A Trip To The Bar Changes Everything Part 2


A Trip To The Bar Changes Everything Part 2

After their hot rendevous outside of the bar, Joseph and Frank decided to head to Frank’s home for a little more action and this is where they are.

As Joseph stared at Frank’s enormous house, he could only think of what kind of man he got involved with. Was Frank a drug dealer, a stock broker, a murderer for hire, or any sort of thing? Who knew but Joseph wasn’t really preoccupied with that, he was really focused on the task at hand which was to get as much of Frank’s delicious penis in him and as much cum as possible in his mouth. Joseph kept thinking about what he was doing and what his parents would do if they found out that their son was a bonified cock-sucker; but as much as he was worried about that, the more his appetitte grew for more of Frank’s cock.

Before Joseph could say anything when they walked in the door, Frank pulled Joseph up the long-large set of stairs in the middle of the cathedral high entrance room as fast as he could and Joseph felt almost giddy as to what Frank had in store for them that night. Once they were at the top of the stairs, there was a long corridor with many rooms on both the left and right side and Frank led them to the room at the far-end of the right side of the corridor where many fantasied pleasures would be enjoyed.

They entered the room and Frank began kissing Joseph passionately, leading him to the huge, heart-shaped bed which Joseph thought was very romantic for this occasion. They kissed and grinded on each other, feeling the increasing bulges in their pants, waiting for the other to remove their clothing so they could enjoy the eroticism of each other’s bodies. At first, neither of them initiated any attempt to remove any clothing so Frank moved the hot-steamy kissing already going on to the bed so they would both be more comfortable. Joseph fell on the bed and couldn’t believe how soft and erotic the bed felt, the mattress felt like a cloud and the silk sheets caressed his skin, reminding him of the silk lingerie that he had put on before and masturbated in which turned him on even more. The kissing and caressing progressed between the two lovers on the bed and as things began to heat up, Joseph couldn’t hold back anymore; he wanted Frank inside him and he wanted it immediately. So Joseph started taking his clothes off, mentally preparing his self to have his cherry popped, and hoping that it would feel as great as he imagined it would.
Joseph stood up and stripped himself bare and began stripping Frank down as well so as to not have to wait for what he patiently worked for. And as they both were stripped naked, they lied down on the bed together; just looking at each other, knowing that what was to come next would be one of the best experiences of both their lives.

But just as Joseph rolled onto his stomach and Frank began to spread his Joseph’s legs, a very erotic thought overcame Frank and he reacted by saying “Hey Joseph, do you think that you could do me a huge favor? It’s something that really turns me on and usually turns out that the men I talk into doing it love it too.” Joseph replied “What did you have in mind Frank?” Frank responded “Do you think you bahis firmaları could put some lingerie on for me, and maybe a little makeup, and maybe a wig.” Joseph excitedly replied “I’d love too, I love wearing women’s clothes. I’ve always had fantasies and dreamed of being with a man that would treat me like a woman, dress me like a woman, and fuck me like a woman.” Frank responded “Really? I usually have to convince most men into just wearing some panties for me but this is just great.” Joseph replied “So do you have something in particular that you want me to wear or do you have a few things that I could look through for myself?” Frank responded “Actually I have a whole wardrobe of things. I have bras, panties, nighties, and teddies of every color and material. Here let me show you.” And as Frank opened up the only closet in the room, it opened up to a huge room filled with lingerie, make-up sets, wigs, and synthetic breast plates of every color. Joseph eyes just lit up as he saw everything and the small stir of penis that he had turned into a rock-hard, hard-on. Joseph looked at everything amazed and felt like a kid in a kandy store, a candy store filled with lingerie but he loved it. Frank said as he turned all the lights on of each station in the room “Pick whatever you want, and if you need help with something, just tell me. Enjoy.” Joseph replied “Where do you keep all your thongs at?” Frank replied “Right over there, but better yet, just tell me what you want to wear and I’ll get it out for you. Sound good?” Joseph responded “Sounds great.” Frank replied “Okay, what can i get for you?” Joseph responded “Can you get me a blue thong, matching bra, blue silk nightie, a short blonde wig, and some blue heels.” Frank replied “Okay, got it. Well here’s a couple sets make-up and the synthetic breasts, so go put those on in the bathroom and I’ll be in when I get everything from in here. Oh and while you’re in there, try on different shades of make-up so you can see what fits you best and if you need some help, I’ll help you when I get everything from here.” While Frank got the rest of the lingerie from the closet, Joseph walked to the bathroom to get ready for Frank. He walked in and began putting on the synthetic breast that he found were quite a good color match to his skin color and the straps were transparent so when he finished adjusting them, he looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe how great he looked with breasts. At the first glance of himself, his growing cock went from stiff to rock-hard in an instant which increased his appetite for Frank’s cock even more. Once he was done adjusting his breasts, he started applying different shades of makeup to see what looked best on him, and after only trying two or three shades, he found the perfect shade of blush, mascara, eye-liner, and ruby-red lipstick. After applying all of it and touching it up, he glanced in the mirror and he didn’t see himself; he saw a beautiful, slutty girl. He couldn’t believe how much like a woman he looked and at that moment, he felt more like a real woman than he ever felt. A few seconds later, Frank walked in and was just as amazed as Joseph was when he looked at him and all Frank said was “Wow!!! You look great.” kaçak iddaa And Joseph replied “Thanks. I feel so like a woman right now, it feels so good and im so turned on by this.” Frank responded “So am I. Okay, well here’s everything.” As Frank said that, he began helping Joseph into his clothes, he helped him slide into his panties, clasped his bra together, placed the wig on him, tied his heels, and slid the nightie on over him. And when they were done, Joseph looked in the mirror and could hardly believe what he saw. At that moment, he saw the woman he had always wanted to become staring back at him in the mirror which made him so happy and turned him on so much that he couldn’t wait anymore. Joseph wanted Frank’s cock inside of him and he wanted right away.
Joseph turned around from the mirror and just said “Frank, I want you inside of me right now. I can’t wait anymore. I don’t want any lube or anything, I want you right now. Of course, Frank didn’t need any more encouragement so he bent Joseph over and bent him over the sink, furiously pushed the thong covering his little rosebud aside, lifted the nightie and shoved his cock deep inside of him. Joseph immediately felt the pain and pleasure of Frank’s enormous cock ripping through his little hole. The pain was excruciating but the pleasure was so great that Joseph didn’t care. Joseph loved the feeling of Frank’s enormous cock inside of him and was excited that he finally got his cherry popped. Frank began pumping in and out quite slow which wasn’t enough for Joseph, he wanted to be fucked like the little slut that he was so he said “FRANK!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!! I WANT YOU DEEP INSIDE OF ME!! And with every stroke, Frank picked up speed. Pumping harder and harder, deeper and deeper and as Joseph enjoyed every inch of Frank’s cock and every moment of the whole ordeal, he just kept moaning and screaming “FUCK ME FRANK, FUCK ME FRANK, OH YES, YES, YES!!! HARDER, HARDER, HARDER!! And Frank complied. He just kept going deeper and deeper, penetrating him as much as he could and Joseph loved every stroke that Frank took inside of him. Joseph loved every inch of the enormous cock inside of him, he couldn’t help himself. He showed no reserve while having Frank in him. All he wanted was for Frank to never stop fucking him and Frank didn’t stop for a long time. After 30 long minutes of Frank pounding away at Joseph’s little hole, Frank began to stiffen and knew he was gonna cum so he started pulling out of Joseph; but just as he started pulling out, Joseph pushed back telling him silently that he wanted all the cum he could give, inside of him. This drove Frank mad and he continued, but Frank began to furiously pound away at Joseph’s little hole and started asking him “DO YOU LIKE THAT YOU LITTLE SLUT?? YOU LOVE IT WHEN I FUCK YOUR TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY, DON’T YOU?” and Joseph replied “YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! CUM IN MY PUSSY!!!” Then Frank kept pounding away; the dirty talk had made him even more turned on than before and now he wanted to make Joseph his bitch, he said “YEAH, YOU WANT ALL MY CUM, DON’T YOU, YOU LITTLE WHORE?” “YOU WANT MY COCK TO EXPLODE INSIDE OF YOU, DON’T YOU??” And Joseph screamed “YES,YES,YES!!!” And just as Joseph screamed, kaçak bahis Frank exploded inside of him. He came so much that he felt as if his balls had been completely drained and Joseph was grateful for it too; because Joseph came as well and almost as the exact same moment that Frank did. When Frank was done coming, he pulled out and a pool of cum spilled out of Joseph and Joseph loved it. After they rested from the ordeal, Joseph spoke “Wow Frank, you really know how to make a girl feel good. And I just love the feeling of your cum all inside of me, it makes me so wet.” And Frank replied “If you loved that, give me a few minutes and I’ll do it again and better.” Joseph couldn’t imagine anything greater but anticipated an entire night of fucking and they did. Throughout the night, the two of them fucked at least 5 times then went to bed, tired from it all.

They awoke early the next morning in a spooning position and Joseph awoke feeling something pressing against his behind and knew what it was. Joseph woke Frank to tell him that his cock was already demanding more from his ass, and Frank seemed more than happy to please his little slut but he decided to go back to sleep and they both did. They finally awoke sometime in the afternoon and Joseph knew that it was time for him to leave so he got up and went downstairs to find Frank making them lunch. Joseph left his clothes from the night on and knew there was dry cum on the inside of his nightie and his panties but wanted to cherish the feeling of everything while he could because he would soon have to go home where none of that would be possible. As Joseph saw Frank in the kitchen he started by saying “Frank, I had such a good time last night. I can still feel your cum inside of me and the absence of your cock has left me feeling empty but unfortunately, I can’t stay any longer. My parents will be home soon and I have to get back.” Then Joseph began to walk back upstairs to get dressed but before he could reach the stairs, Frank yelled out “Joseph, wait.” And Joseph replied “Yes?” Frank responded “You don’t have to go.” Joseph replied “Yes I do.” Frank responded “Joseph, you’re a grown man, you can make your own decisions and you can do what you want with your life. Stay here with me. You’ll never have to work again, you’ll never have to pretend to be someone you’re not, and here you can always be my girl.” Joseph looked at him perplexed and took a minute to think; was Frank serious, could he really stay with him, could he stay here and finally live out his long wished-for fantasy, could he do it?” Joseph looked at Frank and gave him his answer, and the two of them shared an embrace knowing that they would be enjoying many great nights to come. Joseph said as they looked at each other “I can’t believe that I’m doing this but this is what I’ve always wanted. I’ve wanted to be able to live like a woman, be treated like a woman, look like a woman, and be fucked like a woman. And now with you, I can.” They both shared a laugh and then Frank responded “Since you’re going to be staying here with me, do you think you could become my woman permanently by getting breast implants and maybe a sex change?” Joseph replied “Sweetie, whatever you want, I’ll do. I’m your girl now. Now and forever.” As she said that, they shared a final kiss and dreamt of what was to cum in the future.


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