A stroll in the Countryside

A stroll in the CountrysideIt was a beautiful summers day when I woke and I couldn’t decide what to do with myself, so I decided to take a walk through the countryside. The sun was blazing and I was feeling good. I decided where to go, and started to head off. I hadn’t been strolling too far when all of a sudden I could hear what seemed to be a camera clicking away. Thinking nothing if it, I headed towards a large boulder, when I got around the other side of it, I was almost knocked off my feet.Before my very eyes was a couple who seemed to be enjoying taking photographs, but on closer inspection one was a vision of such stunning beauty, her beautiful black hair, flowing down her shoulders. I had failed to notice that she had a small pile of clothes just out of camera shot.”I’m so sorry” I managed to splutter, as they both turned in shock at my direction. Then the strangest thing happened, they both lost the look of shock, and both started to smile. I was gobsmacked as they resumed their poses and photographs. I could see that this stunning lady had only got a very short skirt on, and a very tight vest top yalova escort that showed off her magnificent boobs off beautifully.Then before I could say anything else, she pulled her top up, revealing the most beautiful pair of boobs I’d ever seen. Her husband kept clicking away and I could feel myself becoming hard in my jeans. I couldn’t believe my eyes, then my ears as her husband said “this shoot could do with being naughtier”, then they both looked at me, I didn’t need asking twice.i moved towards her, unable to keep my eyes from her breasts, and also trying not to make the bulge in my jeans too obvious. As I got closer she stood up, and moved towards me. She reached out and put one hand behind my neck, and pulled me close to kiss. I could feel her tongue starting to probe my mouth, and I started to probe hers. She pushed her ample boobs into my chest and I could feel my cock straining to be set free. I bent down and took one of her nipples in my mouth, feeling it stiffening with every kiss and lick, as I played with the other in my fingers. Her moans of pleasure were some of the sweetest things escort yalova I’d ever heard, she took my hand and moved it down and inside her skirt. I could feel straightaway just how wet she had become, my fingers soaked in seconds. They slid inside her so easily, as I gently started rubbing her.she wanted to kiss again, I could feel her hot breath against my lips, as she began panting in time to my fingers. Then before I knew it she came, as her kisses became very passionate. I could feel her reaching for my jeans, her hand brushing against my raging cock, she undid the belt, then the buttons and started tugging them down. All the while I could hear the camera clicking away, but I was lost in ecstasy. Then I felt her move and get onto her knees in front of me. I looked down and could see her black hair as she reached for my boxers. Releasing my cock, it sprang at her face. She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it, pulling the skin back revealing my twitching head. There was already precum starting to appear as she took her tongue and licked it from my cock. Her other hand was cupping my yalova escort bayan balks as she took my cock in her mouth. She was gently sucking on the head as she started wanking on my cock at the same time.i could feel the cum starting to stir in my balls as she massaged them and started sucking harder. Then she let my cock go, and went over to a fallen log, lifting her skirt and showing me her stunning bum. I could see her lips glistening in the light as I moved closer. I started rubbing my cock on her clit and almost immediately she cum again. I could stand it no more, and I slowly entered her. She felt so tight, it took all my self control not to cum deep inside her. I then noticed the camera had stopped, I looked over and he had stripped off and was just as hard as I was. He moved forward and she took his cock straight in her mouth, and the three of us were moving in rhythm, but it was too much for me. I thrusted harder, until I could feel the cum working up my cock, I pulled out and covered her beautiful bum in hot sticky spunk, her moans of pleasure told me she enjoyed the feel of it. She began sucking hard on her fellas cock until he pulled out and shot his cum over her stunning tits.Asking what her name was, she said it didn’t matter, just as long as I’d enjoyed it, it was certainly the best stroll in the countryside I’d ever had!!!

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