A Smoky Surprise Ch. 1


As he usually did on Saturday nights I went down to the cigar store to pick up some of my favorite stogies to smoke that night. When I walked in the usual clerk and owner, Frank, wasn’t in. I went to the counter to find a tall, long brown haired man with a great build. “Hey,” I said, “where’s Frank tonight?”

“He had to take care of some business,” the man replied, “I’m Paul.”

“John,” I responded, as I firmly grasped Paul’s hand. “So what can I do you for?” Paul asked. “Why don’t you give me three Arturo Fuentes’s.”

“Arturos…” Paul responded, “long and thick…good choice.” With that I felt a slight bulge in my pants at the very words, thick and long. “Hey,” Paul said, “you know I’m closing up the store now, but I was just going to go in the back and watch the game…what do you say to some football and a nice smoke?”

I became really excited with this, and not even knowing what Paul was into, decided to take him up on the offer. We went into the back of the store, which I found was a huge room with large leather couches, a huge TV and a bed in a room off to bahis firmaları the side.

“I’ll be right back,” said Paul. While he was gone I took out one of my cigars and lit it, enjoying every puff of the rich smoke. I smelt a cigar being lit in another room, and the very smell made my cock jump. When Paul came out he was holding a 7″ Manacundo cigar and wearing a robe.

“You changed.” I said.

“Yeah, I actually live here…that’s why there’s this bed and all this furniture.”

“really?” I responded.

“Yeah, Frank and I live here and run the store out of the front of the building.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…Frank and Paul lived together in this building with only one bed. I did the math and could only think one thing. My cock really jumped at this, as I took a big puff on my stogie.

“Getting a little anxious there, aren’t you?” Paul asked…as he gestured to the bulge in my pants. My heart started racing and hot wave came over me. “That’s okay,” Paul said, “I thought you might have been into me, that’s why I brought you back here.” kaçak iddaa

At that he took off his robe to reveal a chiseled body and an 8″ half hard cock. I put my cigar down as he laid back and put his feet up on the table. “why don’t you come over here and suck on my cock while I finish my cigar, okay John?” Paul said to me.

He didn’t have to ask twice. Next thing I knew I had his meat in my hands and I was working my tongue around his cockhead, savoring the taste of the precum that was dripping out of his meat. He let out a little moan and continued to puff on his cigar. At that he grabbed my head and started to force me down on his now hard throbbing rod. I threw myself on his cock and moaned as I tasted every bit of his aching dick. Between the smell of his cigar and the taste of his precum dripping into the back of my throat, I was getting real hard and I started rubbing my own cock while deep throating Paul’s. Just as I started to slide my hand down to my cock I heard the door slam open. Frank walked in. He was dressed in a suit and looked stunned, but pleased at what kaçak bahis was before him.

“Hey fellas…nice to see you’re enjoying yourselves…is that, is that John down there?”

I temporarily lifted my mouth off of Paul’s cock and smiled at Frank, but before I could say anything Paul pushed me back down on his cock, took a puff on his cigar and let out a laugh. I went back to sucking on Paul’s cock and stroking my own. Suddenly I felt two hands on my back…moving slowly down to my ass and balls. It was Frank. He started fondling my balls and when I turned around to look at him he was lubing up his cock.

“Get ready,” he said. He was huge…8″ like Paul, but so thick. I didn’t know if my tight ass could handle him, but before I even had time to think of it, Frank had already mounted me. He rubbed his cockhead around my asshole and teased me by pushing it slowly in and out. I grunted and choked on Paul’s cock.

“Keep on sucking” Paul barked as he finished up his cigar.

Frank grabbed my hips tightly and started to force his throbbing meat into me. It was so big and it hurt, but it felt so good. Here I was, emerged in the smell of good cigar smoke, with a cock in my mouth and one rammed in my ass. I didn’t think it could get any better…but I was wrong…

To Be Continued…

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