A Steamy Shower

Double Penetration

Susan was hot and sweaty after her 5 mile run so she climbed the stairs to her master bedroom. She was taking off her running clothes in the bedroom when she heard the shower running in the bathroom. She got a naughty smile on her face, stripped off the rest of her clothes, crept into the bathroom, quietly opened the shower door, stepped inside, and closed the door. Through the heavy steam she saw him…he was facing away from her. Susan moved up behind him and carefully reached around his body to squeeze his cock as she kissed his shoulder.

“What the…” Eric said.

Eric turned and he was just as stunned to see his mother as she was to see her son. Susan stumbled and started falling backwards, but Eric threw his arms out, grabbed hers, and pulled her back upright with their bodies just inches from one another.

“I’ve got you mom.” Eric said.

“Thank you. What…what are you doing in here Eric?” Susan asked.

“Taking a shower.” Eric said.

“Why aren’t you using your shower?” Susan asked.

“Do you never listen to what I say? I told you that it was broken two days ago. I needed a shower and I thought you were out running.” Eric said.

“I was…I just got back. I was gonna grab a shower…I thought you were your dad.” Susan said.

“I sure hope you did.” Eric said.

“So…where is he?” Susan asked.

“You don’t have to worry about him walking in; he got an emergency call from work so he took off 15 minutes ago.” Eric said.

Eric looked down at his mother’s body. She tried to cover herself with her arms.

“Eric…don’t look at me like that. I’m your mother.” Susan said.

“Hey…you’re the one that came in here and grabbed my cock.” Eric said.

“I thought you were your father.” Susan said.

“Well I’m not, and since I’m not and you touched me anyway…it’s only fair that I get to touch you now too.” Eric said.

Susan was shocked.

“Absolutely not!” Susan said.

She still had her hands covering herself.

“The question is what do I touch?” Eric asked.

“You aren’t touching anything.” Susan said.

“Mom…do you really think you can stop me from touching you right now? Even if you ran for the shower door I’d catch you before you could even get it open. I know that you thought I was dad so touching me like you did was an accident so it’s unfair for me to touch you when we both know about it, but that’s not going to stop me so if it will make you feel better you can touch me again after I’ve touched you.” Eric said.

“No way. You’re not touching me and I’m not touching you.” Susan said.

Eric smiled at his mother.

“Mom, a little light touching won’t hurt anybody.” Eric said.

“Eric I’m your mother.” Susan said.

“That’s why you should be okay with it mom. Outside of dad what man do you trust most in the world?” Eric asked.

Susan was silent.

“Come on mom…you know that it’s me.” Eric said.

“Well of course I trust you Eric, but trust has nothing to do with this.” Susan said.

“Sure it does. If you trust me almost as you trust dad then you can trust me when I say that I will never tell anyone about what’s already happened. You can also trust me not to tell anyone about what’s going to happen next.” Eric said.

Susan saw the look in her son’s eyes. She didn’t know what to make of it. It was clear that he was determined to touch her either with her permission or without it. She didn’t want him to do it, but she certainly didn’t want him to do it while she was trying to fight him off. That would be an unbearable memory for her.

“Okay Eric…some light touching, but that’s it.” Susan said finally.

Eric smiled.

“Move your arms so I can decide what to touch first.” Eric said.

“First?” Susan asked.

“Well yeah…now that you’ve agreed to let me touch you I intend to touch everything.” Eric said.

Susan’s jaw dropped, but she moved her arms to her sides revealing herself fully to her son. Eric looked her up and down.

“You have an amazing body mom. Hmm…so many interesting choices…I kadıköy escort guess I’ll start down here.” Eric said.

He moved his hand between his mother’s legs and gently stroked her pussy for several minutes.

“Oh wow…that feels nice mom…so slick and smooth. I never would have guessed that you keep this completely shaved.” Eric said.

Susan was blushing red with her eyes closed and her face in her hands as Eric continued to stroke her pussy. Her legs trembled when Eric ran one of his fingers between the lips of her pussy all the way up to her clit. Finally Eric pulled his hand away.

“Okay mom, I’m a fair man…my offer stands mom…I’ve touched you so now you can touch me if you want. Do you want to take a turn?” Eric asked.

Susan shook her head.

“Okay…then it’s my turn again. Let’s go around here this time.” Eric said.

He moved in close to his mother…she could feel his breath on her shoulder. Eric reached around Susan’s body, and grabbed his own mother’s ass.

“Oh wow mom, all that running is really paying off…your ass is nice and firm.” Eric said.

He gave her ass several good squeezes, rubbed his hands over the smooth curvature of her ass, and even down the crack of her ass far enough that he lightly touched her asshole. Susan shivered at the feeling of her son’s finger touching her asshole. After several minutes Eric moved his hands away.

“Your turn.” Eric said.

Susan shook her head.

“Okay…let’s take a look at these now.” Eric said.

He put his hands under Susan’s breasts and lifted them.

“Wow mom…these are heavy. I understand why you wear a sports bra when you go running now…these things could give you a black eye or knock some of your teeth out if they bounced up and hit you in the face. They’re so smooth and soft; oh and your nipples are very nice too…they feel amazing.” Eric said.

He played with Susan’s breasts and nipples for a few minutes.

“Your turn again if you want it.” Eric said.

Susan, face still in her hands, shook her head again.

“Okay…then I’ll go again. This was very interesting earlier so I think I’ll touch here again.” Eric said.

Susan felt Eric put his hands on her hips so when she felt the contact on her pussy Susan’s eyes popped open and looked down to find her son stroking his erect cock between her legs and over her pussy.

“Jesus Eric…you can’t do that.” Susan said.

“Sure I can mom…you agreed that we could touch each other, but we never specified what we were allowed to touch each other with. I decided to touch your pussy with my cock.” Eric said.

“Eric…please stop.” Susan begged.

“Only if you take a few of your turns and touch me.” Eric said.

Susan had tears in her eyes.

“Fine…just please stop.” Susan said.

Eric pulled his cock from between his mother’s legs and took a step back. Susan slowly raised her hands to Eric’s chest…it was nice and muscular. She felt his arms…also very muscular. Eric looked into Susan’s face.

“You know what you have to touch before I let you leave mom.” Eric said.

Susan had tears in her eyes, but she nodded. She reached down and slowly wrapped her fingers around Eric’s cock. The expression on her face changed from one of fear and sadness to one of confusion. She moved her hand a few inches closer to his body and then a few inches further away from his body. Finally she couldn’t help but look down.

“OH MY GOD!” Susan said.

She was looking down at her right hand grasping her son’s 8 ½ inch cock that was so thick she couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it. She looked up into Eric’s face and saw he was smiling.

“Not bad huh?” Eric asked.

Susan moved her left hand down with her right hand to hold as much of Eric’s cock as she could at once, but she couldn’t get all of it…even in two hands. Susan moved to her knees so she was at eye level with Eric’s cock…both hands still gripping it tightly. Susan moved her üsküdar escort head around and was compelled to move one of her hands away from her son’s cock when she saw how big and heavy his balls were. She cupped them with one hand feeling the weight of them while beginning to stroke Eric’s cock without even realizing it.

“Jesus Christ.” Susan said in a near whisper.

“The name is Eric mom. Is it my turn again or are you still enjoying your turn?” Eric asked.

Susan looked up at her son…still gently cupping his balls and stroking his cock.

“I think I’d like to take another turn, but I have a question first.” Susan said.

“What kind of question?” Eric asked.

“We didn’t specify what parts we could touch each other with right?” Susan asked.

“Nope…we didn’t.” Eric said.

Susan smiled.

“Then for my next turn I want to feel your cock with the inside of my pussy.” Susan said.

Eric looked surprised for a moment…then smiled.

“Are you sure?” Eric asked.

“God yes…I have never seen anything like this. Its…captivating…beautiful…I just can’t see and touch this without feeling it inside me.” Susan said.

Eric smiled again.

“Well if you’re sure it’s what you want…there’s a steam bench over there that would make it easier.” Eric said.

Susan scurried quickly over to the bench pulling Eric by the cock along behind her. She moved up onto the edge of the bench and spread her legs. Eric moved between his mother’s legs.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Eric asked.

Susan hooked her heels behind her son and pulled him towards her.

“Yes Eric…I’m sure.” Susan said.

Eric positioned his cock so the head was against his mother’s pussy. He pushed the head inside and Susan moaned. He pushed a few inches inside her and she moaned more. He pushed a few more inches inside her and she moaned even deeper. He pushed the rest of the way in so that his pelvic bone was pressed firmly against his mother’s.

Eric laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Susan asked.

“The last time I was in there I was being born.” Eric said.

Susan laughed.

“This feels a lot better than it did that day.” Susan said.

“So…um…did you just want to feel it or did you want…” Eric said.

“Oh sweetie…of course I want you to fuck me. I wouldn’t torture both of us by having you put it inside me just to see what it feels like. I want you to fuck me, I want to cum all over your cock, and I want you to cum deep inside me.” Susan said.

“You want me to cum inside you?” Eric asked in surprise.

“I’m on birth control sweetie…there’s nothing to worry about and I love the feeling of having someone cum inside me…I’m sure I’ll love it even more when it’s as deep inside me as you are right now…deeper than anyone has ever been.” Susan said.

Eric shrugged then smiled.

“If you want to touch the contents of my balls with the depths of your pussy I guess it falls within the rules.” Eric said.

Susan smiled.

“Now be a good boy and make mommy cum and then cum inside her okay sweetie.” Susan said.

Eric smiled and slowly pulled a few inches of his cock out of his mother before pushing it back in. They both moaned with pleasure.

Eric started fucking his mom nice and slow. It was weird, but felt oddly right at the same time when Susan pulled his mouth down to hers and kissed him.

Eric increased his pace and Susan reacted putting her arms around his neck and kissing him even harder.

“That’s it…fuck me baby. It feels so good.” Susan said.

After just a few minutes Susan clamped her legs and arms around Eric as hard as she could as she had her first orgasm.

“Damn mom…that was intense.” Eric said.

“That was absolutely incredible. More…I want more.” Susan said.

Eric kept fucking his mom until she had a second orgasm, then he pulled out of her.

“What are you doing? You didn’t cum yet.” Susan said.

“We’re just changing positions mom…don’t worry.” Eric tuzla escort said.

He pulled Susan to her feet, spun her around so that her hands were on the bench and Eric was fucking her from behind.

“Oh god that feels incredible.” Susan said.

Eric fucked Susan for several minutes from behind before she had a third orgasm. Eric grabbed her left leg and pulled it out to the side with his left arm. Susan had to rest her left knee on the bench to keep from falling over as Eric held her leg out to the side as he continued to fuck her.

“Yes Eric…fuck me baby.” Susan said.

When Susan had her 4th orgasm Eric turned her back over and sat her down on the bench where she’d been at the start. He leaned down and kissed her.

“Are you ready for my cum mom?” Eric asked.

“Yes…yes…I want it…fill me with it.” Susan said.

Eric kept fucking Susan for a few more minutes. Susan was experiencing her 5th orgasm when Eric buried his cock inside her and unleashed a torrent of thick sticky cum into his own mother’s pussy.

Susan released her tight grip around Eric’s neck, but kept her arms around him and pulled him down to her. She kissed her son and he kissed her just as hard.

“God Eric, that was incredible. I have never been fucked like that in my life and it felt so amazing having you cum deep inside me like that.” Susan said.

“I’ve got to say…that was the best sex I’ve ever had. Who knew it would be with my own mother? I guess the old saying is true…incest is best.” Eric asked.

Susan smiled.

“That saying says to put your sister to the test…not your mother.” Susan said.

“Then it was written by someone that never fucked their mom. That was incredible.” Eric said.

“I can’t believe we did this. I was scared and disgusted when you told me that you were going to touch me whether I liked it or not. Now…I’m glad that I thought you were your father and grabbed your cock like that.” Susan said.

“So am I. Speaking of dad…he hasn’t been gone all that long, but he could get home at any time so as much as I’d love to stay right here and fuck you again we’d better get out of this shower and get dressed.” Eric said.

“Right…if Thomas found us like this there would be a world of trouble.” Susan said.

They showered off and Susan tried to wash as much of Eric’s cum out of her as possible. They stepped out of the shower and started to towel off. Eric pulled Susan to him and kissed her.

“I love you mom…I love you in a whole new way after today.” Eric said.

“I love you too my special little man.” Susan said.

“Little?” Eric asked.

Susan smiled.

“Just a pet name sweetheart…there’s nothing little about you anymore.” Susan said.

Eric was dressed first so he was waiting in the living room when Susan came downstairs. It turned out that they didn’t have to worry about Thomas getting home and catching them because it was several hours before they heard the garage door open. Susan and Eric had been making out on the couch so Susan moved off of Eric’s lap and into a chair nearby. She was reading the paper and Eric was surfing through TV channels when the door from the garage into the kitchen opened and Thomas came in.

“Welcome home sweetheart. Eric said that you’d gotten some kind of emergency call from work. You’ve been gone all day so obviously it was serious; I hope you sorted it out.” Susan said.

“Not even close. It looks like I’ll have to go in to work tomorrow too.” Thomas said.

“Really?” Susan asked.

“Yeah. I’m sorry baby, but Dan left this project so fucked up that it is taking forever to fix it. I’m gonna go straight to bed and then be up and out of here early tomorrow and I’ll probably be gone all day.” Thomas said.

“Okay sweetie…good night.” Susan said.

She kissed Thomas and he headed upstairs. Susan moved over and sat on the couch close to Eric.

“You know…with your dad having to go to work tomorrow and your shower still broken you’re welcome to use ours…say…around 9:00.” Susan said.

Eric smiled.

“Sounds good.” Eric said.

Susan smiled.

“With an idea of how long he’s going to be gone you’ll have plenty of time to…shower…and I’ll have the chance to get a good taste of your cock.” Susan said.

“I’ll be there at 9:00…with nothing on.” Eric said.

Susan giggled.

“Me too.” Susan said.

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