a story from a copenhagen suburb part 1


a story from a copenhagen suburb part 1They did not know one another; they took the same train every morning from the same suburban station and both got off at the main station. Often they also rode the same train back, but they had never talked. Then, one Friday morning in September, at the peak of rush-hour, as they both were getting off the train, the man had handed her a slip of paper and had disappeared in the crowd, before she could react. The note simply told her to call a telephone-number when she was ready to meet her new teacher.As soon as she got to her office she send him a short text:“How many women has gotten that note?” followed by 3 angry smilies.“Just one, you! 16.37 from the main Station?” came the reply, almost instantly. No, she didn´t reply!She was 24 and she had a job that was okay, but not more than that, she was living in a tiny apartment in a boring Copenhagen suburb and she had come out of a relationship not too long ago. After work she had to run, to catch her train, she got on it in the very last second. Just as the doors closed, she realized that she was standing right in front of the man that gave her that slip of paper! There really wasn´t any other place to stand. A few times their eyes met, but while she blushed, he remained completely calm. Each time the train stopped, she thought about getting out and take another wagon, but she didn´t.Finally it was their station. “What was that supposed to mean?” she asked aggressive when they were out of earshot from other travellers. “We meet almost daily. You are a very attractive woman. You stopped wearing an engagement-ring about the same time my wife asked for a divorce. So I took a chance.”They had begun to walk towards the exit. Side by side, like old friends. “And I happen to know that many women likes a…firm hand, not all the time, just now and then, am I right?She just looked at him. He was at least 45, but he trained and he was well clad. He had a beard which would normally be a turn-off, but it kind of seemed right for him. They reached the stairs leading from the platform to the street below. “What if I have other plans?”“I am sure that Netflix can wait” he said and held the glass-door for her. “I…i also need to do the laundry!”“Perfect..i got both a washer and a dryer. You don´t even have to walk all the way to the laundry”They were at street-level now. She could see the roofs of the small cluster of apartment houses where she was living. She could be home in under five minutes.“But…i don’t even know you name”“Do you want to know my name right now?..Or is it a bit…more exiting this way?”For a brief moment they had eye contact, then she broke off. She absolutely no plans for the weekend. Most of her friends were couples, which meant that all social functions needed to be planned weeks in advance. ´The man placed a hand on her elbow.“Is it too cold to sit outside?” he asked,” want to have a nice cup of tea in my patio….I live just around the corner…”He took a few steps forward. He was still holding her elbow. Did his grip tighten a little bit?She took a few hesitant steps. They walked in silence for a little while, arm in arm, as if she was his young niece or something in that direction. “What do you want me to call you?” he asked as they turned down a side street. Small bungalows with small balçova escort gardens. Close to the station, but not so close that the noise from the trains would be unbearable. “You can call me..Ingrid…It´s my middle name and I hardly ever use it.”There was no reason to go too far from real life. Besides, she was only going to have a single cup of tea with the man. As he directed her up a garden path, his hand was on her lower back, not her behind. The house looked nice, two stories and a garden with very little grass but plenty of large bushes and small trees. He unlocked a wooden door and led her into a very nice, secluded patio that was bathed in the soft autumn sun. He went inside, put the kettle on and brought her a moist cloth. He disappeared inside again while she wiped two of the four chairs and the table. Then she sat, close to the door. She had her legs crossed at the knees and she kept her coat closed. The man came out with a tray with cups, a tea pot and a half full bottle of brown Rum, a brand she had never heard of. “I know my suggestion is…tickling you…else you would not be here now, Ingrid” he said in a soft voice. She began to giggle uncontrollable. Even though nothing really had happened yet, it was such a crazy situation to be in. “Is it because of my age or because I have promised you a firm hand?”She laughed even harder. The man poured the tea. The table was between them. She had made that sure.“Let me guess, an ex once blind-folded you, and you liked that, but it never evolved from there”“You are crazy” she laughed. He opened the bottle, held it towards her cup. She shook her head. It was warm here in the sun. No wind at all. “Pleas take you coat off, Ingrid.”She gasped. Was there a certain sternness in his voice now?Then she rose, took the coat off, put it on the table. She looked around. She could see no windows, only roofs of the neighbour´s houses. She was wearing a grey angora sweater and a long darker grey skirt. Plus the yellow and green scarf. Then she tasted the tea, holding the cup with both hands. “You look like a million, Ingrid..”She stuck her tongue out. In her own opinion she was an ordinary girl. She should loose a bit of weight, maybe 3 or 4 kilos.“No, really, you look marvellous, Ingrid”She put the cup down and put her hands on her hips. She was not used to get compliments from sober guys. “Pose a little for me, please..”She began to walk towards the door, looking at him over her shoulder. She could see that he was looking at her rear. “I am going inside for a moment..When I return, I want you to have taken at least one piece of clothing off, or that you have left…She gasped, but the man was already inside. He had closed the door, and there was no handle on the outside. Then she sat, took her boots off. The pantihose needed to go. On impulse she also took her knickers off and put both things in a coat pocket. Still no trace of the man. She drank a little tea and put her boots back on. Then she un-hooked the bra and removed it without taking her sweater off. She could see him inside now. She left the black bra over the back of a chair. She knew that he would see it there. Then she spiked her tea with a tiny bit of rum. “I must be crazy,” she said as the man returned,” I mean, I don´t even know how long you intend to…keep escort balçova me here…”“As it is, you can get up and leave if you want to…”“But…?“We can…we don´t have to, but we can…formalize your freedom…She gasped and giggled at the same time. How had they come to this?“But let´s talk about that when we go out for dinner…i have made a reservation for two at 19.30 at Romano´s…but…on one condition…“What?” she asked with a wry smile.“You must take your skirt off…She flew out of the chair. She knew that it was now she should left, RIGHT NOW!She smiled and began opening the skirt, taking her time. “You like it when you are being told what to do, don´t you?Ingrid turned her side to him and slowly pulled the zipper down. She stuck her tongue out at him as she let the skirt fall to the patio floor. Then she stepped out of is, picked it up and put it over the back of her chair. “You are very good at this, Ingrid”“Thank you”“Now, I want you to sit on the table…no, here, in front of me, so I can see you. Her jaw dropped, but she sat on the table-top. Her ex had never told her to sit on the table, right in front of him!“You need to spread your legs wide, Ingrid”She nodded, leaned back onto her elbows and slowly lifted one leg over his head and down on the other side of him. “I´l shave if you want me to” she said as she closed her eyes, “ or i´ll let you do it for me…”It send shivers through her body when he laid a hand on her thigh. Then the other on her belly. “You have potential, IngridShe could feel the warmth of his breath on her skin. She gasped when he put a gentle kiss on her stomach, just below her belly bottom.“But you must remember to do as told when we are playing…Else I might have to…correct you”“Yes, I under…stand”His tongue touched her clit. She was lying flat on her back now. Hands under her head, as if they were tied together. His fingers parted her cuntlips. He began to lick at the same time he stuck a curious finger up her rear. To be honest, she had not expected that, not this early anyway. “So wet your little pussy is”, he said. One finger, then two fingers slipped inside her pussy. She knew that she would come fast if her just would start to lick her. She almost jumped when he gave her clit a single lick. He began to kiss the inside of her thighs. She got up on one elbow and looked at him. “I…I have never…had more that a finger…back there” she said softly.“Can you put it in other words, please Ingrid?”“I…I…you will be the first to….fffuck my rear..”He gave her clit a few strokes with his tongue. Had she just been giving him carte Blanche to fuck her rear?“Later..”He dove down, began to lick her. This was too much. She knew instantly that she would come fast. That never happened to her, at least not while she was with some-one. His fingers, two, sometimes three, fucking her gentle while his tongue and lips were all over the place. Then he leaned back. She slowly sat up. His finger was still in her rear. “Do you want to go home now, Ingrid?“No, not now”He pointed towards his groin. She smiled, but her eyes were not really in it. *Only when she was getting off the table did his finger slip out of her. The concrete tiles was cold and hard against her knees as she sat between his legs, opened his pants and got his balçova escort bayan cock out. The chair fell over when he rose.She was looking up at him, trying to get eye-contact as she began to suck him. He held her hand with both hands, not letting her go. He let her work a long time, at least five minutes, probably more. Then he pulled her head back. She looked up at him, smiling, but confused. “Take the rest off…i will test you, Ingrid…”That was easy to do. She pulled the sweater over her head. She had large, natural breasts. The sun was disappearing from the patio. Her nipples were hard and erect.“Are you really…perverse enough to be my..possession?“Yes…if you teach me..”“Are you sure, ingrid?”“Yes..i think so…”A single jet of piss left his softening penis. His aim was a little to the left of her. She quickly got from kneeling to squatting. She caught his eyes. Then she put both her hands on his legs. She had read about it.“Say it, Ingrid“Pee on meeeeeee….Warm urine landed on her shoulder, then on her tits. She held his eyes as she slowly opened her mouth. He aimed higher. She closed her eyes as his warm jet reached her neck. Then her chin. Then his piss was filling her mouth. She was trying not to choke. She spat a mouthful out. Her hand was on his penis, controlling his aim, making sure that he was filling her mouth a second time. She had never felt more close to her man, even though she didn´t even know his name. She licked the last few drops off the tip of the head. “Is that proof enough?” she asked“Yes..you need a shower now.”“And a toothbrush”She had brushed her teeth until it almost hurt. Then she was in the shower, the one in the basement. The one that still had the 1970´s avocado-green tiles, sink and bathtub. The shower booth was a bit newer, but not much. “We still have some unfinished business,” he said, “Turn around Ingrid.”“I look like a mess” she said, “my make up is all runny…His hand was already between her butt cheeks. Something greasy on his finger. No, make that fingers.“IS that some kind of lubri..“Don´t talk so much” he interrupted. There was something in his voice that made her stop. Then he took her hand, placed it on his cock. She began to toy with it. He squeezed something cool out onto the shaft. She began to make sure it was getting as greasy as possible. She could feel his fingers knuckle deep inside her. Then she leaned forwards. Rested both hands on the tabs.Closed her green eyes.“Aaaahhhh”The tip of his lance was being pressed against her ass. He began to conquer her. Slowly, steadily he speared her. Ingrid had his cock up her behind.“Does it hurt?”“Yesss..a little..” she said, “Just…fuck my ass”His cock slid almost completely out of her. He began to fuck her very, very slowly. He was really OWNING her.“You can touch…yourself…”Her right hand flew down between her legs. She led two, no, three fingers slide inside her wet pussy. “But if you come before I do…“AHHH” she moaned. She had never felt so filled up. She put her shoulder on the tab, so she could caress her clitoris.“…You will have to suck again..”“AAAAHHH”her knees wobbled under her, he had to hold her upright. Then she leaned back against him, his cock still deep inside her. “Good” she said, still short of breath” want to keep my…man…satisfied”As soon as he slid out of her, she got down on her knees and then turned to face him. He had taken the shower-head out of the holder. Together they rinsed his cock. Then she had her mouth full of penis. His fuse was much shorter now. “Thank you, sir” she said, with the taste of his sperm burning in her mouth.

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