what to tell her. She nodded toward the house and Kay knew that the conversation had been postponed until they got inside. Gathering the packages together, they made their way into the modest, blue-collar home. It was clean and neat though none of the furniture matched any other piece of furniture in the house. Kay led the way to her bedroom and shut the door behind Sandy.

“This will be fun! It’ll be like Christmas as we open the boxes and bags of clothing!” Sandy bubbled as she put the bags and boxes on the floor.

“We need to talk”

“What about?”

“You know what about!”

Sandy looked down at the floor a moment and sat on the bed. “Ok, what do you want to know?”

Kay took a deep breath and slowly sat next to her vivacious friend, wrapped an arm around her and leaned in to her ear. “I want to know what happened between you and Todd.”

Tears formed at the corners of Sandy’s eyes, rolled off her long dark eyelashes and fell to her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away. “He’s an ass” She sputtered. “He likes to fuck me and take care of himself and then he is done with me, y’know? He’s just an inconsiderate ass!”

Kay stroked Sandy’s blonde hair and held her. Then she kissed her ear. “Yeah, I know, baby.”

Sandy gulped some air. “I know you know so why do you make me say it? You know he’s an ass. You told me when we started dating; you told me when we broke up the first time and then again when we got back together again.”

“That second time, he had us both fooled sweetie.” Kay spoke calmly and with careful thought.

“It’s so true. We went out for 6 months but the last two months I was so horny. Hell, I hadn’t had an orgasm in the last two months and was beginning to think I was frigid or something.”

“Two months? But weren’t you and Todd going at it just a week ago?”

“We were. But we kept on having these quickies and I wasn’t getting any satisfaction.”

“More than size matters, baby!” Kay laughed.

“Todd güvenilir casino is pretty big Kay. He is big and thick but geez, you would think it would be easy to satisfy a girl with that big tool but he didn’t satisfy me, that’s for sure.”

Kay could feel her wet pussy dripping onto her thigh.

“Well, I just like to be treated right.”

“In other words, you’re not a whore”

“Yeah … I’m not a whore; I’m a high priced whore!”

They both giggled and laughed. Sandy began unwrapping the clothes and organizing them by type as she talked. Kay kneeled in front of her friend and helped with the clothes. In one pile, they stacked shorts and T-shirts. In another pile were 4 tiny bathing suits. The last two piles were high heeled shoes, bras and bed time lingerie.

Sandy tossed her blond hair over her shoulder and continued. “Do you think this black negligee will look good on me?”

“I don’t know. It has a nice V neck that will show off your boobs but who are you trying to impress? Me?” Kay laughed as she said it.

“Given that I’m horny as hell and would probably fuck a pencil right now, you aren’t a bad one to impress!!”

Both girls laughed.

Kay picked up a dark blue, lacy demi-cup bra. “Whose is this?”

“It’s ours, silly!”

“It’s the wrong size, Sandy, it’s a 34C”

Sandy looked at it and the other bras. They were all 34C. She smiled. “Ok, you caught me. I bought bras that were a bit too small. I just think it would be nice to have our breasts pushed up a bit and the 34 D and double D’s are like ummm over the shoulder boulder holders … y’know? They weren’t as sexy as the 34C’s”

Kay giggled. “Well, we’d better try them on as my bras are all crap and won’t work with these spaghetti-strap dresses you bought!”

Sandy stood and turned away from Kay. She took off her shirt and then her bra. Kay could see the sides of Sandy’s breasts as she put on the dark blue, lacy demi-cup bra. When Sandy turned back around her tanned and taut stomach led up to her full tits bulging over the top of her bra. Her nipples were jutting out of the lace material and Kay involuntarily licked her lips.

“Is it too tight?” Sandy asked as she hefted her tits with the palms of her hands. “What do you think?”

Kay stood and looked. Smiling slightly, she replaced Sandy’s hands with her own and hefted the soft and heavy globes covered by the silky lace. “Well, I think they are tight but it will do. It is very sexy. I love how your nipples stick out.”

Sandy smiled. She could actually smell her friend’s juices now. “Kay, you should try one on, too!” Sandy bent over and picked up a red bra and thong. “Put these on and let’s see what they look like!”

Kay turned away from her friend and stripped off her pants and wet panties discreetly tossing them in her hamper. She bent slightly and Sandy giggled at her friend’s crack even though much of her bottom was hidden by her oversized shirt. She pulled up the thong and took off her top. She put her arms through the bra, held the cups to her breasts and then reached around back to clasp but Sandy’s hands were there to clasp the bra. Her fingers were warm on Kay’s back.

Kay turned around to face her friend and Sandy gasped. “You look amazing! That bra on you is so sexy!”

Kay’s body did indeed look amazing. She had thin and tight thighs and soft smooth calves. The cut on the thong made her legs look long and sexy. The bra was tight on the bust but fit around her chest. The tightness on the bust pushed her tits up and the thin material did nothing to hide her hard nipples. The crotch of the thong was already parting her wet pussy lips. The only problem was that Kay’s crotch was not shaved.

“Your pubes have to go but boy, you are gorgeous!” Sandy smiled as she continued to heft her friend’s tits, one and then the other. “Mmmm whatever guy gets his hands on these is one lucky guy!”

“How do you know it will be a guy?” Kay giggled.

“Would you do a woman?” asked Sandy as she squeezed Kay’s tits.

“Depends on the woman. I suppose if the circumstances were right, I’d do a woman. Have you ever … you know … done a woman?”

“No but I’ve always been curious.” Sandy smiled and leaned in closer to her friend. She reached around back with both her arms which pressed their breasts together. “I suppose we should take these bras and panties off or we’ll wear them out before the cruise!”

Giggling, Kay reached around Sandy too and their breasts pressed even more together until the two young women were in an intimate hug. With the clasps undone, they both let the bras fall to the floor. Free from their confines, the breasts touched and they reveled in the feel of the warmth and the hardness of each other’s nipples. Sandy kissed her friend’s neck and then kissed her collar bone. Her hands roamed down Kay’s back to her ass as she grasped Kay’s butt cheeks. “Mmmm you have such a firm ass.”

Kay said nothing but held Sandy close until Sandy’s tiny kisses reached her mouth. There, she opened up and slid her tongue into Sandy’s mouth with an eagerness that surprised both of them.

Their tongues played and Kay could feel her juices flowing around the thong and down her thigh to her knee.

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