A Return to High School


It was just another boring day, Coach Marks ranting on about some kind of math formula that really makes no difference in the world. Tara sat at her desk, fiddling with her hair and thinking about how ready she was to get out of this shithole town. She didn’t really like the people, she didn’t really like the atmosphere, and worst of all, the guys were all either idiots or creeps. Oh, to be back at her old school…so many nice cocks to play with! Just the thought made her pussy start tingling; she hadn’t gotten laid a single time during her senior year “Oh well,” she thought. “At least I have Sherman.” Sherman, of course, was her vibrator, the only source of release she’d had in the three months since her 18th birthday. And with only half an hour left before the end of the day’s classes, she knew she and Sherman would be spending time together very soon…

A knock at the door brought her out of her reverie. “Come in!” said Coach Marks, a bit louder than was really necessary, she thought, looking up at his face. The ear to ear grin that appeared as her teacher saw the guest told her that this was no regular visit, however, and as she looked over, her stomach tied itself into a knot, and the moisture already building between her legs became a torrent she worried might show through. She didn’t know who this man was, but he had her full attention!


Isaac felt a bit awkward walking back into his old high school four and a half years after having graduated, but he was eager to see Coach Marks, whom he considered his greatest mentor. He had graduated from the state’s premier engineering program a few months earlier, but in spite of the brilliant minds lending their knowledge to the students of a nationally acclaimed college, Isaac had never had anyone who even approached his old high school calculus teacher.

Normally, there would have been a bigger stir about giving a visitor’s pass to even an alumnus of the high school, but fortunately for him, the office secretary went to church with his parents, which meant he was able to get through without much trouble. Walking the halls, he remembered the feelings he’d had while still a student. Even though he lettered in two sports, football and basketball, he tended to hang around more with the nerds, as his teammates called them, and as such he never had quite the same status as other athletes. Not that he cared; it was the very nature of the popular crowd that drove him away from it to begin with.

Knocking on Coach Marks’ door, he heard the voice of that same crazy bastard he’d always known on the other side screaming to come in. He paused and raised his hand at the applause from the students (one of Coach Marks’ quirks regarding visitors of any kind passing through the door), then looked up to see Coach beaming at him. Always nice to feel welcome, no?

After the customary greeting, Coach exclaimed that Isaac was right on time, because he had to go pick up some paperwork for the football team, and now he had a sub who could teach the lesson for him. No, that is not at all up to school codes, but Coach couldn’t care less. Isaac had essentially taught his college freshman calculus course because the TA simply couldn’t break down the fundamentals well mersin esc enough; he could deal with a few high schoolers for half an hour, right?

It is very good that this was Coach Marks’ class he was dealing with, because as soon as he left, naturally, they went wild. Isaac let them get it out of their system for a few minutes, but noticed a rather attractive brunette sitting all dreamy eyed, staring right at me without the faintest clue that he could feel her gaze. Smiling inwardly, he spoke up so the entire class could hear, summoning my best Coach Marks impression: “All right, ya monkeys. You’ve gone bananas, now settle down and we’ll get through this.”


Tara was absolutely beside herself with excitement. She couldn’t imagine him not noticing her staring blatantly at him the entire time everyone else was moving about, but if he did, he’d done a good job of hiding it.

Listening to him teach was mesmerizing. His instructions flowed, making sense on a practical level rather than some abstract that she was supposed to decipher…not that the words coming out of his mouth really mattered very much, for it was his voice that captured her. His body, while not rippling with muscles, had obviously seen some time in the gym; his curly hair made her want to run her fingers through it while lying by his side, basking in post-coital embrace; his eyes belied a depth of thought she knew she would love to pick apart; his smile, however, was what ultimately broke her resistance. Once or twice during the remainder of the lesson, she thought he caught her staring, and the smile that accompanied the look pierced to her very soul.

She knew she had to have him. “No,” she thought, “that’s not right. I have to give myself to him.”

Tara didn’t have the faintest idea where that last thought had come from, but it crystalized in her mind immediately, and she knew instinctively that it was true.


Throughout the lesson, Isaac kept tabs on the mystery student, and best he could tell, her eyes had not left him since he entered the room. “Well now,” he thought to himself, “nice to know that there’s at least one girl here who thinks I’m interesting.” He had spent his high school years dating very little, mostly due to his own shyness (which he’d shed in college, thankfully). Unbeknownst to him, however, there were quite a few who would have jumped at the chance to go out with him.

Just as he was finishing up the explanation of how sine, cosine, and tangent are related to one another, Coach Marks walked back in and dismissed the class a couple of minutes early. He did, however, ask one student to remain, a Tara Gordina, whom Isaac found to be his admirer.

“Tara has a test to make up, and we haven’t been able to work it into the schedule just yet. Would you mind sticking around for a while for her to do that while I’m at practice?” Coach asked. He had not been preparing to stay any longer, but had nothing pressing on his agenda (unless ‘agenda’ is code for underwear, because his cock was quickly rising to attention).

“Not a problem, coach,” he responded.



Suddenly, Tara was happy she’d had a doctor visit the week prior. The test had not been esc mersin on her mind at all, and she hadn’t studied, but that didn’t matter to her. “I wasn’t really planning on it, but seeing as we haven’t been able to come up with a more convenient time, it’s fine. I guess it’s a good thing Isaac came by, huh?”

Smiling, Coach Marks handed the test over to his former student, saying there was a 90 minute period to take it. The two lowered their voices to discuss something briefly, then Coach left. And just like that, Tara and Isaac were alone.

The whole time she was working, Tara just couldn’t stop thinking about him. She probably dropped a letter grade or two for the test just because she was so distracted…but in her sly glances toward him, she’d caught him looking a couple of times, and not with the administrative gaze one would expect from a test supervisor, either.

Then, all at once, she was done. She didn’t want to be done, because that meant going home and probably never seeing him again, but she couldn’t think of anything that would change that, anyway. The best she could muster was to put her hand on his as she turned in the test and say, “Thanks for staying so I could make up my test.”

As she touched him, he looked up at her from his seat, and the gleam in his eye was far from what she expected to find. The next thing she knew, he had gotten up, circled the desk, and pushed her back into the cinder block wall of the classroom. One of his hands was on the small of her back, while the other held her neck firmly (but gently) as his body pressed into hers. She could feel his hard dick pressing into her stomach, but her eyes were locked with his, and in that moment, everything else began drifting away…


Isaac saw Tara rise from her desk, and as she walked over, he got his first really good look of her. She was not a small girl, but certainly not heavyset; no, she had those beautifully wide, child-bearing hips that had always driven him mad. And she knew how to use them too, sashaying from side to side as she walked toward him. Her breasts were no more than average size, but they fit her form well; her eyes suggested that she wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her.

Maybe that’s why he decided to throw caution to the wind, but when she put her hand on his, something inside his head snapped, and he just knew she was his. He didn’t know how he knew this, but he did. The lack of resistance as he forced her back into the wall only confirmed this in his mind, but still, he had to know. Thus, while pinning her back, with his hand on her neck to cushion the force on her skull, he whispered, “Do you want this?”

Her reply was a drawn out “Yesssss” that told him all he needed to hear, and his lips smothered the word as he pulled her mouth to his.

Breaking the kiss, he ordered her to her knees. He knew full well that this girl needed to be taken firmly; again, how he knew this, he didn’t know, but he didn’t care, either.


Tara was going crazy with lust. Until that day, she had never wanted a man to be in control of her…but she knew she would do anything Isaac asked, and she would love every minute of it. So she took her place, knees on the carpet, mersin escort and reached for his zipper as she felt his hands begin kneading into her scalp.

Then, she got the surprise of her life when his fully hard sausage slipped out and slapped her on the forehead. Sweet Jesus, he was thick!

Hungrily, she grasped the shaft and guided the bulbous mushroom head into her mouth, savoring the texture as her tongue swirled around it, before leaning forward to take as much of him as she could. It was difficult to get her mouth all the way around, and the best she could do, even after bobbing back and forth a few times, was a little more than halfway down his eight inches of manhood.

She took the whole thing out and started to lick up and down the shaft, coating it with her saliva, before taking it back in and adding a stroking motion with her hand to the bobbing motion of her head in order to make up for not being able to take him into her throat, as she’d been able to do with the boys she would blow to placate them after taking her to dinner and a movie.

She felt her hair being pulled up, and she knew what was coming next…


Isaac was in heaven. This goddess of an 18 year old was willingly submitting herself to him, even sucking him exactly the way he had always liked it. But time wasn’t on their side, so he knew he had to pull her off.

“We don’t have much time, and I’m going to fuck that tight little pussy of yours before we leave,” he demanded. She merely nodded her head, and he grabbed her by the neck again to pull her into a full on French kiss while his free hand went inside her pants. As soon as his finger touched her slit, she broke the kiss, gasping, and he knew she was ready for him from the juices that had drenched her panties and, if he’d bothered to look, had soaked through to her jeans as well. “This is going to be fun,” he thought to himself, getting a sinister smile on his face.

Not releasing her neck, he used the hold to push her to the front of the teacher’s desk. “Take off your pants and panties,” he ordered, and she quickly complied as he pushed his own pants down to his ankles and grabbed his pulsing erection, rubbing it up and down her pussy. He was slow about penetration, because as aroused as she was, it was clear she wasn’t used to having someone of his size in her.

Once he bottomed out, though, it was on. He fucked her like a madman, sliding in and out of her tight cunt at a frantic pace while his hands grasped her hips to pull her back into him with each thrust.

“Oh…my…fucking…GOD!!” she screamed as climax washed over her, her body convulsing on his cock so vehemently that he had to slow his rhythm. Not that it really mattered, because he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer anyway.

“Are you on the pill?” he asked, hoping she could still think straight enough to answer. All he got was a nod of affirmation, but it was all he needed. With one final thrust, Isaac buried himself inside of Tara’s cunt, his hands still holding her securely to him as he let out a rather epic grunt of his own and spilled every bit of cum in her womb.

Once his dick stopped spasming, with her still trapped between him and the desk, he grabbed her hair and pulled so that she was looking at him. “You belong to me now. Okay?”

Looking back, with a measure of contentment Tara had never know possible washing over her body, she answered: “Yes, sir.”

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