A SWEET MELODYMelody pulled into the driveway of her home, a home she loved, a home that was given to her by her “adoptive” family when she was a young girl. She was lucky, having a best friend in Danielle; she was as close to her as a sister. When she was ten-years-old she came over after school to do homework and have dinner with her best friend’s family. Her life was changed for the better. Better wasn’t a strong enough word. There wasn’t one.She parked her car and sat back in her seat listening to the classic rock blaring from the stereo. She let out a deep breath as the rain poured down, splattering on the windshield and then pushed away by the wipers.Melody had not been home since Christmas and now it was late in the spring semester of her senior year of college. She smiled thinking of her daddy and the look on his face the last time she surprised him with a visit. This time was going to be exceptional. She knew it would be.She flipped down the visor and nudged the flap hiding the mirror. Melody checked her soft gray eye makeup that made her violet eyes stand out even more. She then applied a fresh layer of shimmery pink lip-gloss and then rubbed her lips together. She smiled a wide bright smile, making sure she didn’t get any on her teeth.Melody ran a brush through her long black hair that framed her chest with a few tasteful pink highlights throughout. She put the brush in the console then turned off the car. She grabbed her pink and white polka dot umbrella from the floorboard and slung her handbag over her shoulder.She stepped onto the puddle filled driveway in her spiked black pumps. An enduring clap of thunder brought Melody hurrying to the door, splashing water along the way.She went up three stairs onto the wrap around porch. Melody shook her umbrella and closed it up, leaving it by the door to dry. She slid her house key into the lock and opened the large cherry door.”Daddy, are you home?” she called out, as she stepped into the foyer, closing the door behind her.”Melody! Is that you?” James yelled with glee, hurrying downstairs from his home office.She smiled big as he flew down the stairs, huffing slightly on the way. He had put on a few more than a couple pounds from the comfort of marriage, but he held it well in his tall figure. His hair had more salt than pepper than he would like to admit, but he was handsome as ever to Melody.He quickly looked at her before wrapping his arms around his sweet girl. The ultra slutty outfit she wore took him back a bit, but his eyes didn’t mind. She usually dressed more conservatively, not like the straight-laced employees at his office, but never like this.Melody opened her arms for him and he wrapped his around her toned body, squeezing her with a tight bear hug, bringing her feet off the floor. Melody squealed giddily and playfully kicked her heels in the air.”Oh, how I’ve missed you, baby girl,” James said as he embraced her, and then slowly let her down.Her feet met the floor again and Melody beamed up at him, “I’ve missed you too, Daddy.”James kissed her soft cheek before stepping away, “You had a long drive, need something to drink?” he asked, hoping she would ask for something stronger than soda pop.”I’d love a beer,” she replied, putting her purse down on the credenza in the foyer.James went to the kitchen as Melody made her way to the living room. He watched her move gracefully from a safe distance as he took time making himself a Colorado Bulldog.Her body stood out against the cool brown walls of the lounge. family photos adorned every wall, bringing warmth into the home. The mantle of the large fireplace held the senior pictures of his daughters, his twenty-fifth anniversary portrait taken last year with his wife and snow globes picked up from family vacations.He ogled her tits in the little pink shirt that strained to contain them. It had a deep v-neck that went down to where her bra line would be. She fluffed the pillows on the sofa, making her cleavage jiggle.”That skirt, my god, does she realize how men look at her wearing that?” he thought to himself as he eyed the tiny, pleated black mini skirt that stopped miles before the pink tops of her black stockings. The pink back seams drew his eyes down her flawless legs. The Kahlua spilling over the top of his highball glass brought his mind back to reality.He pushed his horn-rimmed glasses back on his nose as he went to the fridge to get her a beer.”So, what brings you here for this lovely surprise?” James asked as he crossed from the tile onto the dark stained walnut hardwood floors of the living room.Melody moved the remotes from the sofa to the coffee table before taking a seat on the cool dark brown leather. Her skirt was so short, her bare ass sat directly on the couch. She crossed her legs tightly to the right.”Well, as you know, Danielle’s birthday is Sunday. I didn’t have any classes today, so I decided to take a long weekend and come home to surprise her,” she said as she took the beer then sipped it. “She still lives in the Saint Augustine apartments, right?””Yes, apartment 342,” he said as he looked back and forth between his favorite chair and the sofa, he wanted the best view of her he could get.Melody patted the cushion next to her; looking up at him with an innocent grin, “Come sit here, Daddy, sit next to me like we used to, watching movies.”James took the seat she suggested and settled onto the sofa next to her. He liked being close to her, maybe too much.Melody took another sip of beer, and then placed the cold bottle against her bare upper thigh. James’ eyes followed, noticing the delicate pink garters that perfectly matched the top of her stockings and the garter belt he was sure she had on under her clothes. Melody noticed his eyes and smiled inwardly.”Daddy, I just wanted to say thank you, I never properly have,” Melody said softly, gently rubbing her fingers up and down the neck of the bottle.James looked back up to her sweet face and rare violet eyes, “For what, baby?””For everything you guys have ever done for me,” Melody’s hand found his on his thigh and squeezed lightly. “That night when I was here for dinner, I was covered in bruises and you asked me what happened. I told you that my father did it; you hugged me so tight and stroked my hair. I cried and you told me I never had to go back there again.”James opened his mouth to speak, but chose to let her finish. He stroked the back of her hand with his thumb.”You said you would protect me and keep me safe,” she smiled softly. “That night changed my life. You are the reason I’m about to graduate. Who knows what would have happened to me if I didn’t have you. So, thank you. Thank you, Daddy.”She turned slightly, running her fingers over the collar of his blue polo shirt. Her breasts squeezed together against her other arm, making the neckline of her top come away from her breasts just enough so James could catch sight of the sheer black cup of her demi bra.The view and her hands on him made him feel warm inside, “It was nothing, really. We liked having you around. You brought everyone a lot of happiness,” he said, his eyes returning back to hers.She leaned over and kissed his cheek softly. He loved her kisses when she was young, but now, now he wanted to grab her and kiss her passionately unlike a father should.Melody’s hand trailed down his arm before returning to her beer. She continued to hold his hand, lightly stroking his bare knee with her pinky.She smiled as she spoke, “I know, but you and Mom were really great and still are. Speaking of her, is she around this weekend?””She’s out of town on business, like always. At least I didn’t get a ‘honey-do list’ like usual,” James replied, his eyes gazing between her face and bosom.He liked how her nipples were always semi hard, poking against her shirt. The feelings of guilt returned to him caused by lusting over his sweet little girl over the past few years.”Oh, well that’s a shame. I was looking forward to seeing her,” Melody pouted.James could see in her eyes that she was lying. He always knew when his daughters lied.”Daddy, can I ask you something?” Melody asked, sitting up a bit straighter.”Of course, you know you can ask me anything,” James said, watching the skirt come up even higher on her thighs.”When you would drive across the state to come to my volleyball games, you didn’t just come for the game, did you? I mean, you’ve never been into sports that much, and my school is four hours away,” she asked then took a sip of beer.James thought for a moment. He did thoroughly enjoy ogling her, running and bouncing around in those tiny spandex shorts and clinging jersey, and who could forget those kneepads. He always imagined her wearing them, dropping to her knees and servicing him with that pretty mouth of hers. His cock twitched at the thought of all the times he canlı bahis masturbated imagining her like that.”What are you talking about? Of course I came to watch you play. You and your teammates were awesome together. I also loved spending time with you, and having dinner together and catching up,” James said cautiously, making sure to not say anything he was thinking about just seconds prior.Melody grinned and ran her fingers through her long dark locks and clicked her tongue stud against her teeth, wondering how much she would have to push him.”I know, and I’ve always loved spending time with you too. Those weekends were a lot of fun,” she gently pulled her hand out of his and stroked his forearm. “Daddy,” she took a breath, “you look at me differently than Danielle. I really noticed it last Christmas.”James gulped and wished his cheeks didn’t blush. His heart started beating faster, “What is she trying to do me?” he thought to himself. He took several quick sips of his drink. The cold liquid wetted his dry mouth.”I noticed it before that too, for awhile now, but I liked it. So I never said anything,” she grinned devilishly, looking into his hazel eyes behind his spectacles.”Melody, sweetheart, you have to understand, you’re a beautiful young woman. Sometimes, a man can’t help himself and looks. I’m sure you see it all the time,” the words came from his mouth in a slight stutter.”Of course I do, Daddy, but I like how you look at me, its different from the way other men do it,” her voice turned a shade sultrier.He remembered when the girls were home for summer vacation from college. He’d watch Melody as she and Danielle tanned by the pool. He’d watch in secret from his upstairs office, sometimes rubbing himself through his pants, looking at her body in the little bikinis she wore.She put her beer on the table. Melody shifted on the sofa, sliding her legs under her and turning her body to him completely. She sat up on her knees, displaying her breasts proudly. James watched and felt a fresh rush of blood travel his groin. Her hand slid up his arm casually.The view he had was marvelous. Her breasts sat in clear view and jiggled just enough as she straightened out her skirt, though it did nothing but draw his eye. He was at the gates of heaven, but this was his sweet little Melody. He couldn’t be in heaven with Melody.He was scared to speak, unsure of what would come out if his mouth. He always got tongue tied or let words fly out of his mouth when he got nervous around gorgeous women.He watched her lightly pull the shiny heart charm on her neck, engraved with “Daddy’s Girl,” back and forth on the silver chain as she thought about her next move. He had given one to both her and Danielle for their sixteenth birthdays. She let go and it settled just below the hollow of her throat.She rested her hand on her bare thigh. James’ eyes followed, her skirt barely covered her crotch. He strained to get a look at her panties without being noticed, but he was unsuccessful.After several tense moments, Melody broke the silence, “Daddy,” the pressure on his arm as she rubbed it became a hint harder, “do you remember that night a few days before I was going to leave for college?”James swallowed, trying to stay calm as her hand crept down his arm, over his hand and found his thigh, rubbing with the same gentle pressure. He loved how she was touching him, and how her eyes twinkled as she smiled just softly enough to be innocent, but he knew there was something she wanted.He nodded gently, “What about it?”She bit her lip and looked down before raising her eyes back up to his, “Remember how anxious I was feeling? I was so nervous about leaving home and how much everything was changing. I was scared I wouldn’t like my roommate at the dorms and that I wouldn’t do well in school.””Yes,” James said feeling his heart pound and his cock gaining strength under his shorts as her hand crept down to his inner thigh.He blushed, remembering the pink and white polka dot silk panties she had on and the thin white t-shirt that clearly showed her nipples even in the dim lamplight. She was so young and sweet and innocent. Her eighteen-year-old body was so soft and supple. When she asked if she could lay in bed with him, he couldn’t say no, even though his cock stood at attention at the sight of her.”Remember how you held me, spooning me? Holding me close and telling me everything would be just fine, even perfect. Keeping me safe until I was finally able to fall asleep?” her voice was soft and sensual.”Yes, I do,” he replied feeling the loose collar of his shirt tighten around his neck.”After I fell asleep, did you touch me, Daddy?” she asked, pushing her hand up his inner thigh, almost touching his cock before bringing her hand back down.James closed his eyes, not wanting to admit the truth. He remembered that night clearly. He pleasured himself countless times to those memories, but he couldn’t admit that. Melody was his baby girl, he promised to protect her. Her Daddy couldn’t do that to her, not to his sweet little Melody.Her fingers fanned out and she rubbed over the visible ridge of his cockhead through his khakis with her forefinger, tracing it lightly.”Daddy, I won’t be mad. I promise. I just want to know. I won’t tell anyone.”James looked deeply in her eyes, he knew she wasn’t lying and he knew she wouldn’t tell anyone. His secret was safe with her.He took a deep breath, “Melody,” he paused, “you have to understand what I did was wrong. I should never have done it. I was keeping you safe. I protected you. You were so innocent and young. I’m your Daddy; I cherished you and watched over you. It shouldn’t have happened, but I couldn’t help it.”Melody listened intently as her nipples swelled to erect and poked against her top. James realized she wasn’t his innocent little girl anymore. She was a talented seductress. She was seducing him, seducing her married Daddy, and he was going to let her.Her hand moved up, rubbing against the bulge in his shorts, along his length. It was rapturous and he wanted to groan, but not yet.He took another sip of his almost empty Colorado Bulldog before he continued, “Your skin was so soft and your body was so firm. It felt so nice having my hand on your stomach and feeling you against me. I waited till you started breathing heavier in your sleep. My cock was hard, and you wiggled a bit, rubbing against it.”Melody’s cheeks started turning pink as she squirmed a bit. The motions of her hand began rubbing harder and her fingers curled over this cock. He knew how much this was turning her on. She was aroused by the taboo and forbidden, just like he was.”I slowly pushed my hand under your shirt until I found your breast. It was so soft and firm and fit perfectly into my hand. Your nipples were hard and rubbed against my palm as a felt you,” James swallowed. “I was so careful; I didn’t want to wake you. I wanted to pinch and tug your nipples and hear you moan for me.”The room felt like it had heated up at least ten degrees. The air became thicker.James watched his little girl’s violet irises shift, turning from love and innocence to pure, raw a****l lust. Her mouth dropped open just slightly and she began to breathe harder.Her hand continued to massage his erection through two layers of fabric, moving down just enough to graze her fingers over his balls.”Instead,” he continued, wiping his sweaty palms on his shorts, “my hand moved back down and I played with your belly button.””Your cock was aching wasn’t it, Daddy?” Melody asked in a voice so soft he could barely hear her.He watched her breasts rise and fall with her heavy breaths for a moment before returning to her eyes.”Yes.””Did you touch my pussy, Daddy?” Melody asked then bit her lip.The lip bite got James every time. When she wanted something from him, be it staying out late, a new outfit or to borrow the car, if she bit her lip just like that and looked at him with wide eyes like she did just now. She would have anything she wanted. She wanted him to betray his wife for her. He would.”Yes, baby girl, I shouldn’t have, but I did,” he let out a stuttering breath. “I carefully slid my hand down your tummy and into your panties. With the soft silk against the back of my hand my fingers found your slit.”A soft moan escaped Melody’s open mouth as she softly grinded her pussy against her heels. Her cunt was getting hotter and panties wetter with every word he said.”Your pussy felt perfect. When I dragged my hand up and down over it, I could feel how your smooth lips perfectly folded in on themselves, keeping your womanhood hidden behind them.”Melody was ready. She needed him, she thought so before today, but now she was certain. His sensuous storytelling emboldened her actions. Her hand slid down his thigh and under his shorts and boxers, quickly finding his erection bahis siteleri and ran over it. She reached his balls, cupping them and massaged his manhood, her thumb rubbing the base of his cock. Her thumb made tiny circles causing the crown of his member to rub against his khakis.James wiped the sweat from his brow, “My fingers dipped into your slit and I found your soft clit. I wanted to rub it and make you squirm, but I couldn’t. I carefully moved my finger down and rubbed around the entrance to your hole. I wanted to push inside. I wanted to put my fingers in my little girl’s cunt.”Melody’s hand slowly moved away, down to his knee, “But you didn’t, Daddy, you didn’t want me to wake up scared.””Yes, baby girl””So, you just pulled your hand away and held me just like you started, holding me close and spooning me,” she said as she slowly uncurled her legs out from under her.She took the drink out of James’ hand, leaning over him. He could smell the sweet scent of her hair.She placed the empty glass next to her beer bottle on the coffee table, then looked in his eyes. Their noses were almost touching. “Daddy, did you want to fuck me that night?””Yes, I did, more than anything,” he replied with heavy breath, aching to kiss her supple lips.Melody smiled then pulled away, sliding off the sofa. She got to her feet and pushed his knees apart. Standing between his thighs, she leaned forward, placing her hands on his shoulders.”Daddy, do you want to fuck me right now?” she asked, already knowing the answer.James nodded. He felt like his cock was going to explode from his pants. His little girl was now a vixen standing before him, a seductive siren that wanted him and no one else. She lightly traced along his jaw, to his lips with the tip of her finger as she spoke, “All you have to do, Daddy, is say you want to fuck your little girl and you can have all of me.” Her voice was a perfect mix of sultry and innocence.He had wanted this for years. He’d been lusting over her, fantasizing about her. His little girl wanted and needed him. He was married, yes, and had been having vanilla sex for as long as he could remember. There was a raging b**st inside of him, clawing to be released, caged away for over twenty-five years.”Yes, Melody, I to want fuck my little girl. More than anything in my entire life,” his voice was husky, unlike anything she had ever heard before.Melody kissed his lips gently, licking his bottom lip before pulling away, “You’ll have to wait just a bit longer,” she said against his mouth, before straightening her back.He wanted to grab her, ravish her right then, but let her have her way and rested back into the sofa.Melody’s fingers curled under the hem of her shirt, slowly pulling it up over her stomach and chest. She watched his face, loving how his eyes were glued to her body, following the pink fabric up her torso, revealing her flesh bit my bit.Her top came up over her breasts held by a sheer black demi bra with satin pink straps, chosen for just the right mix of innocent and slutty. Her nipples were completely visible through the thin fabric.James’ mouth watered and his cock throbbed. He obeyed his member and rubbed it through his shorts.Melody brought her top up over her head and shook her hair with a smile as she dropped it to the floor behind her. The pink highlights of her hair swished against the black.James’ eyes followed her hands as she unzipped her skirt. He was filled with excitement. He felt like he was young again, at a strip club for the first time, but this was so much better.She bit her lip as the zipper reached the bottom. She turned away from him, bending over and she slid her skirt down over her ass, wiggling her cheeks as it came down. James was thankful for his view, as her tiny skirt fell down to her feet. He was right, the garters attached to the pretty pink garter belt that sat high on her hips. He adored her round, perky ass. He always thought it looked great in the extremely short spandex shorts she wore for volleyball, but it was even better now, with a thin strip of sheer black fabric framed by satin pink trim.He groaned at the view, “You’re stunning.”Melody giggled as she tossed her head back. She stepped out of her skirt, then shoes, sinking down four inches before twirling around to face him again. James saw the delicate lips of her pussy, shrouded by her thong.Neither of them spoke. Melody leaned forward, her breasts in his face and she pulled his shirt off him and tossed it in the general direction of hers. She undid his belt and unzipped his shorts, then tugged them down his legs but leaving his light blue boxers on. He kicked off his shorts and leather loafers. Melody turned away from him and stood between his thighs in her bra, panties and stockings. She had purposely put her thong on over her garters, for easier access later.Standing between his thighs, she lowered her body down onto his lap, resting her back against his hairy chest. Her legs opened and her feet hooked under his calves, using his legs for leverage as she arched her back. She began to slowly grind in his lap, nuzzling her forehead into his neck.”Touch me, Daddy,” she purred, trailing her hand along the other side of his sticky neck.James obediently obliged. Both of his hands started at her sides and worked their way up and over her breasts. He felt her hard nipples scratch against his palms through the sheer lace of her bra. He gripped harder, filling his mitts with the mounds on her chest.”Daddy, have you ever thought about me while you were fucking your wife?” Melody whispered as he fondled her.She loved how his hands felt on her flesh and whimpered, rolling her hips in tiny circles on his lap. Her movements made his erection pop out of the fly of his boxers. She unclasped the front of her bra with her free hand.”Yes, baby, too many times to count. I’ve wanted you for so long. Her body was beneath me, but I was fucking you. Fucking my little girl.”He quickly pushed the fabric away, anxious to get his hands on her bare breasts. The fingers of his left hand kneaded her flesh, pinching her nipple between his fingers, tugging it lightly. His other hand slid down her flat stomach, straight into her panties. She was shaved, as she was that night, but this time her pussy emitted heat onto his palm.Melody moaned into his neck as she kissed and nibbled lightly on his skin. His fingers dipped between her folds and found a pool of juices at the entrance to her cunt. His fingers smeared it up over the surprise of her clit hood piercing.”When did you get this, princess?” he asked, flicking the jewelry with his fingertips as he massaged her clitoris.”About a year and a half ago,” she groaned and dragged her lips along his neck.His fingers slid back down to the entrance of her hole. He didn’t hesitate and slid one finger right into her cunt. Her inner flesh felt like paradise. She moaned in ecstasy, “More, Daddy, put more in me.””You’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you?” James groaned as he pushed a second finger inside her.Melody squealed with delight as he began slowly pumping his fingers in and out of her tight cunt. Her fluids oozed out of her, over his wedding ring and down his hand. He pushed further into her, digging his fingers into her tunnel as far as he could, up to his knuckles.”Yes, Daddy. I’m a naughty little slut who wants you to have your way with me,” she writhed in his lap, her fingers running through the hair on the back of his head.”You like it rough, don’t you baby,” he growled, feeling her other hand slide behind her and find his firm erection.”Oh, god yes, Daddy. I love it rough, brutal,” her words were cut off as he found her g-spot and made her legs quiver with delight.He tugged hard on her nipple, almost making her tit turn into a cylinder and twisted hard. She squealed and dropped her head back on his shoulder, squeezing his cock hard as she stroked him.He quickly withdrew his hand from her pussy and slapped her face hard, then smeared her juices over her cheek before cramming his messy fingers into her mouth. She sucked them obediently, swirling her tongue, the stud pressed against his flesh. He eagerly anticipated feeling that on his cock. Melody pulled his wedding band up on his finger with her teeth, he pulled his hand back and let her pull it off, sucking it clean of her nectar, holding it in her mouth.”Fuck, you’re filthy,” he said as she pushed it out from between her lips, he slid it back onto his fingers.”Daddy, you have no idea,” she grinned and hopped out of his lap.She grabbed his hands and pulled him up off the sofa, dropping to her knees before him in one fluid motion.”Feed me, Daddy. Feed your little girl your cock, I’m starving,” she yanked his boxers down.He grabbed her hair, bunching it in his hand. His other hand held her under her chin, arching her güvenilir bahis head back. Her mouth dropped open. He pushed her cock into her mouth, sliding between her lips. Her mouth sealed shut around his member, letting it slide down her throat. Her eyes locked up on his.Her tongue smeared over his throbbing flesh, her tongue ring dragged along with it. He pushed further into her throat and she swallowed him. He felt the ridge of his cockhead underneath his hand. “Holy fuck,” he groaned. He never had a woman, even before his wife; take his cock completely in her mouth.She gagged slightly as he ground his hips into her face, crushing her pretty nose. One of Melody’s hands found her tit and she squeezed it hard, and then pinched her nipple. Her other hand tugged her panties down to her thighs, and she began furiously spanking her engorged clit. Spit drooled out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Hearing her Daddy groan “fuck” every few seconds pleased her immensely. She fed on his cock as it dug deep into her throat.He began humping her face, forcefully driving his organ into her mouth. He pushed it as hard as he could, wishing he had a bigger cock. He was sure she could take it.Eventually, Melody felt her stomach start to tremble; a familiar sensation that warned her she could vomit any moment. She quickly brought her hand off her breast and tapped repeatedly on his thigh. He pulled out quickly and she gagged, spitting up several times on his cock, gasping for air. She looked up at him, her hand groping her pussy and a string of spit connecting her lips to his erection, “Take me to bed now, and fuck me in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.””Dirty, dirty little girl,” he said, bending down, picking her up from her waist and throwing her over his shoulder. He carried her up the stairs, swatting her ass along the way. She squealed and playfully kicked her feet in the air. When he arrived in his room he tossed her roughly down onto his unmade marital bed. Her eyes were wide, not with fear, but with excitement. Her hair was strewn out across the pillows, her cheeks flushed, her nipples stood at attention on her chest, her legs spread wide open. She was a beautiful sight on top of the gray-stripped sheets.She quickly pulled her thong off as he climbed onto the bed, almost ripping it. She opened her arms, needing him to come to her.James settled down between his little girl’s legs, sitting up on his knees. He looked down at her, writhing, aching for him. He couldn’t help but smile.He put his cock against the entrance to her cunt, looking down into her eyes as he prepared to enter her. He was a married man, but his lust was stronger than his marriage vows. He knew he should feel guilty right now, but his betrayal and this forbidden act only fed his lust.He looked at her with raw desire and thrust his cock into her. She gasped, feeling her walls open as his organ pushed inside her. He sank himself inside her, completely. Her wet, tight, velvety orifice welcomed him.Too many times he had to lube up his wife before making love. Melody’s slick hole felt divine as he pushed inside her.Melody wrapped her arms around him, bringing his weight down onto her as he began pumping, quickly picking up speed. She whimpered and moaned, lifting her hips and grinding into him with every thrust.His organ fit into her snug hole perfectly. His pelvis pushed against hers as he grinded hard, the head of his cock rubbed against the entrance to his little girl’s cervix. She felt it in the pit of her stomach and let out a satisfied yelp. Their genitals were made for each other.James found her neck and kissed it hungrily, licking and biting, feasting on her. He broke her flesh with his teeth and licked the blood from the wound in her neck. The best fuck of his life was coming from his little girl.”Is my cunt tighter than Mom’s?” she asked in a squeal.”Oh, fuck yes,” he grunted into her ear, then bit her earlobe.”What about my tits, Daddy, are they prettier than hers?””God, yes, baby,” James said, pounding into his little girl harder.He lifted up his face to look down at her body as her eyes rolled back into her head and her lips quivered with pleasure. Her tits bounced on her chest in circles as he drilled her into the mattress. He dropped his head down to her breasts and bit her all over, nibbling little morsels of her flesh.Both of their bodies were quickly covered in sweat. His bedroom reeked of her delicious cunt.The piercing on her clit hood massaged the sensitive hidden area of her nub as his weight barreled into her cunt, making her toes curl.”Slap me, Daddy, slap your little girl’s face,” she screamed.He slapped her hard with the palm of his hand on her right cheek, and then back handed her on her left as he violated her pussy.She screamed when he slapped her, begging for more.James felt like an a****l, beating his baby girl senseless, but it felt right. He growled at her, “What else do you want, bitch?””Slap my tits, slap my ass, slap my thighs, all over, Daddy, I need it,” Melody cried out.With his other hand still tucked behind her neck holding her like he would when he made love to his wife. His other hand spanked her pretty tits repeatedly. His hand moved down her side to her thigh, and then back up to her breasts. “Owwie, owwie! Daddy you’re hurting your little girl,” she squealed with euphoria in a tone so girly, unlike anything he had ever heard before and it just fueled his lust.He knew he was hurting her. He knew she loved it and wanted more. Her cunt clenched on his shaft with every smack of his hand on her flesh and her juices leaked onto the sheets.He pulled out and flipped her over, roughly be her hair, spanking her as she got up onto her hands and knees for him. When she got herself up, he shoved his cock right back into her, continuing to strike her ass.”Fuck me, Daddy, fuck your filthy slut,” she wailed as his erection pummeled into her from behind, she forced herself back onto it.Melody gripped the sheets and screamed into his wife’s pillows as he owned her flesh. He did something he always wanted to do and jerked her head up by her hair and brought her to his shoulder, arching her back as he ravished her. His other hand reached around and found her neck, clenching hard on it.”Do you trust Daddy?” he gently whispered in her ear.”Yes, with my life,” she moaned just before he cut off her air.He choked her hard, unwilling to let go. Melody struggled to breathe but he held his grip, feeling her cunt convulse on him. “That’s a good girl,” he grunted as her cheeks started changing color from red to white, ramming his organ into her.Melody had never felt anything like this. The longer he choked her, the more focused the sensations in her genitals became. She didn’t try to pull his hand away. The edges of her vision became fuzzy and her limbs started getting numb. He kept his grip as her body started quivering uncontrollably. His other arm held her around her stomach, keeping her still so his cock wouldn’t fall out of her. An unstoppable orgasm flooded out of Melody, she managed to scream a scratchy scream as the pressure on her neck loosened just a touch. Her walls clenched so tight it forced James’ cock out of her before she squirted violently, soaking the sheets through to the mattress. He released his grip of her neck and rubbed it, she gasped for air and her glazed over eyes opened again.James had never made a girl squirt before. He marveled as her juices splashed down against his thighs.She was still in orgasmic bliss when he yanked her hair again, pulling her back down on the bed. Melody caught her breath as he jerked his cock over her face.”Cum on me, Daddy, cum on your baby girl’s pretty face,” she gasped, her body still writhing.With her words he shot a rich, thick load onto her face. The ropes of cum coated her, over her forehead, cheeks, down her nose and into her open mouth.Melody looked up at him as he shuddered, emptying on her. She waited until his eyes opened again and giggled as she cleaned her face with her fingers and ate his seed.”Thank you, Daddy,” she smiled, rubbing his cum into her lips.”My pleasure,” he grinned, the image of his sweet little girl, feeding herself his spunk, burned into his memory.He laid back on his bed and Melody curled up into his nook, with her hand on his chest and leg d****d over his. James stroked her cum stained hair and kissed her sweaty forehead as their hearts slowed down.”Melody, baby, we can’t pretend this didn’t happen. You know that right?””Of course, Daddy. Why would we want to?” she asked, circling his nipple with her finger.”Will you be Daddy’s little whore from now on?” James asked between heavy breaths.Melody, his little, cum covered girl, nodded.”Whenever I can fuck you, you will give your body to me,” he said as she tilted her face up to look at his eyes.”Yes, Daddy, please, I’d love that” she smiled sweetly, “but only if I can go to Danielle’s party with your cum inside me.”James grinned and brought her lips close to his, “Anything my baby girl wants,” he said and kissed her.

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