A Sex Starved Mother And Her Son


On a normal Friday afternoon, I sat at my computer feeling unusually aroused, after spending a normal week at college (but of course with all those arousing young women walking around the school, at the beginning of their sexual awakenings) when I decided to experiment with the idea of not masturbating for the entire week.

The idea behind this was that I had masturbated pretty much everyday for the past 3 or 4 years and hadn’t really ever thought of just stopping for a week.

So as you can imagine, I was aching for a sexual release, but I remained calm and walked away from the computer and went into the living room and sat down. My mom, who’s the only other person living in the house, (divorced when I was 3, 16 years ago and so no chance for siblings) was sitting watching T.V.

Naturally my penis was still erect and had stretched its way down my right leg. It was beginning to stretch upwards to make a pants tent. I glanced across at my mom who, to my absolute surprise, was staring rather intently down at my crotch area with wide eyes. My mom hadn’t had any male contact (as far as I knew) for 13 odd years.

I started to think about this and amazed myself with the fact that my arousal wasn’t going away at all, in fact it was growing stronger, thinking about my mother’s sex life! My thoughts began to wander further and I wondered if my mom ever got horny.

This was the first time I had ever thought such things, girls at school are commonplace, but my own mother!

Perhaps it was the convenience or the natural taboo idea of it all that made me so turned on. I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head. A mother and a son living in the same home alone, both being unsexually satisfied and thus both very horny. I tried to justify my thoughts by thinking that it had been a week of my sexual urges building up and my mother looking at my hard penis through my pants.

Anyway, she refocused upon her T.V. show, but I certainly couldn’t. I slid a hand into my pants pocket and readjusted my penis so it slipped back down my pants leg. I lifted my waist to coax it down. Mom also noticed this and looked for a couple of seconds before looking upwards to my face and then back on the T.v.

My curiosity was alerted and I watched her for a few seconds and saw her press her thighs together.

I had truly never thought of my mother in a sexual way before but I was actually checking her out. Her legs were shaved, tanned and slim. I even thought about what it would feel like to touch her legs. She was 43 years old and about as tall as I was (5’8″) with nice soft-looking blonde hair and bright green eyes. A slim to medium build with a wonderfully perfect chest area. I knew she kept good care of herself because she spent so long in the shower every morning and sometimes at night as well.

I couldn’t stand this anymore so I arose and began walking back to my room, but my hard penis flicked its way up as I stood. It was pointing out a good 4 or 5 inches through my pants and I took a quick look at my mom as I walked by to see if she was looking downwards at it, and sure enough, she was. I averted my eyes and walked out feeling hot and almost animalistically horny.

I grabbed my summer pyjamas (a thin shirt and thin shorts) and power walked to have a shower. I pushed the door behind me, tore my clothes off and jumped in the shower to feel the soothing warm water run over my burning body. I was in there no longer than a minute and noticed that I hadn’t closed the door properly, I thought it didn’t matter and resumed my relaxing shower.

A few minutes later, and a few more minutes with a hard-on, I heard the door close. I span around but only saw the closed door, I knew it wasn’t the wind and concluded (and almost hoped, despite my slight embarrassment) that it was my mom.

The bathroom had become very steamy from the hot water. I turned the water off, stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around my waist when I heard a soft tap at the closed door. I asked what mom wanted and she replied she wanted the toothpaste. I said I’d get it and opened the door. I stretched to hand her the toothpaste while holding on the the shower door and in doing so, the towel loosened and fell to the floor.

I stood there paralyzed. My cock was extremely erect and it flicked up into the air and slapped against my naval as the towel fell. There I was standing a meter away from my mom, steamy, dripping wet and completely naked with my hard cock pointing towards her.

I suddenly jumped to my senses and startled my mother, who was as paralyzed as I was before I jumped. She quickly bent down and picked up the toothpaste from the ground. She was crouching to get the toothpaste when she looked up at my erection, stared for a split second, and then looked away, apologized and walked away.

I felt faint from my excitement.

There was a very sexy woman bending down a few feet away from my cock; and it just so happened to be my mother. I put my pyjamas on and decided to have an halkalı escort early night to calm my sex drive. I opened the bathroom door and saw my sexy mother walking towards me. She stopped me and decided to have a few words with me.

“I’m sorry about that just then.” she said in a perky tone.

“Not to worry mom.” Was my casual reply.

“Really, I don’t know why I couldn’t have waited a few minutes for the toothpaste.”

“Well, a woman’s got to have a clean mouth”

I was shocked that I had said this.

“Before you go to bed that is, it’s good to be fresh.” I said, trying to recover from my innuendo.

“Uhh, yeah. That’s right. Anyway, you’re not upset about what just happened?” she asked.

“No.” I replied, “I’m sorry for what you saw though mom.”

“As long as you’re not upset, I didn’t mind” she said.

I wondered what she meant by this. I brushed it off and she kissed me on the cheek and tapped my chest with the palm of her hand. This too I brushed off as motherly affection, but it didn’t help that it made me blush and my penis to twitch under my thin pyjama shorts.

By this stage, she was in her pyjamas too, which looked great on her. It was a tight lacey top and a pair of soft short-shorts. Both were a rich red and black. I stiffened when my eyes began to wander downwards to see her chest. I quickly looked down and said goodnight to her.

“okay, night.” she said and walked down the hall to her bedroom. I just couldn’t help but watch her unbelievably arousing ass move as she walked. Her body was amazing and it had taken so long for me to realize. There wasn’t an imperfection anywhere on her body, beautifully tanned all over, but not too much.

I shook my head and smiled at the delight of having a sensuous woman living with me.

I walked to my bedroom and got into bed. I was still aroused but my penis was only semi-erect now, which gave me some relief. Unfortunately, the longer I lay there, the stiffer my penis got after running the events of the evening over in my head.

“Wow!” I thought to myself, “Mom was that close to my cock today. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t have moved.”

These thoughts were running through my head as I heard the drawer open in my mother’s room. In my aroused state, I was full of energy and instantly I jumped out of bed and was now slowly heading towards my mother’s bedroom door. She always left her door ajar and tonight was no exception. I wondered whether creeping up to my mother’s door like this was wrong, concluded it was and continued forward. I reached the door and turned my head so my right ear was facing the door to hear in.

A hot flush came over my body when I heard my mother breathing heavily in what I believed to be an ecstasy of pleasure. I was right too, I pushed the door open slightly, just enough to see in, and saw my mother with her tight shorts around her ankles and her fingers rubbing at her moist pussy. Her hips were gently moving around in the motion of her fingers. I froze in excitement and shock. I had never seen such a sight.

Her impending orgasm grew closer as I watched and my penis throbbed against my shorts. Although I could hardly resist, I had gotten into a rhythm of not masturbating and this was going to be no exception. I was so aroused to see this beautiful woman masturbating though.

After no more than a minute, my mother’s orgasm hit her body and her hips were thrusting and shaking. After her waves of ecstasy had gone away, she slowly relaxed on her bed and began to move her head up. I had gotten so excited with the whole scene that I almost forgot I was watching through the door. I quickly jumped away from the door and ever so slowly moved my hand to the doorknob to pull it to the door frame.

I quickly walked back to my bed with a whirl of erotic images flowing through my head, all focused upon the scene I had just witnessed. While lying there, I recalled some details of her pussy. It was pink with medium sized lips and absolutely no hair anywhere to be seen. I couldn’t have imagined a more sensuous pussy, even deep in my own thoughts.

I had to take off my shorts to release my throbbing penis from its prison. I did so and felt my penis spring and slap against my stomach, it sent shock waves through my body and my penis throbbed even harder now. I wasn’t going to give in to such a huge temptation of masturbation either, I had come this far and wasn’t going to stop now; especially since all this had happened. I didn’t want to lose it.

I had left my door open after coming back into my room and heard my mother’s footsteps coming down the hall. I lay there silently waiting to see what my mom was doing out of bed. She reached my room and poked her head in. My heart skipped a beat and I felt that hot erotic flush hit my body once more. It was dark and I hoped she couldn’t see that my eyes had seen her; but I could see her eyes for there was some moonlight sifting through nişantaşı escort the curtains. They weren’t looking at my face either, they were browsing their way from my chest down to my crotch. My penis involuntarily twitched because of it.

I continued watched as my mum slid her hand down the door frame and pressed her body up against the door post. She was slowing rubbing her hand all the way up and down the door post in what looked to be a trance. Suddenly she snapped out of it and turned around and went back to her room.

The sexual tension within my body was so high that my penis ached from all the pressure. Not that I minded.

My heart was going so fast by this stage and of course my penis was pulsating with the unbelievable arousal. I just had to try and block everything out or I was going to blow my week long celibacy. I really wanted to continue because I just loved how aroused I was all the time lately, and I had just come to the realization that I was living with a beautiful, horny, sex-starved woman. The warmth of my body soaked through the sheets and in no time I was asleep.

When I awoke, it was 12 in the afternoon, a hot day, and I rose, very excited about what it would bring. I made my way to the kitchen for lunch and saw my mother for the first time that day. My heart jumped just remembering the scene of last night. I slowly walked past her, watching to see if she knew I had seen her last night.

“Morning. Well not anymore.” she said, which made me jump a little.

“Morning.” I mimicked.

“Did you sleep well, dear?” She asked.

“Yeah, a good sleep. What about you?”

“Yes, thanks, I enjoyed it. I feel very energized today!” She said enthusiastically and with a slight smile.

I sat down to my breakfast and my mum sat opposite me. We always had sit down meals together, which I enjoyed. When I had woken up, I had tucked my raging hard-on in the elastic of my shorts. The erection hadn’t gone away and I didn’t expect it to go anytime soon, sitting opposite this seductive woman. I began eating and I looked up after a few minutes and saw my mom once again staring down at the cylinder bulge in my shorts. She looked away quickly and I resumed eating, but I was very conscious of my mother across the table.

After a little while, my mother cleared her throat and said “You’re poking out a bit there.”

I stared at her and wondered what she meant. She pointed at my bulge. I looked down cautiously and boy did I get a shock. The head of my penis was poking up out of my shorts and my shirt’s last 2 buttons were undone showing the knob in all its raging glory. My face was flushed as I pushed it down uncomfortably into my shorts and did my buttons up.

“Umm, oops, sorry about that.” I managed to say through my embarrassment.

“That’s alright, it’s not everyday I get to see a cock.” She said, very calmly

My heart nearly stopped when I heard her say that.

“I didn’t mean it, mom.” I stammered.

“Really, it’s alright. At least no one else saw.” She said, in a consoling way.

“well, I guess that’s good.” I continued, still aroused by her previous comment. “I’m glad it was you and not someone else who saw it.”

“Yup, me too.” She said, with a little laugh.

She stretched out her hand and touched my arm. I looked at her and noticed she was staring quite intently into my eyes. Wether she meant it or wether it was just my imagination, nevertheless, she looked so sexy looking at me like that.

“You know, I’ve never told you this, but I think now’s a good time and here goes.” After a short pause she begun “I’ve always enjoyed being naked. And, well, I’m just asking you if it would be a bad thing if I walked around without my clothes on from time to time..”

I nearly choked on my own tongue when I heard this. I didn’t know what to say. Never before had my mother spoken of such things.

“Uhh, you don’t have to ask me that. I wouldn’t mind anyway.” I said slowly.

“I should ask and I did, and I feel good that you wouldn’t mind.” She said, smiling.

With this said, her hands went to her sides, grabbed the bottom of her top and slowly, as if she were conducting a strip tease, pulled the top over her head. If sweat hadn’t already gathered over my body, it was going to any second. I was so hot, so horny that I couldn’t move.

“There, that’s so much better, I wish I had asked sooner!” She said, happily. “You can join me if you like. It’s fine.”

There was no way I was going to refuse this, even if I didn’t want to.

“Ummmm, okay. It is a little hot.” I stammered.

I undid all my buttons and shrugged out of my shirt.

“You look good” she said.

“And so do you.” I replied and blushed.

She still had her bra on which I secretly wished she’d take off. She rose out of her seat and grabbed our plates put them in the sink and sat back down opposite me.

“You know, it’d be even better if I was completely naked, şişli escort just for kicks, you know? I know this may seem very weird, but I’ve always wanted to and I didn’t think you’d mind, especially considering it’s just the two of us here.”

“Yeah mom, I’ve thought about nakedness too.” I said, rather innocently.

“I bet!” She laughed.

So there I was, sitting across from my sexy mom in her bra who was talking to me about taking all her clothes off just because it’s comfortable. I was pretty happy and hard at this stage.

Mom moved her hand to her back and undid the bra clasp, once again slowly and delicately. I stared in amazement. She brushed her hands over her shoulders to remove the straps and with that, the bra fell into her lap revealing her perfect breasts.

I was a virgin and this was a dream come true, I stared, and stared. Her nipples were medium sized and they poked out at a 90 degree angle, her breasts were a decent size but still small enough not to hang down. They were so perky and so perfect. My mother had beautiful smooth skin. My mind raced, I thought about reaching over and touching her breasts but I resisted, I settled for staring. After a few seconds in which I used to soak in the image as much as I could, she stretched and rubbed her neck softly with her hands together. This beat any porn movie I had ever seen, it was so sensual and erotic. I felt my penis twitch and a little drop of pre cum dribble out.

I could feel her eyes resting on my face and looking down at my chest as I stared at hers. I looked quickly up at her face and she smiled so sweetly and sensuously.

“Wow mom, you look good.” I said.

“Thanks baby.” she replied “You know what, I can still see a lump in your shorts, if you really want, you can take them off.”

“Uh, are you sure?” I said, flabbergasted.

“Of course, go ahead.” She said, reassuringly.

I stood up and she looked straight ahead at my penis sticking out. I put my hands on the sides of my shorts and pulled them down a little. My penis moved downwards with the pull of the shorts. I pulled them off my penis and it bounced back up to its peak. My mom let out a little gasp when this happened and I smiled inwardly at the thought of exciting such a beautiful woman.

“Oh god, I like that.” she quietly exclaimed. “Wow, would you mind if I touched it?” she asked.

What!? My mind yelled, I blinked a few times to make sure I was awake.

“Uh, Are you sure?” I replied, eagerly

“Yes, mother’s get horny too, especially if they’re alone in a house with another man.”

She stood up and motioned for us to go into the living room. I went and sat down on the couch, she kneeled in front of me. She placed her hands on my knees and slowly and carefully moved her hands down my thighs and near my rock hard penis, she did this a few times and then leaned forward to get a closer look. All the while I was breathing heavily and immensely enjoying the touch of my mother’s warm hands around my crotch. Slowly she moved her right hand closer to my balls and ever so gently she touched my ball sack and with one finger traced upwards to the base of my stiff erection. She continued to move her finger slowly up the shaft until she reached the bottom of the head.

She then wrapped her finger around the other side of my head and her other fingers joined in, she was holding my penis in her hand. My penis was as stiff as it got and it was visibly twitching and throbbing.

“Oh I love your cock, do you like me touching it?” She asked hornily.

I managed to croak out a ‘yes’

My beautiful mom slowly moved her hand a few inches down the shaft. The feeling of tension was so great that I began to move my hips slightly. She looked as though she was enjoying herself as much as I was. With her hand still on my shaft, she started to slowly move her hand up and down it with a very light grip. I groaned and moaned at the touch of my seductive mom who continued the stimulation until my penis jolted. With this, she removed her hand and moved her head closer to my stiff penis. She looked up at me just before kissing my shaft softly. This was heaven and I softly pleaded to my mother to touch my cock.

She moved further forward and her tongue moistened the top of my penis. I moved my hand to the back of her head and, with the slightest pressure, moved her sexy head onto my penis. She opened her mouth to accept my invitation and my penis glided perfectly into her warm eager mouth. She began to lick around the head of my cock which was hidden an inch inside her mouth. Both her hands were on my knees now and her head was buried in my lap and on my cock. With my penis inside her mouth, she slowly sucked and lowered her head onto my shaft and began sucking up and down in slow and erotic prowess. All the time her tongue moving firmly around with her head’s movements.

With the warmth and wetness of her mouth and tongue, and my already over aroused state, I began to move my own hips in rhythm with her head. This felt magical and I knew it wasn’t long before I would lose my week long load. The image of my sperm rocketing into her warm waiting mouth sent alerting shock waves down my back to my crotch area. The familiar pre-orgasmic tickle was beginning to take over and I thrusted harder now and with this Mom moaned softly and sped up her sucking.

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