A Real Teacher Ch. 06


Author’s note: Many thanks to Literotica’s own LadyCibelle for her editing expertise in making my stories more readable.

Miss Angela Lansdown was a 23 year old first year English literature teaching assistant. She had beautiful waist-length blonde hair and a magnificent all-over tan to go with her sparkling brown eyes. One day during discussion of Macbeth, she slipped a note into my hand that read “C me after u’r last class.” I walked back to her classroom after school and found the room deserted, I thought. Then I heard her call from the storage closet. When I walked in, she was pretending to check out the old equipment in the closet. She turned and asked “Do you mind if I check to see if the rumors are true?”

Of course I knew what she meant. “No, I don’t mind” I said. As her hands began exploring my crotch, I fondled her nice round titties before slipping down to cup her ass. She was quite satisfied with what she found and asked if I’d be interested in giving her a demonstration of what it could do. When she bared her neatly trimmed pussy, I was tempted to go down on her but she said that we had limited time so I whipped out Mr. Ever Ready and worked it into her, finding her snatch already wet and slick. We fucked in several positions but I finally had to push her up against the wall and hold her legs while I banged her through three orgasms leading to my own. She told me a few days later that the dirty wall had nearly ruined her white blouse but a lot of scrubbing finally got it clean.

Ms. Lansdown was living with her parents and two younger siblings and was not in a position to take me home for more frolicking nor were either of us in a financial position to afford a motel so we were satisfied with a quickie in the closet once every week or two. Angela did some clean-up work in the closet so that our clothes would not get so dirty and even uncovered a small desk that we put to great use many times. I got to eat her pussy just before the second time we fucked, making her cum four times orally and then four times with my dong high in her body. She said that she would like to do more sometime but it wasn’t easy getting away from her family … or her boyfriend. We were finally discovered by Ms. Kimberly Turner, the typing teacher and Angela’s friend, when she came looking for Angela after school and we forgot to lock the classroom door.

Ms. Turner at first seemed shocked that Angela was letting a student fuck her but then when she watched and saw the size of my cock, she locked the door and came back and watched, licking her lips and rubbing a hand between her legs. After I finished with her, Angela suggested that Kim ought to “have a try at it” with me. She was already so hot that she didn’t even seem to know that Angela and I undressed her and I stuck my cock into her steaming hot cunt. She came eight times in the thirty-three minutes it took me to work up another load of cum. Afterward I sucked her 38DDs for several minutes each before backing off and dressing.

Kim had a live-in boyfriend but he worked until seven every night so she invited me to her apartment after school one day. For more than three hours, I ate her pussy and then plowed her cunt and ass hole while she came every few minutes just like Old Faithful. I dressed and was kind of sneaking down the stairs a few minutes after seven when her boyfriend bounded up the stairs and went into the apartment. She laughingly told me the next day that she barely got a robe on before he caught her with our love juices running down her leg. As he usually did, he stuck his hand between her legs and noticed the unusually wet condition. She explained that she was unusually horny for him and he immediately took her to bed and plowed her wet pussy.

Given the option, I probably would have fucked Kim more often but we only got together about twice a month after that. She loved our sessions but didn’t want to lose her boyfriend … but then in the spring he told her he knew she was screwing someone else and he didn’t mind that but he wanted to watch too. She was finally convinced that he meant it so one evening we arranged for me to be there later than normal. He walked in on me plowing her hot pussy, undressed and sat jacking off while he watched my cock boring her hole. Later he fucked her doggy while she sucked my cock and he had one of his greatest orgasms. After that I was given a standing invitation to screw Kim as long as our twice a month the sessions were late enough for him to join us. Kim said she thought she was getting the best of both worlds.

In February I suggested a double penetration session. Neither of them had ever done it but it turned out great, with Jeremy on bottom, Kim in the middle and me screwing her ass from behind. Kim nearly lost her head, she loved it so much, and the DP became part of our bi-weekly ritual.

I encountered Mrs. Haley Forester, girl’s physical education teacher, at the beginning of the second semester in January when Ms. Wagner sent me bakırköy escort to take some health book brochures to her. Haley was a 28 year old true blonde with warm blue eyes. When I walked into the gym with the brochures, almost every girl in the gym class greeted me and she wanted to know how I knew them all. I just shrugged but three junior girls came running up to us and fondled my cock until it was rock hard and she could see its size. She sent the girls back to their games and asked me into her office. She had no problem showing me her beautiful body when I dropped my pants for her. She climbed onto the edge of her desk and I gave her a sample fuck in the twenty-one minutes before the girls had to hit the showers. She came three times and wanted to set up an after-school meet.

Since her husband was currently out of work and stayed at home most days, she agreed to meet me in the book room after last period … Ms. Wagner would be gone for the day before the period ended. When Haley arrived, I took her around to the dark part of the room and fucked her standing, missionary on the desk, and doggy style for an hour and twenty minutes. She came fourteen times and I shot three loads of cum into her. I couldn’t believe my good fortune in getting to screw another such beauty, one who rivaled Mrs. Stanton.

Haley was grateful for the pleasures of sex. She said that the sex at home had not been good, especially since her husband lost his job. After that he was not able to perform very often, even though she felt like she was a woman who had to have sex regularly to function well in the rest of her life. It helped that I was visiting part of her love chamber where no cock had been before. With my schedule of screwing other women, I wasn’t sure how I could work her in very often but she had the perfect solution: if I didn’t mind coming to school early, we could meet in the book room and fuck every morning before school. That way she’d be feeling fine when school started. For one of the first times in my life, I looked forward to going to school early.

We began meeting in school the following morning and we fucked our brains out for about fifty minutes. Then we’d dress. I’d go to my first class in the east wing while she went to her first class in the gym by the west wing. She said she had to start wearing a tampon every morning to keep my cum from running out and staining her gym shorts until she could get her first shower. The way she said it I knew she did not think of it as being a problem, or at least it was a problem she liked having.

After that, the only time we didn’t fuck in the mornings was when she had her period. On those days, she would give me some great blow jobs and let me spend lots of time sucking her titties. She told me one day in the spring that her girls were very suspicious that she was getting laid every morning because her attitude was much more mellow than it had been before we started.

In February of that school year, I used some money that I’d saved to purchase a fire-proof lockbox … a little square home safe … and a supply of shirt cardboard. Over the last seventeen months, I had developed quite a collection of women’s panties. Each time I took a pair home, I carefully recorded the owner’s name, the date of our first copulation and comments about how it went in indelible ink on the garment. In the case of a few of them where there was so little material or the color would not allow ink to show, I wrote on a tag which I then pinned to the garment. Once I purchased the lock box, I mounted the panties on the cardboard sheets and began to file them in the box.

I had a pair for Mrs. Stanton, small silky white bikini panties. I had a pair of blue-and-yellow print bikini panties that belonged to Megan. I begged for a pair of the cheerleaders’ uniform panties but they wouldn’t let me have them; instead Candy Carlson and Linda Upshaw both gave me a pair of their usual printed bikinis, as did Angela Amondsen, Kelly Langer, and Rachel Goldsmith. I had a pair of large white cotton print panties from Ms. Schowinski and a similar pair of large white ones from Alice Morrison. Janeth Wilson gave me a pair of pink midi-panties. I never did get a pair from Mallory Owens … she said she never wore panties. I didn’t get a pair from Jessica Stephens at our first fuck in Megan’s bed but I did get a pair of the tiniest baby-blue bikini panties from her at one of the family sessions at her house. Jamie Stephens gave me a pair of pale yellow bikinis and Amy Stephens gave me a pair of lacy black crotchless panties. Somehow I didn’t collect a pair of panties from Allie Myers at our first fuck … just forgot I guess … but I got a pair a couple of months later and back-dated the comments. However Megan’s mother even signed her white midis with “Thanks for a wonderful fuck, Jenny Styles” Faith Wilson gave me a pair of pure lace bikinis.

Trudy Upshaw was wearing a pair of blue bikinis printed beşiktaş escort with teddy bears when I first fucked her and she signed her name on them for me. Dinah Malone gave me a pair of Chinese red bikinis while Phyllis Jackmon gave me my first g-string, in black. Monica Schowinski donated a pair of purple midis while Angel Lipowski gave me a pair of red midis with a split crotch. Gina Thompson donated sea-green lacy bikinis. Ellie Reynolds gave me a white g-string as did Sandy Bracken. Nancy Trotter and Carrie Wilder both donated their little print panties that day in the park and both signed them. I took a pair of Ms. Wagner’s large white rayon panties with lacy edges and she never mentioned missing them. Mrs. Pearson donated a pair of lacy black midi panties. I took a pair of pink bikinis from Miss Lansdown while Ms. Lansdown donated a pair of peach-colored midis. Mrs. Forester let me take her white-and-black pinstriped g-string.

There were others in my collection as well as some women I’d fucked that I had not obtained panties from. By the end of my senior year, I counted 97 pairs of panties in my collection and still had a little room to grow. By the time the summer was over and I was into my freshman year in college, the collection was into the low triple digits.

It was mid-way through that summer that a major event occurred in my life, an event that changed my outlook on life forever. I had been out with some friends to watch their senior league baseball game and came home around 10:30. I headed upstairs to my room and passed mom’s room at the top of the stairs when I realized that something unusual was in the air. Her door was open and when I took a second look, she was lying on the bed, naked and face down. I called softly but she didn’t answer. Carefully I crept in until I could hear her soft rhythmic breathing. She was asleep but I noticed something else … her right hand was between her legs and from the puddle on the sheet, she had obviously been masturbating.

I had never thought of my mom in sexual terms but here she was completely bared and I was turned on. I formed a new appraisal of her and realized that she was a good looking, sexy woman. She was only 37 years old, had a strong working woman’s body that I estimated at 145 pounds and 38DD-28-40, muscular but not bulging legs and was pleasant to look at to say the least. My dad had been dead for most of my eighteen (nearly nineteen) years and she had not done any dating that I was aware of but obviously she still felt the need for sexual release. Mr. Ever Ready jumped at the sight of my mother for the first time. While I watched she pulled her hand up beside her and turned her face the other way but kept sleeping.

I watched her for some time before I made a decision. I took off my clothes and very carefully worked my way up between her spread legs. I pointed my spear at her exposed pussy and very carefully, very slowly, very gently began to work it into her. When I had about five inches in, she stirred so I sat and waited and she settled down again. She muttered something unintelligible when I passed the eight inch mark and she sighed when my crotch nuzzled her buttocks. Both her arms were turned upward so that her hands were about the height of her head and off to each side so I carefully lowered myself and worked my forearms under her armpits close to her body so I could support my weight. Stretched out over her, I kissed her shoulders and neck and began rocking my bottom, causing my cock to search all parts of her vagina. For many long minutes I just moved around on her ass without lifting off her or pulling out of her pussy and gradually she began to respond, first grunting “mmmm mmmm mmmm” and changing to a moaning “ooohhhh oooohhhh oooohhh” and then, as she began jerking her head from side to side, a yelping “oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” and then she climaxed.

When her heart rate had slowed again, she said “Kevin?”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“What are you doing?”

“Loving my mother.”

“We shouldn’t be doing it this way, Kevin.”


“You know what people would say?”

“Are you going to tell anyone?”


“Neither am I.” I pulled backward and sat on my legs.

She turned over to face me. “But you know this is not right, don’t you?”

“I know it felt right. I know I love you. I know you have needs.” I eased forward again between her legs and she watched.

As my cock again pierced her pussy, she said “But Kevin, you’re my son.”

“Yes, I know. You are my mother. And I love you.”

“Yes, I know. And I love you too, son.”

I started grinding on her mound. She closed her eyes and rolled her head but then looked at me again. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’m sure, mom.” I kept up the motion and bent my body around so I could suck her titties for the first time in years, since before my memory. Suddenly the expression on her face softened and she looked beylikdüzü escort like a mother nursing her baby son. She put one arm around my neck and with the other hand tenderly brushed my cheek. Slowly I picked up the speed of my sword and she was soon moaning and jerking until she came again. As I looked down at her, I was filled with overwhelming love for her, more than I could ever remember in my life. I hunkered down over her and concentrated on working my cock in her pussy and rubbing her mound with my pubis. Before I shot a load of cum into her hot box, she had cum two more times. I rested a little and got her to turn over onto hands and knees. I moved in behind her and slid my cock back into her pussy. During the next thirty-two minutes, she climaxed two more times while I massaged her back, kneaded her buttocks, and pinched and pulled her titties. I hugged her tightly to me while we rested for several minutes minutes. Then I turned her on her back again, raised her legs to my shoulders and stood on my knees with my cock in her cunt. While I worked the spot on the soles of her feet with my thumbs, she had another three orgasms before I sprayed my third load into her tunnel of love.

Once again I held her close while we rested. I had never left so close to my mother, both physically and mentally. Suddenly she was the love of my life. All the other women were nice and I liked fucking them but nothing was more important to me then than making my mother happy. So when I moved back after kissing her face and neck and saw tears streaming down her face, I became alarmed. “Mom, have I hurt you?”

“No, sugar, you didn’t hurt me. Far from it. You’ve made me feel fantastic. I always felt great after sex with your father but even he never made me cum so many times as you just did. I always knew you were unusually well endowed but I didn’t think about what you would do to make a woman feel good.”

“I’m glad, mom, because being with you has made me feel so very, very fantastic.”

“Yes, but you know this is not right, Kevin. I know this is not right, honey. We can’t do this again.”

“Okay, mom. At least not until next time” and I kissed her full on the mouth. She responded with her tongue dueling mine for several minutes.

When we finally broke apart, she looked into my eyes, then shook her head and said “Yeah, I know I’m going to have a hard time saying no to you. Now go to your bed before you make me lose my determination.”

We never broached the subject for the next week but then on the following Friday, I came in after being out with some friends and then stopping by the Schowinski’s to fuck Monica’s mother. Mom was sitting in the den watching the TV as it played the sign-off pattern. I sat beside her and asked if she was all right.

At first she seem like she was in a trance. She didn’t answer for several long seconds but then she said “Oh, Kevin! I’m in trouble.”

“Mom, what is it?” I asked with alarm.

Instead of speaking, she took my hand and guided it to her crotch. Even though she was wearing slacks, and probably panties under them, I could feel the wetness that soaked the entire area. I asked “Are you hurting?”

She looked at me like I had been stricken dumb. “No, dummy. I’ve been thinking about you since mid-afternoon and I can’t stop, no matter what I do. I’m so horny I’ve wet everything I’m wearing.”

I reached over and hugged her. “Mom, that’s something I can do something about. Let’s go to your room.”

“Kevin, I said we shouldn’t do that again. Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Absolutely not.” I got up and scooped her up in my arms and carried her down the hall to her room. In a few minutes, I had her undressed and then shed my own clothes. Then I crawled into her saddle, stopping when my face reached the heat of her pussy. I kissed her up one thigh and down the other before going back and licking all around her cunt. Finally I spread her lips with both hands and buried my face in her. Inside of two minutes she bucked and jerked and came. Even after that it didn’t take but a few minutes to reach another orgasm and then another and another and finally a fifth. After that I slid up and guided my raging hard-on into her steamy hole and fucked her long and gently through four more orgasms and then hard and fast through two more until I filled her with my hot seed. We rested kissing and hugging until her hands worked my cock into another erection. Again I turned her onto hands and knees and pounded her ass to another four climaxes before pouring out another load. Again we kissed and hugged and rested until I was hard once more. Then turning her into a jackknife position on her side, I stood on my knees again to screw her cunt and pound her ass while fingering her clitty. She had six small climaxes before she begged me to do it hard and cum so she could rest. I shot my wad into her again. This time she didn’t ask me to go to my bed. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke up in the same position the next morning.

Four nights later we had our third session. It went just about the same as the last one but after my third cum as we lay together, I asked her “Mom, do you like anal sex?”

“Absolutely not!” she exclaimed. “It always hurts too much. I will never do that.” I let the subject drop.

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