A Shower, Some Sweat, A Scratch

Your dirty girl has woken one morning, not feeling very glamorous. She makes her way to the bathroom and removes the shirt that she loves to wear to bed, your shirt. She steps into the shower, turning the water on, and stands under the streaming water, slowly coming alive.

As the water cascades down over her shoulders, she takes the bottle of body soap and squeezes an ample amount into her hand, replacing the bottle on the rack in the shower, she then takes the large sponge and slowly starts to rub them both over her body. A body that you have come to know intimately. Intimately with your tongue, your fingers, your cock, your eyes, your breath, your very being.

As the soap slowly lathers itself up on her body, and the steaming hot water is still cascading down over her, she starts to explore her body. Her fingers move over her soft neck, down over her breasts. Her fingers slowly tweaking her nipples, nipples that aren’t all that big to begin with, just nice little nipples…

Her fingers move further south, over her belly. A belly that isn’t flat like an ironing board, but maybe in need of a few hundred situps, but it is the belly that you have come to love. Knowing that your girl isn’t absolutely perfect, but perfect to you.

Her hands move towards her pussy. The pussy that you so lovingly shaved for her last night while you shared a bath with her. She can feel how smooth her lips are, how different it feels. Her mind wanders back to the night before, and how amazing your tongue felt on her clit, a slight tingle ripples through her body. Could that tingle have come from remembering what you did to her the night before or because her fingers have found her now swollen clit?

Her body starts to come alive. Nerve endings start to react to her fingers that are now lightly rubbing her clit. She leans against the cold tiles, the hot water a comfort.

As her fingers start to move a little faster, she closes her eyes, and starts to slide down the wall of the shower. As she slides down the wall, the bottle of body soap falls canlı bahis out of the rack and slams down onto the floor of the shower, startling her enough to make her fingers stop their work.

She looks at the bottle, and a sly smile spreads across her face. Reaching out, she takes hold of the bottle, at the same time, she spreads her legs, letting her pussy become open to the idea of a really amazing orgasm.

The bottle is about 2 inches wide at the base and tapers up to approximately 1.5 inches at the lid. A wicked thought creeps through her mind.

Her pussy is so very wet now.

She takes the bottle, and puts the top of it to her sweet, delicious, swollen pussy. Her muscles slightly twitch at the initial touch. Her mind racing…

She slowly pushes the bottle into her tight pussy. Her muscles achingly accepting the foreign object. She pushes the bottle in further, slowly letting out a moan. Her head tilts back and the bottle slides in a little further.

As she moves the bottle in and out of her pussy, her other hand is moving towards her clit. Her fingers again move quickly over her swollen bud and as the bottle is bringing her an amazing feeling in her pussy, her fingers are working their magic on her clit.

She can feel the orgasm building up inside of her, her world is about to explode. Ever so slowly the nerve endings in every inch of her body start to turn to fire. The crescendo of the orgasms she is famous for is almost about to happen.

Her screaming orgasm hits her like a truck. Her body convulsing and distoring on the shower floor. The bottle shoots out of her pussy, hitting the shower door, quickly followed by a stream of cum. She calls out your name at the exact moment that her body is released.

Lying there, the hot water still streaming down onto her now exhausted body, she slowly opens her eyes. A smile plays across her face. She slowly stands up, a little dizzy, but strong enough to keep her balance.

As she finishes her shower and turns the water off, she can hear something that wasn’t there bahis siteleri when she first stepped into the shower.

It is the sound of heavy breathing…your heavy breathing.

She steps out of the shower, dripping wet, onto the heated tiled floor. Looking to her right, she sees you. You are sitting on the edge of the vanity, your glorious cock standing upright, your head tilted back, your hand frantically rubbing your manhood towards a blowing screaming orgasm.

As quickly as she can, she walks over to you, before your eyes open. You can feel something, it is her hand on yours. She takes over. Moving your hand out of the way. Forcing you to open your eyes to take in the moment.

Her forcefulness takes you by surprise. You have wanted to see this side of her since you first met her in person at the airport 3 days ago. Now, finally you are living a dream of yours.

Her fingers are magically tensing and releasing your beautiful cock. A cock that she has had a number of times, but not in this way.

Her free hand pushes you back towards the mirror. Her hand, with those long nails, is on your hairless chest. A chest that she waxed for you in preparation for the tattoo you are going to get.

Her nails slowly dig into your chest, creating a little pain. Then, with a little more force, and her hand still working on your cock, she digs her nails in a little further with a long scratch down your chest. This time, she draws blood, just a little, but it is there.

You scream out in surprising pain. It really does hurt, but it feels so wonderful at the same time, because you can feel your hot cum slowly starting to bubble up deep inside you.

Your mind is racing, your heart is beating so hard in your chest, you actually think it is going to explode out of your chest, a chest that is now dripping a little bit with a mixture of sweat and blood. The sweat is making the scratches start to sting a little, creating a mixture of thoughts in your head.

You so want her to stop what she is doing to your chest, but at the bahis şirketleri same time what she is doing to your cock is overriding that.

Not a word is said, not a kiss shared. Just pure animalistic behaviour.

As you finally reach the start of no return, she moves your cock so that your delicious hot cum will splash against your torso. And cum you do….so very hard.

Your cum spurts out of your hot cock, up onto your delicious toned 6 pack. She pumps every single last drop of cum out of your cock, and you finally breathe a sigh of relief…knowing that you can now relax knowing the pain is finally going to stop. How wrong you are.

She moves her free hand, the one that was pumping your cock, to your chest, and starts to rub your recently deposited cum into the scratches there. Causing you to breathe in sharply. Yes, it stings.

There is a mixture of cum, blood and sweat pooling on your chest right now. What is it she is going to do to you next? She pushes you right back onto the vanity, bottles and containers fly every which way.

You are surprised at her strength.

She slides up on top of you, slowly rubbing her sweet wet pussy all over you. Mixing in another ingredient into the already sticky mess on your chest. Her sweet cum adding another element.

Then, just as quickly as she started to rub herself on your chest, she stops. Removes herself from the vanity and lowers herself to the floor. Just as quickly as she can, she lowers her face to your chest, and slowly starts to kiss and lick your wounds all better. A metallic taste of blood, mixed with salty cum and sweat, and a hint of sweet pussy juices.

Your senses are alive. You can feel the touch of her long long hair against your chest, you can feel her tongue making a meal out of the mixture she just created.

As she finally laps up the last of the erotic mix with her tongue, she releases her hold on you. You breathe at last.

She gets off of you, wipes her mouth with the closest towel, and moves towards the bedroom to put some clothes on, leaving you slumped on the vanity, contemplating your next move, and reaching for the antiseptic to soothe the flaming red track marks on your chest.

She doesn’t know it yet, but it’s her turn tomorrow.

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